Who else is tired of seeing Clint alone in fanfics?

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Now don't get me wrong, Clintasha shippers, I see you guys ;D. Personally, I am a hard Captain Widow shipper, so when I read those, I get giddy because of the side lovin' xD We got Tony and Pepper (SQUEE!) Thor and Jane (EEEEEP!) and Bruce and Betty (D'AAAWW!).

But then there's Clint, who's just like, "Um, yep. I'm here. Just so ya know." Or he's randomly shipped with Darcy, who I ship with Loki (PROUD TASERTRICKS SHIPPER :)).

So, yeah, I made a thing.

"Alright, team," Fury said as he walked in the main room. All six Avengers sat around the round table. After a long, exhausting mission in uncharted locations, they were all ready to get back home, in Avengers Tower. "I have some news."

"Wassap, chief?" Tony said.

Fury rolled his eye, lifting up a manila folder. "Congratulations. You have a new recruit." He slid the folder across the table towards Steve, who picked up the folder and began skimming through it. Natasha, who was sitting next to him, scooted closer so she could look on as well.

"Recruit?" Tony, Clint, and Bruce repeated.

"As in, we will be having a new team member?" Thor boomed.

"Correct," Fury nodded.

"And we didn't get a say in this?" Tony demanded.

"Stark," Steve warned lightly.

"What?" Tony rested his feet on the table, leaning back in his chair and munching on a peach. "We're the team, Nick. What if we're fine with just the six of us?"

"Dude's got a point," said Clint while toying with his bow.

"Enough," Fury interjected with a heavy sigh.

"Why you sighing so hard?"

"Stark!" Steve and Natasha barked.

"She'll be arriving momentarily," Fury informed as he retreated from the room. "Make her feel...at home."

At this, Natasha and Tony sat up straight.



"As in another female?"

"As in one who walks with vagina?"

Clint and Thor slapped him upside the head, the billionare exclaiming in a string of profanities.

"What? I'm just as shocked as you guys are!" Tony said.

The doors were opened by two SHIELD agents, and heels clicking were the first sound echoing off the walls of the helicarrier. The team quieted as they took in their new teammate.

For one, she was dressed professionally but still kept that feminine edge. Her top was sleeveless and frilly, pearly white, and tucked in a high waisted navy skirt that outlined her curves. Her long blonde hair was straightened with a slight wave, various strands pinned back; her bangs, which swept to the left, was left alone. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of ocean blue, rimmed behind her dark blue rectangular glasses. She looked maybe to be in her late twenties, like Natasha.

Steve stood to his feet, walking around the table to meet her, hand outstretched. "Ma'am," he greeted as she took his hand, returning the friendly smile as well.

"Hi," she said in reply.

"I take it you're Barbara Morse?"

"Please, call me Bobbi," she said.

"Welcome to the team, Bobbi. I'm Steve," he went around the table while gesturing, and Bobbi shook whoever's hand was in reach (which happened to be Natasha and Thor). "This is Natasha, Clint, Tony, Bruce, and Thor."

"Nice to meet you guys," Bobbi said, waving to the other four.

"Likewise!" Thor said excitedly. He was always eager to meet people.

"I second that," Natasha said with a soft smile.

"Nice to meet you too," Bruce said.

"Sup," Clint replied, glancing at her.

Then he glanced again.

He couldn't help it.

She was...kind of...

"Yeah, Fury didn't tell us you were coming," Tony said right out of the blue, snapping Clint out of his thoughts.

"Sorry about that," Bobbi apologized. "Fury apparently didn't tell me shit either." As soon as the foul word left her lips, she regretted it. Oh how professional.

There was a pause.

"I like you," Tony said with a grin, and laughter echoed around the room, and Bobbi sighed in relief.

"Guess that's a good thing," Bobbi said with a giggle.

"Please, have a seat," Steve suggested, offering his own.

"Oh no, I can't..."

"I insist."

"'Kay." Bobbi sat down in the warm seat, next to Natasha. The two females smiled mutally at each other and turned to look at Steve, who now stood at the head of the table.

"So, Bobbi," he said. "Tell us about yourself."

"Yeah, what's your super alias?" Tony interjected.

Bobbi answered without a beat, "Mockingbird."

Tony paused for a second before continuing artfully, "Got a suit?"




"Weapon of choice?"

"Battle staves."

"Hmm...Ever been arrested?"


"Ever been close to getting arrested?"

"Have you?"

"Niiice. Criminal record?"

"Clean the last time I checked."

"How old are you?"

"That's not something you ask a woman."


As they went on, Steve softly chuckled and stood back. "Guess Stark's got this covered, huh?" he whispered to Natasha.

"No kidding," Natasha whispered back.

Clint couldn't help but chuckle at Bobbi's every quick-witted remark, kind of reminding him of himself. He'll definitely debate with her sometime. Bobbi seemed like someone who'll fit right in real fast. At least it was her instead of some extremely shy person.

He bet Nat was squealing on the inside. It was either because there was finally another chick on the team, or the fact that she and Steve were so close in proximity.

He smirked, knowing it was both.

It was always both.

"Speak Spanish?"

"Oh, fluently."

"Then prove it."

"La verdad es que puedo hablar español, como si fuera mi lengua nativa y-"

"Okay okay okay! Even though I didn't understand a damn thing, I get it! Ya speak great española!"

"You asked."

"Blondie's got a point."


"I don't...understa-" Thor muttered to himself.

"I do!" Steve piped up, and the other six just looked at him. "I understood that reference," he said sheepishly.

Gotta love some movie references now and then xD I love writing Tony xDD

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