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He walked in to the kitchen and found her bent at the waist and pushing hard against the countertop with her hands. Her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth was pressed in to a distressed line. "Regina what's wrong, darling," he asked gently with concern and her head dropped and her fingers gripped the counter tighter, "you have been avoiding me all morning."

"I fucked up," she breathed out a broken whisper and then took a deep breath as she stood up straight and rubbed shaking hands over her face and through her hair, "royally fucked up."

David cocked his head and furrowed his brow in confusion and concern as he stepped closer to her. She was beyond distressed and he hadn't a clue as to why. She was shaking and she could not bring herself to look him in the eye as tears pooled in hers.

"I'm pregnant," she forced out the words in a low whisper and when she got no reply from him she started to panic. Her shaking increased and her tears started to break free and roll down her cheeks while her heart rate jumped incredibly high. She felt like she was suffocating and her words came out quickly with no particular attention to sentence structure, "I shouldn't be, I don't know how, I mean I know how but it shouldn't have happened, it should be impossible. I had my worries that morning but then I forgot and now," she shook her head as she paused for a moment, not wanting to say it again so found another sentence to start, "Rumplestiltskin helped me so I wouldn't have to go through bearing Leopold's child and to most that spell was a curse but to me it was a blessing and I never broke it. I've always known how to break it, it's not a complicated curse by any means, Snow was under it at one point, but magic works differently here in Storybrooke and I am still trying to work it out. That added with the fact that the water of Lake Nostos runs throughout Storybrooke-!"

Her panicked and breathless rambling was cut off with a kiss. She didn't even see him walk up to her, didn't even really feel him pull her head up to his with both his hands. She was confused by such a gesture and her face twisted accordingly. Her hands were still up for she hadn't put them back down from when they had been waving around while she spoke but he didn't seem to care that she was neither touching him or kissing him back.

When he pulled back he did so with a wide smile and Regina stared at it with her mouth open to speak but no words left it. She was baffled by this whole thing and was too busy trying to make sense of him to feel him wipe away her tears with his thumbs as he kept her head between his hands.

"You sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. It's my body and I take great care in assuring it isn't going to die on me. You think I wouldn't notice another life growing inside of me?"

"Just checking," he grinned and she took a breath to speak again, her eyes still locked on his grin. But he dropped his head once more and kissed her again. He felt her face twist in further confusion but it only had him smiling wider through the kiss before he pulled away with a tender laugh under his breath. Softly he moved one hand from the side of her head and trailed his fingers along her jaw until they reached her chin.

He tilted her chin up gently and she finally lifted her eyes to look at him and he spoke with a gentle loving voice, "why on earth are you so panicked?"

She started shaking her head slowly and rolled her lips in to her mouth for a moment and shrugged her shoulders up with her quiet voice, "I just...I don't know if I can do it. I wasn't ready, I'm not...you know how I get when I'm blindsided by..." She sniffed quietly and felt her tears burning in her eyes and her voice ran a little thick, "I wasn't sure how you'd take it. If you'd be excited or angry or...ashamed."

"Stop it," he drew out in a soft and gentle coo and she dropped her eyes the very moment he removed his fingers from her chin to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear, "you are so melodramatic sometimes," he smiled affectionately with a light laugh and took her head between his hands and shook it gently with his words when dark teary eyes lifted to meet his, "I love you, Regina. The world is not going to end every time something unexpected happens. I am not ashamed of you. Never. If you would let me I would parade you around this town so that everyone would know how proud I am to have you at my side.

"You have a life growing inside you! Our child! How could I not be excited over that?!" He laughed with an open grin and her weight shifted on to one foot as her brow furrowed and her lips pressed together to keep herself from crying in relief of her stress. "I am here for you, I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you! We are having a baby! We get to argue over baby names and what colour to paint the nursery and what they'll like to do and who will be the favourite parent!" He laughed and shook her head a little again as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"You are a wonderful mother to Henry and you will be no less great to this child," he smiled and she nodded as her eyes flicked back and forth between his, "okay?"


"Come here you precious thing," he laughed tenderly and let go of her head and immediately she choked out a sudden sob and and jumped up at him and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and grabbed at his hair with shaking hands.

