Chapter One: It Just Felt Right

The party and commotion going on all around was very comforting. Everyone was having a good time, and for the first time in years they were enjoying themselves. There was Usopp doing karaoke on top of the tower he had made and the townspeople below were cheering him on. Like that guy needed anyone to on cheer on his goofy antics, but still Nami smiled to herself. Zoro was drinking the town out of all its sake. He was having a competition with every man in the town, and was shockingly beating them all, one after the other. Sanji was entertaining a large mob of pretty girls. He looked like he was in complete utopia. He was also drinking, and staring to get grabby with the girls (not like they minded) the drunker he got. Luffy was eating EVERYTHING. He had eaten himself so fat that he broke the chair he was sitting on. He looked down at what broke (not that he could look past his belly) and found it to be the most humorous thing in his life. He threw his head back and laughed so hard he fell backwards.

Ahh...Luffy. Even though he looked like a complete moron now, she couldn't imagine loving anyone else like she did with Luffy. Ya, there was Nojiko and Ginso, but they were a father and sister to her, but not in any romantic way. Luffy was more than just family, he was her savior, her first friend in what seemed like a long time, and now he was the love of her life. Of course he didn't know that, and she wasn't about to offer up the information, but it was true. She loved his trademark grin, his sweet and irritating laugh, his childish behavior, his clueless mind, and everything about him. She didn't tried to deny that to herself, otherwise it would be too much drama.

Still, Nami wasn't a lovestruck teenager, she wouldn't let this go to her head. She doubted Luffy even knew what love was. She wondered if he knew what kissing, or dating, or sex was. From what she had witnessed from him, she knew he had good instincts. Nami tried to imagine what he would look like naked and found that she was starting to blush. She was NOT going to let this love thing go to her head, and she shook her head to get her thoughts out of the gutter.

She watched Luffy some more. He was searching desperately for some ham melon. Nami guessed that he did know what love was, and he showed it every time he ate meat. She sighed. Luffy did love his crew, but it was more of a family love than a romantic love. Why did it have to be this idiot that she had to fall for, why not some super handsome, smart, rich guy? She thought about that.

She knew, without a doubt, that Luffy would be there to protect her, he had already shown that yesterday when he kicked Arlong's ass. He always had a way of cheering her up. The rich handsome guy she just dreamt about, could never make her feel as safe as Luffy did.

As she was deep in thought, a shadow fell over her. She was startled out of her thoughts and looked up into the face of the person who had occupied those thoughts. Luffy had two meat bones sticking out of his mouth, and his giant belly had disappear (She had no idea how).

"Nami, where can I find ham melons?" It sounded more like 'Mami, wor ca I fen han melwons' around the meat in his mouth. A devious thought played at the back of her mind. She wanted to see if he knew anything about relationships. Should she test his friendship, though? Would he get scared away? Would she just be making things difficult? She stared into his face while trying to make a decision, completely ignoring his question. He face was childish and at the moment was growing impatient with her, but it was also kind and she felt like Luffy would never judge her or push her away. She should know better, since he beat up Arlong, the strongest pirate in the East-blue sea, just so she could be his navigator and crew-mate.

"Nami?" He spit out the bones in his mouth and gave her a pout. "Do you know where the ham melons are?" He repeated.

In that instant she made her decision. "Yes, I do. I believe I may have some at my house," and that was the truth (they were popular on this island). "Would you like to come with me to my house?" Luffy shook his head up and down vigorously and licked his lips a little (kinda sexy). Nami got up, grabbed his arm, and started dragging him to her home. She wasn't going to think too much on it. She wasn't going to think about what she wanted to do with him deep down. She wasn't going to think of his abs or toned biceps. She wasn't going to think of his cute, but slightly handsome face. Nor, how much she wanted to kiss that face.

She realized she was indeed thinking about it, and she shook her head again and tried not to let her hormones get the better of her. She continued forward with the clueless boy in tow.

