To start, I own no part of Twilight. Haven't, don't and won't. This is just a crazy little idea I had; a what if.

This has probably been done before. I hope not, but I honestly don't venture into the AU world very much. I mostly go with the All-human route.

This starts after Edward left in New Moon. After Bella's friendship with Jake really starts. Sort of a retelling of Chapter 10. It was a very random thought I had one day. Why didn't Alice see the meadow? And what kind of story would we know if they wolves were just a beat later?

And so my mind took off. I decided to actually write it down and share it.

Short chapters. All are planned to be Edward. Hopefully updated regularly. I don't expect this to be a long story and I don't see myself going further than the 'what if.' But I guess we'll see.

If this isn't your kind of thing or you don't like where it's going; I understand. I just couldn't hold it in any longer.

And in case anyone wonders:

"This text style will be thoughts."

"This is like normal."

I tried to keep them sorted, but some may slip by. I'm done talking now.

The Bloody Path

Chapter 1

"This is really happening. No, stay strong. You can do this."

The metal zipper clicked slowly. The girl's necklace rattled softly with her shaken breath.

Not that either of them could hear it. No, they're too preoccupied with their own loud thoughts.

"So soft, so soft. Keep it together."

Keep it together. I wanted to laugh. I didn't have to have my sister's ability to know that will not happen. His thoughts have been loud and obscene since they first stepped foot in this hotel. He was too focused on himself to have the possibility of 'keeping it together' enough for her enjoyment.

Sure enough, it was over a few short minutes later. His thoughts were a mess of amazement and excitement to do it again. She tried to keep her thoughts off of her disappointment, but failed. She spent most of their remaining time wondering if it would have been better with another boy from school. Almost simultaneously, his thoughts turned to what it would be like with another girl.

They really were quite a match. I would have laughed if it had been at all possible. For some time now, don't ask me how long exactly, I have seemed unable to even manage a small smile.

For the first time in all my added years, I wished I could sleep.

Before I could easily find something to do. I could run. I could read. I could even go out and watch the people, - the humans, - and pretend I wasn't so different from them.

But recently I was faced with the hard truth. I am not human. I can not pretend to be. My adopted father's idea of interacting with them, has only made us stand out further.

I wish I could sleep, so I could dream. I wish I could dream, so I could dream of her.

And like it always does, my still heart cracks and loses another piece.

I will live as long as I know she's alive. When her final day comes, I figure roughly seventy to eighty years from now, it will be my last as well. I wish I could say I would follow her, but I know my soul is too far gone for that hope.

For now I will pretend. I will close my eyes like I am asleep, I will remember the only good moments of my too long life, and wait for the time to pass.

I consider lying here until the hotel management becomes worried and comes up to my room, only to find a still, cold body.

The death of Edward Cullen.

Maybe I could convince Carlisle to let them bury me. To lay in darkness and silence, in the place I should have been long ago.

My phone began to ring across the room; Alice's ring-tone. I didn't bother to get up and answer it. I figured with her timing, it was to only tell me my idea wouldn't work. I decided against it and the ringing stopped.

Alice is against all of my self destructing ideas. Actually, all of the Cullens have been against me lately. When we first left, I tried to stay with them. But since they were all able to leave with the love of their... existence, it quickly became uncomfortable. I had to leave before I began to hate them.

Or worse... before I went back to Forks.

And so my days pass; who knows where, for who knows how long. None of it matters anyway.

I listened to my phone beep until the battery finally gave out some time ago. I heard people come and go. I listened to the thoughts of housekeeping as they wondered why this room remained booked, but never needed anything. One even vowed to mention it to her boss if she didn't see any sign of life by tomorrow.

Whenever tomorrow was. It could be now, it could have been days ago. Nevertheless, no one ever stopped by. And so time passed.

The sun would rise and the sun would set; I lost count of how many times.

I was content to remain; to not be disturbed or be disturbing. It was my decision.

That was my first mistake.

I heard her singing in her mind, long before she reached my door. She knocked lightly, but only to be polite. I may be the fastest in the family, but Alice was still fast enough to activate a key without a human knowing it.

I opened my eyes and walked to the door at a slow pace. Alice, of course, knew what I was doing.

"Open up, Edward," she said in her thoughts. "You can't hide forever."

"I already know I can't." I opened the door to reveal her smiling face. It was almost enough for me to smile back. "Your phone call the other day proved that."

Her smile dropped and the sadness in her eyes, that I did not notice at first, became more pronounced.

"That was almost two weeks ago," she said sadly.

That would explain her visit. My phone must have died shortly after that. Alice knows better than anyone, there are ways around her visions. I suppose it wouldn't be too hard... I stopped that thought. I was next to deciding.

But Alice's thoughts never turned towards that possibility. She continued to sing in her head.


"Yes?" The singing never stopped, but a few broken sentences were added to the mix.

"A,B,C,D,E,F,G... he will be so... H,I,J,K,L,... I can't keep it from... M,N,O,P,Q,R... if only I could see-"

"Alice!" I yelled. "What are you hiding?"

Her mind went silent as she carefully chose her words.

"There's something you need to know."