So I bet I can guess what those of you who know me are thinking right now. Why the heck is this guy working on a new Digimon fic when he's already working on two other's? Truth is, I've hit massive writer's block on all of my fics sue to some...recent happenings in my life. I've had so much going on that I just can't think straight. I don't know where to go from here on out, but then I decided that I'd try some fresh work for awhile to help me get back into it.

And what better way to start off than with a spin-off from Tamer Arisa's Digimon Tamers series. If you haven't read that yet, I recommend you do. It's not so much as required, but it'll help explain a lot about her series to follow along with the spin-off.

Oh and, June 27th was my birthday, so I figured now would be the best time to start this off. Oh, and I've also left summaries of three other fresh fics that I'm hoping to inspire me again (Yes I know I'm a terrible person for doing that, but it's for a good reason). Check them out if your interested.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Digimon series of the Digimon Tamers series written by Tamer Arisa. That includes all of her characters, except for my OC's, which will be included as the fic progresses.

With that outta the way, I present to you: Digimon 7 Shadows!


In what looked liked an empty wasteland, a terrible battle had just ended. Lying on the ground, surrounded by nothing but fire for miles, were seven pairs of bodies, both human and Digimon. Most of them were either lying face up or face down, eyes closed and their muscles limped. The only two who were still conscious enough to fight, were a girl and her partner Digimon, the Demon Lord of Gluttony, Beelzemon, who was just barely supporting himself with a black katana.

The girl, Arisa Bunya, former leader of the Digimon Tamers, winner of the DRA tournament, current member of the Shadow Tamers, and the person responsible for giving the Demon Lords a second chance, was cradling one of her teammates, more specifically her leader, in her arms. Her long brown hair, which was normally in her signature twin-tail style, fell freely all over her face, but did nothing to cover her eyes, which were soaked with tears.

She heard footsteps approaching her and Beelzemon, and looked over at her partner. Although he was clearly in worse shape that Arisa, he would still continue to fight and protect her until his last breath, which might be coming sooner than he would have liked. Arisa looked over to where she heard the footsteps and upon seeing several people walking out of the fire and over her way, her eyes turned into a sharp glare.

"You! This is all your fault!" She shirked, pointing an accusing finger at the small group. "If you never got her involved, this never would have happened!"

The people amongst them remained silent as they all halted their movement. One of the members continued to stroll over, but spoke in a deep, but recognizable voice. "You silly girl, it was all the will of fate that any of these events have transpired." He spoke with no emotion, but sound as if he were taunting her.

"I don't understand! You were never the kind of person who would take away all of those lives, especially her's!"

The unknown figure merely chuckled, raising his right hand and revealing a sharp longsword hiding underneath his sleeve. "People change Arisa, and that is exactly why this world needs to disappear, with you along with it."

Beelzemon desperately used all of his willpower to try and stand, readying to charge at the enemy. "I won't let you harm one hair on Arisa, or I'm gonna-"

Before the former Demon Lord could finish his threat, he was blasted on his right by a dark beam of unholy energy. He screamed in agony from the force of the powerful attack, and in no time he too had fallen. The grip on his katana loosened enough for it to fall out of his grasp, but faded away into nothing as soon as it left.

"Beelzemon!" Arisa cried out for her partner. Now she was all alone, with no way of protecting herself from her assailant. For the first time in a long while, the brave Shadow Tamer showed an emotion that was very rare to find on her: Fear. She was truly afraid of what this man, who was once her friend, had become and what he had done.

The man was now two feet in front of her, and silently raised his sword, prepared to bring the brunette's life to an end.

Arisa closed her eyes tightly and held her leader's body tightly. 'Please…someone help us. Beelzemon, Akinari, grandmother!' The sword gleamed in the midst of the fire, giving an unspoken signal for the assailant to strike. He made a move to bring it down. With her last final breath, Arisa shouted: "SOMEONE HELP US!"

"STOP IT!" A young man shouted in his room. He sat up in his bed like a bullet, sweat dripping down his face. the young man, Shawn Blaze, and member of the Tamers, had a fearful look in his eyes. He noticed that his hand was outstretched to whatever he was trying to reach, and pulled it back.

"Wha-what was that?" Shawn asked himself. He looked over to his alarm clock and saw it was 3:12 A.M. He sighed at how early he had woken up at. His gaze shifted over to the other side of his room, where his partner Coronamon was sleeping peacefully in a hammock, unperturbed by his partner's sudden awakening. The little lion like Digimon had a night cap on his head, which somehow did not burn off of him, and was happily mumbling something to himself about his Coronamon Surprise dish. The brown haired Tamer just shook his head and smiled lightly at his sleeping form, momentarily forgetting about the dream.

Hearing a noise outside of his room, Shawn got up and removed the curtains that gave him his privacy at night. He saw that it was raining outside, and that the loud noise must have came from some thunder.

Seeing this put Shawn in a relatively clam mood, but it was not meant to last as he thought out loud what was on his mind. "That dream I had, it felt so real, yet it didn't. Why did I have a dream involving the Shadow Tamers? It's not like I'm best friends with them and constantly stay in touch. The only people I really know in the group are Arisa, Akari, and Zia." He rubbed the back of his head in thought and looked up at the sky in thought. And just what on earth happened there? Were the Shadow that can't be! Their partners were still there, so they couldn't have died! But then..." His thought trailed off as Shawn looked up at the dark sky. "I'm sure it was probably nothing to worry about. Might have ben the result o something I ate. I did try Coronamon's "Hot Digitity Dig" dish, and I'm still feeling queasy."

Shawn's memory from yesterday when Coronamon made him try a new recipe he was trying out and laughed at the pained reaction he had. His laughter died down though, and he stared out at the rain for a few minutes, lost in thought. "This rain sure is coming down hard. Now that I think about it, it was raining on that day too." He said forlornly. Instinctively he grabbed his left arm and flashed backed to several years ago, where his life had drastically changed.

He remembered an ambulance, a bunch of peopled crowed around it, and a young Shawn staring at the scene in shock, tears rapidly falling down his eyes. The next scene he remembered involved him grasping a person in a stretcher's hand, before being taken inside the ambulance and leaving him with a gold necklace.

Back in the present, Shawn shock his had to rid himself of those thoughts. "That was the only memory from back then that I still remember, so why can't I remember what happened before or after it?" He questioned himself, looking down at the necklace he wore to ebd and then down to his sleeve. "Whatever, that's all in the past now, and i can't dwell on it forever." He let go of his arm and returned back to his bed. "But I still wonder what that dream was all about. Could it have something to do with Arisa's group?" He yawned as he drifted back into slumberland.

Shawn: Shawn here, and next time, the Tamer's have a new mission to track down a thief who has been stealing Digivice parts and blueprints. But when I realize that the thief is an old face from the past, I just had to go at it alone and stop her. Just what is her motive for doing all of this? The answer will shock you next time.

I just want to apologize to Tamer Arisa if I made her character looked too vulnerable, but I'll more that make up for that in her next appearance.

The first few chapters will be told from Shawn's perspective, then we'll move on towards the new main character.

Don't have much else to say, except that with any luck I'll have frequent updates for this knowing my luck, that may not be very possible, but I'll try.