Up ahead she saw Nojiko sitting down on a bench enjoying the festive atmosphere. If she was going to go through with this, she better let her sister know not to bother her. Under her bad-girl exterior she was a worrier, and would later be wondering where Nami had gotten off to. The last thing Nami wanted was for her sister to be walking in on her.

Nojiko spotted Nami walking up to her and waved. Nami waved back with her free hand. As she got closer to Nojiko, her sister saw that Luffy was behind her and raised an eyebrow questionably.

"Nojiko," Nami leaned close to her sister and said in a whisper so Luffy wouldn't hear, "I'm going to 'talk' with Luffy at the house."

Her sister's eyes shot up, getting the meaning very fast. She glanced at Luffy, who probably wore an expression of utter confusion, then back at Nami. A grin slowly started forming on her lips, and then turned into a flow-blown laugh. She thought this was too good.

Nami grumbled in embarrassment at her sister. Nami let go of Luffy and leaned back and folded her arms. "Is that an okay?" Nojiko was still trying to get herself under control, but she did manage to nod yes. "Great, thanks." Nami spat.

She grabbed Luffy's arm again and started marching towards the house, slightly peeved at her sister for laughing at her.

"Ehh...Nami. What did you say to her that she thought was funny?" Luffy asked.

Nami stopped and turned around to look at Luffy. She struggled to think of a lie on the spot. " ...told..her a..umm..joke. Ya a joke." Nami smiled at Luffy hoping he wouldn't see through her obvious lie.

He grinned from ear to ear at her. "A joke? I want to hear it! Nami, tell me the joke!" He looked like a kid about to get a christmas present.

"Oh, umm well lets see." Nami struck her brain trying to come up with a joke on the spur of the moment. This was harder to do then come up with a lie. "Oh, never-mind. Luffy, I'll tell you at the house." He nodded not needing any further explanation.

She decided not to drag him anymore, it felt to much like she was kidnapping him. She waved at him to follow her, and he didn't need her to tell him walked up next to her, as both of them headed to her house. He started humming an off-pitched tune, and after a while she found she was enjoying hearing it. Maybe it was because she just liked hearing him.


They finally reached Nami's house. Nami glanced up at the house and couldn't help all the bad memories flood her mind again. This always seemed to happen when she came home, and she hated it. Wasn't your home supposed to be your sanctuary? Wasn't it supposed to be a place to escaped life? And yet, when ever she got home all she could think about was when Arlong killed her mother.

Luffy was getting very impatient about getting inside. She guessed he really wanted those ham melons. He was slightly drooling at the thought of more food. He was such an idiot at times. Nami smiled, maybe I should make better memories in this house.

She opened the front door, and Luffy bursted through going straight to the fridge. He opened it and started rummaging through it's contents. Yeah just make yourself at home, Nami thought. "LUFFY!" he instantly froze, and Nami could see beads of sweat forming at the back of his neck. "What do you think you're doing. It's impolite to start rummaging through people's things".

He looked around back at her. She glared at him with her arms crossed, as more sweat formed on his forehead. "Sorry".

"Ya you better be. Now sit on this bed, and I'll get the melons for you." She pointed to the bed and he started to walk towards it.

When he sat down, then she walked towards the fridge. She grabbed a plate from the counter then opened the fridge to get the fruits. Instead of bending at the knees or back, she bent at the waist. Not for any particular reason, to be honest she wasn't even thinking about it. Well, anyways, it gave Luffy a perfect view of her ass, and with the skirt so short, Luffy also saw the bottom of her panties.

Nami heard, what sounded sorta like, a hiccup, and looked behind her at Luffy. He was staring at the wall to his left, which she saw nothing interesting on. And if she would've looked closer at Luffy, she would have notice a slight blush across the tops of his cheeks.

She put all the fruits (total of six) on the plate, then stood up and walked to the bed. Luffy instantly snapped his attention to her, or really more to the food she was carrying than her. He started drooling even more then he was earlier.