"Regina," he soothed as he caught her and held her close while she buried her face in to his neck. He smiled and turned his head and pushed his face in to her hair while he lifted one hand to hold her head in place while his other arm wrapped around her middle. His thumb moved comfortingly back and forth over the side of her ribcage but she continued to vibrate against him and work to even out her breathing. "Are you excited?" He whispered with a wide smile against her ear.

For the first time since she had found out about the baby, she smiled because of it. And then she started to laugh. The first thing that entered her mind and refused to leave was David's reaction and her ability to cope with having a baby in her life now and her mind had been plagued with nothing good. But now she could laugh and he laughed along with her. She didn't loosen her grip around him or lift her head from his neck but her answer was true and her smile enforced it, "yes."

"Good," he laughed happily and she laughed through her tears and her shaking while her arms stayed clamped around his neck. "This is wonderful news," he laughed and kissed the side of her head, "I am over the moon I am so thrilled!"


"Boy or a girl?"

"I don't know."

"Will you know?"

"I would imagine so," she spoke quietly against his chest and pressed a soft kiss over his heart, "do you want me to tell you when I know?"

"Mmmm...no," he shook his head with a smile and she hummed a gentle laugh, "I want it to be a surprise," he grinned and pulled her tighter against his side, one arm around behind her so his hand was on her ribs and the other across in front of her with his hand on her hip.

Another quiet laugh from her was all he heard and it had him smiling all the more as he pushed his nose in to her hair on the side of her head, "you alright?"

"Yeah...it's just...a lot..."

"Mmm," he hummed in agreement and she let out a long sigh and leaned her head against his a little heavier.

"Are we ready?" She whispered with a frown and swallowed as she looked down at her hand on his chest, "I mean things have been going surprisingly well between us...but...we haven't exactly been very adult over this whole thing, David. All it's ever been is sex, unchecked emotions, my temper, and more sex. It has literally only been months since the pair of us seriously debated killing the other with our bare hands."

"I'm actually pretty sure it's only been a little over a week since you've debated killing me."

"I'm serious, David," she breathed out tiredly and his tone changed.

"I know," he nodded and moved his thumb softly over her ribs, "I am not here for the sex, Regina," he spoke kindly and gently and she remained silent and listening, "while it is spectacular and one of my favourite ways to spend time with you, it is not why I am here."

"Why are you here?" She asked quietly, both curious and wary.

"I am here because I love you," he answered quietly and slowly as he lifted his hand from her hip to gently play in her soft dark hair, "I am here because you are a challenge. It is not always easy, no, and I love that. You are not boring, you keep me on my toes, you are bold and entirely unafraid to stand your ground against me. You made me realize what I had been missing out on with Snow and I wouldn't give this up for anything. You are beautiful and confusing and fascinating and strong and tender and kind," he smiled with a shake of his head and the corners of her mouth twitched up ever so slightly.

He moved his thumb up and down along the corner of her jaw after tucking her hair behind her ear, "I am here because of your heart, Regina," he nodded, his smile fading gently with his serious tone as his thumb moved slowly and her dark eyes looked up to find his blue, "it is dark, it is broken, it is a little rough around the edges," he nodded quietly and she tilted her head a little in to the front of his shoulder, "but it is big and it is perfect," he whispered and a small frown pulled on her lips as she dropped her shoulders and pushed her head a little heavier in to his shoulder, big brown eyes looking up at him.

"I wouldn't trade you for the world," he whispered as his eyes wandered over her beautiful face.

Her chest was tight as was her throat. She was trying to keep her breaths even but it was hard when the desire to let her tears fall was so strong. Unable to speak without crying, Regina lifted her head from his shoulder and caught his mouth in a slow kiss. She slid her hand up from his chest to curl around the back of his neck and hold his mouth to hers. A low moan purred deep in her throat as he wound his arm tight around her back and tangled his other hand in to her hair.

He was turning them and pushing her down on her back on the couch when there was a knock at the door. Together they ignored the first set and he pushed her head back in to the cushions with a firm and deep kiss that had her moaning deliciously beneath him. His hands wandered her lithe little figure as he breathed her same breath and kissed her until she was convinced he was never letting her go. No matter the challenge they faced. At the second bout of knocking he had moved his mouth to her neck and felt her throat vibrate with the irritated groan she gave at the door.

