Return of the Hunter

These bars were going to be the death of me yet. I told myself. The darkness always seeming to start closing in on you in the times of your weakest moments, the smallness of the room seeming to take the breath out of your lungs. Most I'd seen or heard had been driven to madness by this place, even the wandering guard with his Weezing was wary when he came to this part of the building.

I sighed, it had been at least over a year that I was for sure of. I'd lost count though, the darkness of the place messing with my head. God it could be the middle of the night for all I knew, the fluctuating hours from my previous job catching up with me.

My previous job, that had been dream come true, well more of nightmare coming true, but it had paid the bills and had made me famous, which was part of the reason why I was still here alive and not dead like almost everyone in the world thought. If they only knew. I snickered, yeah if they only knew I was here, they'd still fear for their Pokémon's safety. I let out a chuckle, yes if they only did know.

"Hey quiet down in there." The guard yelled banging on the bars.

"Or what?" I retorted. The guard tightening his fist, then just walked away. "Thought so." I smirked leaning down on the cot looking up at the stone ceiling. Stupid guards, just give me one little sharp object I'd be out of here before anyone could notice, that however was a problem I'd yet to figure out.

Grabbing the lump that was called my pillow, I threw it over my face, god I wouldn't even need a sharp object, just give my pokémon an I'd be out of here in no time flat, my Drapion and Salamance would crush anyone who'd stand in my way.

I clenched my pillow tight, frustrated. Frustrated that everything I'd done had been destroyed from two silly little pokémon. Turning over so I was laying right into the mattress of the cot, I closed my eyes, and tried to calm down. You started acting like you were cracking, then they started giving you crazy juice that only made you into a zombie.

If that didn't work though, they could do what they'd done to the person next to me. I shivered at the thought of seeing that man his blue hair spiked up. He'd been crazy before he'd been put here, or least that's what I'd got from him before they started taking him out of the cell an then taking him somewhere only to come back with his eyes blank and devoid of anything, even life.

"Get up!" A guard shouted. I sighed looked like someone else was going to get it now. I raised my head and I was shocked. There was that guard with the Weezing standing in front of my cell, another guard behind him, an Arbok beside him.

"Why should I?" I asked, shifting so I was sitting on the edge of the cot.

"Get off the bed and come the bars." The guard with the Weezing ordered. I was skeptical. I was not going to end up like that crazy blue-haired fellow that was damn sure.

"What's going to happen if I say no?" I asked. Looking straight into the guard's face which was covered with shadows from the darkness of the place.

"You'll be regretting that decision, I assure you of that now." The guard with the Arbok said, stepping forward pushing the other guard away from the bars.

"And who are you to say of what happens and what doesn't happen?" I asked, an icy venom seeping into my voice.

"Just get off the cot and get to the bars, or else you might not ever seem to know who you are anymore, and the boss hates to be kept waiting." The guard with the Arbok said, firing the ice right back at me.

"The boss? Hm…maybe he can show some respect to a lady then?" I said getting up off the cot and going near the bars which sent a smirk over both of the guards faces. "Are you going to do something now, or are you just going to leave me here waiting, along with your boss?" I said staring directly into the guard's eyes.

His face dropped the smirk then there was the rattling of keys as the door of bars flew open and arm followed grabbing onto me and dragging me out of the cell. "Now that's no way to be treating a lady." I said.

"I know your record. I'm not taking any chances." I rolled my eyes. Stupid people. Why did everyone think I was trying to escape at any possible moment? I'd only been caught five times in the past month after I'd escaped from the cell.

Looking around the hallway though, I saw that this place was bigger than I'd originally thought. I might have escaped on numerous occasions, but I'd never really made the time look around to see how big this place was. Looking at it now though, there had to be at least two levels, I was on the bottom level now, but above me there was a whole other floor, with at least as many cells as there was on the bottom.

"Get a move on lady, we don't have all day." The guard holding arm said, dragging me hallway across the floor to a door that opened by itself and then was I gone from the huge room that held all of the cells.

"What's the big hurry? You didn't seem to be in one when you were gloating." His grip on my arm grew tighter and his pace picked up leaving me being dragged down the narrow hallway and finally into a room where I was thrown onto the ground before a desk with man stroking a persian behind it.

I rubbed my arm from the tight grip and turned back to give a dirty look to the guard but he was already gone, the door shutting tightly. Looking up at the man in front of me, I wasn't impressed, then again anyone I'd met before as a client hadn't impressed me. The man's hair line was receding and the brownish tint in his hair was obviously from a box, the gray strands coming out in some places. His suit looked like it had come from grandfather's closet, and the persian was just bit over dramatic for my tastes.

"Something wrong?" He asked looking straight down at me, his eyes seeming to analyze everything.

"I was thrown into a room with a man I don't know, I was in cell for Arceus knows how long being held against my will, forced to watch people around me become zombies and get manhandled by two little boys who don't seem to know how to respect a lady. I think there are plenty of things wrong right now." I argued. His expression didn't change through my rant, but the stoking of his persian did, and the clenching of his hands was enough to tell me that there was something that I said that was bothering him. "Now, what do you want, or else, I might just try to escape again." He smiled, then started stroking the persian again.

"I was hoping you'd say that Hunter J, because that's exactly what I want in a person who works under me." I looked at him suspiciously, how did he know my name, and what was this about working under him. I work under no one, but me, myself, and I.

"I work under no one." I said pulling myself up off the floor and standing right in front of the desk, my eyes boring into his.

"On the contrary though, you want your revenge on that boy with the pikachu and Oak's grandson." I growled, knowing he was right. That stupid boy with the pikachu had been the heart of my downfall and that Oak boy was just another pain in my side.

"And what would I have to do in return? Nothing is free." He smirked.

"One very big task. Take care of everyone who tries to stop my plans, namely the Pokémon League and the G-men. Both have been pains in our side for years and they need to be taken care of." I smiled knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"Deal, one thing though."

"What's that?"

"I get to take care of the Pokémon League and the G-men on my terms." He smiled evilly.

"I can live with that, there's one condition though, once you get all of them, I get to choose two of them to keep." I looked at him quizzically. Then something that I hadn't seen since I'd dropped into the lake slid across the desk and into my hands.

"I agree with these terms, I'm going to need…"

"Don't worry about it Hunter J. Your ship was recovered and so were your pokémon, your crew on the other hand was not so lucky, but by the end of the day everything should be ready for your departure including crew. And call me Giovanni." He said extending his hand across the table which I readily accepted.

"I have a feeling this will be a great partnership."