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- Chapter 6 -

All systems go, the sun hasn't died,

Deep in my bones, straight from inside.

- 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons.

My head was pounding. That was my first thought. My second thought was my whereabouts.

Where in the name of fuckery am I?

Edward. Where was Edward? I hoped he would come for me soon. Wherever I was, it was cold. I lifted my head off a grubby mattress, my hair sticking to my face. I peered round the dark space, surveying it.

It appeared I was stuck in a cold, dark, disgusting dungeon of some sort.

Well fuck.

Where was all this swearing coming from? Edward must've rubbed off on me…A sob caught in my throat as I thought of Edward, alone in his warehouse. I was so frightened and confused.

The dungeon stank of damp and rot with slime dripping down the stone walls. The warehouse may have been dark, but it was nothing compared to how uneasy this place made me feel. It had an evil aura about it and I didn't like it one bit.

A strange feeling suddenly overcame me, a feeling of being frightened of never seeing the sun again. All I could think of now to comfort me - was Edward. Was he looking for me? Did he truly care for me? Would he save me?

Questions whirled round my head, dizzyingly, chopping and changing, causing me to lay my head back down on the filthy mattress, breathing shallowly and losing consciousness one again.






I awoke with a sharp jolt and bolted upright. I gasped from the nasty nightmare that had shaken me. Edward had come to rescue me and someone attacked him and… and…

A door swung open before I could dwell on it anymore. I gasped and shuffled backwards, hitting my back against the slimy wall. Footsteps came closer, a chain clinking with each step like one of them clichéd cowboy movies.

"Ahh the pretty girl is awake at last," A smug voice drawled out. I whimpered and got to my feet, scrambling away from the dark figure. His hand reached out and grabbed me round the waist, pulling me closer to him.

"No running sweetheart, we gotta keep you," He whispered into my ear, his disgusting breath washing over me.

"What do you want with me?" I hissed, trying to knee him in the crotch. He chuckled and placed an arm around my neck, a knife against my throat. I gulped and felt the blade press against my skin slightly.

"Aww sweetie, that's not for me to say," He crooned.

What a fucker!

"Who is it for to say then?" I said haughtily, trying to be brave.

"You'll find out soon enough," He chuckled dangerously and ran his free hand up and down my hip, his fingers brushing under my shirt.

"Get the fuck off me!" I screeched. I was not going to be molested again.

"The boss said I could have a little fun with you while you're here - I think I'll do just that," He breathed, tracing my waist with his horrible, callused fingers.

"Stop it! Get off me!" I shrieked and scratched at his hands. He only chuckled sinisterly and threw me onto the stone floor. I clutched my belly and whimpered, praying the stitches hadn't ruptured.

I really didn't need that right now.

"We'll soon have you behaving like a nice little slave," He said darkly, crouching down to my crumpled form and running his disgusting hands through my tangled hair. I shuddered and shied away from him, wanting Edward's hands in my hair, not his.

His hair was a greasy brown colour and stuck up all over his head. Edward had beautiful ruffled hair, but this guy's hair just looked downright slimy.

"Felix!" A smooth, male voice called out from the doorway. "The Boss ordered you not to toy with the new prisoner," The male said passively stepped into the dim light. I gulped.

He was well built with a gun that sat in a holster on his hips.

"Fuck," The guy who I assumed was Felix swore under his breath. He leered at me one more time before getting to his feet and walking over to the other male.

They exchanged a curt nod with each other and turned their backs on me. This new guy had relatively clean, dirty blonde hair that was neatly styled into a sidecomb. His hair was short and complied nicely with this hairstyle.

"How is she doing? I hope you didn't get a mark on her - the Boss will castrate you," He gritted out, glancing at me. I looked away and began to crawl over to the mattress.

I heard the blonde mutter something to Felix and with that, Felix glared at me and turned to walk out of the dungeon, slamming the door. Heavy footsteps approached me and I curled up into a ball, my hair fanning out around my head and my arms shielding me from his gaze.

A shadow cast over me and I peeked through my hair to see the new guy crouched beside the mattress, his hand out in offering. I pushed myself up with my arms and stared at him.

He smiled gently. He actually smiled at me!

"Want some water?" He asked softly, jiggling the small water bottle in his hands for emphasis. I gulped and shook my head.

"It's not poisoned," He promised with a small sigh. He came to sit beside me and offered me the water. My throat was parched so I shakily took the bottle from his hands, avoiding touching him.

I cautiously took a small sip before deciding I was to thirsty to care if it was spiked.

"Better?" He implored after I had downed a few gulps.

