Chapter 12….Too Damn Pretty

Well this one is a request from felicia2235, who wondered what would happen if the inmates took Beth. What Merle would do….oh man, Merle scares me more than Daryl I think! So here it is! Axel is alive in this one….

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-Hard to Get-

She had been stupid, Merle had told her not to go anywhere without someone else with her. But she liked all the people in Woodbury and their group had been around forever. So she headed down to the library alone. Merle was outside with Daryl working on the fences so she didn't want to bother him. She hardly ever had down time, but since she was sick everyone was making her do light duty, so she had some time and wanted a new book.

So she went down to the library. She was in there for a good twenty minutes, humming to herself as she walked around looking at the books. She was just picking one, when she heard the door shut. She turned around figuring it was Merle to see Axel standing there with a weird look on his face, "Hey there Beth, what are you doing down here? Merle know where you're at?"

Beth felt sick looking at him, "Hi Axel, yup he's waiting for me, so I should get back."

Axel blocked her way out, turning the lock, "No little one, he doesn't he's outside with Daryl. I was just there. How about you and me have some fun?"

Beth stood her ground, "Axel, you need to let me out of this room, if you do that right now I won't tell Merle. You know he'd kill YOU for this."

Axel smirked, "He ain't here." He lunged for her and she grabbed a nearby bookcase pulling it down on him, she ran weaving in and out of the bookcases, she had to get out somehow. He cut her off and pushed her to ground. His hands ripping and tearing at her clothes. She fought, praying that Merle would notice she was missing.

-Hard to Get-

Merle came inside he was sweating like a pig and he had all he could take for one day of Daryl talking about the baby. The kid took a shit and his brother thought it should be framed or some shit. He took a bottle of water and walked over to Carol to see his nephew, he was a cute ass kid, but then again he was a Dixon. Merle looked around, "Where's Beth?"

Carol smiled, "She headed to the library I think, I don't know. She was talking about it but I had to go change him, when I got back she was gone."

Merle growled, "Did she take someone with her?"

Carol shrugged, "I don't know." Merle was already moving, "I'M SORRY I'M SURE SHE'S FINE!" Carol called behind him, but he was already moving. His heart was pounding in his chest; he had a bad fucking feeling about this.

When Merle got to the library he could hear her screaming on the other side of the door. He tried the knob but it was locked. Merle raised his foot and kicked the fucking door in. When he entered the room, he snapped. Axel was on top of her, her shirt was torn open and the mother fucker was touching her, HIS GIRL, HIS ANGEL!

Merle stormed over before Axel realized what was happening, Merle picked him up by the neck one handed slamming him into the wall. He cocked his head and drove his bayonet into his gut, over and over again. He watched the life slip from Axel's eyes and then he rammed the bayonet into the fuckers head to make sure he didn't come back to life. He dropped the body. His chest heaving as he tried to come down from the adreline rush.

He closed his eyes and tried to calm his nerves. He knew she won't want him, she just saw him kill a man right in front of him. He turned and she was still on the floor, her knees pulled up into her chest sobbing. He went over and sat down, taking off his stump that was covered in blood, he pulled her into his lap, holding her close, "Shh, come on now sugar, I got here in time. I'm sorry I killed him. I'm sorry if I scared ya."

Beth shook her head looking into his eyes, "NO, I'm not sorry, he was gonna…he would've….oh Merle I'm so sorry I went off alone."

Merle pulled her close to him, "Ya didn't do shit. Let me look at ya."

Merle started running his hands up and down her body trying to see where she was hurt. Beth shook her head, "I'm fine baby, I promise. Just hold me."

Merle pulled her close, holding her, kissing her softly, "I was so scared when I saw him touching ya."

Beth looked up and cupped his face with her hands, "Make love to me, please claim me."

Merle nodded, running his hand down her cheek, "Ya sure angel?"

Beth pulled her shirt off her shoulders, "I'm sure."

Merle gently pushed her back onto the floor, his hand going softly over her body. He smirked at the front clasp of her bra, she was a good girl, making sure it was easy for him to get to her. He popped the clasp and loved watching her pert little breast stayed there. His lips came down to suckle her and she arched her back to him, giving him more access. She moaned, running her hands through his soft short, curly hair. She loved his hair, it was so soft. Her hands ran down his chest, filling the hard muscles, she pulled at his shirt and he sat up letting her take it off.

He stood up for a quick second, pulling down his pants and boxers, toeing off his boots. He wanted to be in her, to have her, to claim her as she wanted.

He pulled her jeans from her body throwing them to the side, she shimmed out of her panties and he towered over her just watching. She opened her legs to him and he groaned, pulling at his hard cock. He wanted inside his little angel; he wanted to go balls deep into her. He had to feel all over her.

He positioned himself above her kissing and sucking her neck he thrust into her, she smiled, moaning, "OH God, Merle, I love you so much."

Merle pumped his hips setting a fast pace, "Cum on angel, make daddy proud. Need ya to scream for me. Cum on."

Beth ran her hands down her breasts squeezing her own nipples, "I'm gonna….Merle….I have too…..Ohhhh FUCK!"

He felt her cum around him, fitting him like a glove, her muscles massaging every part of him. He screamed slamming into her so hard he was afraid he broke her, but she rode it out staring up at him with her big fuckin' doe eyes. She loved it. He smiled down at her, "Ya all good now sugar?"

Beth nodded, "We should get the others."

Merle nodded. They dressed, Merle giving her his shirt since hers was tore apart. They walked back to the common room; Merle had her tucked under his arm. When they got there Rick and Daryl came up to him and Beth went to her father.

Hershel looked at the bruise on her cheek, "Oh God Bethie what happened?"

Beth wiped at a tear that had fallen, "Axel, he cornered me in the library. IF Merle hadn't come…..he had to kill him. He was….he would've…..Merle saved me daddy."

Hershel pulled his daughter into his chest, mouthing over her head, "Thank you" to Merle. Merle nodded to the man.

Merle turned to Rick and Daryl, "The fuckers dead, he was on top of her when I got there. I know I should've waited, but …."

Rick held up his hand, "It's done. I don't know anyone of us that would've been able to hold back after what he did. Daryl and I will get the body and take care of it, why don't you see to Beth."

Merle smirked at his girl, folding his arms over his chest, "Oh I already saw her, but I won't mind doin' it again."

Beth blushed, but smiled at her man. He might not be the knight in shining armor that her father had hoped she would fall in love with, but she was just fine with her redneck in the dirty wife beater.

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