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The first Hannibal knew something was wrong, was when Alana walked into his offices scaring one of his patients half to death and started yelling at him about Will as she slaps him, he ushered Miss Jones out telling her he will call her as soon as he has sort this problem out and handing her a tissue as he closed the door, he turned on the dark hair woman his stoned face showed little irritation at this disruption "Alana what can I do for you?" he asked as he moved to his desk to clean up (he moved some papers)

"How could you I trusted you to help him not make thing worst." She said gearing at him, the dirty blonde hair man turned and looked at her and frowned

"I have nothing to hurt Will?" He says

"Oh really." She hisses "Will is in hospital at the moment he fainted on a scene of a murder." Hannibal gave a worried look

"Is he okay?" Alana held her hand up as if to say she has not finished yet

"He fainted but the problem is it was on the pier and he fell into the icy November water, he was taking to hospital and he will make a full recovery, but what I was told by the doctors was he is pregnant!" She yells at him, he just looks at her and thinks back to when he and Will shared a night together...perfect night... he thought

"And you think it's mine?" He asked and the moment he said it he realised it might have been the worst thing to say

"Hannibal I am not stupid." She tells him

"Is he still at the hospital?"

"Yes...when you see him don't say anything stupid like you said to me."

He walked up to Will's privet room, he talked to the doctor about his condition and he found that Will wants to keep the child, which he found interesting that Will would keep it, he was told what Will needs now and Hannibal was going to make sure that his Will got all he needs. He looked though the window to see him pretending to be asleep while Jack sat waiting for him to wake with a file in his hand. He walked into inside and saw Jack look at him and gave him a disapproval look "What were you thinking Doctor Lecter."

"I am human like the next man and have human needs as did Will." He said, Jack looked like he was about blow his lid "And what Will needs now is for you to leave."

"I need him for a case…"

"And he is off limits to you Jack; he is pregnant and needs rest and no stress." He said opening the door again and holding it for the FBI agent "I will not let you put stress on him and our child." He said, Jack stood there looking at the Doctor as if he grown two head

"Fine I will leave for now." He said walking out the room.

Hannibal closed the door with a sigh, before he looked at the man on the bed and he sits in the chair by the bed "How long are you going to pretend to be a sleep?" he asked, the messy hair man open his eyes and looked up at him

"Our child." Will said

"Pardon?" Hannibal asked as looked at him

"You said our child a moment ago to Jack." He said, the blonde man reached out and held the slightly unstable man's hand and smiled at him

"It is our child and I will help you thought all of it…"

"Y...You're okay with this?" he waved to his stomach with his free hand

"Shockingly yes Will I am okay with this." He smiled at him again, and they sat there in silence, after a while Will fell asleep while his lover started making plans in his head, to make sure that the profiler stayed with him, a child is something that will make Will part of his life even more, a smile spread across his face, he could do this he could be after and partner to Will, he enjoys his company there was no need to kill him or destroy what's left of his sanity.