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Merle found himself really hating prison life. Hell he'd done time before, he'd done years in a row, but this time prison was a special kind of hell. Not only was he surrounded by people who hated his fucking guts, but he was also being tortured each day by the vision of a small blonde. He tried not to look at her, CHRIST he tried, but there she was every fucking day in a pair of little ass shorts. Her hair pulled back showing off that beautiful long creamy neck and when she sang, FUCK IT ALL, when she sang he wanted to hold her. HOLD HER! What a fucking pussy thing to think about, but when she opened her mouth, he wanted to hold her and promise her that he would make it all alright. That he would find her a safe place where she could live and grow old and be happy. Problem was HE wanted to be the one that she grew old with.

The day that finally broke his resolve he was sitting in his cell just off the common room reading, when he heard her soft voice, "Merle?"

It was late and he knew no one was still up; he marked his page and looked up his breath catching in his throat. There she stood her hair a mess from sleep, a too big tee shirt covering her body and little flannel pj shorts that cling to her every curve. Merle didn't even have time to compose himself, "What're doin' up sugar?"

Beth shifted on her feet awkwardly, "I have to go to the bathroom and I saw your light on…..Rick said we have to go with someone…..I don't want to wake my dad…."

Merle cleared his throat, adjusting his hard on, trying to think of anything, his brother in a Speedo, anything to clear his fucking head, "Yeah, I'll take ya."

He stayed behind her as they walked toward the now working bathrooms. He sighed when she disappeared in to the small room. He leaned his head back against the wall, her little tight ass flashing in his mind's eye. He groaned a little feeling his cock twitch, he was fucking trying to keep himself in check but her parading around like that made it hard…..literally hard….SHIT.

Beth came out of the bathroom and watched him, she knew it was wrong being attracted to him, but she couldn't help it. She watched as he groaned her eyes traveling down the length of his body resting on his bulge in his pants. She felt a heat hit between her legs, he looked so big, it was almost scary how big he looked. She had felt Jimmy's through his jeans during a make out session but he was nowhere near as big as Merle looked. Before she even thought about what she was doing she cupped him through his cargo pants.

Merle felt something cup his erection, his eyes snapped open to see the sweet little angel staring up at him, her blue eyes staring into his. Merle was sure he fell and hit his head, that's what this was, he was laying somewhere out of his fucking mind. Because there was no way in hell that this little darling would ever fucking touch him.

Merle smiled down at her, "What'cha doin' there angel?"

Beth let a small smile spread across her face, "Just curious….is all." Her voice no more than a whisper, it made him shiver, damn sexy little thing and she wasn't even fucking trying.

Merle ran a finger down her face, to her neck, then between the valley of her breasts. Beth hissed out a breath, arching her back into his touch. Merle's voice was hoarse, "Why don't ya take a closer look angel?"

Beth shook her head, fear on her face. Merle just smiled, unbuttoning his pants and pulling his cock out for her to see. Beth watched in morbid fascination as his hard member stood at attention. Merle was vibrating at this point; it had been fucking forever since he had a woman's touch. He gently pulled on her wrist, guiding her to his cock. When her cold soft hand hit his hot throbbing soldier he hissed, a small drip of cum forming at the head. He watched her as he helped show her how to move her hand up and down the shaft. When he pulled his hand away she kept up the action, almost in a trance with the sensations of him under her hand. Merle leaned in his hand brushing at her long shimmery hair, "What are you doing to me little girl?"

Beth leaned into his hand; Merle pulled her close, their lips inches apart. Just as his lips brushed hers, her eyes went wide and she backed away releasing him. Beth felt a sob threatening in her throat, "I'm….sorry…..I don't…I'm sorry."

Merle huffed, "You can't just go touching a man and then walk away sugar!"

Merle pulled his painfully hard erection back into his pants. Beth let a tear slip from her eye she moved toward him, "I'm sorry….I'll finish…I'm sorry."

Merle huffed, walking away from her, "Let's go."

He walked in front of her, pissed off that he let himself get into this situation. He could hear her sniffling behind him. He stopped his heart feeling like it might rip from his chest; he put his hand on his hip and felt her walk right into his back. He turned around and stared down at her, since when did he give a fuck how a chic felt? He sighed, tilting her head up so he could wipe away her tears, "Now stop that." She flinched making him flinch; he wasn't trying to scare her, shit! "It's alright little one; I won't EVER make you do something you didn't want." He moved a little closer his hand going to her hip, smirking a little, "But tell me something, if ya weren't into old Merle then ya won't have touched me to begin with." His lips found hers, a soft chaste kiss, he felt her whimper and he smirked pulling away, she wanted him. He knew that, but she was just afraid. He could work with that, he chuckled, "Come on sugar best get back before your pa wakes up and sees ya missin'."

He watched her head into the cell block, her face flushed. He knew she had no idea what the hell she was doing, maybe tomorrow he would help her figure that out. But for now he needed to head into his cell and take care of the big problem pushing against his zipper.

-Winter Heat-

Beth stood outside Carol and Daryl's cell watching the older woman with Judith. She shifted back and forth on her feet. She needed to talk to Carol; she needed to sort out her feelings for Merle. Was she just attracted to the bad boy image he put out or did she really have feelings for him. She sighed stepping in giving the woman a little smile, "She seems happy today."

