Aragorn Takes Legolas?

Aragorn wanted to kiss him so much. Legolas was kicking at him repeatedly, not caring if it hurt his friend. It made Aragorn mad, so he tied Legolas' feet very tightly. Aragorn unlocked the balcony doors He picked Legolas up and threw him over his shoulder, kicking the balcony doors climbed down the tree, being as careful as he could with Legolas. At the bottom of the tree, he laid Legolas down, while Aragorn gathered his bearings. Then he picked Legolas up and over his shoulder again. He slowly walked to the stables and retrieved his mare from his stall. He gently laid Legolas on the horse and climbed on after him, to make sure he was safe and secure. No one seemed to take any notice what was happening, and Legolas thought it was rather odd.

He turned his horse around, and ran off into the forest. They rode and rode, and it seemed like many miles from his home. Perhaps it was. He wanted to talk to Aragorn so very much about what he was doing and everyone else, for that matter. But the gag prevented that. He was so confused by and frightened of his best friend...HIS BEST FRIEND...HOW COULD YOU DO THIS, ARAGORN…?

"We are almost there, Legolas." The Elf twisted his neck to take a look. He saw an old log cabin in the distance. They were going to stay there? But for how long, and why? Legolas tried to say something to him, having forgotten the gag. No luck there. His fright and confusion was growing; and he just had to talk to Aragorn. Now!

When they arrived, he dismounted, and picked up Legolas from the horse. He swung the Prince around and headed for a tree near the cabin. The Dunedain set Legolas on the ground by it, and tied him up to the checked all his restraints to make sure they were secure.

"Legolas, I have to go clean up and take care of the cabin. I'm leaving you here for now. Then I will feed you. How does that sound? Oh, I'm sorry, you can't answer me. But If I get you something to eat right now, I will hear lots of anger and questions. I don't think I'm quite ready for that, yet, so how about we wait on that until later. Is that ok with you?" All he got from Legolas was his well known evil glare, which Aragorn knew very well and just ignored.

So he left for the hut, and Legolas was left to his thoughts. He had to escape. That's all he could think about. That and how his best friend was making his heart ache. He was so emotionally upset and didn't know what to think...except for getting away immediately.

He tugged and pulled and twisted his ankles, hands, and arms; until they were sore, raw and bleeding. Why would Aragorn cause him pain and anguish? They were like brothers, weren't they? The ropes were so tight that it was impossible to get them loose. He sat there for a minute, laying his head against the tree, feeling helpless and hopeless, which he was. He was in the hands of Aragorn which was one of the most terrifying things for him. He looked around for anything that might help him escape his captor and the frightening, depressive thoughts he just couldn't escape, either. He needed to get out of there, to desperately escape from both.

He finally looked on the ground in front of him, near his feet, and saw a large, jagged rock that he thought just might work for managed to grab it with his feet, and rubbed the sharp edge between them. It took a while, but eventually he managed to cut the tight rope on his feet apart, nicking his boots just a little; grateful that he was wearing them. Then he dragged the rock with his feet up to the rope that kept him very secured to the tree. He managed to reach the rope, and cut it as well. He sat there for a few minutes to get the circulation back in his feet. Then he got up very slowly with his eyes never leaving the hut. He slowly slipped around to the other side of the tree and ran as fast as his balance would allow. It was very difficult running with his hands tied and annoying with the gag he still was wearing. But at least he was running away from the cabin, and with any luck, Aragorn wouldn't notice he was gone for a long time. Oh, how he hoped for that. He was very apprehensive about being caught again, by his "previous best friend." But there was still the problem of finding his way home. That might be difficult, but he needed to get home and to safety. But which way was the right way? He had no idea, so he just ran randomly as fast as he could from the cabin and Aragorn. That was the most important thing.

Legolas sped along for a long, long time; and finally needed a break. He managed to remove the ropes on his hands with some sharp branches and therefore his gag. He found some thick bushes to hide in where he was sure he wouldn't be found by Aragorn. He was so frustrated he couldn't climb and hide in the trees. He was too weak and in pain but this was the best he could do. He was very still...he knew what a clever tracker Aragorn could be. Legolas was so tired and confused about where he was, that he unfortunately fell asleep. And that was his big downfall.

He was sound asleep and not aware of what was going on around him until he felt someone grab his feet and pull him out from under the bushes.

Legolas' eyes blinked and went wide with fright, when he realized who it was. "Aragorn? How did you find me? "

"Well, I am a ranger, I figured you were running and not hiding in the trees. I thought you might be in some bushes for a break somewhere, I'm a tracker and your footsteps were very easy to track. Does that explain it? Also I knew if I left you outside for a while, you would escape, anyway. We're both very resourceful, you know."

