haha what I totally remember this story and I love it so much and I have a whole notepage full of prompts and which couple it belongs with trust me I fell in love with this story idea as soon as I had it I just got busy. But then I was rewatching the TT series and I was like feels and ideas so here you are lovelies.

"Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. JINX!" Gizmo called. Still, he got no answer. Becoming frustrated, he ran around Headquarters, looking for the pink haired girl.

"Billy," he said to the red clothed thing on the couch. "Where's Jinx?"

"I dunno. How should I know?" Billy replied in his drawl. Multiplying, he said to himself, "gee Billy, do you know where our Jinx coulda gone?"

"No way, Billy!" Gizmo facepalmed himself. Could these two get any more useless?

"Well split up and find her, ya crudmunchers!" Gizmo yelled, walking up to the two.

"Why do ya need that girl anyway?" Billy asked, resting his feet on the coffee table. Multiplying again, he had the two copies converse.

"Exactly, Billy. She's always bossin' us around like she runs the place."

"That was what I was gonna say, Billy!" The two of them started their odd chuckle thing between each other.

"I need her for- agh! Never mind! You two are hopeless," he announced. Spinning on his heel, he turned and left.

Gizmo knew about Kid Flash. He knew that Jinx loved Kid Flash, and he loved her. Though the thought of all this lovey-dovey stuff made Gizmo want to hurl, he cared enough for Jinx to tell her that the snotbrained Titan was making it a little too obvious.

Not like those idiots could ever take a hint, Gizmo thought to himself as he walked down the sidewalk. It was around noon, and the nearby park was showered in light. Making his was across the street, he climbed up the stairs of the playground and sat in the entrance of the slide.

"Why should I make an effort for her?" he asked himself. "She's a bossy, mean jerk." Gizmo knew why he was doing what he was doing, though. Jinx had been the first person to be nice to her at the Hive, back before he scared everyone in to liking him. Even Mammoth had picked on him until Jinx had shown up and told him to knock it off. She was like his sister, as much as he hated to admit it.

"Uh, mister, are you gonna go down the slide or what?" Gizmo jumped and turned to see a little blond girl standing behind him. Frowning, he growled for her to go away.

"Well, ya see, I can't do that. Because I came all the way here to go down the slide! And if I can't do that, I'm gonna have to take you to jail, ya lint licker!" The girl stomped her foot down and gave a persistent huff as if to say she wouldn't be ignored.

"Oh yeah? And just who do you think you are, garbage eater? A Teen Titan?" Gizmo snickered. Looking up, he saw the girl had blond pigtails and a... pink cape?

Gizmo burst out laughing. "What, do you think the cape will suddenly make you a hero?" Laughing harder still, Gizmo turned sideways in the small space of the slide entrance so he could laugh easier. The girl huffed again.

"Yes, I am a Titan!" she announced. "My name is Melvin, and who are you?" Gizmo froze.

"Wait, as in one of Raven's kids?" Melvin beamed.

"Yep! Now, show me your face or I'll make you, you guck eater!"

"I think I'll just be going down the slide now. See ya later, crudfa- wagh!" he cried. He had started to push himself down the slide when Melvin grabbed his googles and pulled him back up.

"No! Who are you?" Pulling him up in to the bright light, she looked in to his face. She gasped.

"A villain! You're Gizmo, of the H.I.V.E. Five, right? The one group of idiots who actually have six people in their group?" Gizmo blushed and looked down. He had told See-More it was a stupid name.

"Yeah, so what? Aren't ya gonna take me to jail, garbage head?" Melvin frowned.

"Actually, no, tweedle dumb, I'm not!" Gizmo stopped.

"Wait, why not?"

"Well, I haven't actually seen you doing anything wrong, so I can't do that. I just like to sound tuff," Melvin grinned. Gizmo smiled too.

"Ooh! I know! If you're not doing anything bad right now, why don't you do something good?" Gizmo's smile melted off his face.

"Yeah right. Like what? I'm a bad guy." Gizmo said, turning to look at the sky.

"Well, you don't have to be a bad guy all the time, right?" Melvin asked. "Couldn't you not be a bad guy for one game of tag?" Gizmo looked at her, surprised.

"Tag? You want to play tag? With me?" he hadn't played tag... well, he wasn't sure if he had or hadn't ever played tag.

"Sure! Why not? Everyone needs a friend to play tag with!" she made a sudden movement, then she was off. "Tag, you're it!" Gizmo didn't need more than that. He chased her over the bridge, down the stairs, across the monkey bars, until she was cornered by the rockwall. He walked up to her and poked her shoulder.

"You're it!" he took off running, hearing her footsteps behind her on the woodchips. This went on for another hour or so, until Gizmo was it again.

"Wait! I'm hungry." he sat on the steps, and she sat next to him. Gizmo blushed.

"Okay, well, we could all go home for food, right?"

"Yeah," he said, a little sad. Melvin was one friend he would probably never see again.

"Alright! Oh, also, I've been giving these out to everyone I see today." she slipped him a piece of paper. He opened it.

Happy Valentine's Day! it read in messy script. Love, the Teen Titans.

"It's not Valentine's Day," he said, confused.

"Of course it is, silly. Why else would I be giving you a Valentine?" Smiling, she stood up, kissed him on the head and turned away. Gizmo felt his cheeks ignite.

"I'll see you later! We can meet here next week for Hide and Seek!" she gave him one last smile, and walked away, a faint blush visible on her cheeks.

When Gizmo had gotten home, he went to his room and tacked the Valentine to the wall before eating anything.