She set it on his lap and he instantly started devouring them. Why did it always look like he was starving when he was eating. He had the worst possible table manners and ate with the gusto of a obese man. She again questioned why she had fallen for him.

She sat beside him and waited until he was done, which didn't take too long. He finished with only the melon rinds left on the plate. She took the plate from his lap and walked it to the sink. She left it there and walked back to him. Nami had to admit that she was very nervous. Her legs were slightly shaking as she walked back to Luffy. He was just staring at her, his face unreadable. She took a deep breath and braced herself. She walked up to him and sat on his lap facing him. Her legs were straddling his sides and her hand were on his shoulders.

He tried to jumped back, but with her weight on him, he couldn't. His eyes turned as big as saucers as he looked at Nami. Nami had her head down so he couldn't see her eyes. She reflected back on her painful past that this man had saved her from. She thought about when Bellemere was killed, when Nami sacrificed herself to save her village, all the years it took to save up the money only to have it taken from her, and lastly all of the horrible years with Arlong and pretending to be their friend. That was all behind her now, and it was all because of this man. She didn't have to live in fear that her family would die. She didn't ever have to feel like a prisoner, she could be free. And Luffy was the one to give her that freedom.

She started crying as Luffy's worth to her sank in again that day. She had never had anyone she could trust besides her family. Tear after tear fell on Luffy's lap, and Nami let them fall. She had told herself to never cry again, but these tears were different, they were tears of happiness. She imagined this day over and over in her head when she was younger, but the real deal was much better than she could have ever imagined.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she quickly looked up at Luffy. "Nami, whats wrong? Why are you crying? Is it because I ate your melons?" The question made her giggle, it was so Luffy, and he was being dead serious. He was such a caring, kind, fun-loving person.

Nami leaned forward and hugged him. She nuzzled her nose into the curve of his neck, as the tears of happiness continued to coursed down her cheeks. "Thank you Luffy. Thank you so much, you can't begin to understand. Thank you Luffy." Nami kept repeating that over and over. She wasn't sure there were enough thanks in the world to convey to him how grateful she was or how much she loved him. She felt him put his arms around her back, and start to stroke between her shoulder blades, and she shivered in delight.

Slowly she started to clam down again. While still hugging him, she wiped her eyes and sniffed back her runny nose. She didn't want to act like someone who needed attention, but being held in his arms felt amazing.

She wanted to be like this forever. She sighed contently, and her breath made him shiver involuntarily. She enjoyed that response and blew on his neck again. He shivered again, and then to continue teasing him, she moved over and kissed his neck. Nami heard him suck in his breath and then remain very still. She kissed him again then waited.

He got his hands and put them on her shoulders and pushed her back a little ways. She was surprise that he was pushing her away. Did he not want her attention like this. Her shoulders dropped and she suddenly looked very sad. She lifted her palm up to her eyes to wipe away any leftover tears. She knew this was a bad idea. "I'm sorry Luffy, I wasn't thinking. I..." She was cut off by his soft lips pressing against hers.

Her eyes went wide as they could possibly go. He was kissing her. Luffy, the clueless and childish captain of theirs was kissing her. She involuntarily kissed him back, still not over the shock that the love-of-her-life was kissing her.

It slowly sank in, and Nami couldn't be any happier that she was right now. Everything was perfect now. She leaned into the kiss more and turned her head to the side to kiss him even more deeply. Her hands found their way behind his head, entangled in his scruffy, soft hair.

One of his hands went to her waist to pull her closer to him, while the other one went to cup her cheek. He was a shockingly good kisser. He made her mind turn to mush in the few seconds they were kissing. She never felt like this with anyone (well, she had never kissed anyone before either). She could feel moisture start to leak out from between her legs, and could feel her mind becoming foggier and foggier.

His tongue skimmed her bottom lip and she obediently parted her lips to allow him entrance. He wasted no time exploring the new territory, and when his tongue touched hers, she let out a deep satisfying moan. She felt him shiver at that and let out a smaller moan of his own.

