OKAY a lot of stuff happening here. Manga being used a lot!

Background on Gary Oak!

We get to see J's demented mind even more!

J: I'm a genius!

Mrusset: How'd you get of the story?!

J: I have my ways

Mrusset: (glares) well I think its time to put you back into the story!

J: you'll never get me back into that story!

Mrusset: What if I offer you a rare Pokemon?

J: What kind!?

Mrusset: A salamance

J: deal!

Mrusset: Okay, you can have your salamance back, now get back into the story!

J: Your even more devious than I originally thought


J: and bossy

Mrusset: (glares)

J: I'm going I'm going

Chapter 5

Reliving the past day in my mind, I was elated that everything was going so well, the hardest part of the day though was still upon us. "Proton, we'll be calling the professor when we're done here in Kanto, we don't want any of the Kanto Gym Leaders getting suspicious now do we."

"There's already suspicion going on through the Kanto region J." Meowth said from behind me. Turning around he was staring at one of the news screens. "The Oak boy is already on the news after he just disappeared from his gym." I swore under my breath.

"That stupid Umbreon must've gotten to the police. Good thing they don't know to speak Pokémon and English like you Meowth." I said.

"Yeah or else you might be in a lotta trouble J. Giovanni doesn't like people who out themselves from one stupid mistake." Proton said, his voice and low and angry.

"Is there anything else that we might want to know from the news Meowth?" I asked.

"Yeah, his sister and grandpa are the ones speaking telling Gary to come home, but there's someone in the back that looks a lot like the twerp, the hair's the same, the build's the same, but the eyes are completely different, this guy's are greener than a grass types." I shoved Meowth off the chair and paused the news feed and looked at the man in the background.

"Dammit," I mumbled under my breath, this was not what I wanted to happen. This wasn't supposed to happen at all!

"What, is that guy someone you knew or something?" Proton scoffed.

"Not even close!" I murmured in rage. "Not even close. That man in the background could undo Team Rocket all by himself if he wanted to, and then some. If his friend comes down from the Mount Silver though, we're all screwed, and screwed big time."

"How are we screwed? A man from the mountain can't do that much damage can he?" Proton said, not catching on to what was going on.

"Shut up ya idiot, if I'm thinking what she's thinking, then we might just be screwed." Proton looked at us both confused. I was thankful for Meowth though. He at least was on the same page as me. "Just listen to J and shut up!" He yelled going over the statue that was the Oak boy. Proton sighed.

"That man in the back of the Oak girl and Professor is the on and only Green, the one who took the Kanto Pokémon League by storm quite a few years ago. His friend from the mountain is the one I'm worried about though. Red, the champion of Kanto and probably even more powerful than Cynthia in Sinnoh. For the past few years Green nor Red have been heard of though. Rumors say Red is on Mount Silver training, Green's been missing since the birth of his youngest son, Gary, along with Blue, his wife. There's been rumors though that Gold and Crystal two of the other Original Dex holders have started showing up in Johto. If all of the original DEX HOLDERS get together, everything we've built up could come crashing down around every single one of us. The only thing we have going for us though, Yellow and Silver haven't made contact with the original DEX HOLDERS in years.

"Is this Silver, the son of the Boss?" Proton asked, his eyes lighting up at the boy's name.

I took a sidelong glance at Meowth, who only shrugged. "From what I know Proton, Silver is the son of Giovanni, and hasn't been seen since the incident at the Sinjoh Ruins." Proton started to chuckle. "And what is so funny?" I asked, feeling like I wasn't getting everything that Proton knew.

"You won't have to worry about that red-headed freak at all J. I think its safe to say that Silver should be the last thing you think about, unless someone has amazing luck, he won't be in your hair." I only rolled my eyes, the turned around and sat back down in my chair.

"Meowth, Proton, get us ready for departure from Cinnabar Island, I think it's time for us to go and crash a gym opening party." I announced. Meowth and Proton saluted then headed towards the deck leaving me with the profiles of all of the Pokemon League members that were supposed to be attending.

Okay a lot shorter than normal, but I thought that this might be a good filler, and we get to see some background on Gary Oak who really never was given anything for background in the Anime, which sucks!

Till next time Mrusset out!