"They aren't going away," he whispered as his lips trailed lightly down her throat so he could kiss her just above her collarbone before going back up to her mouth to give her another hard and slow kiss before pulling away with her breathless beneath him, "later my darling," he smiled and she groaned quietly in frustration.

He was on his feet when the third round of knocking started and when the knocking didn't stop, he hurried his steps in case it was something urgent. "Emma," he greeted in surprise and cocked his head with a smile and a question.

"Excellent is Regina here too?" She asked just as the brunette in question walked in to the foyer behind David, "perfect! Alright you two are coming with me; David you're the new deputy, Regina get over to your office," she nodded and then pointed at the woman with both hands, "change your clothes though. You don't look the part of the salacious mayor who has her nose in everything."

"Pardon me?" She half scoffed as she pushed her head forward with her eyebrows raised and her mouth slightly opened, her hands on her hips.

"Come on, we've gotta get a read on this guy!" Emma reasoned with a forward motion of her arm as David pivoted a little to the side so his body was not blocking her line of sight to Regina.

"And how may I ask will my choice of attire provide you with that exactly?"

"You're the mayor and-"

"I am not the mayor-"

"Stop arguing with me, Regina. You miss sitting behind that big ass desk in your big ass fancy office pushing people around to do your bidding and as far as I am aware there has been no reelection nor a campaign to take you out of office in the first place! You've already been helping me with the paperwork, just safe us both the trouble and get back in your office!"

Regina huffed and folded her arms over her chest and David furrowed his brow in confusion and looked to Emma, "you're serious? You aren't just giving us a part to play in your grand scheme?"

Emma crossed her jaw and shifted her weight a little as she shoved her hands in her her back pockets and shrugged a little, "I'm overwhelmed and Snow is absolutely useless when it comes to the methods in which this world uses law and power. Plus it's actually really boring without Regina leading me on wild goose chases all the time..." At that Regina let out a quiet but thoroughly amused laugh that had Emma biting back a smile and shooting the woman a halfhearted glare.

"You could have just asked, Miss Swan."

"And feed your ego? Hell no," she grinned with a cock of her head and Regina's lips pursed together with her smile. "Now come on, this Greg guy is walking out of the hospital within the hour. Remarkably early for some one just coming out of surgery, I know, I suspect a little magical interference."

Regina shrugged a little at the blondes accusation and replied easily, "the sooner he is out of this town the better. Wouldn't you agree?"

"You could have waited at least a day to make it a little more believable," she countered tiredly and Regina merely shrugged, "not that there's anything we can do about it now. So! Let's go! You get dressed," she pointed at Regina and the woman rolled her eyes irritably and then she turned to David, "and you come with me."


Regina murmured quietly and incoherently to herself as she flicked through the stack of papers on her desk, shaking her head at some and groaning quietly at others. It really did feel good to be back though. She felt settled and relaxed as though she had returned home. In a way she supposed she had. Now she just had to put her space back in order. It wasn't a difficult thing even though she had been gone for a good long while. Apparently no one dared enter the office in worry that she had enchanted it with a death spell or something of the sort so no one could touch her things.


Emma had been the only one in and out and it hadn't been all that frequent. Her eyes flicked up to the framed photograph she had brought to place on her desk and it immediately had her smiling. Her face was relaxed with her laughter, the edge of David's arm around her neck and shoulder visible in the corner of the photo as he pulled her in to him, laughing as well with his head leaning against hers. Henry's face was in the bottom of the photo, his expression one of pure unbridled joy and laughter, their three heads forming the corners of an upside down triangle.

With a soft hum of laughter she turned her eyes back to her stack of paper, her smile lingering on red lips.

"Never known a mayor to enjoy paperwork that much," he quipped with a smile and dark eyes shot up to meet his, her smile faltering before she smiled again in polite greeting. She looked exactly the same.

"As happy as I am to get back to work, I am not so happy as to smile over a stack of paper," she smiled and as the man walked toward her with a laugh under his breath, his name finally came to her tongue. His real name. It had the corners of her mouth lifting a little higher in the beginnings of a smirk before she looked down at the paper once more.

