Title: Strip Chocolate
Author: lachlanrose
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never were. Never will be.
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Summary: Logan discovers that not all board games are boring when he and Marie give an adult board game a whirl.
Notes: Ack! Bunnies, bunnies everywhere. Even Marshall Field's holiday catalogs aren't safe... and then I got online to do a little research for this fic and discovered a whole slew of sensual board games for adults. Darn it, this is *not* going to become an adult board game series. No. No. No. Heh. ;) Thanks to Alyx and Karen for the beta and a special thanks to Terri for letting me play in her 'Good Girl' universe... yet again. ;)

Do Not Pass Go

Ice cold Molson in hand, Logan strolled into the den, pausing a long moment to admire Marie's curvaceous backside. She was standing at one of the mansion's front windows watching Jubilee and her date make a mad dash through the pounding rain toward their car. What that girl was doing to that beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo pumps was a travesty. Not to mention running in heels like that had to be a superpower in itself. Even though she was separated from the blustery fall weather by double-pained glass and her sensible, but still-alluring, jeans and sexy red sweater, her nose wrinkled at the thought of all that cold, stinging rain pelting her tender Mississippi skin.

Logan took a sip of his beer and grinned as he came to stand beside her. Even with her nose scrunched up, she looked damned good. Hazel eyes lingered where her fitted sweater clung to her enticing curves. He could see the pulse beating in the hollow of her throat. The jeans were old and comfortable and fit her like a second skin. He approved. Definitely. Her hair was down, shining around her shoulders just the way he liked it, and she was wearing his favorite scent - something light and herbal. It smelled like cedar and sage and something uniquely Marie. A touch of his own scent lingered on her skin, too. That was one of the best things, right there. His smile got bigger.

"Hey, darlin'. Friday night... feel like goin' out?" They'd been close since he'd come back to the school, nearly three years ago now, but it was only in the last couple of months they'd become lovers.

"Hey, sugar," she greeted. Marie turned from the window and smiled at him. "I kind of felt like staying in tonight." The little teasing smile he loved so much was tugging at the corner of her full lips. That red lipstick that matched her sweater was definitely doing it for him. "Is that ok?"

"Sure is." They'd been lovers long enough that every free evening didn't automatically find them in his or her room, indulging their long-denied carnal desires. They did go out now, although most of those evening still ended intimately, sometimes before they ever even got home. The truck. His bike. A posh bathroom at some swanky art gallery. In the forest at the arboretum. The list was long and growing longer all the time. Logan met her warm gaze. Her dark eyes were sparkling in a way he very much liked... and in a way that boded well for his chances of a pleasurable evening. "You got anythin' specific in mind, kid?" Because her body language sure as hell suggested she did.

Marie shrugged. "I was thinking we could stay in, you know, just us... some wine... someplace cozy." She gestured to the icy rain beating furiously against the window. "This is definitely 'stay in and snuggle' weather." She looked away from his intense gaze and twirled a white lock around her finger before tucking it behind her ear.

His voice dropped so any stray passers-by wouldn't be able to hear it.

"Marie, darlin'? You're fidgetin'." He moved closer, aware of what his low, husky voice and his nearness did to her. And he was all too aware the fact that she was still fidgeting meant she hadn't told him everything - yet. Handy tell, that. In the mood to play a little, he gave her a sexy little growl. "You sure snugglin's all you had in mind for tonight?" He raised his eyebrow at her expectantly, but his eyes dropped to her full, red lips.

"Well, actually, sugar," she hooked her finger over the top of his belt buckle and pulled him closer. "I did have something else in mind." She wiggled her eyebrows at him in a clearly over-the-top gesture that made him chuckle softly. "I was hoping that you and I could go somewhere private, curl up together and….. play a board game together."

Marie almost burst out laughing as he practically deflated before her eyes. She could tell he didn't want to hurt her feelings, but his body language clearly indicated how he felt about that particular idea. The sexual heat that had been so overwhelming a moment ago dissipated into nothingness. He took a long, much-needed pull from his beer. That was definitely not his idea of a pleasurable evening.

"Marie, darlin', you know how I feel about that." His words were soft, but serious. He loved her, but he wasn't about to change who he was for her. The Wolverine played poker. Twenty-one. Occasionally craps. But board games? Christ, no. Never again.