She moved her hands from the back of his head, to the front of his red vest and pulled him to her. She deepened their kiss again by plunging her tongue into his mouth, which caused him let out another, even louder moan. She loved hearing his moans and loved the vibrations it caused. His moan coursed through her entire body and seemed to set it on fire.

They continued to fight for dominance while kissing. He caught her tongue in his mouth and sucked on it. She loved that and slightly rocked her hips against his lap. He gasped and broke the kiss. That was it, the spell was now broken. She looked into his face and tried to engrave the image in her head. His forehead was covered in sweat, his face was very flushed, his hair was even messier, and he was breathing in deep breaths. She decided that she loved that look on him.

"Why did you kiss me?" Nami whispered, still trying to catch her breath.

"I don't know, it just felt right. I didn't really know what I was doing." Then his head drooped a little, and he looked up at her through his bangs. "Was that okay? Are you mad at me?"

Nami just smiled softly at Luffy. "Hell no. That was an amazing kiss and I loved it." Nami leaned forward and put her forehead against his. "But promise me that you'll only do that with me." She whispered seductively.

He broke out in a huge smile. "Always!" She smiled too and pulled him into a quick hug, then pulled apart. They smiled at each other, not really sure what else to do now. Nami took that time to think about what they had done. Would this change things on board the ship? Would he claim her as his in front of everyone? Would Luffy take her out to dinner and buy her presents? Nami laughed to herself. None of those things would happen, but still Luffy would treat her kindly and would always love her (if he accepted her feelings). "Nami?," Luffy asked pulling her out of her thought.

"Yes?" She was really starting to get ready for another hot kiss.

"Can you do that thing with your butt again?"

Nami looked at him confused about what on earth he could be talking about. Thing with my butt? She thought back, as best as she could, through their kiss. Then it dawned on her that he was talking about rocking her hips.

Nami smiled down wickedly at Luffy, and he pulled away scared. Nami adjusted her knees on either side of Luffy, to give herself better support, and moved her hips against his crotch.

Luffy's eyes clinched shut, and he let out a hiss, then a deep sexy moan. She could get addicted to that moan. She moved her hips some more, and received exciting reactions from the boy. All the moans and curses he let out while she rocked away, caused her body to get even more excited. She could feel warmth spreading to her core as the friction of his denim stimulated her clit.

Nami's mind was getting foggy again, and she did what she felt was natural. She cupped either side of Luffy's face and kissed him again. Without waiting for him to open up his mouth, she plugged her tongue inside his mouth and capture his tongue. He immediately responded by trying to take over her mouth. The battle of their tongues started all over again. Drool started running down both of their mouths, but they didn't care.

Luffy's hands went to her ass and squeezed each cheek. He pulled her roughly against his crotch, causing Nami's eyes shoot open. She let out a cry of surprise, but then the friction he now provided against her pussy caused her to let out a load, satisfying, moan against his mouth. Her eyes slightly rolled back into her head, as she picked up the pace. Nami was now grinding against him as if there was no tomorrow.

Nami could feel the large bulge in Luffy's short, and the knowledge that she turned him on made her even hotter. Nami deepened the kiss and moved her hands back to the back of his head. She pressed his face roughly against hers, as she plunged her tongue in some more. Luffy seemed to be losing the battle of the tongues, as she managed to refused him entrance to her mouth.

Nami smiled against his lips and breathily said, "you're losing captain". It came out almost as a whisper and her voice sounded very husky.

Luffy grunted, and move away from her mouth, and starting kissing down her jaw. He suckled and nibbled the edge of her jaw and worked his way down to the base of her neck. Luffy used the perfect combination off sucking, kissing, licking, and biting. The way he worked against her skin had her trembling against his chest. The pleasurable torment he was now causing her, should be a sin. How can something so simple, feel so good. Nami leaned her head back, giving him better access to her neck.

Nami realized she had stopped grinding, seeing as she was too focused on the feelings Luffy was now making her feel. He seemed to realized this at the same time she did, because he quickly picked her up and laid her down on the bed with him on top.