I nodded. "Thank you," I mumbled, turning my head away, my shoulders sagging. I felt his hand on my shoulder.

"Hey, I know you're here by force but…I'm not going to hurt you," He said quietly, taking his hand off my shoulder when I turned to glare at him. "Honestly, I kind of…feel sorry for you," He muttered, rubbing his face with both his hands. He looked seriously depressed. "Felix can be an asshole, just...stay away from him," He advised. I snorted.

Yeah, that's so easy to do when your trapped in a dungeon.

"Was it you who took me?" I asked bitterly.

"No, that was Caius and James, sorry if they were a bit…rough," He winced.

"What's your name and who is Caius and James?" I asked gruffly, crossing my arms over my chest. I didn't recognize the names, but assumed they were part of this corporation.

He swallowed a few times, seeming to need water himself before answering."I'm Demetri," He half-smiled "Uh…Caius is the Boss' right hand man and James is just a loan off the streets, a pawn if you like - I'm just a prison guard," He grimaced. He clearly wasn't happy with his position.

"Why do you work for them?" I asked. "If you don't like it here…then why not leave? Start fresh?" I hinted, hoping he might help me escape.

He shook his head.

"I can't," He said irritably, "Here's why," And with that he lifted the sleeve of his tight, long-sleeved t-shirt to reveal a tattoo that looked like a coat of arms.

"What is that?" I asked with a frown.

"Volturi's Coat of Arms," He answered simply, confirming my assumptions. What was Volturi? Who was this 'Boss'?

"So…how does that stop you from escaping?" I implied nosily, tilting my head to the side.

He let out an annoyed huff of air and turned to face me.

"It is a mark, a symbol. I'm bound to Volturi forever - if I escape, they'll find me and kill me…and my family," He whispered the last part and looked as if he might cry.I was shocked.

"Why? You work for them, seemingly willingly," I muttered.

He laughed humourlessly and shook his head. "It's the same for everyone here honey - we've just got to accept it," He muttered dryly.

"Who are your family?" I blushed, "Sorry that was a nosy question," I mumbled. Demetri just laughed.

"My mum, sister and my wife - Angela," He sighed and touched a slim, silver wedding band on his ring finger.

My heart broke for him. I couldn't bear it if Edward was tied down that way.

"Do you…get to see her…them?" I asked, moving closer to him. He glanced at me with a curious expression as I blushed and looked down.

"Yes - at Christmas and Easter for two days," He said matter of factually. I gasped.

"That is downright cruel!" I shouted, infuriated.

Four days a year?!

He gave me a warning glance.

"Shut up, do you want them to come barging in here and hurt you?" He hissed. I shrank back into myself and sighed. He groaned.

"Shit, I'm sorry just please…keep your voice down," He smiled a little. "I know it's unfair, believe me I do, but I've learned to deal with it," He gave me a lopsided grin. He reminded me of Edward when he did that and my heart clenched.

"I like you, you're pretty cool," He smirked after a short pause, "What's your name?"


"Okay Bella, you got yourself a bodyguard - I'll do my best to keep you safe…until judgement day," He uttered under his breath. I wanted to protest, ask questions, but clamped my lips together and sighed again.

"Why are you helping me?" I pondered out loud. Demetri shrugged and gazed at the floor.

"Because…you remind me of Angela - I would hate to see her in this position…anyone in this position," He stated sadly, his mouth turned down as he scratched his chin.

I reached for the water bottle and took another small sip before offering it to Demetri. He smiled in thanks and drank a little before tightening the lid and putting the bottle down beside me near the mattress.

"I'm sure things will work out," I murmured, patting his hand gently. Demetri gave me a small smile and stood up.

"I have to go check on the other prisoners," His face took on a look of sadness.

"You can come back after and talk to me, you know…if you need some company," I suggested in a small voice, picking nervously at a hangnail. Could I truly trust him?

His face lit up at my words.

"Sure!" He exclaimed. "I mean…yeah okay," He cleared his throat and blushed.

I frowned a little as he pulled out another bottle of water out of his holster and turned away from me, fumbling with the bottle before turning back to me and handing me the bottle.

I smiled in thanks as he waved slightly and ran up the stone steps, leaving the door unlocked. He laughed as he walked away down the hall and I knew he had done it on purpose.

I fingered the plastic container in my hands and gawped when I noticed something bobbing about inside.

A key!

Demetri had left me a key? But what for? And what lock did it fit into? The door leading out of here…or a door somewhere else in the building?

Curiosity was going to get the better of me. I fished the key out and shook my hands dry. I stashed the key down my panties, even though it rubbed against my flesh in an annoying fashion. I would need to wait.






