Author's notes: Hey everyone! I wanted to thank you for the wonderful feedback you've shared and for the awesome notes that have appeared in my inbox. My muses are doing a jiggity-jig.

The story was too long for me to include my final notes in the last chapter, so they're spilling over here. ;) Sorry to any of you who thought there was another whole chapter. I'm chocolated out! lol I'm glad you came along for this bit of foofy fun. I had fun writing this one and I wanted to say that I'm sure I haven't written my last story in this world...

Until that bunny bites, there are several more things in the pipeline...

Up next will be the first of my new work, a novel called Run. For those who want to know up front, this one's gonna be a long, bumpy ride. Cursing, sex, pathos, drama, the works. Knock me down. Pick me up. Hit me again. It's one of those slow burn/flashover/everything goes up in flames kinda stories. Brace yourself. This one is less a grab-your-popcorn-and-sit-back kinda story and more of a pour-yourself-an-adult-bevvie-'cause-you're-gonna- need-it kinda story.

I am a huge fan of stories told through intimacy. Not just sexytimes, but in those moments when people are real with each other without the masks that they normally wear. This story is about losing yourself and finding yourself and learning to walk the road in a good way. It's about letting go. About honesty. About forgiveness and acceptance. Without struggle, how can we grow into the people we need to be for ourselves and for those we love?

So, yeah. It's all that and a freakin' orchard of fresh citrus. Far and away the most mature story I've ever written. If you're a sensitive sort, you might want to give this one a pass.

Logan's claws were in her chest. His life force filled her body. His thoughts echoed in her head, shouting one thing over and over. Run. She does... and it takes him a decade to catch her again. 34 chapters (nearly done!)

And if you all are still with me after that…

Shine Against Me
Logan and Marie and talk about pornography… and then things get crazy. 20+ chapters (and counting!)

Walk the Line
Marie comes back after taking the Cure. "She'd always defend him though, even now – powerless and helpless, and they both knew it. It didn't even need saying. The care of this beautiful man was written in her bones." 9 chapters (at least 4 more to go)

Clearly, still certifiable!