Luffy's body was between her legs, and his crotch against hers. Not once though, did he stopped his work on her neck. He ran his tongue up that side of her neck, then moved over to the other side to start the whole process over again. Nami felt like she was in heaven, and things could not get any better. Apparently, though, Luffy had other plans for Nami.

Luffy started grinding against her, like she did to him earlier. He started slow and gradually built his pace up. He was soon grinding against her at a pace Nami almost couldn't handle. Each time he thrusted forward, his denim shorts rubbed against her clit through her panties, pushing her closer to the edge.

Nami's toes curled into the bed sheet, and she raised her hips each time to meet his thrusts. Nami wrapped her arms around him, and dug her nails into his back, through his vest. She could feel the pressure of a climax start to come, and somehow Luffy could tell. He impossibly sped up his thrusts some more against her, causing Nami to let out a soft scream.

Nami squeezed him against her body and bit down on the sensitive tendon on his shoulder as her climax wash over her like a tidal wave. She clinched her eyes shut and silently screamed as the orgasm took it's course. She raked her nails down his back, as her mind went blank from sheer pleasure. She could feel her core spasm and tighten.

Luffy leaned back as much as he possible could at the moment and softly kissed her lips. It wasn't a passionate kiss like they had been doing, but one of just love and caring. He broke away and Nami could tell he was looking down at her.

Her eyes fluttered open and looked up at Luffy. He was grinning from ear-to-ear. "That seemed like it felt good." He opened his eyes and looked down at her. That look was just filled with compassion towards her. Nami's heart started beating against her chest, and forcing a blush to spread across her cheeks.

"That was amazing Luffy." He chuckled, seeming to be proud of his work, and leaned down to give her one last kiss at the base of her neck.

"Umm..Nami.." He made a motion to try to lean back. She realized that she still had him in a death grip. She laughed and willed her arms to let go of him.

He leaned back and sat back down on the bed. She sat up also, still not yet over her climax. She was impressed Luffy was so good at that. She had been positive that he had never done it with a girl, but now she was second guessing herself. How would a guy be that good at something that he had never done before. She felt a tug at her heart when the thought of a girl, other than her, having a moment like this with Luffy. It was selfish to think of, but Nami couldn't help her feelings.

Her head dropped, and she was surprised by a slight pain in her neck. She reached a hand up and rubbed her neck. She noticed that on either side of her neck. there were sore spots. "Great...I'm going to have hickeys on my neck tomorrow." She stated with annoyance.

"What are hickeys?" Nami gave him a curious look. If he had done this with another girl, wouldn't he know what hickeys are?

"They are bruises or marks left on someone's body, that are caused by biting or sucking hard on the skin." Luffy looked taken aback, and leaned in to examine her neck. "How many do you see now?"

Luffy used his finger and started counting the red marks on Nami's neck. ".5 and uh 6. I'm sorry Nami, I wasn't thinking. I won't ever do that again." Luffy hung his head in shame.

Nami smiled and grabbed the sides of his head, and she leaned forward and kissed his forehead. "It is a small price to pay for the great feeling it gave me. Don't be sorry and please feel free to do it some more."

"Shishishishishi," His laugh was so goofy. He absentmindedly rubbed his crotch, which caught Nami's attention. She looked down at the noticeable tent in his jean shorts. She was taken aback because she could easily tell that he was quite big. The blush that was on her face, grew larger, and her mouth started to water. She couldn't help but imagine what his dick had to look like, she had never seen one before. Right now his dick looked like it would be in pain, since it was confined in such a tight space.

Luffy seemed to notice where her eyes were looking. He got embarrassed and turned that part of his body away from Nami. She huffed and got on her knees and crawled around toward the front of his body. Luffy was trying his best to cover his erection, and he turned away again.

Nami sat back and crossed her arms. Luffy turned to look at Nami, and he actually laughed. Nami looked funny when she was pouting. Nami's eyebrow twitch from being laughed at and she pointed to his problematic area. "Luffy, thats looks uncomfortable."

