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Chapter One

Raven sat down with a sigh, exhausted from the previous year and a half. It was then when Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg approached her.

"Raven," Robin started, "we know something's up. You disappear for almost a year, then for a little over half of a year you're staying in your room more than usual. What's up?"

"Why do you need to know?" Raven retaliated, trying to keep her secret to herself.

"Friend Raven, we just want to know if something has been going the on with - with Trigon (A/N: Hey, that rhymes!)."

Raven was very close to sighing with relief when she heard that. Something completely unrelated to her true trauma. "No, it has nothing to do with him."

"What about Beast Boy?" Cyborg questioned cryptically. The said changeling had just walked in. Both froze for a millisecond, then Beast Boy cleared his throat loudly.

"Am I missing something important? You're all gathered and stuff."

"We were just concerned about Raven. She was gone for almost a year," Robin explained.

"Why wasn't I invited?" the green twenty-three year-old complained.

"Ya didn't seem all that worried when she was gone," Cyborg replied. Beast Boy gave a panicked glance towards Raven, his eyes begging for help.

"Who's in the mood for pizza?" Raven deadpanned.

"I am! Why don't we go out for pizza, guys?" BB questioned with a nervous laugh.

Robin's eyes narrowed under his mask. "You two are hiding something, and whatever it is, it isn't going to help with the team."

"Robin, I know you want to know what's going on, but - "

" - it's none of your business," Beast Boy interrupted. Robin stalked off with Cyborg right behind him while Starfire drifted awkwardly to the side, unnoticed by the empath and the changeling.

When Raven was sure the two boys were out of hearing range, she whispered, "Idiot! Now he'll search harder!"

"You are saying that there is something that you wish to hide from us?" The two looked over to a teary-eyed Tameranian. "We are a team. No, we are family. Why do you wish to hide things from your family? We have stuck together for over eight years before Raven left. Please, do not hide things from us."

"Wisdom was right. It is hard keeping this from them," Raven murmured, almost to herself.

"Should we really keep her a secret?" Beast Boy wondered guiltily.

Raven nodded, "Yes. I - "

"Her? Who are you keeping from our knowledge? Is it Terra? Perhaps it is something to do with the East Titans?"

"Uh... no, Star, Nothing to do with anyone you know," Beast Boy half lied, knowing it involved both himself and Raven.

"Then who might it be?"

"Graciela," responded Beast Boy with a defeated sigh.

"Beast Boy!" exclaimed a now mildly-pissed off Raven. "You shouldn't - " Raven stopped in the middle of her sentence. "Something isn't right. You, come with me," Raven told him, leaving a confused yet determined Starfire behind.

" - then Beast Boy had said 'Graciela'. Raven protested, and was about to indulge in the out-chewing of him, she stopped. She left taking him with her to the place that she was going, but she only went into her room."

"Thanks Star. We'll tell you what we find out." Robin thanked, nearly as obsessed as he used to be with Slade.

"Hey Star?" Cyborg called.

"Yes, Cyborg?"

"Can you keep an eye on 'em? See if they discuss more about Graciela, ya know." Starfire nodded and went to her room to play with Silkie, semi-guilty of what she had just done.

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