i think the little kid in me has a thing for snow sculptures. Cups Full of Wishes had some, and now this... which, for those of you i confused yesterday, Charlie (and his presence at the wedding) is made of snow. like everything else in yesterday's chapter was. you know, just in case it was all confusing. while being (so i was honored to be told) touching.

now, on with the wedding noise...


"Thank you" i whisper softly

to the beautiful man in front of me

with his beautiful heart

and his beautiful virtue

and his beautiful soul

and also to the one beside me

who hands me over to him

so that he can give them all to me

those beautiful things and more



and neither of them say anything back to me

but simply smile at me


so that the next chapter–a beautiful one i have no doubt–of my life can begin

be written

and told

"We are gathered here today…"

one that i struggle to focus on the sound of

because i just want to live it

and because the sound i hear isn't my favorite one

something that the owner of knows

and shares that knowledge of with me as he grabs my hand

and squeezes it


in a gesture of love

and with a plea perhaps

for his love–ME–to be patient

because it's coming

everything i want

i'll get it

if i can just hold on

so hold on i do

to him

until it's time to say

that will be soon now i think

because "I, Edward, take you, Bella, to be my eternal bride. To love and to treasure and to cherish for all time. Through darkness and light, fortune and plight, fullness or thirst… I'll be by your side. Never in front of you, unless to protect. And never out of your sight unless ordered… and never for long even if… because stupid or not–I'll aim for not, always, I promise–you'll ALWAYS hear me. And see me. And know that you are the reason for. My reason for being. My reason for everything… because without you, nothing is all I would be."

and "You'll never be that," i say

and "Never in forever…"

because he never could

and because "Because I, Bella, want to be. EVERYTHING for you… and to… the man I take for my eternal husband. To love and to treasure and to cherish for all time. Through darkness and light, fortune and plight, fullness or thirst… and NOISE… because silence I'll never want from you… or take… and would certainly never order. Or you out of my sight. Which, believe me, would cause you a PLIGHT you can't imagine and never want to…"

and never will

i trust

and believe in

so "So, I do, Edward. Want to be with you forever. Loved by and treasured by and cherished by. Whether you're ever stupid or not. And despite the fact that you ever were... when you thought you could make yourself nothing to me. Something that you could–will–never, EVER be."

and isn't now

as he in his everything glory slips another beautiful ring on my finger

with another beautiful smile on his beautiful face

and then holds his beautiful hand out to me

so that i can do the same

give him something too

something important to him

and symbolic

and beautiful...

"You may now kiss your bride."

and something that in more than a hundred years

he only ever wanted to give to me


her brain was stuck again... this time on beautiful... but no one minded this time, did they? xo