Fenrir has cornered the creature, he grinned as he watched him try to pull his leg free from the bear trap, tears was running down his face as he looked up at the large man, his fear was overwhelming "P…Please don't eat me." He whimpered, the wolf let out a loud deep laugh as he looked at the injured deer as he pulled the bear trap off the boy's leg

"I have other plans for you little deer." He said as he walked knelt either side of him

"P…Please let me go, I…I'm lost." He said again the wolf laugh

"Oh yes your are lost, this place is filled with wolves like me, you are so far away from home little one." He grinned as he turned him over on his knees "Luckily for you I've already eaten." He growled, as he pulled the teen's trousers down

"NO STOP PLEASE!" he cried

"I knew you were going to be here, the headmaster told me." He grinned as he pulled his cock free and started rubbing it against the teen's bare backside

"NO you lie he won't do that!" he sobs as he felt the wolf's large member rub against him.

"I don't lie; I tell the truth your headmaster gave me his permission to fuck the golden boy, then he would come and scare me away and you will do anything he wants."

"W...Why?" The teen winced as he felt the head of the beast cock at his entrance, a dark grin fell over Fenrir's face as he decide to turned the boy over onto his back and look into the wonderful green eyes, his eyes were red and puffy from crying, the green orbs were filled with fear and pain.

The wolf leaned down and whispered in his ears as he nudged the tip of his cock into the 16 year olds' body "Because Harry he wants you to be dependent on him, think about it he send you back to that family of yours…" he slides in a little deeper getting a gasp out Harry "…who beat you and treat you like a slave and he either sends that red head clan or himself to come for you." A moan left the dark hair teen's lips; it wasn't the reaction Harry was expecting, he was waiting for horrid burning splitting pain instead he got pleasure with pain, he titled his head back and let out another moan. Grey back grinned as he seats himself all the way into the boy "You like this Harry." The teen nods

"I…I can feel you in me, you're…you're in deep." He said his voice was shaky, the wolf took his Harry's hand and placed it over Harry's stomach, the teen gasp and moaned as the bump under his skin "I…Is that you!

"Yes." Fenrir grinned showing his fangs as the teen become hard within moments "I'm going to fuck you Harry, and when that old coot does come for you there will nothing for him to save, you will be mine and on the next full moon I will be waiting for you."

"I…I'm your." Harry gasped as he felt the wolf start thrusting his hips into him sending shock waves of pleasure thought him as he hit his sweet spot dead on.

The large wolf half morphed in front of Harry's eyes, the dark amber eyes looked into the teen's bright green ones and he started to pounded into him with, Harry let out a scream of pleasure as he felt his eyes roll into the back of his head as Fenrir took him there on the spot, the wolf was going to scent him and fill him make him his, the cool weather pricked their skins as heat formed from them, growls and moans filled the night air, and if blood was spilled it was done willingly. Pulling Harry, Fenrir hand him in his lap his hands warped around his hips and moved him up and down on his length, the teen threw his head back when he felt the large cock hit his sweet spot with a hard jab making him see pure white stars, the claws buried themselves in teen's hips, Harry screamed and came suddenly from the mixture of pain and pleasure, Greyback growled as he felt those muscle clamp around him, he kept moved Harry up and down getting the teen to cum again before he sunk his teeth into his neck.

Harry let out a whine mixed with cry as he felt the wolf cum inside of him and bite him, clamming him in on full motion, the words 'Your mine' whispered in his head, his blanked out because the next thing he knew was Fenrir was putting clothes back on him, the wolf smiled at him "Dumbledore is on his way, but also is one of my pups."

"You mean Remus?" Harry asked, he gave a short cough as he tried to talk,

"Yes, get him on your side love, you will need it the next full moon." He gave Harry his first kiss that night before disappearing, the teen smiled as he stood up wincing at the pain in his hips and the feel of cum running down his legs…This will be uncomfortable… he thought

"HARRY!" came the dispirit cry of Remus, he smiled…Dear Remus… he thought he loved him he really did but was scared how the man would reacted if he…no when he…he thought, found out about Fenrir "HARRY!"

The teen stepped out into the clearing brushing himself off when he see Remus and Dumbledore "Harry my boy...are you alright?" the old man asked, he was hoping to find a bloody, dirty mess on the floor crying in pain or passed out, not a boy who looked like he had the best fucking fuck of his life

"I am wonderful Headmaster; sorry I feel a sleep almost got stood on by the centaurs." He lied with a cocky smile; he could feel his wolf speaking to him making him stronger, he the look on the man's face drop when the teen smiled, Remus walked over to him to check him over, but stop a couple of inches from him, he could smell Fenrir, Harry's heart speed up as he looked at his old professor

"That is good Harry I am happy to hear nothing happen to you." Dumbledore said false "Let's go back to the school." He said "Remus?"

Back at the school Dumbledore, took Harry and Remus into his office, as of yet the wolf next to Harry has not spoken a word to him, but Harry could feel Remus was keeping himself together and he was scared, the old Headmaster bought out cups of lemon tea "Now Harry are you sure nothing happen while you were out there?" he asked

"Nothing Happened as I said I feel a sleep and was woke up by a herd of centaur's woke me." He said, he heard a huff from Remus and looked at the wolf as he took a sip from his tea

"Are you sure, there was no wolves out there?" he asked Harry tilted his head,

"No." Again Remus huffed, after their cup of tea Harry left Dumbledore's offices; he just started down the hall when he heard his name get called

"Harry." Turning around the teen looked at the wolf "A word!" he growled, the teen nodded to him and took him to the room of requirement.

Once the door was closed Remus pinned Harry to the floor, and started sniffing him and let out a growl his eyes amber almost glowing amber "I can explain." He said

"Can you?" he voice was deeper

"Yes, Fenrir told me some truths and he fucked me and bites me."

"What did he tell you?" came the growl as he mouthed at the teen's throat; the teen moaned and tilted his head more "What did he tell you!"

"That Dumbledore sent him to the woods to attacked me, so he can come swopping in and save me, he...Ahhhh... knows that my uncle beats me and does nothing and I can't trust all or most of the Weasley and and and Urrrh fuck Remus." Harry moaned as he felt the sink in teeth into his neck, pulling back the wolf looked at him with blood on his lips

"I will kill the old basted, and Dumbledore to." He said looking down at the boy under him, Harry could feel the bulge in his exprofessor's trousers, the teen whimpered at the dom wolf above him

"I know what you want; I'm still your pack Remus... Alpha, even if Fenrir staked his claim you can to." Harry whispered and that was all the permission Remus needed to stripped Harry of his clothes and get him onto the bed.