"Back? You don't seem like the type to leave the office. And I mean that as a compliment."

Regina hummed quietly through her smile and tapped the paper in to a neat pile, "it was a rather spontaneous trip," she dismissed lightly and he stopped in front of the desk. Then she smoothly asked, with true interest in her tone, "what brings you back to Storybrooke, Owen?" She looked up innocently from her now tidy stack and stood up tall with a gentle curious smile to hide her suspicion. The man recovered quickly but she did not miss that flicker of fear and surprise that appeared in his expression before he smiled and cocked his head.


"Oh don't play stupid with me, dear," she smiled and he looked off to the side with an open and tense smile and a quiet breathed laugh, "it is not often I forget a face. I most certainly haven't forgotten you. You have indeed grown up," she nodded at him and straightened her posture a little further, leaning back a little on her heels to look him up and down, his gaze still off to the side, "you look much different now."

"And yet you look exactly the same," he shot back with a tense voice and a sharp tilt of his head as he looked back at her only to find her smiling pleasantly at him.

"I'm not that old, dear," she chuckled lightly with a shake of her head.

"Twenty eight years is a long time for anyone, Regina."

She could feel the danger flowing off of him but she didn't let her wariness be shown and instead shrugged with a smile, "I've taken care of myself," and he smiled bitterly and with her attention to body language, it may as well have been a sneer as stepped a little closer so his thighs just brushed the edge of her desk. She didn't react and instead easily held his gaze and while it was of daggers, it was nothing compared to many of the other vicious glares she had held steadily in her lifetime.

It was only broken when he caught glimpse of the photograph she had been smiling at before. Her eyes remained on his face, studying his expression as it subtly moved between confusion, anger, and even a hint of jealousy. The confusion was most prominent. Satisfied, she looked lazily down at the photo as well, "something catch your eye?" She asked, feigning curiosity.

"Who is that?"

"My son," she answered and her eyes lifted back up to his face to study his expression.

"And?" He pushed for the other name a little sharply, pulling his gaze from the photograph of the man and child with her to meet her dark eyes. She wasn't supposed to have anyone. She was supposed to be alone, an easy target. She wasn't supposed to be happy. His anger seemed to leak through a little too much and her eyes were lit up in excitement with the knowledge that she had unintentionally tampered with his plans. He was going to have to watch his step a little more carefully or she'd have him and his plans figured out and foiled before he even got them started.

His tells were small and subtle but not enough so for her keen eye to miss them. She was opening her mouth to answer him when conveniently enough, David himself walked in to the office.

"Hey babe," David greeted with a smile as he walked in to the office and Regina gave the man a smile and a small nod before looking over to him, "brought these over just for you," he looked down at the stack of files in his arms before giving a small huff and dropping them down on to her desk. He couldn't help but laugh quietly at the displeased line her mouth formed and she sighed down at the beige tower of files.

"You and I need to have a talk over what you believe a suitable gift to give me," she drawled as she lazily flipped open the top file.

David laughed quietly under his breath and ran a hand along the small of her back to settle on her hip and pull her in to him as he kissed her cheek, "love you."

"That's better," she complimented lightly, her eyes on the file but her mouth fighting to give in and curve in to a smile as David continued to laugh quietly.

With another quick kiss to her temple, David turned his attention to the new man and greeted him with a smile and outstretched his hand, "hi I'm David."

"Greg," he nodded and forced a smile as he took the man's hand and shook it, ignoring the way Regina smiled at the falsity of his name.

"You ever been to Storybrooke before, Greg? Regina's been going mad over the fact she has seen you before," he chuckled and pulled Regina closer in to his side.

"Actually I figured it out," Regina cut in before he could answer, "I knew him as Owen. A little boy that stumbled upon this town with his father."

"Aaahh," David nodded slowly as he remembered, "the same one that told you your lasagna was gross?"

"Mhm," she nodded with a quiet laugh while her dark eyes scanned the paper in the file before darting up to look at Greg.

"Well she'll have to make it for you again!" David offered with a smile to the man who watched him curiously, "she's the best cook in town now! Even Granny is envious."

"Is that so?"

