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Summary: After years of friendship and two years of sharing a flat Arthur has come to realise he has fallen for his best friend, his flat mate Merlin. Knowing Merlin don't even knowing Arthur likes men, Arthur lets him find out the only way he can think of telling him... let his blind date tell him.

Warning: Malexmale. AU

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"Boyfriend?" Uther laughed.

"What's funny?" Merlin asked when Arthur looked down.

"Just the thought of my son having a boyfriend."

"Well the thought of you still being married to someone like Ygraine after all these years is funny but with me being polite I don't laugh."

"And what do you mean by that boy?" Uther demanded.

"He means Uther that how you managed to keep me all these years is more laughable than our son having a boyfriend." Ygraine answered.

"I love Merlin father."

"Do you really? I'm only asking, you have been under a lot of stress lately."

"Yes I have been under stress lately. I'm sorry but what has this got to do with me loving Merlin?"

"Well I was just wondering, you may just want a release."

"Release? You think that is all this is? I first realised I was gay one year ago when I realised the feeling I felt for Merlin was love. I have been in love with him for a year I finally get the courage to tell him how I feel and you think it is all bullshit and lies just so I can get a release because of the stress I have been under. Which I remind you is all from you?"

Uther smiled. "Very well."

"Very well? Very well? Your son has been worrying himself since he found out he was gay on how to tell you, even went as far as to him hoping you never find out, it has taken him a lot of courage to tell you and all you can say is 'very well'?" Merlin asked.

"You're a good lad but don't push it." Uther replied.

"Why? What will you do? Refuse to let me serve you if you pop in the pub for a drink?" Merlin snapped. He told Arthur to remain calm but he couldn't help it. No wonder Arthur was dreading telling Uther.

"Do you wish me to yell? To disown my son? I can't really see why you are so angry." Uther asked, confused, did the boy not realise that 'very well' was his way of giving his approval.

"Of course I don't want you to disown him or yell at him. How can you not see why I am angry? Arthur has been worrying himself for a year. Fighting with himself whether to tell you or not. If you don't approve just say so instead of sitting there making Arthur feel more worse."

"I never said I didn't approve."

"You never said you did either."

Arthur frowned at his father. "Hang on Merlin." he said, his hand resting on his boyfriends shoulder. "You approve father? It doesn't bother you that I am gay and in love with a man?"

"If you're serious about this then you have my full support." Uther nodded.

"Oh." Merlin went red in the face. "I'm sorry I thought you didn't approve and you was trying to make Arthur feel small." he said quietly.

Arthur laughed and held Merlin close to him and kissed his temple. "I am serious father. Thank you."

"You have a feisty one there son." Ygraine smiled.

"Yes it's the feisty ones you have to look out for son." Uther winked. "And it's good know you have his back lad."

"Sorry." Merlin apologised again, going, if possible, redder in the face. "Oh god." he added when he remembered. "Me saying that to you about your wife. I am sorry." he groaned, burying his face in Arthur's shoulder.

"That's okay. It showed you had balls." Uther laughed. "It's been a long time since someone tried to take me on."

"Arthur sits with me at the bar most nights and keeps me company. He said he had a bad day the other day, that you pushed him too much. Always pushing him to do better when he is doing the best he can. With only having met you twice before, one of those times with you questioning if I had some kind of mental affliction I just thought you was a very hard man." Merlin explained.

"At times I can be." Uther agreed.

"Then why push me so hard father to try and better myself when I seem to be better than some who are actually lawyers and not still studying to become one?"

"I guess I could ease up on you a little, I just want to make sure you can beat whatever comes your way." Uther informed his son.

"But I have been doing father."

"I know you have son and I'm very proud of you."

"Don't just sit there. Hug your son you foolish man." Ygraine said.

"You heard your mother get over here." Uther chuckled.

"I heard mother father. I heard her talking to you. Not me."

"Don't be cheeky boy."

"He isn't being cheeky. Do as your wife tells you." Ygraine said, shoving her husband lightly.

Uther rolled his eyes and stood up. "Get over here before I change my mind."

Merlin stood up and walked around the table and hugged Uther before sitting back down, making Arthur and Ygraine laugh. "What?" he asked. "You didn't give a name."

"Like I said I like you boy. Now get over here Arthur before I sit back down."