She nodded. When they'd first started dating and she'd suggested a board game one rainy summer afternoon, he'd agreed, but only because it meant time alone with her. He could give a rat's ass about Park Place and moving some dumbass piece of metal around a game board, even if it was a racecar. Quite frankly, he found it boring and pointless and it made his knuckles itch. He hadn't wanted to spoil it for her, though, so he'd been a good sport and sucked it up, focusing on how much fun Marie was having and how pretty she looked, eyes all bright and cheeks flushed from laughing. But Marie wasn't stupid and he wasn't a glutton for punishment. That was the first, and last, time they'd played that kind of game together.

He just wasn't a board game kind of person. He thought she'd understood that. Marie, on the other hand, had grown up playing every board game known to man. She was the mansion's current champ at several of the classics. Charles would always be the best at chess and Scott was unbeatable at Risk, but Marie pretty much owned the rest of them. Trivial Pursuit was a lock with as many people as she had in her head. Her skills as an artist were equally helpful with Pictionary. Logan thought it was funny when she played drunken dirty Scrabble with Jubilee and Bobby, and cute when she played Chinese Checkers with the younger kids, but he had absolutely no desire to subject himself to another evening of 'that property has a hotel on it, sugar. That'll be $850, please.'

No way, bub. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars.

But if his relationship with Marie had taught him anything, it was how to compromise. He was willing to play - just not any god-awful board games. "What about cards?" Some poker, some beer, some flirting with his girl. Yeah, he could go for that. Giving the doorway to the hall a quick check to be sure they were alone, he put a hand on her hip and slowly slid it down to cup the curve of her bottom in his large palm, never once taking his eyes from her face. His sexy grin was back. "I wouldn't mind a little strip poker." He lowered his lips to her ear. "I could beat the pants offa you... again."

Marie smacked his hand away playfully. "I know you don't like board games in general, sugar, but I'm pretty sure you'll like this one."

The look on his face was clearly disbelieving. "Better'n strip poker?" Now that had been an evening that had ended incredibly well. Nearly-naked Marie on a backdrop of green felt... the sharp staccato sound of poker chips hitting the floor as they rained down from the table with his every wild thrust. Thank God she could control her mutation now because nothing on Earth felt as good as touching her skin to skin and being inside her when they came, breathless and panting.

A very mischievous smile flitted across her face as her eyes dropped to the worn denim, now stretched taut across his groin. "Thinking about the green felt again, huh?" God, that had been a good night. She loved it when he took charge like that and rocked her world.

"Yup." His nostrils flared and he grinned cockily at the subtle shift in her scent. "But I ain't the only one." He put his hand back on her ass and gave it a firm squeeze before he hauled her to him and covered her mouth with his, kissing her deeply. Eventually, he let her go, chuckling at the momentarily dazed look on her face. "Heh. You were sayin'..."

She gave his buckle a not-so-gentle tug that did all kinds of good things for areas directly south of it. "I was saying that this isn't your average game..." She stopped and sucked at his lower lip before giving his chin a sharp little nip. She nuzzled his neck and lifted her lips to his ear, kissing that spot behind it that made him shiver before she whispered, "This game's just for adults, sugar." Marie gave his ear a playful nip and purred in that sexy drawl he loved so damn much, "Actually, this game's just for lovers."

Logan lifted his head and met her warm, dark eyes. "That so?" He might not have been too interested before, but with that little detail, she'd managed to completely capture his attention. All of it.

She nodded. "Two words, sugar... Strip. Chocolate." Marie wet her lips and dropped her eyes to his mouth. "What do you think?"

Hell, yeah.

That sounded all kinds of good. His eyes sparkled. "Sounds like a game where gettin' licked ain't entirely a bad thing, darlin'."

"Logan!" She blushed, but he could tell from her scent she liked that idea... liked it a whole lot... and he was acutely aware she had yet to remove her finger from behind his buckle. It was rubbing against his belly, a slow caress that was winding him tighter with each pass of her impertinent fingertip. A low, gravelly laugh rumbled though his wide chest. "You got this game upstairs?"

She nodded again.

"Go get it." He looked at the clock and made a swift mental calculation. "Give me five minutes, then bring it to my room."

Her eyes flashed playfully at his deliberately dominant bearing. She lifted her free hand and gave him a mock salute while her other continued to tease the taut, muscled abdomen just behind his buckle. God, that was getting to him.

"Cute," he growled the word at her, "But tug that buckle one more time, woman, and I ain't gonna bother with the game." He gave the den's open, arched entry a glance. "Or with findin' a room that has doors." He gave her bottom a good, hard smack and then a gentle shove. "Now be a good girl and get goin'."

Logan smiled inwardly at the way she shivered in response to those particular words and headed off toward his room aroused and more than a little surprised to find he was actually anticipating spending the evening playing board games with Marie.