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Well, here we go, another story! I got the idea from this story from listening to 'The A-Team' by Ed Sheeran.

Ahem, do not hate my taste in music - it is magnifique, as the French might say. I think I get my music tastes from my Mother - I am so her child! (well duh, I was born from her). I know most of my stories consist of Bella getting kidnapped, but I like that genre of Fanfiction. Kidnapperward is my favourite. ;)

This story will be somewhat different and Edward (sadly) will not be kidnapping Bella *cries*. I have decided to take my own spin on Mafiaward (undercover Mafia ward *grins*) and twist the plot so that he doesn't end up harming or killing Bella for money. I have read some extremely good Mafiaward stories here on FF, so I hope I live up to expectations! I take pride in my writing and love the response I get for my stories.

I recently had a friend (EdwardsouthernBella) ask if she could download one of my other stories onto her Kindle. I am all for letting people download my work, but I am not entirely sure how to do it. If you can figure it out, then feel free to download my work - I don't mind!

And so, I hope you enjoy my new story - I am very nervous about posting it. I've had this Plot Bunny in my head for a while and finally decided to strike it while the iron's hot, as they say.

Phew! How was that for one long ass A/N? If anyone is still reading then - enjoy!

Disclaimer - Everything Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer, I just own my imagination.

- Chapter 1: Take It All -

But go on and take it, take it all with you,

Don't look back, at this crumbling fool,take it all with my love,

Take it all,

With my love.

- 'Take It All' by Adele

The streets of New York are not safe at night, everyone knows that. It is never wise to walk around alone in the dark alleys, but I find myself doing just that. I have never been the wisest of people, but this is by far the most immature decision of my life.

My brown curls are blowing out behind me in the icy breeze that swirls in and around the brick walls on either side of me. I cross my arms over my chest and hug my myself tightly, rubbing my hands up and down my arms to create some friction.

My beige parker is thin and worn, not really made for shielding me from New York's harsh winter weather. I weave my woolly, blue stripy scarf between my fingers and nuzzle it against my face, the soft comforting fabric soothing my numb cheeks.

I kept walking, the alleyways turning into a maze as I blindly made my way down and around each new corner. I didn't want to go back to my flat. Back to the emptiness, loneliness and eeriness of that block.

I shuddered violently as I heard muffled, loud voices up ahead. A lone streetlamp near the side of a narrow pavement flickered with an orange glow.

On, off, on, off.

Repetitious, just like my life. I could see my breaths curling into the air with each exhale. I looked like a chain smoker, which I wasn't. The alleyway behind me was too dark now to turn back so I had no choice but to keep walking. Maybe I could just sidle past the men in front of me and they wouldn't bat an eyelid.

Their drunken shouts echoed off the walls and made me cringe. Discarded beer cans and Vodka bottles lay, shattered all over the narrow road, the glass shards glinting dangerously in the faint glow of the streetlamp.

On, off, on, off.

I tip-toed closer and closer, each step seeming to thump loudly on the hard concrete. I peeked up through my lashes and saw there was about five men standing in a haphazard semi-circle, taking great swigs of beer and laughing uproariously.

I swallowed a ball of saliva stuck in my throat and picked up my pace, trying to walk swiftly past the drunken hoo'haas. I didn't get very far before one of them called out.

"Hey! Hey cutie, wanna come join us?" He drawled out drunkenly, stumbling over to me on unsteady legs. He had greasy, long blonde hair that was tied back into a ponytail. He looked disgusting and smelled even worse. The stench of alcohol made it's way up my nostrils as I staggered backwards, away from this situation.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I was stupid for coming out here at this hour.

"Come on baby, come have some fun!" He laughed and glanced back at his cronies who were watching intently, like lions anticipating the kill. I, unfortunately, was the lamb they were hunting.

"No! Stay away from me!" I shouted weakly and felt a wall against my back.


I was trapped.

A wicked gleam came into the slimy guy's eyes as he prowled closer, watching my every move with darting, wide pupils.

He is high as kite too.

In a swift, but drunken movement, he had me pinned against the brick wall, his rough fingers digging into my sensitive skin, breaking the skin with his nails. I cried out and thrashed as he leaned in, his reeking breath washing over me. I blanched as he cupped my cheek and nuzzled my neck.

"Get off me!" I said in a fierce tone and kicked out at him but he blocked my incoming shot to his crotch with his hand and chuckled darkly.

"Aw sweetie, you are gonna be fun to break," He slurred and pulled at the buttons on my coat. I pushed his horrible hands away roughly and he snarled before grabbing my neck with his hand and slamming me harshly against the wall. I whimpered from the force of the impact as the monster shredded my coat and tugged off my sweater.

"Stop it! Please! Help!" I cried weakly, gasping for air as he kept a firm grip round my neck. He glowered at me with cold, piercing blue eyes and glanced over his shoulder at his mates.