"It is indeed," David nodded with a smile and Regina feigned discomfort at the flattery. Feigned because he knew quite well she took pride in her impressive cooking and never passed the chance to scoff at Granny's cooking when it was compared to her own. She was putting on a face for this Greg character and he had suspicions as to why, "we'll invite you over the next time she makes it."

"Well I'm not one to pass up a free meal," he smiled pleasantly with a light laugh to his words and Regina smiled kindly at him herself while David nodded and moved a thumb up and down her ribs over the dark red silk of her shirt.

"Excellent! We'd invite you to join us for lunch but we've already made plans and unfortunately they cannot be changed."

"Oh no I wouldn't want to impose anyway. Enjoy your lunch, I'll catch up with you another time, Regina," he nodded and she smiled and nodded in return so he looked to David, unsure if this man was entirely oblivious to who this woman really was or if he was helping her cover her tracks, "David."

"Greg," David nodded in farewell and with one last look at Regina, he turned and left the office. They waited until the door was closed and the footsteps had faded before either of them spoke a word.

"Not good," Regina sighed quietly with a shake of her head and David sighed beside her and rubbed her side with his hand, "not good at all."


Emma groaned in to her hands and stood up from her seat to pace the office, "why can't this town just take a fucking break and be normal for a little while?!"

"Because it's a town full of magic in a world that wishes hourly for such a gift," Regina answered plainly and watched Emma pace. She herself stood between David's legs and leaned backward comfortably against his chest and stomach while he sat on top of his desk with his arms around her waist and his head resting alongside hers.

"And whose fault is that?!"

"Rumplestiltskin's," Regina answered and Emma laughed irritably. David was keeping quiet and was busying himself with running his thumbs over her flat stomach with a smile. Likely imagining how long it will be before he can try and encircle his arms around her enormous belly. It actually did bring a small smile to her mouth.

"This is such a mess."


"How do we fix it?"

"Well we get rid of him," David chimed in and Emma rolled her eyes and dropped her arms so they smacked lightly against her thighs.

"Yeah. Thanks. How?"

"Figure out a new spell to hide the town, push him over the town line, and cast the spell?" He offered and looked at Regina as did Emma.

"I suppose there is something somewhere...it's just not that easy. There's a price to every spell like that. And then there is the amount of energy it will take to keep it up and the amount of magic it will take to hide it in the first place. Storybrooke is bigger than you think," she shrugged and felt David nuzzle in to her a little and wind his arms tighter around her just so he could hold her tighter, "not to mention what the citizens of this town will think when they see the sky turned red with the blood of their sacrificed children," she added with a playfully dramatic voice that had David laughing in to her neck and Emma choking out a laugh herself.

"Holy shit, Regina! What the hell," she laughed and Regina smirked and laughed quietly herself while David laughed a little more in to her neck, "how about you find a spell that doesn't involve any crazy satanic rituals, okay?" She laughed and Regina laughed through her teeth with David's growing laughter still sounding off against her neck.

"What is going on in here?" Snow frowned as she walked in to the sheriff's office to find three people in particular laughing together when none of them should actually be getting along. The laughter quickly faded and she felt her heart ache at the sight of David holding Regina close to him as he pulled his smiling face from her neck.

"Snow," Emma shook her head in surprise and started walking toward her, "what are you doing here?"

"You forgot your lunch at home so I thought I'd save you a trip and bring it down for you. What are they doing here?!"

"They're uh helping me with that new guy that's in town. Turns out Regina knows who he is and David's well...working...here...now..." She added awkwardly and Snow's eyes went wide, "I need the help and I figured I'd give him a go and see how it went!"


"Alright can we not do this here?" Emma interrupted and took her lunch from Snow's hand and put it on a desk so she could steer her out of the room.

David watched them leave and when he looked back down at Regina she was staring over at the jail cells, "whats on your mind?"

"I have lived in this town for nearly twenty nine years and have yet to be fucked against the bars of one of those cells," she stated and David quickly started laughing and shaking his head.

God he loved this woman, "well if I play my cards right perhaps I'll have a couple night shifts that you could accompany me on," he smiled against her neck beneath the corner of her jaw and she grinned a toothy grin and hummed a low laugh.