I'm back! Hahaha I do hope you enjoy this story :) I chose to stick with the name David this time around because I like saying it more than I like saying James. Correction: I like Regina saying David more than I like her saying James ;)

Her muscles screamed in protest as she sat up and her hands immediately found her pounding head as she cringed at the pain and the bright light. It took her a few moments to remember but the unimpressed voice of the oh so charming prince brought it all back quickly.

"Oh look. She's awake," he glared down at her and she opened her eyes and glared right back, her hands still holding her head.

"Fuck off."

His eyes widened a little at the choice of words from the woman, "really?" She only shot him another glare before working her way to her feet, "I'm not exactly thrilled about this either Regina but we can at least try to get along long enough for us to figure out a way back!"

She was in no mood to be talking to someone with practically no knowledge of magic and a very very thick head, "what you mean to say is that the only reason you didn't leave me here or kill me while you could was because I am your only chance to getting back to Storybrooke and your precious family," she spat, her lips curled back in a snarl as she wiped the dust and debris from her clothing and hair.

"Word it however you like Regina, the point is we are stuck here and while you are the most difficult woman I have ever had the displeasure of meeting you are infuriatingly smart and no I do not know how to get back but I know you do so yes I am going to take advantage of that."

"Well I am sorry to disappoint you," she hissed and her posture moved forward aggressively, "but I have no idea how to get back."

"Knock off the act, I know you want to get back there to Henry!"

"This isn't an act, Charming!"

"Send us back!"

"Do I look like I am in any position to do such a thing?!" She hissed furiously, her arms waving about in quick sharp movements.

"Open another portal! You have magic!"

She laughed at him coldly in disbelief, "yes. Yes! Yes let's just open a portal! Let's just open a portal and jump right on back to Storybrooke!" Her loud voice dripping with furious sarcasm and her arms began to move loosely and aimlessly in her rage as she continued to point out all the faults in his angry demand, "let's go portal jumping dear! I know of so many great places that we can visit on our way back let me just grab my...huh...oh wait," she laughed in false humor before all but screaming a him, "I don't have a god damn portal David!" She was absolutely seething.

"Then make one!"

"Are you serious right now?! Is your brain really that small?!" She squinted her eyes and knitted her brow incredulously, "if I could just whip up a portal out of mid air I'd be gone and I would have already left your sorry ass here! If I had any way back at all I wouldn't be standing here!"

David adjusted his posture so he leaned forward and moved his hand as he spoke angrily through his snarl, "so what you're saying is that we are stuck here unless by some miracle we find a way back?!"

"Yes that is exactly what I'm saying!" At the sound of a sword being drawn she looked past David as he turned around to the source of the sound as well. A woman with long dark hair dressed in Chinese armor stood in front of them with her sword drawn while a second woman stood behind her in a purple gown. She immediately recognized the warrior and she felt she recognized the girl as well and for confirmation she took a quick glance around the area only to recognize the castle and have her suspicions proved correct. She was not at all impressed, "oh this is just great!"

"Who are you? Where did you come from?"

David looked the woman up and down and spoke, "we are just trying to find a way back home. Would you be able to tell us where we are?"

"We are in the Enchanted Forest. Where else would we be? I told you that we were sending the wraith to the Enchanted Forest! I told you right to your face, do you ever listen to anything people say to you?"

David's shoulders dropped in irritation and he turned back around to face the infuriating brunette, "I did not ask you where we were, I asked them! In case you haven't noticed I do not trust you and you were quite insistent that our land was gone, an empty void!"

"The fact that you even believed me when I said that makes you quite simple minded. I took the people I didn't take the land! What the hell would I do with an entire realm?! Put it under the library with Malificent?!"

"I didn't exactly have a lot of time to think on it considering I was busy helping save your life from a soul sucking demon!"

"Are you two...married?"

Regina shot her attention to the princess and laughed a cold laugh before baring her teeth and looking her up and down, "are you asking me to snap your neck?"

"Jesus Regina!"

"What?! As if I would ever be married to you!"

"A simple 'no' would have sufficed!" He threw his arms in the air as their voices raised in to shouting once more.

"You brought the wraith here."