I assumed a few hours passed after Demetri left me with the key. I squirmed uncomfortably as it rubbed against me in an unappealing manner. I heard various footsteps outside the unlocked dungeon door, but Demetri, or anyone else never came in.

I waited impatiently, biding my time as I waited for the lights in the hall to click off. I pondered if this Demetri was a trap, if had tricked me or been forced to trick me into leaving my cell.

I bit my lip as I stood up from the mattress and slowly made my way over to the door. I tested the handle, checking to see if anyone would come knocking, but nothing happened. I twisted the rusted knob and slowly, carefully opened the door.

The hinges creaked a little and I cringed, waiting for a guard to pounce on me. I peered out into the dimly lit hallway. Nothing.

I looked left and right, fumbling to pull out the key from my panties and tucked it into my palm. Once I was sure no one was around, I stepped cautiously into the hallway, scenes of booby traps running through my mind from old corny movies.

The hallway was long and narrow with a cool breeze that swirled in and around me, making me shiver. I took a few steps forward, my head swivelling nervously checking for footsteps or security cameras.

I couldn't see any, but weren't they the size of a pea these days? I shook my head and kept walking, tip toeing past other cell doors, peering around looking for an escape route. I fingered the key, wondering idly what door I was supposed to be looking for.

I stopped and leaned back against the wall, looking left and right before opening my palm to inspect the key. It was shiny and silver. I flipped it over, looking for any engraving that might give me a clue as to where I needed to go. Two words were carved into the metal near the top of the key.

Ufficio 1.

What the fuck did that mean? Damn cursing again! I sighed fondly at the memory of Edward swearing in every sentence.

I gripped the key tight again and continued down the hall, searching for any doors with the number one on it.

The '1' had to mean a door number surely...?

"Yeah, I checked on her earlier - she seemed pretty secure," A voice floated down the hall in front of me to the left. I froze but then realized it sounded like Demetri's soft tempo.

I crept towards the corner of the hall, peering round to see Demetri standing with another man I had not seen yet. His hair was a bleached blond colour, slicked back with grease and came down to his lower shoulder blades. I shuddered. He looked dangerous. He wore a dark black cape that cascaded down his back and onto the stoned floor.

"Good good, the Boss will be pleased - pray tell, how is your dear Angela?" He said slyly in a thick Italian accent. His voice sent disgusted chills down my back as Demetri swallowed back tears.

"Uhm…uh she's great thanks Caius - actually we're expecting a baby in eight months," He said softly, his head hanging with sorrow. I winced and bit my lip.

A baby he wouldn't get to father, save for twice a year for two days. Poor guy.

"Oh how lovely! Such a pity the child won't be able to spend time with you. I will inform the Boss of this wonderful news," Caius leered and patted his horrible hairstyle vainly.

"Le mie scuse," Caius muttered with a smirk before gliding away down the hall out of sight, leaving Demetri alone in his sorrow, tears running down his face.

What did 'le mie scuse' mean? It didn't matter at that moment.

My heart tore down the middle as Demetri broke down, burying his face into his hands and slumping against the wall. Without thinking, I ran towards him and pulled him into a hug.

He stiffened before hugging me back, sobbing recklessly into my neck.

"Shh, it's okay," I murmured over and over, stroking his back and letting him weep on my shoulder.

When he finally pulled back, he wiped his red-rimmed eyes and let out a guttural sigh.

"Bella," He whispered. "You need to get out of here - before you end up like this," He gestured to his face, his voice cracking. Tears welled up in my eyes.

"I-I will but...Wh-what does 'Ufficio 1' mean?" I mumbled, sniffling and wiping my eyes on the sleeve of my shirt. Demetri smiled a little.

"It means 'office 1' in Italian," He smiled lazily, stepping away from me slightly.

"Thank you for the key," I whispered. He shrugged and placed a finger to his lips.

So I needed to find 'Office 1'? Where to start?

"Be careful - I can't help you from here," He murmured sadly, patting my shoulder.

"Thank you and…next time you see Angela tell her she is lucky to have someone like you," My voice cracked with emotion. Demetri grimaced.

"I will," He whispered. "She would adore you," He added wistfully, smiling. I let out a small, sad laugh that cracked with my weak voice.

"I'm sure I would like her too," I let out a sob and hugged him once more before pulling back and sniffling as he gave me one last wave before disappearing into the shadows. I sniffed once more before straightening up and squaring my shoulders.

Right, Office 1.

It must hold some importance if Demetri had given me this particular key. I grasped it tightly in my hands and strode down the dark hall.

I will find a way out of here - for Edward.

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