Takuya and the Crest of Miracles

Chapter 1: Gennai's call

"Hello children."

"Gennai!" all the digidestined cried as they looked at Izzy's laptop. "What's up?" Davis asked. "You want the good news or the bad news first?" "Let's hear the bad news first. I don't want to be depressed." Said Joe. "The bad news is, Daemon's back." "WHAT!" "Just as I said, but he has brought with him new and old enemies. He is after the digidestined of miracles." "What, you mean Davis?" Yolei asked. "No. The original child of miracles is in danger. He or she is in danger from Daemon. Daemon is trying to bring back an old enemy using the child of miracles' power. But don't worry. The good news is they live nearby, somewhere in Shibuya. I'm giving to you the digimon partner that belongs to the child of miracles. Also you must look for the legendary warriors. Please you must hurry!" Then the computer screen went blank. "Well gang, we know what to do." Tai said. "Yeah, find the child of miracles." Sora said. "Let's do it!" everyone shouted.