Dumbledore was in the Great hall three days later, he was not in a good mood he went to see Fenrir about what happen and yelled at the wolf and all Fenrir did was laugh and tells him 'the Dark Lord pays better and he should never trust a wolf' he walked into the hall and see two people missing, Harry and Remus, he walks over to Ron and Hermione "Good morning." He smiled, Hermione turned around

"Morning Head Master."

"Morning Head Master." Ron said

"Now where is Mr Potter." He asked nicely

"Don't know we haven't seen him for three days." Hermione said, Dumbledore looked confused …3 days where would he go?…he wondered

"Well when you see him let me know." He asked

"Yes Head Master." Hermione said, but unknown to them both Harry and Remus have been held up in the room of requirement having a time of his life.

Remus kissed along Harry's naked shoulders, bite littered the skin and bruises from the love making, Harry smiled and let out a sort of purr noise as he felt the older wolf's teeth scraped his shoulder "You know you should go back to lessons?" Remus smiled, Harry turned over and lay on his back and looked up at him his green eyes shining brightly at him with hints of amber

"I don't want to Remus I am quite happy laying here with you, eating whatever I want and doing whatever I like." He said with a lazy smiled as he let his finger draw patterns on Remus's chest, which was equally as covered in bites

"Ummm Fenrir will not be happy you have my scent all over you." Remus purred as he sucked his neck, making the teen shiver and tilt his head let him have more of his neck

"He can suck my cock!" Harry moaned as Remus bites his neck.

When they were see again Remus looked 10 years younger as he walked though the hall, his arm warped around the new wolf, Harry laid his head against his shoulder "Ummm I Remus I love you." He said quietly so only the wolf could hear, Remus grinned and nuzzled his neck

"I love you to." Students watched as the pair walked down the halls, the wolf seem unwilling to leave the teen alone even more making lessons difficult as the wolf seem to be the young wizards body guard, Dumbledore watched them he didn't like this was going with the pair.

Harry was called into Dumbledore's offices, it was the day before the full moon and Harry wasn't in the best of moods and he frowned as he walked up the stairs with Remus in toe the older wolf let out a small growl "There are aurors in the offices." He whispered and the teen ear picked up what he was saying

"I know." Harry said

"What do you want to do about it?" Remus asked

"Fight back." He smirked at the wolf, they shared a kiss that seem to deepen as they stood there, Remus let out a growl and pushed Harry against the wall making him giggle as the wolf kissed and licked his neck "Down big boy we have evil wizards who want to make me sad to hurt."

"Ooooh no one up sets my mate." He growled as they walked into the offices.

They walked in and Harry looked at the aurors in the room, he didn't recognise any of them but he let a growl out of his lips and watched them move back, Remus walked in behind Harry and closed the door and looked at them around, he leaned down and whispered something into Harry's ears and the teen nodded "Harry my boy, it's come to my attention that you and Mr Lupin are having a rather inappropriate relationship." Harry blinked and looked up at Remus

"Is it inappropriate?" he asked

"No of course not but you know these wizards they can't understand werewolves nature." Harry nods

"True true."

"Harry your mind has been clouded by the by that Fenrir gave you." Harry's eyes sparkled at the name and he licked his lips, he could feel Remus' hands play with his neck

"Tell me Headmaster how did you know that it was my Sire that bit me?" He asked as he crossed one leg over the other "Please don't lie I can tell if you do." The white hair wizard looked at the cocky boy in front of him now longer damage


"Tell the truth?" Remus asked

"Very well I knew he was in the woods that night."

"Because you sent him, you gave him a good price to rape me." He said Dumbledore froze as he looked at him


Remus looked up and growled and looked up at and growled as he grabbed Harry and ran for the window, jumping out with the teen holding onto him as they leaped from the roof, Dumbledore looked out the window in shock as he watches Remus disappear with Harry from sight, he never knew how strong Remus was. Once they were on the ground Remus set Harry down onto his feet and the teen looked up at him with amber eyes "Where did that come from?" he asked, Remus shrugged

"Always want to do that." He grinned as he kissed Harry again

"Ummm my wolf is filled with mysteries." Harry giggled as they walked way looking for Fenrir.