AN: My brother and I attempted to cram as many random franchises as possible into one fanfic. Phineas and Ferb happened to be the first. Here ya go. Please do not review seriously - this was made purely for... no reason, actually.

Written by my brother and I.

One day, Perry the Platypus was flying towards Dr. Doofenshmirtz's building on his glider - which, yes, was suspiciously secret-agent-like. After an admittedly rather catchy but no less evil jingle played, Perry finally crashed through the window of the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building.

He was met with an evil sneer from Dr. Doofenshmirtz himself. "Ahh, Perry the Platypus. I've been expecting you! And by that, I mean... I was not expecting you at all, I mean, really." Perry looked around in confusion, finding the room clear of anything resembling a large-, dangerous-, or potentially explosive-inator. "Come on, didn't you know today is Evil Nap Day? Yeah, it's an entire day devoted to evil sleeping. Can you believe it? So anyway, there'll be no evil -inators today, just napping, so you can run along now and take a nap as well..."

Perry gave Doofenshmirtz a suspicious look, before turning his back to leave the apartment. It wouldn't be the first time his nemesis had pulled something like this, and a nap would be much appreciated...

"Ha! Got you!" Dr. Doof slammed a half-white, half-red sphere into Perry's fur. Upon contact, the platypus was transformed into a burst of red energy and absorbed by the device.

"I call it a Capture-inator! Nifty, right? I'm going to-"

Suddenly, the Capture-inator burst open, releasing a disgruntled-looking Agent P. He took a battle stance and growled in a way which, roughly translated, meant 'You know they've already invented those in Kanto, right?' However, this was completely lost on the evil scientist.

Before Perry could lunge for the unlikely object - sorry, that's a stapler - sitting on a nearby table and use it as a weapon, a mechanical trap which was a perfect replica of a Piranha Plant (something no one observing had any way of knowing) sprang out of the ground and clamped him in its metal jaws.

"I see you have been caught in my little trap. Now I will explain my evil plan! The evildoer known online as tubbypup34 has mailed me several secret weapons, including what I call the Capture-inator. Why tubbypup34 mailed me these? I have no idea."

"Anyway, my plan is the use the capture-inator to capture my brother Roger, the Mayor. Since I am next in line to be the mayor, and with you powerless to stop me, I will take my brother's place and conquer the entire tri-state area!" Doof explained.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot," announced Doof, as he threw a half-purple, half-white sphere with two magenta dots on the top purple side at Perry, instantly absorbing him in much the same way as the first. "Can't have you running around being a general nuisance or anything like that." The sphere rocked to the side. "Now, if I was a Mayor, where would I be at exactly 1:27 in the afternoon on a Thursday..."

Dr. Doofenshmirtz walked out of the room, locking the door. On the floor, the sphere rocked back and forth another time. One more. There was a mechanical ping.

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Um - wow, that is a rather large mob - it was my brother's idea! Mostly!