I planned to write a chapter between this and last. (6.5). I had this idea in my mind and had to write about it. Hope you enjoy.

*****Seven years later******

She woke up hungry. She knew it was going to be hard to get food at this time of night. She sighed and knew she was going to have to make a break for the kitchen. She slowly inched her way out of bed. She didn't want to wake the other person sleeping on the bed.

She threw one leg over, then waited, then the next leg and waited again. In one quick motion she stood up. She felt the other person move a little and froze. They mumbled something and moved a little but that was it. With that she let the breath she had been holding out.

She tipped-toed around the bed to the door. She knew which parts of the floor creaked more than others (she had done this many times), and soon managed to maneuver her way to the door. Now came the hardest part. This door was about ten years old, and always creaked when you opened it. The best way to open it with little sound was to do it in one fluid motion. She had botch the motion a few time, but was now an expert at opening this door without much sound.

She quickly opened it and wait for any movement or sound from the bed. When nothing happened she started the second leg of the quest.

Their room was at the very back of the ship. She would have to walk around and go downstairs to the kitchen to get food. On top of that, she would also have to find Sanji's new hiding spot for the keys to the fridge.

She got on her tip toes and hugged the wall. She quickly made her way around to the side and stopped. She peaked around and looked at the watch tower. It was dark out and she couldn't see anything inside the tower. She would have to rely on luck to get her the rest of the way. She ran around and jumped over the railing and quickly rushed to hide behind one of the trees. Just in case, she stayed there for five minutes just waiting.

Then, she quickly opened the door to the kitchen and closed it behind her. Luckily the door to the kitchen was always being broken, so the door was constantly being replaced and there was no creakiness.

She pressed her ear up to the door and listened for anything. When she didn't hear anything she smiled and rubbed her hands together. She was in the all clear now. All she had to do was find Sanji's keys. She knew all of his hiding spots.

She checked the first spot, in the vegetable pot, and as luck would have it the keys were there. She laughed to herself a little. Nothing would stop her now.

She walked to the fridge and made quick work of the lot and opened the fridge to all the treasure within. As she started to reach for the ham, she was lifted up off the ground by the back of her shirt.

She let out a shriek and started kicking and punching the air in an attempt to escape. She looked behind her and instantly recognized the face. Her crossed her arms and pouted. It wasn't fair. She was just hungry.

"Did you get the door unlocked?" Luffy whispered?

She turn to look at him and smiled. She loved the captain. He was always hungry and she only got in trouble for stealing food when there were others around. She nodded her head vigorously.

He smiled and set her down. She reach in and pulled out the ham. She was going to have to share now, but it wasn't so bad.

She and Luffy started chowing down. It was delicious. She didn't realize how hungry she had been. She had to fight Luffy for a decent piece of the ham, and the piece she did get, she knew it was because he felt sorry for her. Luffy was the only one who she could relate with when it came to appetite. She always had a huge one.

As she and Luffy started working on the desserts and fruit in the fridge, Luffy froze mid-bite. He started sweating and shaking. He quickly put the food back in the fridge and shut the door. She on the other hand still had two cookies and some grapes in her hands. She knew what was happening.

Luffy sensed somebody was on there way with his special powers. She didn't fully understand said powers, but she knew she could rely on them. She quickly opened the door and put what she was eating back in its place in the fridge.

Luffy stood at the door and peered out the window. He quickly ducked and signaled her to move out quickly. After he warned her, he when to go hide. There was only one door to the kitchen, so he would hide until the coast was clear. He ran to the pantry and managed to squeeze himself under the last shelf.

She fumbled with the keys but finally got it to lock. She set the keys back in their hiding place then went to find a hiding place for herself. She settled on the cabinets under the sink. She knew there was enough room for her to hide in there. S

She dove for cover just as the door to the kitchen opened.

"Hey, you shitty rubber, I know you're in here." Sanji must have sense something was wrong in his kitchen. She heard two sets of footsteps.

"Luffy! If you are eating us out of food again you are going to pay twice what I paid for it." That was Nami. She was always concerned about the budget. She knew they would find him. He always hid in the same spot.

She heard Sanji open the fridge door and curse. "Luffy! You ate the ham that was going to be for dinner tonight!"

She started counting down from ten. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. And as if on cue she heard the pantry door open and heard foot meet face. She could only imagine getting a kick from sanji. It would hurt a lot.

Suddenly the door to her hiding spot opened. She screamed a little as Nami dragged her out by her arm. "Monkey D. Bellemere! What are you doing raiding the fridge with your father? Don't let his bad habits rub off on you."

"But mooom. I was hungry." She crossed her arms and pouted. Mom would never understand her.

"Geez, you really are your father's daughter. Come on, lets get you back to bed." She turned to Luffy and started lecturing him about being responsible. He just sat and looked at her. Bellemere knew nothing was getting through to him, because she knew her father too well.

Her mother turned to Sanji, "And you! You need to hide those keys better."

"Yes, ma'am as you wish." Sanji did a bow to Nami. When Nami turned away, Sanji gave her a wink. Uncle Sanji always kept the keys in spot where she would know to find them. He cared about her and she loved him.

She loved everyone on board, even her strict mother. As she went to bed with a full belly, she snuggled in with her father. Last night she had had a nightmare, and Luffy promised to let her sleep with them until she felt better. She always felt better in the warm safe bed with her parents.

She got in bed and her father followed short. He pulled her into a hug and started tickling her. She screamed and laughed until tears came to her eyes. He was laughing too. "We always got away with that one." He smiled at her.

"I would have done just fine if you didn't follow me." He had stopped tickling her but she was still smiling and tearing from it.

"But I was hungry too. It wasn't nice to eat without me."

She laughed and his answer. Her dad was so funny.

"You were asleep. If you were awake I would have brought you something," She let out a huge yawn.

"Guess you're right. Well, goodnight." he rolled over on his side and was instantly snoring.

She felt her eyelids get heavy. Her last thought was that she had the best family ever.