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Aizen slowly walked around the room as placed one hand at his back and the other his stomach. He smiled as he thought about the baby would be here any day. He slowly walked to the kitchen to fix some tea when he heard Masumi laughing. He knew that Urahara was the only one who could make him laugh that loud. He smiled as he poured the tea in his cup.

He was sipping his tea when he started to think about his last conversation with Yumichika.

He has learned that War had come to him. He had taken possession of Ikkaku's body. Yumichika had told Sosuke that he was so into the 'family thing' and that Conquest was coming to see him. He placed his hand over his stomach. He knew that Conquest would come to see the birth of this child.

Aizen closed his eyes as he rolled his neck to wake himself more. He opened his eyes to reveal the black eyes of Samuel. He inhaled deeply as he felt Conquest was near. He knows that he would probably be in touch with him soon.

"Poppa, Poppa," Masumi yelled as he came in to the kitchen.

Aizen quickly changed his eyes as his son wanted to hug him. Masumi hugged his leg because he knew because his Poppa could not pick him up. Masumi got a stool and stood on it. He leaped and jump into his Poppa's arms. Aizen caught him and gave him the biggest hug he could muster. He planted a kiss on his cheek and told him to get ready for his lesson with Yoruichi.

He jumped out of his Poppa arms and ran out of the kitchen. He passed Urahara at the door and said, only in voice that Urahara and Aizen could hear, "Bye Conquest."

Aizen eyes went immediately to black as he turned to see Urahara standing in the door watching his son run down the hall. He then turned to Aizen. His black eyes danced as he came to Aizen and nervously placed his hands on his stomach.

"This is want you call pregnancy. I'm glad I made it in time."

"Welcome home, Conquest," as they both kissed each other.

Conquest picked up Aizen and carried him to their room. Once in the bed, the two resumed kissing and hugging each other.

"Let me guess, you knew I was coming." Conquest said as stroked his loves hair.

Aizen eyes were eyes were black as he spoke to Conquest. "Gabriel told me War was here. He told me that you were through with your part and that he was up next."

Conquest placed his hand under Samuel's chin and kissed him. "Who says that I am through? I may just want to come and see you." He leaned in and kissed him. "So, when is this baby coming into this world?"

"Any day," Samuel smiled as he placed his hand on top of Conquest.

"That one called, Masumi," Conquest said, "he is amazing. I really like the idea of us having another child."

"Another child?" Samuel started to think how Masumi recognized Conquest. "How did he . . ."

"An angel can recognize his father. So, if you are the one who gave him life, I am the one who is suppose to help train him." He kissed Samuel.

"Why? I don't understand. You mean that Masumi is . . . ." Samuel said as a pain went through him.

"It's time. I will bring this child into this world." Conquest said as he held Samuel's hand and rubbed his back to relieve the pain. "I have never assisted in any births. Conquest does not only mean military conquest, it could mean other things like survival conquest. Now, this body I chose knows how to do a lot of things. And bringing a new life into this world this way, he knows. Besides, War was right, I like this type of things. It will be a while before it is time. I know that you want to call your brothers. I can take all of them being here; even Abaddon.

Samuel smiled as he looked at Conquest. "Now tell me how was Masumi able to see you as Conquest?"

Conquest sighed as he placed an arm around Samuel.

"Tell me the truth. I know that it is more to this than you just showing up. Usually you and War work together before you are through. War has not even started and you are here with me. What is going on?"

Conquest spoke but tried to keep Samuel calm before another contraction happened. "A small army of fallen angels are looking for the four of you. Remember, the four of you are the powerful ones. You have the final say in any world. My brothers and I are just are here to help you guys. They talked to us trying to get us to come to their side but we said no. They almost convinced my brother Death to come with him but we got him away.

"The children you have are a part of you. When all of you had children, not only were we watching, that small army was watching also. The children that you are having are death angels also. But they will be tied to this world. When you leave, they cannot go with us.

"Now, you and your brothers have been given the task of rearing and teaching these children on how to use the powers of death. My brothers and I can delay our part but we can't stop it. Masumi is safe because he is older than a year. The others are coming of age. That is why War came to protect the baby Gabriel had and Famine will protect Michael and I am here for this child and Masumi."

"Death? Is he coming?" Samuel asked as another contraction started. It was worse than the one before. As it eased, Samuel asked the question again.

"I hope so. Famine was the last one to speak with him. He stated that he may have to drag him with him but he will be coming. Let's hope he and Abaddon can work out their problems." Conquest said as he felt Samuel's brother coming. "I think it is about time for this one to come. Let us prepare."