Legolas pulled himself from Aragorn's grip, He kicked Estel, and scrambled to get up and out of there.

He desperately ran, hoping Aragorn couldn't keep up with him.

Aragorn caught up with him and knocked him down, but as they were falling, Aragorn flipped Legolas over to land on his own stomach so Legolas wouldn't get hurt.

Legolas looked at Aragorn in surprise. Then he kicked him in the stomach, and kept running as fast as he could, and in spite of the pain the dunedain felt, he got up and continued on his way. Aragorn chased him, realizing how frightened he was; the Elf didn't know where he was or where he was going. The human had to find him if for no other reason but that.


Legolas!" Aragorn yelled at him, but of course there was no reply. Aragorn slowed down, feeling Legolas nearby. He looked around him, and heard a twig snap, and saw a couple of leaves fall. Legolas was so angry that he couldn't have been more quiet in a tree than he had been. But he was stiff and sore from running and being tied for so long, that he didn't have as much quiet finesse as usual. There were no other trees in the immediate vicinity and Aragorn took advantage of that.

"Legolas, come out of that tree. I know you're there."


"Should I come up and get you, then?"

"Don't you dare! Go away and just leave me alone."

Aragorn could see him quite well, so he threw a big rock as hard as he could in one direction, and grabbed and pulled a startled Legolas out of the tree. He landed in a crouched position. Aragorn pushed him down and quickly re-tied his hands and feet, and threw him gently over his shoulder.

"Why are you doing this, Estel? Why won't you just let me go? Please Estel...this makes no sense."

"Are you going to be quiet on the way back, or will I have to use a gag on you, once again? "Let's head back to the cabin and continue on with what we, or I, were going to do."

"No, Aragorn, please don't do were my best friend...why can't you just take mercy on me and let me go."

Aragorn did not say a word to that. "I told you to be quiet, Legolas. Now do as I say or face the consequences!"

Legolas was trembling; he was very apprehensive and fearful of what might happen to him at the cabin,

"Oh there it is up ahead. We're almost there, Legolas." He tripped over a few clumps of grass here and there, and a few small rocks; but he got there. He unlocked the door, threw Legolas on the small bed, locked the door, and set down on a chair to rest. He was panting and exhausted from chasing and catching the Elf.

"You almost dropped me…"

"Shut up, Legolas…"

"So what is next? What are you planning to do with me...or to me." He was fearful, but tried very hard not to show it. Aragorn just looked at him very seriously, and Legolas stared back at him with his angry, glaring blue eyes. He stared at Aragorn as he put his legs over the edge of the bed and sat up.

"Eating? That shouldn't hurt you too much, what do you think?"

"No, I'm not hungry," Legolas said determinedly, while continuing to leer at Aragorn.

"Well, that hardly matters because you have to eat, even if I have to feed you, which I suspect will probably be the are the most stubborn Elf I have ever known, Legolas!"

"And you are the most evil, horrid human I have ever known," Legolas glared daggers at him as he spoke." I'd like to see you try to feed me. It will never work."

Estel's eyes drifted down to Legolas' feet. They were raw, very sore and infected. "Legolas, how did you do this?" he asked the Elf as he was also checking his bleeding, raw, painful wrists.

Legolas tried to pull his hands away from Aragorn, and Estel pulled them back.

"I got free from you. I had to try something, human. Desperation will do that, Estel," Legolas snapped at him.

"Well, I think you should eat before I take care of your wounds." He went to the pot on the fire, spooned out some stew and grabbed a piece of roll and a small piece of cheese and water. He didn't want him to choke, after all.

"Are you hungry, yet?"

"No. Just leave me alone!"

Estel pushed Legolas back against the wall, straddled him, and gave him some soup. He put some in his mouth and held his nose and mouth until he swallowed it, involuntarily. He fed all of it to him, the roll, sopped in soup, and the cheese. "You look a little pale, Legolas. Would you like some water?"


"Ok, then I'll go get some water from my flask for you right away," He went to get some water for the Elf, completely ignoring what he had said." Do you want some water, or should I force that on you as well?"

Legolas glared at him with his bright blue eyes. He was so annoyed by Aragorn, and full of animosity, he stared at Estel the entire time. He just nodded his head and Estel gave him some water.

"Well, how do I clean and treat you? I know you won't let me willingly. There is only one thing I can think of." He went to his pack and pulled out a bottle and a cloth. He pulled Legolas down by his legs, and opened the bottle and poured some of it out onto the cloth.

Legolas fought back with all he had. He tried to kick him and push and whack him with his shoulder. But nothing worked. Legolas was tied and Estel was not. "No, please, Valar! Please help me!" He knew what Estel was going to do, but not what would happen after that. He struggled and fought and had no idea what to do to help his horrible situation.

