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Summary: After years of friendship and two years of sharing a flat Arthur has come to realise he has fallen for his best friend, his flat mate Merlin. Knowing Merlin don't even knowing Arthur likes men, Arthur lets him find out the only way he can think of telling him... let his blind date tell him.

Warning: Malexmale. AU

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Arthur Pendragon, law student, working at his father's law firm was sat on a bar stool, he had a bad day; his father had pushed and pushed him. As soon as the clock struck five he walked into his local to see the one person who always seemed to brighten his day with just a smile no matter how bad it went.

He walked into the pub and looked over at Merlin who saw how his friend looked; he gave him a smile and poured him a drink. It was an hour later and Merlin was further down the bar, serving drinks and laughing as he took their money.

Arthur sighed. Merlin was his best friend, they had been friends for the best part of six years, two years ago Arthur moved out of his parents home saying he was twenty one and it was about time he lived on his own, truth was he couldn't afford anywhere with being a law student, yes his parents, well, his mum said she would give him money, his father said he should move back home. Arthur declined both offers and asked Merlin if he would like to get a place with him. That was two years ago and Merlin and Arthur were still living together.

Merlin was studying to become a doctor and did bar work when he could to pay for what he needed and Arthur whilst studying law worked at his father's law firm to pay for what he needed.

One year into them living together Arthur did the one thing he never expected to do. He fell for Merlin. Hard. Arthur had gone on dates and tried to get over his crush on Merlin but no matter who he went out with all he did was compare them to Merlin and Merlin won every time.

Whenever Arthur saw Merlin his stomach would flutter and his heart would jump straight into his throat. Arthur looked down the bar and saw a bloke who Merlin just served, write his number down and pass it over to Merlin who smiled and pocketed it.

Arthur loved that Merlin worked behind a bar as whenever he wanted a drink, Merlin was there with a smile, serving him, saving him a place at the bar, and slipping him free drinks every now and then. And then there were times Arthur hated that Merlin worked behind a bar. He had lost count of how many people had flirted with Merlin, how many blushed just because Merlin smiled at them, the amount of times drunks tried to grope him when he collected empty glasses.

At those times Arthur had thrown them out and threatened them. Merlin not hearing the threat thanked Arthur for his help, a hand on his arm giving it a gentle squeeze before going back to work. Merlin was killing him.

When it had calmed down somewhat, Merlin had walked over to Arthur and leaned on the bar, giving him that smile that had the blond's stomach do a crazy flutter. "So Arthur. How has your day been? I know it has been bad because of how you looked when you walked in."

"Very bad Merlin. I am sick of my father pushing and pushing."

"Don't you think that Uther only pushes so much in order for you to -?"

"Get it right? I first thought that but there is pushing in helping me get it right and then there is pushing in making sure I get it right because it can't be less than perfect."

Merlin was about to reply when someone called out asking for a drink. "We can talk more in a bit." Merlin smiled and placed his hand on Arthur's cheek before walking away.

Arthur sighed as he watched Merlin walk away and serve another customer.

As it got towards the end of Merlin's shift Arthur walked up to his friend. "Ready to go?"

"Um." Merlin looked over his shoulder, Arthur looking also saw a man stood near the door. "Actually I have a date. I didn't say as he only asked me out ten minutes ago."

Arthur sighed. "You got your key?"

"No because I knew you would be here and thought we would go home together. It's only seven I won't be late back."

"I will be going to bed early, been a long day."

"You go and get your sleep Arthur; I won't make any noise when I come in."

"Merlin it is me you are talking to."

Merlin gave Arthur his beaming smile and hurried over to the bloke waiting for him and left.

Arthur sighed and walked over to the bar. "Can I have a double whiskey please?"

Early next morning Arthur was just getting back from his morning jog, about to go into the flat he shared with Merlin when the door opened and he came face to face with the man who Merlin left the pub with last night.

Arthur walked past him to get inside his flat as the bloke walked past him to walk out. "You must be Arthur. I have heard a lot about you." he said, holding his hand out. "I'm Gwaine."

"That's nice." Arthur answered, shutting the door in his face.

"Merlin?" he called out. When he got no answer he took off his top, kicked off his trainers and pulled down his jogging bottoms and boxer briefs and headed to the bathroom. As he reached the door it opened revealing Merlin wet from the shower, only a towel covering him.

"Merlin!" Arthur all but yelled, using his scrunched up clothes to cover him.

"Arthur why are you walking around the flat starker's?"

"I am not. I came back from my jog, shouted you but you didn't answer, I thought you were asleep so I stripped and headed for the shower."

"I didn't hear you as I was in the shower."

"Yeah I guessed that." Arthur answered, not being able to help but look Merlin up and down.

"Did you meet Gwaine on your way back?"

"I did, he was just leaving as I was coming back, he said he has heard a lot about me, introduced himself and held out his hand for me to shake."

Merlin looked closely at his friend. "Arthur what did you do?"

"I slammed the door in his face."


"What? He sounded like a creep, like he was sucking up. With his 'Hi I am Gwaine' kiss ass."

Merlin shook his head and couldn't help but laugh. "He seems like a really nice guy."

"Did you decide that before or after you had sex?"

"During." Merlin smirked as he walked away and into his room.

"Kill me now please." Arthur muttered to himself as he slammed the bathroom door behind him.

After he had finished his shower and got dressed he found Merlin in the kitchen making breakfast. "I have done some eggs, toast and bacon, just cooking sausage now."

Arthur sighed. Another reason he loved Merlin. Merlin hated meat but put up with it and cooked it just because he knew Arthur loved a fry up after his jog.

"Thanks Merlin."

"You're welcome. Now eat up."

Arthur was halfway through his breakfast when Merlin started talking. "Arthur everyone I meet and date you end up not liking. May I ask why?"