Arthur smiled and walked around the table and hugged Uther. "Thank you father."

"Just be sure okay son, the feisty ones can have your balls for breakfast." Uther laughed.

Merlin opened his mouth to say something after looking from Ygraine to Uther and then closed it, thinking better to keep quiet.

"What it's true, we both know you wear my balls as ear rings." Uther said sitting back down, looking at his wife.

"Only when you don't do as you are told."

Merlin turned to face Arthur when he sat back down. "You were worried about telling your father why exactly?"

The next night Arthur was once again sat on his stool at the bar watching Merlin work and talk and laugh with the customers, he often saw people approach Merlin and Arthur watched as his boyfriend smiled, shook his head before pointing at him. The men who approached Merlin would nod at Arthur, smile at Merlin before walking away.

"You know regulars seeing you in here night after night will begin to think you are an alcoholic." Merlin said to Arthur when he had no one to serve.

"It is coca cola Merlin. And I am merely enjoying the view."

"Really?" Merlin asked, smirk on his face as he leaned onto the bar, inching closer to his boyfriend.

"Oh yeah. Especially when you bend over and give me the perfect view, puts a smile on my face just knowing what I will be doing to that arse once I get you home."

Merlin smiled and quickly kissed Arthur. "Promises promises."

Arthur had just finished his drink when someone sat on the stool next to him. "Hello."

Arthur turned his head and came face to face with the bloke he shut the door on the other morning.

"Remember me? I held my hand out and you shut the door in my face."

"That I did. Gwaine isn't it?"

"Yes. I told my mates what you did and they said you doing that was your polite way of telling me to 'fuck off' without actually saying the words."

"Smart mates."

"I hear you and Merlin are together now."

Arthur looked from Merlin who was serving back to Gwaine. "How did you know?"

"Merlin told me."

"Why tell you?"

"Because me along with Dan are his friends."

"You are?"

"Yes. We have been his friends for a couple of years. I want to apologise Arthur."


"How Merlin was with you that morning, what he said. I told him to say it to you hoping that you would react and tell Merlin how you felt but you didn't. When he said that to you he rang me up straight after saying you didn't confess like I hoped you would all it did was hurt you, then he started rambling and said he was going to tell you the truth, he was worried but I told him to wait it out."


"Oh yeah."

"That Dan was in bed with Merlin."

"Yes and they were both fully clothed. When Merlin realised that he loved you he made sure no one would have him that way." Gwaine looked at Merlin who was serving someone back to Arthur. "Merlin didn't want to do it. Yes he can make his own choices and could have said no and he did, many times but we told Merlin to trust us and you know what Merlin is like."

"He trusts anyone. So I took Merlin's virginity?"

"Yes Arthur. You did." came a voice. "I am sorry Arthur. I hated doing it as I know how you felt and didn't want you feeling that way I told Gwaine I refused to do it and that I could have told you. As soon as I left the pub after telling you I had a date Gwaine had to stop me coming back in."

"I know Merlin. Gwaine has told me everything. I'm glad you did though Merlin in a way as it got me to let you know, alright I didn't tell you I let you find out that way." Arthur sighed. "Think of all the time we could have had if I just..."

"Arthur that doesn't matter now. The way I see it, we are together now and that is all I am bothered about."

"Did I really take your virginity Merlin?"


"Now I feel worse."

"Why?" Merlin asked, giving Gwaine a smile in thanks when he stood up and walked away, leaving the couple to it.

"You weren't my first Merlin."

"I was your first man and I love that feeling and if it makes you feel better you can make it up to me by bottoming one time, I will be your first that way."

Later on Arthur had just come back from emptying his bladder when he heard Gwaine and Dan talking.

"He has come back?" Gwaine said.

"Yeah. He has just pulled up. We will have to sit at the other end of the bar and keep an eye on him and Merlin; it's about time he took Merlin's 'no' seriously."

"Merlin keeps telling him he is not single but he keeps pushing him."

"What about Arthur?" Dan asked.

"Let's not tell him yet."

"Too late I know." Arthur said as he made himself seen. "Just who is this who refuses to take no for an answer?"

"His name is Andrew. He keeps coming here, trying it on with Merlin, won't take no for an answer. Merlin kept letting him down gently but that didn't work. He started to push even more, Merlin thought him telling this Andrew that he was with someone would make him back off but it hasn't, he didn't believe Merlin. We all know Merlin can't lie well, this Andrew obviously knew Merlin was lying as he still keeps on pushing."