"It happens every once in a while, usually when I wake up sometimes. If you wait a little while it goes away." Luffy mumbled, without looking at her straight in the eye.

"Still, it looks uncomfortable. What me to help you out? I can get rid of this faster." Nami smiled slyly. She guessed Luffy had no clue what she might do. He had caused her to get horny (even though Nami had started it), and one climax would not be enough to satisfy her. Her mouth was salivating at the thought of what he might taste like, even though she had never, in her life, done it before. This was something that she only wanted to do with Luffy, and Nami didn't think she would get another chance like this any time soon. She was going to 'milk' it for all that she could, at the moment. Also, she thought that since he had made her cum that it would only be fair that she made him in return.

"How would you do that?" He reply was innocence, he really had no idea what she meant to do.

"Here, sit on the bed better and turn to face me." He did as he was commanded, and waited for her to do something. She didn't think he would just straight up let her, but she had to try. "Now close your eyes." And he did. She slowly move forward toward his pants button. She did this as stealthy as she could, trying not to have him notice. Her years of thieving helped this situation. She slowly twisted the fabric around the button, and the button popped free. Luffy's eyes started to peak open, "Keep 'em closed," and he closed them immediately.

Nami positioned her hands at either side of his pants, but still not yet touching them. She was going to have to do this fast, before he had time to refuse. She was going to grab his pants and yank them down. She would get to work on his cock right away, and hope that he wouldn't resist. She was too horny to think about anything else.

In one fluid moment, Nami grabbed his pants and yanked. The plan didn't quite work as expected. He was sitting down for one, and that his reflexes were very good. As soon as she as grabbed at his pants, Luffy's eyes flew open and he jumped away a little.

"What are you doing Nami?" He sounded a little panicked. What Nami didn't understand, was that they had just gotten through a very hot make out session, and now he was too embarrassed to show his dick to her.

"Stay still you idiot." She pounced on him and pressed him down on the bed. He tried to get up, but then Nami straddled his waist again. This time she was facing his lower body while keeping her back towards Luffy. "I'm doing this to help you. This will feel good, don't you trust me?" She looked behind her at Luffy, giving him the best puppy-dog face she could.

"This is embarrassing."

"It is embarrassing for me too, but I promise you'll feel better after this. Now hold still." Before the boy under her could protest some more, Nami got to work on his pants. She grabbed at the zipper and pulled it down revealing his boxers underneath. Nami giggled, they were red boxers with meat print cartoons on them.

"Hey don't laugh at me." Nami turned around and smiled softly at Luffy. He had a deep blush on his face, either from embarrassment, lust, or both.

"Sorry, I'm only here to help. You made me cum, I thought that it is only fair I make you do the same. An eye for an eye, if you will."

"Cum...what are you talking about. What is that, can you eat it?" Nami brought her palm up to her forehead, leaving a red mark. Does all Luffy think about is food, even when he has a girl on top of him trying to unpants him?

"Here its best that I show you, so you can feel it." Nami focused her attention on his pants (which were halfway down his legs now) and his boxers.

She grabbed them and (not very fluidly) yank them off his legs. She heard Luffy yelp behind her. He tried to sit up, but Nami scooted her butt farther up his chest forcing him back down.

Nami was now face-to-face with a large, well-endowed penis. She had never seen one in real life before, and took her time studying it. She had it say it was about seven or eight inches long, and about two inches thick. The color was slightly darker than the rest of his body, and Nami could see the throbbing veins clearly through the skin. The smell that rolled off wasn't unpleasant at all, in fact it turned Nami on even more. Her mouth started watering some more. She wondered what it would taste like, which is a very weird thing to wonder about something like a penis.

Nami brought a hand up to feel it. She grabbed it gently, knowing very well that it is a sensitive place for men (the best place to aim for when attacking). She was surprised by how soft it was, but still was very hard underneath. She gently started stroking it enjoying the feeling, when she heard a moan behind her. Apparently Nami was doing a good job so far. She brought her hand up to the tip to feel it, and Luffy let out a hiss and his hips jolted a bit. The tip was by far the softest place on his dick, and she guessed (because of his reaction) the most sensitive.

