Authors Note: An OC Summoner is introduced, but I will try and keep the OC's to a minimum

Ezreal storms through the institute, opening and slamming the mahogany doors checking rooms and checking the popular places for summoners to relax. While walking down the corridor Ezreal spots Fizz hopping along with a smile on his face.

"Hey, uh Fizz?"

"Helloooo!" Fizz replies with glee

"Have you seen summoner Otis around?" Ezreal asks

Ezreal watches Fizz playfully juggle and swing around his trident as he thinks. Many times has Ezreal felt that trident pierce his flesh and destroy his bones often ending with Ezreal's demise.

"Oh! He is at the dining hall!" Fizz says as he dances around

"Thanks" Ezreal says as they part ways

Ezreal paces towards the dining hall, up several stairs carefully carved out of marble. And through many halls that have been decorated with trophies and awards. Eventually he reaches a huge double door. The ornate door had a cream coloured trim with lions carved into the mahogany.

He pushes the doors open; revealing a huge hall with the same lion carvings, several tables with an array of summoners and champions, cutting down the middle of the hall is a line of brilliant chandeliers which lit up the room in a warm yellow light.

Ezreal looks around, hoping to spot Otis. Ezreal walks further into the hall, he walks past the table where Ahri sat. She often has a table where she sits with summoners, all hoping that they had a chance with her.

Ahri enjoys the attention and often hints that she 'likes' the summoners.

"Ahri! Please try these cookies I baked for you!" One summoner cries out.

Ahri giggles "That's so sweet, thank you" She says before taking one cookie out of the summoner's hand.

Ezreal rolls his eyes and keeps on walking, he eventually spots Otis towards the back of the hall talking with Ziggs about why keeping a stockpile of gun powder and bombs in his room is not safe for the other champions.

Otis wore his normal attire, unlike the other summoners who would wear purple robes with a trim that represented their tier, Otis wore a yellow robe with a black trim due to his position as the gold tier coordinator. They stop the conversation once Otis spots Ezreal walking his way.

"Ahh well if it isn't the prodigal explorer?" Otis says with open arms "What can I do for you today?"

"We need to talk about my last game" Ezreal says sternly

"We will talk later Ziggs" Otis calls out as he walks with Ezreal out of the hallway.

"So Ezreal have you had lunch yet? Apparently the seafood being served today is imported straight from Bilgewater, it must be traumatizing for Nami though, seeing all her fellow sea dwellers served on a dish in front of her, haha"

"Why did you have to summon me? I was nearly done, there is no way I can go back and get the sword again" Ezreal says with a slight angry tone in his voice.

"Sorry Ezreal, rules are rules, I told you that we would give you two weeks to find that thing before we start summoning you again" Otis said in a solemn voice.

"Anyway it is not the end of the world Ezreal, lighten up" Otis chuckles

"By the way, our newsletter's content is a bit dry at the moment, and there is a rumour about you and lux, would you care to answer some questions?" Otis says with a sly smile

"No thanks"

"Aw come on now" Otis pleads "It will only take a few minutes of your time"

"Fine, what are the questions?" Ezreal replies

"Right here we go." Otis says as he pulls out a piece of paper

"Is there any feelings between you and lux?"

"Not that I know of"

Otis huffs "Any one night stands between you and Lux?" Otis says while giving a slight wink to Ezreal


"Hmmm maybe I am asking you the wrong questions. Is there someone in the league that you have special feelings for?" Asks Otis


"There has to be someone Ezreal. There are plenty of beautiful women here in the league." Otis exclaims "Is it Miss Fortune?"


"The stunning sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn?"


Otis cracks a small smile "Or maybe it is your favourite laning partner Sona?"

Ezreal's face starts turning a slight tinge of red "N-No"

"Oh I see" Says Otis mischievously "This is quite a good lead"

"Are we done now?"

"Yes we are done."

Ezreal walks back into the dining hall and walks over to the buffet, he picks up a plate and begins to put food onto his plate. Once he had enough food on his plate he walks over to the tables. Each table usually has a group associated with it, the larger tables are taken up by the Demancians and the Noxians, while the smaller tables go to the smaller groups.

Normally Ezreal would sit with Nasus and talk about Shurima Desert, but today Nasus is sitting with the "anti-human" group, with Kha' zix, Nocturne, Chogath and several other champions, Ezreal kept walking. Ezreal felt a soft tap on his shoulder.

"Yes?" Ezreal asks as he turns around.

He turns to see Sona, holding a plate of food. She points at an empty table which had two seats. They walk over to the table and sit down.

"Why aren't you eating with the other female champions?" Ezreal asks before digging into his food.

She makes signs with her hands, explaining to Ezreal that even though she sits with them, she never really feels included and that he is the only one who can understand her sign language.

Sona makes more hand signals.

"Close my eyes?" Ezreal asks "Well okay then"

Upon closing his eyes he hears a purging sound, not from the outside, but from within.

"Can you hear me Ezreal?" Asks a voice "It is me, Sona"

Ezreal immediately opens his eyes.

"Sona, what was that just now?"

"I am using telepathy" says the voice inside my head "I was given this ability by the summoners so they could communicate with me, but it only works within the institute"

"Why haven't you used this when talking to other champions then?"

"I am only supposed to use this for summoners only, but I made you an exception Ezreal"

"I feel honoured, thank you"

Sona reaches across the table and brushes Ezreals hair away from his face.

"Sorry I couldn't see your face properly."

They both slightly blush. In the corner of his eye Ezreal spots Otis, giving him a thumbs up, Ezreal decides to just ignore him.

Ezreal stretches his arms and yawns, looking up at the clock to check what time it is. Eleven pm he thinks to himself I should probably go to sleep so I am awake for training tomorrow. Ezreal slowly walks up the stairs to the champion's rooms, he walks down the corridor and stops at room number eighty one, in between Gragas and Poppy's rooms. He opens the door and lays down on his bed, staring at the ceiling, until he falls asleep.