The moonlight reflected across the water as the young, beautiful kittypet looked at it. It made her think of her long lost littermates, her housefolk that abandoned her. She missed them all dearly. However, the starry cat who had visited her in her dream last night gave her hope. A grey tabby who called himself Jayfeather had told her that she would soon have to join a "group of cats called ThunderClan." She honestly didn't know what this meant.

Earlier that day she had encountered a group of cats at a horseplace. They drove her off quickly, until she found a moor. Once again, she had encountered a group of cats who drove her away, right into a foresty area. As of now, she had no idea what to do but move on. Soon, she would find a home, cats that cared about her, and perhaps a mate. She had hope for the future.