David turned back to face the Chinese woman and raised his hands a little, "to be fair we didn't know anyone was still here."

"You killed Phillip!" Aurora shrieked, tears and anger burning behind her eyes.

"Don't even start princess," she snapped and the girl's eyes shot to her own.

"Y-you know who I am? How do you know who I am?!"

"I know quite well who you are Aurora," she looked the girl up and down with her jaw set in irritation, "your prince is very much alive, his soul is just somewhere else now how you came to be acquainted with the respectable Mulan I do not know and I do not particularly care but I do offer her my greatest sympathies for taking on such a trying task as yourself. I have my own problems to deal with and I do not care to waste my time with you."

She started to walk forward and David caught sight of the woman Regina called Mulan move to stop her with her sword and he opened his mouth to tell her not to do it but he wasn't quick enough. Mulan lunged forward with her sword but Regina simply stepped to the side and used the woman's momentum to flip her so she landed flat on her back.

Impressed as he may have been at the effectiveness and strength of Regina's movement considering she had been sitting behind a desk for twenty eight years, he was no less irritated. He rubbed his hands over his face and through his hair as he walked over to the startled and winded warrior, "you could at least try to be friendly," he called to Regina and bent down and offered to help the woman up, "indifferent even. They may be able to help."

"I didn't ask for their help."

David laughed and took Mulan's hand, "right. And when," he pulled her to her feet and looked to Regina, "was the last time you asked for help?"

Regina rolled her eyes and looked back at the prince, "I'm still standing."

"You are balancing on a thread in a storm."

"Standing nonetheless," she squinted her eyes and pushed her head forward irritably.

He really just wanted to shake her. Instead he put on an irritated smile, absolutely hating how much he needed her right now, "let's just try and get through the day without killing each other. Okay?" He ended with his voice a little higher pitched to match his agitation.

"Well I must say I never thought I'd hear that come out of your mouth," she dead panned and he clapped his hands together and squeezed them tight as he clenched his jaw so as not to lash out once more, "fine."

"Thank you," he nodded sharply and then turned his attention to Mulan and Aurora, "can you? Help us I mean?"

"Why should we help you? Who's to say you aren't going to kill us when our back are turned?"

"God, you see Regina? You make things so much more difficult than things have to be!"

Regina simply rolled her eyes and stalked up to the princess and the warrior, "neither of us have any intention of harming you or the princess or anyone else for that matter. We want to get home! So you will take us to your camp and you will not try anything funny or so help me I will kill you both on the spot and find it myself," she hissed and after a tense few moments Mulan sheathed her sword and Regina backed off completely and smiled an almost genuine smile, "thank you."

Mulan didn't know why but she believed the hot tempered brunette's every word and her instincts were not often wrong. So she sheathed her sword and was quite surprised by the woman's change in demeanor at her agreement to her request. The air of danger was almost completely gone, only irritation at her predicament was left, "come on then. It's a long journey."

Regina simply nodded and waited for Mulan to take the lead and when the princess' furious and suspicious stare found herself Regina only held it hotly. She didn't bother to look at David before she began to follow the two women ahead of her.

"This doesn't prove anything," he pointed at Regina as she continued to walk and he fell in step behind her, "that was a fluke. How in the hell did you even manage that?"

"Doesn't matter, I got you what you wanted and I had hoped it would shut you up," she deadpanned and wiped more dust off her thighs, "being nice isn't always the solution. You have to take what you want Charming before it's gone."

"Ah the life lessons of Regina Mills, taking what you want whenever you want and however you want! What will I learn next?!"

Regina stopped abruptly and turned on her heels just as quickly, barely giving him enough time to stop before he ran in to her, "you know absolutely nothing about me," she snapped quietly and a little too vulnerably for her liking, "do not talk to me as though you do." She had hoped he wouldn't have noticed but when his brow furrowed ever so slightly and his gaze softened subtly she knew he did catch it. With a final glare she turned back around and continued walking after Mulan and Aurora.

He hadn't really thought about it, about what her life had and had been. Perhaps he would think on it later when less was already on his mind. The way she had snapped at him had certainly caught him off guard. It was the most emotion he had ever see in her aside from fury and it was a mess of emotions at that. A very intriguing mess.