I know it's sad, but this really is the last chapter. But... it never ends. When I read stories, and they end with a 'happily ever after', I think of all the problems that they'd have because of it. So, as long as you tell me, you're welcome to write more. I'd love to read them.

The next day at breakfast, everyone was acting normal. Almost everyone, that is. Beast Boy looked nervous about something, while Raven just looked tired. She decided that, for the time being, it would be good to keep Graciela in her mind.

Eventually, Cyborg noticed BB's nervousness. "What is it, Grass Stain?" He kept the joking manner to make sure Starfire didn't get upset.

"Um... something." Cyborg was shocked at Beast Boy. Normally, if he were hiding something, he'd say nothing.

"And that is...?" Raven wondered, raising an eyebrow.

Beast Boy didn't have to look around to know that the others were paying rapt attention to him. "Um..."


"Everyone's okay with Graciela, right?" They all got the underlying meaning that he really meant.

"Yes, Beast Boy." Starfire answered. "We are okay with almost anything... as long as it is not criminal."

"Okay..." he knelt down on one knee, "Rae, do you... Uh, will you marry me?" He pulled a silver ring with a large amethyst in the center and smaller amethysts and emeralds alternating outward and proffered it to her.

For the second time in two days, Robin's and Cyborg's jaws hit the floor, and Starfire squealed. Raven's reaction surprised them all.

She ran to her room.

Without saying anything.

Beast Boy's ears drooped sadly. He looked down, not making a sound. When the others tried to comfort him, he rejected, "I want to be alone," and walked to the roof. Starfire flew to Raven's room faster than a lightning bolt.

She didn't bother knocking, and walked right in. The angry words on her lips and the green glow in her eyes faded when she saw Raven's room. Or what was left of it.

Almost everything was broken or torn and was flying about the room uncontrollably. "Why have you destroyed your possessions?" Starfire wondered.


"You do not wish to hurt anyone, so you have come in here, correct?" Raven nodded an affirmative, and the alien continued, "Yet you have made Beast Boy believe that you do not wish to wed him."

"That isn't what I meant."

Beast Boy heard something behind him and, thinking that it was Cyborg or Robin, he growled, "I said I wanted to be alone!"

"Yes." He was shocked at Raven's voice.

"Yes what?"

"You know what, Beast Boy!"

"I'm twenty-three, Rae. I should change that."

"To what?"

"I don't know."

"In the mean time, I'll just call you Gar."

"Sounds good to me."

Short? Yes. But halfway through, I decided that I will make a second story, so don't worry. You will have more.