Nami lazily moved her finger in a circle around the urethra opening at the top. Luffy started laughing under her, "Thats tickles...*laugh*...stop that...*giggle*...please". She moved her hand from the tip, back around the shaft and started pumping her hand up and down. Luffy grunted under her. She didn't wanted to hurt him, so she didn't know how fast to pumped. "Faster...Nami." It came out as a harsh breathy whisper that excited Nami. She did as was asked, and started pumping even faster. Her hand was starting to get tired, so she switched to her left hand.

Nami noticed that sometimes when she brought her hand up the dick would stretch a little. I guess he was a rubber-man all the way down. She giggled at the thought.

The hand-job was starting to get boring. She needed to think of what else to do. She remembered that she wanted to taste it earlier. Maybe if she did that, Luffy would give an even better response.

Nami leaned down and tucked her hair behind her ear. She first licked the tip a little, and she was more than pleased with Luffy's response. "What was that? It felt awesome."

"Just wanted to see how it tasted." She turned around and looked at Luffy. His face looked a little pale and his eyes were wide. He looked frightened, and she was worried she had done something wrong. "Whats wrong?"

"Please, Nami don't eat it. I still want to be a man when I become king of the pirates." Nami looked at Luffy, making sure he was being serious, then bent forward and laughed as hard as she could manage. She was laughing so hard she was clutching her stomach and tears were streaming down her face again. She rolled off of his stomach and on her back on the bed, still laughing. There was no way Luffy had ever been with a girl before, and any fears of that before were squashed.

She looked over at Luffy through her teary eyes, and of course he was pouting. That made her laugh even harder, because he looked so silly. He was pants-less, had an erection, a serious, cranky, pouty face, and had his arms crossed. The picture made her break out in more unstoppable laughter.

"Nami, you keep laughing at me."

"I'm sorry, it's not you, it is just what you said. It was just so you." Nami thought that she hurt his feelings. She rolled over and crawled up to him. She embraced him, still slightly chuckling, and gave him a peck on the lips. "I'm sorry." She looked him directly in the eyes, and his eyes seemed to soften. "Now let me finish what I was doing, and no I won't 'eat' anything."

This time Nami got in between his legs, facing him. Now she got a good look at his balls, or kintama, and found that she was quite pleased with his package. She reached out a hand and started caressing them, and Luffy sighed with pleasure. She bent down and took one of his balls in his mouth and rolled it in her mouth. Then she moved up and finally took his dick in her mouth. She made sure to keep her teeth well away from the sensitive skin, and pumped her head up and down. She paused every once in a while to swirl the tip around with her tongue, then continued with her pumping actions. She took her mouth off of him, then ran her tongue seductively up from the base of his dick, to the tip, then lapped at the urethra opening.

He had his head thrown back, and his back arched. Unconsciously he had his hands at the back of her head. He would sometimes tug at her hair, but she didn't mind, if anything it excited her even more. He would let out moans and curses each time she went down, and the faster she went the more his hips tried to trust into her mouth. She tried her best to keep his hips down, but he was a strong boy. A few times she felt his dick hit the back of her throat, and she forced herself not to gag.

She brought one of her hands down to massage his balls, and when she did that she felt his hands grip her head slightly. She had to really concentrate on to not letting her teeth graze it, not let it hit her throat, and to keep her hands occupied with his balls.

She stopped every once in a while, with her mouth over the tip, to run her tongue under the head. She was losing moisture in her mouth, and felt like she wasn't doing as good a job. Maybe she could stall for a little while.

She stopped sucking and looked up my Luffy. He raised his head to look down at her. He was huffing, his face was beet red, and his eyes were dripping in mindless lust. She racked her brain for the words she wanted to speak.

