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"Let her go!" A desperate female voice ripped through the darkness of the chamber. The place was lit by candles. It was dim. But just bright enough to see the cage imprisoning a shivering female, the sacrificial table, the bleeding ginger-haired girl tied to the table, the crowd of masked audiences, the cloaked figure holding a dagger dripping scarlet. And blood. Everywhere.

"Nami! No!" The shivering female screamed. The cloaked figure and the masked crowd merely laughed. The ginger girl had already passed out due to the pain. Her body ridden and covered in gashes leaking crimson.

"Well. It seems IT still hasn't showed up. Perhaps another sacrifice is needed." The cloaked figure mused.

"Do it then. Kill the ginger girl then bring out the raven-haired. It had better work this time. She's the last sacrificial lamb we have for today's ritual." Someone in the masked crowd said. The crowd murmured impatient assent. Cold fear coiled around the female with the midnight-black hair. Even though she knew she's going to be next on the table. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the ginger girl that is now bleeding to death. Her friend. Her only friend. "Nami..." She choked out.

"Well, well. Isn't this touching? You're worried about this ginger-haired bitch even though you're next on the slaughter table? How foolish." The cloaked figure cackled. He turned to face the crowd, "The ginger one will die soon enough on her own accord. Bring out the other one." A few masked men and women walked over to the cage, treading in the pools of blood drenching the floor. They unlocked the door to the cage and yanked it open. The shivering woman scurried to the other side of the cage, trying to distance herself from her captors. The crowd laughed at her futile attempts. She struggled against the metal cuffs binding her hands. One of the masked men whistled and eyed the woman with lustful eyes. He licked his lips. "It's too bad she had to be used for the ritual, or else I would have bought her. She is quite an exquisite sight to behold." Another masked man strolled to the woman, yanked her to her feet and kissed her forcibly on the lips. With her shackled hands, she knocked him aside. The man slapped her hard and hollered with laughter. "She's got a fight in her, I'll give you that. The feisty ones are always the fun ones. Such a shame, she tastes remarkably sweet though." The crowd roared with laughter, enjoying the woman's discomfort.

"Enough playing. Lets get this over with." A masked woman said and marched the shivering female to the already-blood-covered sacrificial table. The cloaked figure untied the ginger girl from the table and threw her on the floor carelessly.

"Nami!" The woman cried out.
"Oh, shut up." The masked woman slapped her with a ringed hand. Leaving a bloody mark on her face. The raven-haired woman bit hard on her lip, forbidding herself to whimper in pain.
"Ahh. I was hoping you'd grace us with a passionate scream." The masked woman said as she tied her to the table violently. The men whooped loudly. The woman struggled against her binds, bruising her wrists and ankles.
"You might as well give up, sweetheart. It'll be much more comfortable if you don't struggle." The cloaked figure said as he picked up the dagger. He drove it into her pale thigh. The woman yelped and winced in pain. The cloaked man dug the dagger into her other thigh. "Death by pain and torture. Such a beautiful way to exit this world, don't you think?" She turned her hateful, tear-filled eyes to the cloaked figure. "Go to Hell." She spat.

"I don't mind going there if it means I get to enjoy this lifetime." He cooed in teasing voice. He raised the dagger and was about to stab her heart when black, smoke-like substance suddenly started gathering in the chamber. The candles started flickering.

"It's here! It's finally here!" The cloaked figure shouted excitedly. The crowd became restless, they were all murmuring nervously and excitedly. The bleeding woman on the table watched with wide eyes as the dark substance all gathered to one spot.

It took form in a tall, slender young man wearing a long pitch-black coat and an animal-print hat. He carried a long sheathed sword in his hands which were tattooed. The upper-half of his face was bowed slightly to the floor, obscuring the upper-half of his face. He slowly lifted his head, revealing his face. Robin gasped. His eyes were blood-red. The pair of scarlet orbs scanned the chamber. There were no emotions nor soul in these eyes. They had a wild, feral look in them. The cloaked figure declared loudly "It is I who had summoned you! Grant me my wishes, demon!" The crowd started shouting, "How come you get to have your wish granted?!" "That's not fair!" "Grant MY wishes, demon!" The so-called demon gave everyone in the chamber a cold sweep with his paralyzingly eyes. His gaze stopped on the bleeding woman on the table who was still battling the pain. Her clear blue eyes stared at the scarlet orbs of the "demon". Too terrified, too transfixed to look away.

"So it's you." The owner of the devilish eyes said. Every other sound in the chamber hushed. The demon's voice sounded cold and masculine. Its echoes seem to make the temperature within the chamber drop several degrees. Its eyes bore straight into the woman's.

"Tell me your name." The demon said, addressing the woman on the table.

"Nico... Robin." She answered in the firmest voice she could muster.

"Well, Nico Robin. It is your choice whether to make a contract with a demon and have your wishes granted or not. The sacrifice has been made."

"Is she... still alive?" Robin asked in almost a whisper. Indicating the ginger girl on the floor.

"Barely. But the blood has been spilled. She does not need to die for the sacrifice." A sadistic smirk occupied the demon's face. Relieved that her friend is still alive, burning hatred began to claw her insides.

"I... I want revenge... on the people who did this to me!"

"Somebody kill her!" The cloaked figure that had stood mutely at the side now yelled frantically. The crowd started to disperse, some of the masked people ran forward, weapon in hand, while others fled for the entrance.

"As you wish. I'll put the contract seal on you, and the deal will be done." The demon reached out his hand and rested it on her forearm. Robin felt a blinding, searing pain course through her from the place where the demon had touched her. Her scream of pain sounded through the thick smoke-like substance that started enveloping her and the demon. Everyone present were too shocked to run further or scream. When the darkness had subsided from her, a circular, skull-like pattern was now ebbed into the skin on her forearm.

The demon stepped back from the sacrificial table, "Now then. What would you have me do?" The demon asked.

"Kill them. Kill them all. Spare the ginger girl." Her voice cold with hatred.
"As you wish." The demon replied silkily. He turned around to face the paralyzed crowd with a chilling smile while slowly un-sheathing his sword. It seems to Robin that the next minute passed in a blur of spurting blood and screams. She watched as the demon severed heads and tore apart limbs. When he was finally finished, the chamber was nearly completely bathed in scarlet, bodies littered the floor like carelessly-thrown rag dolls.

The demon approached Robin and made a flicking-action with his fingers, the chains binding her wrists and ankles broke like someone had magically snapped them.
"Nami..." Due to her injuries, Robin wasn't able to stand on her own. Yet she was too concerned for her friend to realize that. In an attempt to get to her bleeding friend, she tumbled to the blood-stained floor.
"Save her!" She pleaded.
"As you command." The demon walked over to Nami. He grazed his hands across Nami's wounds. Once he was finished, her wounds weren't bleeding anymore and have healed somewhat. Her breathing was less frantic, but she was still unconscious.

"Um... Can't you do something about your eyes? They're quite... un-human." Robin said.

"Un-human? I suppose I shouldn't scare my future contractor with my appearance. A less alarming color would suit you then?"


"Very well." The color of his eyes morphed into a stormy-gray color. He walked over to Robin and placed his hands on her wounds. After a stinging sensation, whatever was left of the pain dispersed.

"How did you-?" Robin's mouth hung open. The demon smiled, "I am a demon after all." He gently lifted her to her feet.

"Do you have a name?" Robin asked.

"Law. Trafalgar Law." The demon answered. He turned to his new contractor, a sadistic smirk on his face.

"Well, then. What are your orders, Nico Robin?"

-To be continued-

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