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5 years later

Will walked into Hannibal's work space where the takes the organs he wants, the open the door and walk in closing it "Abby has taken the James and Rose out for the afternoon." He said as he sees lover's victims laying on the work table still breathing, he was a wake looking at both Will and Hannibal his mouth gagged

"That is good." The blonde man said

"I see your drug has worn off?" Will said as he picked up one of the knife that have been sharpening

"He is a diabetic the drugs dissolve quicker with him." Will nods

"Are you going to throw him away?" he asked, the man let out a cry at Will's comment

"No no some parts of him will be sweeter or even saltier, their bodies if they are well kept then they are well enough to eat." Hannibal said to Will as he watches him play with the long blade in his hands,

"I see." He said

"Do you? How was work?" Hannibal asked as he stands behind him and places his hands on Will's hips

"Ummmm it is one of yours, in a children's playing ground really Hannibal, it is the same one where our child play." He say the dark hair blonde chuckled as he warped his arms around him and held him close, waiting,

"How did Jack take it?" he smirked as Will leaned back against his hold

"I think you're trying to give him a heart attack." Will smiled

"We can only dream."

Will ran the blade over the man chest and stomach, he shivered and quivering a real whimpering mess that lay before them "What did he do to end up here?" he asked as he notices that the man is missing his cock and balls, he raised an eye brow as the missing parts as the man shook his head looking at them pleading with them,

"I hired him to build the dog kennels for you, but I found him in the house masturbating over the images of our daughter?" Will tighten his grip around the knife

"Which one?" he said with a snarl

"Does it matter?" Hannibal ask

"No, you picked the wrong family to piss off." Will said to the man

"Will language." Hannibal chuckled

"So what do you want?" he asked as he felt Hannibal's hands grip his hand that held the knife and helped Will place the knife over the man's throat, the curly hair man feel's his husband kisses his neck and let his blunt teeth bite the his skin "Ummmm Hannibal." He moans as he could feel his arousal press against his cloth backside as they both sunk the knife into man's neck and across the his throat, his blood coved them as the spray went up and over, the doctor knew he had a lot to cleaning up afterwards but it makes this moment even sweeter for him for the both of them.

Hannibal spun Will around and looked at the blood that coved his husband's face, he took his classes off and placed them on another counter, before he pressed his lips against the curly hair man, tasting the blood that coved their faces, Will moaned and pressed himself against Hannibal "I want you." Will Whispered in the killer's ear the dark blonde growled and stripped Will of his clothes and pushing him to the floor of blood. Clothes were thrown off in the room now ruined by the blood as the two men made crazy bloody love to each other. Hannibal pushed his blood coved finders into Will's entrance "Ahhhh!" Will moaned as the man above him dove his fingers in and out of the tight hole

"Will you drive me to the point of my own insane." Hannibal tells him as adds another finer into the smaller man, the curly hair man twitch and moans loudly as the fingers abused prostate making him buck up to him

"Please!" Will begged as he pushed his hips down to met the fingers, growling softly Hannibal pulled his fingers free and used the blood that was on the floor to cover his cock before pulled Will closer to him and pulled his legs part wider before he pushed himself into the curly hair man who let out a heavenly scream.

Will scream and moaned as Hannibal, buried his cock in him over and over again with a painful snap of his hips, the large organ dove deeper into him over and over again, his hands gripped his hips in almost a painful away that was going to leave nasty showing bruises, but Will doesn't care as long as he and his husband are both pleased with each other, the years have showed Will that he could live with Hannibal's killing and eating of people and Will himself enjoyed of the kill himself , Will held onto the table leg to stop himself from hitting his head as the killer above him moved harshly, every time they 'make love' their movements looked painful and rough from the out looking it would like Hannibal was raping Will but the truth be told in Will loves the roughness and the feeling his sore achy muscle the next day, it helps him forget about the day about his work.

A jab to his prostate made Will arch his back and cry out moving one hand to painfully scratch Hannibal's arms as the Doctor hit his prostate dead on from there on, it wasn't long before Will started to feel the pressure grow from his cut and it tingled up thought him sending every nerve endings on fire "H…Ha…Han…HANNIBAL!" He screamed as he arched his back cumming on himself, the dark hair blonde groaned at the muscle tighten around as he kept thrusting to him until he came deep inside of him as he place a bite on Will's shoulder getting another cry out the curly hair man. Both laid there in the blood breathing heavily grinning like nutters, covered in blood or in Will's case blood a seamen

"We have to do this more often." Hannibal chuckled,

"We do." Will agreed, sitting up Hannibal looked at him and smirked

"We should lean up."

A few months later it was the twin's birthday, James and Rose had their friends from pre- school there, sat at the table eating cake, sausage rolls, crisps and sweets and ice cream, Rose has dark hair and worse it in pig tails, she was wearing a pink dress while James has curly blonde hair that was messy and wild and is wearing a green plaid shirt, the door bell rang and Abby ran to the door "I'LL GET IT!" she yelled out over the noise of the 30 five year olds, she open the door and smiled brightly "Aunt Alana!" she cried out as she hugged the warms as she hugged her back

"I haven't missed the cake yet have I?"

"No Rose and James won't let them light the candles." She grinned as she walked in and soon there was

"AUNT ALANA!" came the cry from the two children as they ran from the table to see the dark hair woman they call aunt. She grinded as she knelt down to hug them both "Hey there are my angels." She smiled

"We can have cake!" Rose said as both she and James pulled Alana to the table for cake.

Two cakes were brought out one orange and one purple; they were places on the table and every one song happy birthday, Alana walked up to Hannibal and Will who were filming the moment "You guys did a awesome job." She beamed at them

"Thank you Alana." Hannibal said smiling as he was forced to keep a pointy part hard on, Will smiled as he ate some cake

"Will you look like your glowing." She said to him "It's a nice healthy look Hannibal has been so good for you." she tells him, Will smiled at her while his husband looked at him oddly

"Yeah I feel great." He smiles brightly at her, before she could open her mouth Rose and James came up to her

"Come and see the puppy father got us." James said

"He said we can be like Daddy." Rose tells Alana, taking their hands she smiles

"Come on them let me see this puppy." She said as they walked away out back where a loud of screaming kids is jumping on the bouncy castle.

Hannibal moved close to Will and warped his arms around him, Will smiles as he puts the empty plate down on the table "You know she is right you are glowing Will and you scent has changed." Will turns around in his hold and looks at him as he warps his arm around his next and kisses him

"Ummm yes I thought you would bring that up, I'm pregnant again." He tells him Hannibal's face is hard to read some days but today it lit up like a Christmas as he kisses Will long and hard, he pulls away to let him have some breathing room

"How far along are you?"

"Nearly 3 months." Hannibal nodded doing the maths quickly in his head "I'm glad I got you out of prison."

"Hummm me to."