~ Epilogue ~

Everything in life had seemed to fall into place, Eadward's mother would never return, we had all hoped that she had learned her lesson and that she knew that she was to never return.

All my nine months had all came and gone and now we were just waiting for the babe to make their arrival. For a whole month now I have been on bed rest. A pregnant women is not allowed to roam anywhere in the last mouth of their pregnancy.

It has been quiet boring stuck in this room, Eadward tried to keep as much company as possible, but being the man of the house he had responsibilities. There have a few of the men ask him if he were to go on a raid soon, but much to my happiness he has told that he is to never raid again.

Eadward was in the room with me now talking to my belly. 'Come on little babe, we want to come out now' he spoke in this little cooing voice. I laughed and said 'Edward the babe will come out when it wants to come out' I stroke my belly lovingly and sighed.

As I signed a sharp shooting pain went up my back and caused me to gasp. Eadward looked up at me with concern 'Are you okay' his voice low.

'Yes, just had a little pain, Tis fine' I reassured.

But it was not long until the little pain was a bigger pain, pain that made me curl forward and gasp air. Eadward must have realised what was happening as he ran out the room shouting for the midwives to come.

Two women burst through the door and quickly got to work they lay me flat on the bed and lifted my kirtle to my waist, the other midwives quickly got linen sheets and hot water.

Eadward came by my side and took my hand, which surprised both me and the midwives, the husband was not supposed to watch the birth of their child. But it had made me happy that he was here to watch this and to stand by me.

Pain coursed through me again making me gasp and bite my lip, this was when midwife told me that I could push.

After what felt hours I pushed the babe out, I collapsed on the bed and heard the most wonderful sound fill the room. My beautiful babes cry. The cry of life.

I laughed at the sound and turned to kiss Eadward cheek. Eadward had a look on his face, it was hard to explain almost like wonder but also happiness. He turned to look at me.

'How on this earth do women do that, it's a miracle' he smiled and kissed me on my lips.

The midwife brought the now clean babe over to us and placed it on my chest. 'A son, my chieftain' she told Eadward. A son.

'What would you like to call him Eadward' I asked, while caressing the babes face.

'Dusty, it means the strength of thors stone'

I smiled and kissed Dusty's head 'Perfect'

And it was, that was how my life was, everything was perfect, and I wound expect that everything should be perfect from on to forever.

~ The end ~


Thank you everyone how has supported this story, and thank you everyone how has read until the end. Sorry for the long wait for this last chapter, trying to get into university is harder then it sounds.