"Sorry, Legolas, I'll make it as small an amount as possible. I just need to heal your wounds, Elf," he grinned.

"Get away from me, Aragorn...just leave me alone. Untie me and just let me leave.. I can't stand this torment, anymore. What do you want with me?"



"Well, not forever, just for a visit, Legolas…I love your visits."

Then why didn't you just invite me or visit me at home."

"I just thought this would be so much more fun."

"You are sick and twisted now, Estel."

Aragorn grabbed Legolas and threw him along the length of his bed, on his stomach. "Stop, stop, stop, it, Estel!" He put a small amount of ether onto the cloth, jumped on Legolas, tried to hold his tied legs down, while Legolas tried to buck him off, and reached up to Legolas' nose and mouth to knock him out., but Legolas fought with him in terror, and lost the battle, anyway. Slowly he fell unconscious.

Aragorn got out the medicines he needed. Then he went to the back of the cabin where there was a beautiful, very green and lush, pond; but the water was very clean. He took a bucket of water, which he filled and and took to the cabin. First he untied Legolas' hands and feet, then removed his shirt and found lots of cuts and scrapes. He washed the wounds and then covered them with Athelas and other soothing Athelas smelled absolutely wonderful as usual. Estel wrapped the wounds with clean clothes, and rags. He took care of that very quickly.

Then he turned to examine Legolas' hands. They were awful. There were cuts, abrasions, and raw, bloody torn looked very painful and sore. He washed them up very carefully, really hoping there wouldn't be any infections. "Did I do this to him," he thought. He felt very guilty about it. He couldn't believe he had done that to him. Estel put Athelas on the Elfs's feet as well as his hands. He washed his feet, medicated them and dressed them. then wound them up as gently as he could.

Legolas' feet were just as bad as his hands. It made Aragorn wonder how he could get away and run so far. Legolas was quite the Elf.

Estel lit some Athelas incense, to make the room smell soothing and wonderful. He hoped Legolas could smell it as well.

Then Estel turned him over onto his back. manacled his hands to the bedposts and shackled his feet to the bottom of the bed. So he was spread-eagled. Estel didn't want him to move around while he was healing. He would get well fast anyway, being an Elf.

Slowly Legolas awoke and realized the new predicament he was in. He was so tired of constantly being in dire situations and always being in someone else's hands. It still frightened him, but angered him even more now.

"Aragorn, what have you done to me!? ARAGORN!" Aragorn wasn't there at the time, which gave Legolas time to panic and shed a tear or two. There was nothing he could do about it with his hands and feet chained. He pulled on his extremities, yanking and twisting and pulling. Everything he could think of before. It would probably hurt him again. But it was worth the effort. What now? All he could do was wait.

"Hi Legolas. How are you?"

"Horrible since you're back. Since you won't let me go, why don't you go. That would make my day. That is if you unchain me first."

"Sorry, but that's not going to happen. I have to have a little fun, first." He gave Legolas an evil grin.

Legolas was very confused...what did Estel mean? Aragorn leaned over Legolas and played with his beautiful hair, and licked his face. He reached upward and gave him small kisses, and very deep kisses. He practically smothered him. He licked his ears, and licked up his falling tears. Legolas was so horrified. and terrified, he felt like screaming and getting sick at the same time, he thought.."

Please, Estel, stop this, it's crazy. For what reason would you want to do so to me. Why?"

"I adore you, Legolas. Don't worry, though, I don't plan on going very far with you. I want to show you a gorgeous pond out back behind the cabin. It's well worth the look."

Aragorn unlocked Legolas' manacles and locked them behind him pulling his arms up behind his back, making Legolas yell in pain. Of course he fought Aragon as long and viciously as he could, but he was so weak, Legolas had no way of winning.

"Aragon, please stop it, you are really hurting me!"

"Sorry, Legolas, just don't move or give me any trouble, alright?"

So Legolas was still and waited silently, glaring evilly at Aragorn once again, unable to take his eyes off of him. The malice would probably always be there.

Aragorn unchained the shackles which also secured Legolas to the bed, and he quickly re-chained them to each other, from the bed. He picked Legolas up and flung him over his shoulder. He opened up and locked the door, then went to the pond, sat Legolas down on the ground by it. He asked what Legolas thought of it. He just frowned and looked away. That was Aragorn's chance to use anesthesia on his victim once again. Legolas smelled ether.

"Legolas! No! Not again! Why? Why now?"

"You will find out soon, Legolas." He put the ether under his nose and mouth, and waited for the Elf to pass out. He did very quickly.


Legolas woke up leaning against a tree, starring at the Caves. He was very confused, but relieved. What happened? Did Aragorn bring him home? This was very odd. But he couldn't help but be happy to be home. He needed to go see his Adar, now, and find out what had been happening to him; if he even knew that is.