For Paula (Exceeds Expectations), because she ships everyone!dies!AU!RonGinny, and because there's no way she's expecting me to write this pairing, and I live to defy expectations :)


For Camp Potter, Fireworks, Week 4 (RonGinny, SiriusRegulus, or BellatrixAndromeda).



The moment reeks of it. It is a cry in the dark, the desperate cry of lonely souls just trying to find some warmth. You wants to be close to another person, and so does she. You are so alone, you are so broken, and it was never meant to happen.

Her hands tug at the roots of your hair hard enough to tug them out, but you don't protest because the pain reminds you that you are alive. The warmth of her body reminds you that she, too, is living.

They are not. But neither of you wants to think about that.

It isn't meant to happen.

But you are both so lonely, and you both crave the company of another. And you are the only ones left to give it to each other.

You will both regret it tomorrow in the daylight, because in the daylight it looks wrongwrongwrong.

But at night the shadows creep in and you are both so lonelydesperateafraid, and right and wrong don't seem to matter in the face of all the demons in the dark.

Her nails scratch into your back and make you bleed and you are glad for it. You are alive in the dark with her in a way that daylight can't replicate, because without her warmth you feel their absence.

In the daylight you survive and in the night you live and despite how wrong wrong wrong it may be, you cannot stop. Because if you stop, if you stop then you are alone again, and if you are alone again, you will stop living and then you will stop bothering to survive.

And you made a promise to them, before— before, that you would not let that happen.

That you would keep her safe and alive. Alive.

So you don't, can't, quit.

But you do hate yourself for it.