"Tell me what you want." She said seductively. Her voice was deep and husky, and seemed to turned Luffy on even more. She could see her voice reach his ears, and his brain try to form it into words. Nami couldn't blame him, it was hard enough to speak, let alone comprehend words that were spoken.

"Your boobs, Nami." There were several things she could do with her boobs, but she was pretty sure she knew what he wanted. Nami didn't think he could come up with anything this sexual on his own. She took her shirt off in one fluid movement, the she reached around to undo her bra clasp. She glanced up at Luffy to see his reaction, and he seemed glued to her breasts, seemingly in awe. She smiled playfully and brought her double-D cup breasts to wrap around his dick.

She began to move her boobs up and down, which was harder than it sounded. She bent her head down and started licking the tip. The boy under her began the thrash and writhe under her breasts. How Luffy was enjoying this. Nami's boobs were so soft and warm. They were wrapping around his penis, and engulfing him in pleasurable warmth. Luffy didn't want to hurt Nami by forcing his dick in her mouth again, so he settled in curling his fingers and toes in the bed sheets. Luffy started feeling something build up, and his balls (kintama) tightened up. He didn't know what was happening to him, but all he knew was that it felt good.

Nami took her boobs away, and replace them by swallowing his penis as far as she could. While she had him pretty far back in her mouth, Nami rubbed her tongue up and down his shaft. It was pretty difficult to accomplish, but she managed and felt proud of herself.

Luffy was jerking and trying to trust more than before. She was pleased with all the reactions she was getting from him. She let go of his dick and again ran her tongue up it, then licking under his head. Luffy grunted and put his hands back on her head. She completely ignored that, and starting her pumping actions.

Something in Luffy snapped. threw his head back, and the building pleasure suddenly over-filled the dam and all sense of reason left his mind. He trusted hard and strong into Nami's mouth, and his hands gripped her hair forcing her to swallow his dick even further. His searing sperm sprayed the back of her throat.

Nami's eyes went wide, and she instantly tried to back off. Only Luffy held her in place. Only when Luffy finished ejaculating did he release her. Nami backed off and started coughing and gagging on his cum. She got up and ran to the nearest waste basket and spit up as much as she could. What had gone down her throat, she wouldn't bother yacking it up, but the taste it left in her mouth, was awful. It made her stomach queasy and left a very bitter taste on her tongue. She ran the back of her hand across her mouth.

Nami was instantly pissed off. She whipped her head around at Luffy, who still looked dazed. She glared at him, and in an instant his eyes shot open and he turned to look at her. He looked scared, concerned, and panicked. "Oi, Nami I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over you okay? Did I hurt you? That has never happened before. Oi, Nami are you mad?" The look in his eyes was very genuine and caring, and she was about to forgive and forget, but then she tasted her mouth again. There was no way, weather she loved him or not, that he was getting away with that.

She put on her sweetest smile and walked over to Luffy. "Luffy", she said in a sing-song voice.

Luffy eyes were wide and terrified. The closer she got the more sweat started pouring down him. He started backing away slowly, but she kept advancing on him. He brought his hands up over his head, knowing what was coming next. He closed his eyes and waited for the predicted moment.





(several painful minutes later)...

Luffy was passed (knocked) out. He had bruises all over his face, a slit lip, a swollen cheek, two black eyes, and a mountain of bump stacked on his head. Nami refused to feel any sorta regret about that. He deserved it to the last bruise.

She looked down at him and the guilt started creeping up, but Nami quickly squashed it. She shook her head and yanked the bed cover from under him, which he sorta mumbled something. She looked out the window and realized how dark it had gotten and how tired she was. It was a long (but wonderful) day, and now she needed to go to bed.

Nami wasn't heartless enough to push him off the bed, but she did scoot him over. She slipped in the bed and and pulled the covers over her and Luffy, then sigh contently. This was perfect, and she was soon drifting off to sleep.

Before she was completely asleep, she felt Luffy's hand lazily wrap around her waist, and he murmured sorry a couple times in his sleep. With that she fell asleep.