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"You're angry." It wasn't a question.

"Shouldn't I be?" Law turned around to face Robin with an annoyed look. They were walking back to her apartment after the flame-throwing demon by the name of Portgas. had promised to come by her apartment the next day to begin her "training". Needless to say, Law was not in the best of moods.

"Look. I'm just trying to make sure I can survive a fight with a demon." Robin tried to reason with him. She didn't understand how he could possibly be mad at her for making this decision. Wouldn't it make his job of protecting her a lot easier? Not that she cared about how he felt or how he was handling the job. But she'd prefer it if he wasn't glaring at her so hard it almost hurt her physically.

"So you think getting close to another demon is the best way to do that? You-" Law turned around abruptly and started walking again, as though he was too annoyed to look at her or talk to her for another second. Personally, Robin thought he was being childish. She stopped walking altogether. She knew she'd be throwing a fit if she did this, but why should Law be the only one allowed to have a temper? She has been through a lot of trouble tonight, and she doesn't want to add the temper of a demon to the list.

Law sighed, "What is the meaning of this?"

"You would't listen. You're acting like I should be following your orders. I don't need your approval to do anything." She wasn't usually this defensive. But all the things that happened tonight were beginning to rub off on her. Making her temper flare out easily. And with the way Law was behaving, she didn't want to hold back either.

"If I recall correctly, you did do what you want, with no regards of what I think." Law hissed. He hated it when things don't go according to plan. And this little occurrence was way too out of his control. Robin alone was unpredictable enough, adding Ace to the mix would be disastrous for his orderly personality. His mental state seemed to be already suffering from this encounter. Besides, he hated Ace. That alone was reason enough to garner such a fowl reaction out of him.

"It won't work if the two of you pick a fight with each other every three seconds."

"Would you please stop being so difficult and come along? You're acting like a child." Law resigned. He should have known she'd be this stubborn. Robin wasn't known for being sweet and loving.

Please? Now that doesn't sound like Law.

Law's eyes narrowed, "I'll drag you if I have to."

That sounds like Law.

"You wouldn't dare." Robin took an instinctive step back. Yet the look in his eyes claim otherwise. Oh, he most definitely would.

Robin started walking again.

The two of them walked in relative silence. Robin's mind was spinning with possibilities of what the coming day might bring. She stared at Law's back. He held himself tall and proud, like he always did. Law always gave off the impression of power that was aching to be freed, almost like contained violence. He almost never holds back, and that was one thing they had in common. Hopefully she'd make it through the next day in one piece. Hopefully.


"You could have tried calling my name." Robin glared at Law resentfully over the rim of her cup. The contents of her cup, which is coffee (her favorite beverage), was the only thing stopping her from flinging the cup at Law's smug face. She had woken to being dumped on the floor none too gently by yours truly, Trafalgar Law. And he was actually grinning when she was dumped on her ass and tangled in a bundle of sheets, and on the floor, no less. He had mumbled an apology without sounding sorry at all after she had chucked her pillow at his face. As a result, Law ended up on the receiving end of some rather colorful words from the usually stoic assassin.

"I did. But you didn't budge, not even a little bit." He grinned, "You know, for someone who supposedly has trouble sleeping, you're quite a heavy sleeper."

"You know, for a supposedly creepy and powerful demon, you're unnaturally noisy."

Law leaned against her fridge, choosing to ignore that comment. "So did he tell you when he's coming?" Robin saw a flame light in those stormy gray eyes as he mentioned Ace. Robin wondered briefly what had happened between them. There seemed to be a rivalry going on, or maybe it was just a battle of pride between two males. Males often fight for pride, that much she already knew. It was a tactic she had used often to get her enemies to fight each other. She didn't understand men at all. Honestly, who did? Certainly not her. That was Nami's forte, after all.

"No. But if you stop trying to hide my essence he'll be able to find us a lot quicker."

"And it'll also make it easier for those who want to kill you. Just saying, no pressure."

Suddenly, a pillar of flames materialized out of nowhere in Robin's kitchen. Robin jumped back with a fighting stance while Law unsheathed his sword. The pillar of flames eventually morphed into a demon with freckles and messy hair. Ace grinned at the duo poised to attack him, "So did you guys miss me?"


Robin wasn't sure why she had never asked Law about his powers before. But it seemed that every demon has a different ability. At least, that seemed to be what Law was trying to explain with overly-professional words while Ace attempted it with messy (and unexplainable) pictures done by his own hand. (and where the hell did he get all those red crayons?) Wooing girls might be one of Ace's talents, drawing was definitely not.

"So do you understand now?" Law asked after he finished explaining something he had deemed "vital". Ace pretty much just waved around his pictures and pointed at things Robin couldn't decipher. What a big help he was. It was kind of hard for Robin to focus on Law when there was a supposedly powerful demon waving pictures that looked like they were drawn by three-year-olds.


Law sighed, "Anyway, every demon has a different ability. And some are more powerful than others. The key is to figure out what their ability is and counter it."

I sort of figured that out just fine. Robin thought. Of course she knew she had to try and counter it.

"Some are really tough, though. Like the Elites." Ace mumbled thoughtfully, "They work for the demon king. I tried applying for them once, but then I decided that I prefer freedom more." Ace smiled like he was a war hero talking about his feats.

"Or maybe you just got declined. Have you ever thought that it might have had something to do with you filling out the application form with red crayons?" Law deadpanned. Ace began to gesture wildly about how red was just about the coolest color ever while Law calmly reprimands him. Robin face palmed, this was proving harder than she thought.

"Guys." She sighed in a defeated tone. No wonder she never really bothered with males, they were just too much trouble. "Can we just start already?"

"Fine by me." Law said. He turned to Robin. "There's not enough space here. I'm going to create a space where we can train without worrying about completely demolishing your apartment."

"Create a space?" Robin asked.

"Yes." Law answered, he turned to face Robin. "I'm going to bring you into one of them. The process of entering it would be… a bit disconcerting."

Robin peered at Ace who groaned. He raked a hand through his hair, "You know I hate going into one of your Rooms."

"Rooms?" Robin had thought these "spaces" would be much larger than rooms.

"It's what I call the spaces I created." Law turned to Ace, "I can't risk you setting everything on fire, which you will." He cut Ace off before he could say anything.

Robin watched in wonder as a translucent ball began to form in Law's palm. The power she felt made her skin tingle and the hairs on her neck stand on edge. Standing before him, she suddenly realized just how meager humans are, compared to these demons. Ace, how ever, did not seem impressed at all. "You know what," he raised both hands in defeat, "I'll just wait here until you guys are done. We'll train her separately. I'll save myself the extra trips to your Rooms."

"Is that okay with you, Robin" Law asked as the ball within his palm began to expand.

"Sure." Robin answered in the calmest tone she could muster. She was normally quite hard to shake up. But she had learned the hard way that demons do everything on a grander, more dangerous scale than humans. And she was quite wary of what ever could make the energetic flame-throwing demon look subdued for once.

"Alright," Law held out his palm to Robin. The ball had now grown to be as large as a basketball. "Just put your hand in it, and brace yourself." Robin thought she saw a twisted sort of gleam in Law's eyes, like he was enjoying her discomfort. But that could have just been her imagination.

Tentatively, she slid her hand into the ball. Robin could do nothing besides bracing herself as everything in her vision swerved out of focus with ridiculous speed, and endure the pain that felt like someone was trying to rip her hand off.

—To be continued—

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