"You've got her now!" One shouted in glee as he came closer, crouching down to me and trailing his finger down my tear stained cheek. I hadn't even realized I was crying until now.

Leave me alone!

They didn't. More of them staggered towards me, trapping me in a circle of males. Hands were everywhere on my goosepimply skin.

"Please!" I clamoured desperately, trying to shove their filthy hands away from my freezing skin.

"Shut up, you bitch," One with brown hair warned icily. He kissed me sloppily, his horrid breath making it's way down my throat as his slimy tongue slid in between my clamped lips. I bit down hard on it, causing him to cry out and cuss.

"Fuck!" He shrieked. The others stopped and turned to face the cussing man who was holding his mouth in obvious pain. Blood was trickling out of the sides of his mouth on onto the pavement.

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop.

The blonde guy turned to me, a malicious grin on his face.

"We have a fighter here," He chuckled and his mates grinned in agreement. I shrank back, away from their prying eyes. He tutted loudly and I shivered as the brown haired man stumbled away from us, still clutching his jaw and cursing me with all the names under the Sun.

"Hurt our friend did we?" Slimy asked me pointedly, tightening his grip on my throat. I gulped, feeling a lump slide down his fingers as I swallowed heavily

Suddenly, I was pushed violently against the sidewalk and pinned down on all sides. I kicked out quickly, but Slimy and his friends were too fast. Everywhere stank of alcohol and my head began to spin.

No! This can't be happening! Please God no!

Slimy pulled off my jeans whilst the others held me down. I fought and scratched at them as best as I could but they were far too strong.

"Stay still little darling, we're gonna make you feel so good," One of them cooed, slurring quite bit. Hot tears spurted down my cheeks and I felt a harsh sting against my right cheek. Slimy had slapped me.

"You better shut the fuck up and enjoy this, or you will pay," He hissed in my face, spittle flying everywhere. I cringed and lashed out at him, but the arms that held me stopped me fast.

"So, little kitty don't wanna play nice? Well, two can play at that game," Slimy sneered ad reached into his back pocket. A knife was suddenly in my vision and I screamed loudly, not caring what happened, I just wanted help.

"Shut her up!" Slimy commanded to the brown haired guy on my left. He smirked at me and placed a hand over my mouth, shoving his fingers deep into my throat. I could hardly breathe.

I gagged at the taste of his dirty fingers and tried to bite him, but he tutted at me and pushed his fingers further in. I blanched and heaved, swallowing desperately.

Slimy had now pulled down his jeans and boxers, his hard dick being palmed in his hand. I muffled a frightened whimper, for I couldn't even make a sound.

"Let's play," Slimy grinned and ripped my panties with one swift flick of the knife in his hand. I yelped as I felt the cold blade brush against the little patch of hairs that led to my virginity. All the men laughed as more tears leaked out.

Rape. Rape. Rape. Die. Die. Die.

Inside, I was screaming, but I couldn't make a sound on the outside. Slimy trailed the tip of the blade up my bare torso towards my bra and cut it off, discarding it. I tried to wriggle away but I was held fast by the dirty, grimy hands.

My legs were pushed apart by the blade and it sliced through the soft skin. I cried out silently in pain as I felt warm blood trickle down my legs in little streams.

They all laughed at my discomfort as Slimy positioned his dick at my entrance. I squirmed and whimpered into my gag as the other guy laughed cruelly.

Someone save me!

No one came.

I tried to shut out the pain. It didn't work.

The pain increased as Slimy roughly slammed his dick into me as I went woozy from a punch to my face by another man. I felt as though I was breathing underwater.

My cries of plea were in vain as my virginity was stolen from me; I felt as though I had been ripped apart from the inside out. I screamed inside, for help, for mercy.

None came.

"Oh…yeah, God she is a good little fuck," Slimy snickered to his mates. I cringed from his harsh words and tried to block everything out. I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed for this to be a bad dream.

I felt something brush against my lips as the hand was removed and something was shoved in my mouth.

It went all the way back and made me gag again. It moved in and out quickly and I realized they were…were fucking my mouth. More tears streamed out and blurred my vision as the pain increased.

My lower regions were screaming and burning as I struggled for air. I felt another cold chill run up and down my thighs and hips. Something pressed into the skin and broke it violently.

Sharp stings erupted from the slices on my belly as I tried to scream again. I heard muffled laughter as I screamed and screamed.

I felt more warm blood spurt out onto the street as my body went numb and eventually blacked out.


End Notes - Oh hey ho! Okay, I am so sorry that it is short, but I promise the next one will be longer. Can you guess who was raping Bella? It's pretty easy…I feel for her, poor soul. I blame my sick, twisted mind, but maybe you guys enjoy it? Who knows….

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