Because none of them are me. Arthur thought but chose to say aloud. "It's not that I don't like them, it's just that..."


"I am training to be a lawyer, learning how to read people, they may seem good Merlin but I believe that they are not. Not enough for you anyway. Does that make sense?"

"No. But then again it is you Arthur and sometimes you don't make sense." Merlin sighed as he left the kitchen.

"'I am a lawyer I learn to read people' idiot!" he called himself, moving his plate away and dropping his head down onto the table.

They spent the rest of the weekend in the flat studying. Sunday afternoon Merlin rang the number on the paper the bloke at the bar gave him and had arranged a date for that night. After watching Merlin rush about getting ready and leaving with a smile on his face, telling Arthur he had is key and not to wait up Arthur felt he had enough.

He picked up his mobile and rang his sister Morgana.

"What do you want?" came his sister's voice.

"What? No hello first?"

"Hello. Now what do you want?"

"What makes you think I want something?"

"Arthur the only time you ring is when you want something. So. What do you want?"

"I am calling in a favour."

He heard Morgana sigh. "What do you want?"

"I know you know a lot of people and I need a date."

"A date?"

"Yes. Do you know anyone who will go out with me?"

"I know plenty of willing guys..."

"Set me up with one Morgana and let me know."

"You got it. Although I wouldn't have to do this if you just told Merlin. Idiot." she said before putting the phone down.

Arthur knew Merlin thought that he was straight, well, when Arthur went on his date he would know. He knew it was the wrong way to tell Merlin but for the last year he had been trying to find a way to tell Merlin and came up with nothing.

Within ten minutes Morgana had rang back telling him he had a date with someone called Steve and he was going to pick Arthur up at six tomorrow.

With Arthur working only in the morning he could spend tomorrow afternoon getting ready. Well. It won't take him long to get ready, it was readying himself for a date with another bloke. He had been on dates to try and get over Merlin but they were all with women.

This Steve was the first bloke he had agreed to go on a date with since he started to realise that he was gay and it was a little unnerving that it wasn't Merlin but Arthur was willing to overlook that fact in order to try and enjoy himself.

The following morning after Arthur had gone for his jog and had his shower and dressed, he knocked on Merlin's bedroom door, when he got no answer he opened the door and saw Merlin fast asleep in bed, his back to the bloke who was with him. Not caring, Arthur slammed Merlin's bedroom door shut before slamming the door to their flat.

Merlin jumped and woke up along with the bloke when his bedroom door slammed. "What was that?" he asked.

"That was my flatmate Arthur going to work."

"Does he always make so much noise?"

"When he is in a mood. Yes."

"What happened last night?"

Merlin chucked the covers off them both and saw they were both still fully dressed. "My guess is we got too pissed to do anything and passed out before we could."

The bloke smirked as he stood up. "Was a good night from what I remember. We will have to do it again sometime."

"What? Get drunk and pass out?"

"Yeah why not. See you around Merlin."

"You too Dan."

When Merlin heard the flat door shut he stripped his bed before stripping himself. His mind on Arthur, wondering what was wrong with him, why was he in Merlin's room this morning and what put him in that mood?

That afternoon Merlin was cleaning the flat when Arthur walked in. "Arthur what are you doing home?"

"Half day today. Father's not in until Wednesday so what he won't know won't hurt him." he pulled at his tie and took it off before heading into the kitchen. "Tea?"


Arthur had just finished making the drinks and turned when Merlin stepped forwards, Arthur not hearing Merlin and seeing him there when not expecting him, jumped, causing him to drop their drinks, most of it going all over the kitchen floor along with the cups that smashed but also some of it went onto Merlin's jeans causing the brunet to cry out and jump back.

"Shit Merlin!" Arthur picked him up and hurried into the bathroom.

"Arthur what are you doing?"

"You need to get them off Merlin. Now." he answered as he put Merlin down, undoing his jeans and pulling them down along with his boxer briefs before shoving him in the shower when Arthur turned it on.

"Fuck!" Merlin yelled as the cold water hit his leg.

"Sorry Merlin but that tea had just been made. I'm sorry."

"It's my fault; I should have let you know I was behind you."

Showerhead in hand, Arthur kept it close to Merlin's left leg, letting the cold water run down his leg, trying his hardest not to look at what was inches away from his face, what he had dreamed about stroking, sucking, holding, kissing.


Arthur looked up. "Keep the showerhead there Merlin. I need to find that cream for burns."

Arthur came back seconds later with the tub of cream and shut the shower off. He grabbed a towel and dabbed Merlin's leg dry before he scooped up some cream. "Sorry Merlin but if you rub it on you will do it gingerly."

"I know Arthur." Merlin took the towel and scrunched it up, his grip getting tighter the harder Arthur rubbed.

"Sorry Merlin I feel awful about this."

"It's fine Arthur really. You thought I was still in the living room."

"What made you come in the kitchen?" he asked once he washed his hands and chucked Merlin some shorts. "Best to let air get to it Merlin."


That evening after Arthur had his shower and disappeared into his room Merlin stood up when a knock sounded at the door. "I'll get that Merlin."

"I'm up now it's alri-" Merlin stopped when he saw Arthur. "New jeans, new shirt." Merlin sniffed. "Your expensive aftershave. You have a date?"

"I do. And they are here now."

"They have come for you? You normally pick her up Arthur."

"Yeah... um the thing is."

Arthur was stopped when another knock sounded at the door.

Merlin walked over and opened the door to find a bloke stood there looking smart. "Hi I'm Steve. Is Arthur in?" Steve smiled as he looked over Merlin's shoulder. "You look great."

"Thanks. You too. I'm ready."

"Not yet he isn't." Merlin said and shut the door in Steve's face and faced Arthur.

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