Swan Lakes Ranch by JRFaab

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Summary: When Edward's faith is continuously tested, will a move to a ranch in Texas help restore his belief in love once again? Will a little girl who has had to overcome many obstacles, bring two broken hearts together?

Author's Note: I would not have gotten this far without the support and encouragement of drotuno, the patience and continued support of my wonderful Beta JustJo94 (Jolene) and my eager and honest pre readers Pamela and Dana (Dee). You ladies know who you are and I am so grateful for your insight.

Bella - 33

Cassie - 6

Edward - 33

Emmett and Rosalie - 35

Jasper - 31

Alice - 29

Carlisle - 62

Esme - 60

Billy and Sarah -62

Prologue: I Need a Prayer


Present day January, 2013

Seattle, Washington

"In a statement released yesterday evening by the Denali legal team, Mayor Eleazar Denali insisted that his daughter, Tanya Denali is innocent of any wrongdoing. He further claims that the Cullen family was only looking to ride the 'Denali coattails'; wanting the money and power that being associated with his family can offer. It is alleged that his daughter caught her ex-fiancé, Edward Cullen, cheating on her. When confronted, he threatened to slander her in the media. The charges against Tanya Denali of embezzlement, extortion and fraud have been dismissed through the courts."

This whole situation is a mess. There are many articles like this that continue to slander my family, even though we have not done anything wrong.

How could the court system be so unbalanced and corrupt that they wouldn't even hear all the evidence?

I always try to be supportive and let my children make their own decisions, but this has gone too far. It is now affecting the whole family. As the patriarch, it is my responsibility to shield and protect those that I love and I can't do it. I cannot fight the courts and the media. I am so ashamed of what my life has become.

Esme is already in bed; too upset to even eat dinner. Edward is upstairs in his old bedroom and refuses to come out since the court hearing yesterday. He took it the worst when all charges against that conniving bitch were dismissed.

I would be naive to think that having her father as the Mayor didn't have anything to do with her being cleared of any wrongdoing. Hell, there was even a picture of the Mayor himself playing golf at a fundraiser with the judge presiding over the case just last week. My family is being ostracized all over Seattle and Edward is devastated and blaming himself.

What can I do to protect my family? I think to myself as I set today's copy of the Washington Post aside to check my email.

An email from Isabella Swan catches my eye as I scrolled through all the crap email I have been receiving lately. As I read the email from my late friend's daughter, my heart breaks. I prayed for her daily, knowing she is dealing with so much on her own.

Not only did she lose her father, but a few years prior to that she lost her husband as well. In addition to that, she has a special needs daughter to raise on her own, plus the stress of carrying on the Swan Family legacy on top of that. This has to be too much on her. After recently hearing from Billy, I think about how he mentioned that they need additional help on the ranch.

Huh. It cannot be that easy, can it?

Not many thirty-three year olds can handle what she has been doing on her own. Maybe this is God's answer to the problem my family is having.

I need to sleep on this and discuss it with the family tomorrow; I think to myself as I turn off the computer and head for bed.

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