Carol smiled, bouncing Judith on her shoulder, "She is always a happy baby. We're very lucky she's like this. How are you today? Haven't seen much of you."

Beth sighed, sitting down next to her on the bunk, "Can I ask you a question?"

Carol smiled, "Is this about Merle?"

Beth's face flashed red as she worried at her heart in heart necklace that had been her momma's , "How did you know?"

Carol chuckled, getting up to lay Judith down, she turned to Beth leaning against the wall, "It's easy for another woman to see an attraction. He's trying really hard to NOT look at you, but I can see it. What's your question?"

Beth took a deep breath, "I've never. Jimmy and I kissed a little, touched a little over our clothes, but nothing….."

Carol sat down next to her again, "So you're asking about sex?"

Beth giggled shaking her head, "No, I know…Maggie has told me things….I want to know about the Dixons. I see the way you and Daryl are. He's rough but when he's with you, he seems gentle, kind almost. Do you think Merle is like that?"

Carol smirked, "So you came to me because I'm an expert on all things Dixon? Well that's funny because honestly I just tip toe through the mine field and so far I've been lucky. I think….no I know that Merle is gentle underneath everything. He just puts on a tough face, but he just needs something or someone to love. The way he loves Daryl, he has love in him. Just don't hand him everything on a silver platter, make him work for it."

Beth smirked, "Is that what you had to do with Daryl?"

Carol blushed laughing a little, "Well me and Daryl are different. VERY different, we're both pretty private people. Merle is more out there. You understand that he has had a lot of experience with other women right?"

Beth looked down fidgeting with the hem of her shorts, "I know. He probably won't want anything to do with someone like me."

Carol huffed, lifting her chin so Beth had to look at her, "If there's one thing men love its girls with inexperience. They can teach you, mold you. And I see the way that he looks at you; I think he'd be gentle with you. Just play a little hard to get. I promise it will be worth the wait."

Beth blushed hard hugging Carol, "Thank you so much. It's hard to ask Maggie stuff like this she hates him so much."

Carol pulled away smirking, "It's hard to see the Dixon charm sometimes with all the dirt and walker guts, but inside their good men."

-Winter Heat-

The rest of the day Beth made sure to keep her distance from Merle. She saw him watching her, but she tried her hardest to ignore him. She was trying to do what Carol said, play hard to get. He didn't go out of his way but she could feel him staring at her, when her back was turned. Things didn't get difficult until she was alone outside hanging laundry.

Merle came up behind her; his little angel had been working hard all day to ignore him. It kind of pissed him off, because of what happened with them last night. He stalked out into the yard planning on finding Daryl and entertaining his brother by teasing him about him and Carol, but he saw her hanging laundry. A smirk hit his lips, hard to ignore him if she had no one else to distract herself with. He silently slipped up behind her, eyeing her ass in those little ass shorts, if she was his girl she would be getting rid of those, won't want anyone else eyeing his property. When she turned he saw the instant fear on her face, oh this was going to be fun.

Beth was frozen when she saw him standing there looking like a biker god in his green cargo pants, black wife beater and leather vest. The sun was shining in his hair and she briefly wondered if it was as soft as it looked. His bayonet glinting in the sun making the muscles in his arms seem that much more appealing. She snapped her eyes back to the laundry basket, grabbing another shirt to hang. She focused on her breathing, trying to keep calm, but every step closer she took was like flipping a switch in her body.

Merle sat down on the little stool next to the laundry basket, watching her silently as she hung one of Rick's shirts on the line. She turned around crossing her arms over her chest, "Something I can do for you Merle?"

Merle raised his eyebrow, "Lots ya can do for me angel. Want to tell me why the fuck you've been avoiding me today?"

Beth huffed going to grab another shirt, but Merle pulled the basket out of her reach smirking at her, "What ain't got an answer for me now? Think ya can ignore me? I'm like a bad rash sweetheart I keep turning up when ya least want me too."

Beth narrowed her eyes at him, "Give me the basket."

Merle laughed standing up with one of the shirts; he walked closer to her, pushing the soaking wet shirt up against her chest. He watched her as she closed her eyes, hissing at the cold water hitting her nipples through her tank top. He grinned his finger brushing against her hardening peak. When she felt his finger brush against her, her eyes snapped opened to see him grinning at her, he leaned closer, "You know ya can't ignore me sugar, I can do so many things to ya, open ya up to a whole new level of understanding."

Beth grabbed the shirt, pulling it tight against her, her whole body quivering as she felt him cup her pert titty in his hand. Merle closed his eyes, leaning near her ear, "If ya were my girl I'd spank that sweet little ass for running around without a bra on."

Beth's breathing was almost a pant, Carol's words to her ringing in her ears, play hard to get. Beth summoned all her courage leaning into his hand, her lips a hair's length from his, her voice a whisper, "Wouldn't you like to be my guy."

Merle's eyes snapped open, as she pulled away turning her back she pinned the last shirt on the line. She gave him a small wink and turned heading into the prison leaving Merle once again to stand there like a dumb ass. "FUCK!" He couldn't believe she left him like this once again; he glanced down at the throbbing problem in his pants. He grumbled across the yard heading toward the storage shed. After he closed the door he whipped himself out pumping the fuck out of his cock. That damn little girl had his head all twisted up, but he was going to figure out a way to get her, it was the most challenging hunt of his life, but he would find a way to get Beth Greene.

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