Arthur growled low in his throat. "Show me where?"

Gwaine smirked and turned Arthur around a little and pointed out to a bloke his age who took his seat at the corner table, his drink in hand, watching Merlin.

"Thank you." he said and moved back over to the stool and sat down, smiling when Merlin gave him another drink.

"Are you alright Merlin? You look a little edgy."

Merlin took a breath and smiled. "I'm fine, just tired, be glad when my shift ends."

Arthur knew Merlin was lying but just smiled and watched his boyfriend walk away, thanks to the mirror behind the bar Arthur could keep his eye on Andrew.

Andrew had been quiet this evening, he got up once to get another drink and that was it, he went back to the table and kept to himself. That was until after his third drink and Merlin went to collect the empty glasses, hands full he placed them all on the bar before going over to where Andrew was sat, he looked up and said something to Merlin who shook his head and said something before turning to walk away, only for Andrew to grab his wrist.

Arthur was about to get up and turn when Merlin snatched his arm back and moved away from him. He placed the empty glasses on the bar and saw Arthur's drink. "Thirsty are you. Drank it all already?"


"Can I get you something else?"

Arthur stood up. "Yes." And with that he turned around, drew an unsuspecting Merlin into his arms and dipped him, kissing him firmly on the lips, keeping him there until he pulled his lips away for much needed air and stood them both up.

They heard a whistle and looked to see Dan with a grin on his face. "When did you too get together?"

"Yesterday." Arthur answered. "Fell in love with him a year ago and finally admitted my feelings."

"Really? Why don't I believe that?" Andrew growled.

"Because you are as stupid as you look." Arthur snapped. "Time and time again Merlin has turned you down and yet time and time again you have refused to believe it and push even more."

"How did you -?" Merlin started but Arthur cut across him.

"Merlin isn't single and is very attached to me as I am to him. I am also very possessive and am always here when Merlin is working, I see you so much as look at Merlin in that way again I will make sure you can't see out of them for days after." he threatened, his grip on Merlin getting tighter.

"Are you sure you want this Merlin? He seems kind of violent."

"I have never been sure about anything in my whole life and Arthur is not nor has ever been or will ever be violent, he is however very protective of me which is why I love him so much. I am sick of telling you Andrew; leave me alone otherwise I will take this further."


Merlin turned to see the owner of the pub stood behind the bar. "You get yourself home and have the rest of the week off. I don't want to see you until Monday night. And you." he added, pointing at Andrew. "You're barred."

"What for!?"

"For harassing my staff!"

As he and Merlin where leaving, Arthur saw Andrew not so far behind so picked Merlin up. "Don't trust that bastard." he mumbled, making Merlin laugh as he carried them to his car.

Arthur was panting the next morning as he stepped into his and Merlin's flat; he sniffed and smiled as he could smell Merlin cooking breakfast. "Merlin?"

"In kitchen just cooking breakfast, should be ready for when you come out of shower."

"Join me?"

"Not this time." came the reply.

Arthur chuckled and started to strip as he made his way to the bathroom to shower. After he had his shower he dried himself and made to walk across their flat naked to get some clean clothes.

He opened the bathroom door and stepped out, grin on his face and walked towards their bedroom; he made to walk slowly past the kitchen to tease Merlin but stopped when he saw his boyfriend just placing his plate full of food onto the table.

"Ah you are out of the shower. Just in time. Breakfast is ready."

Arthur looked Merlin up and down. "You didn't cook all of that naked did you?"

"Of course. Why not?"

"You are something else Merlin."

Merlin laughed. "I hope you are hungry."

Arthur walked forwards and took Merlin in his arms. "Oh I am, but not for food." he answered, kissing Merlin hard before picking him up and carrying the laughing brunet to their room.

Arthur laid Merlin on the bed and turned him over onto his front and climbed up him, straddling his thighs, his hard cock slipping between Merlin's cheeks as he leaned down and began to kiss his neck. "Hands on the pillow either side of your head."

Merlin did as he was asked and shivered when he felt Arthur's tongue on his neck as it made its way down his spine, the further down Arthur got the further down he moved, now straddling Merlin's legs near his ankles.

Arthur reached out with his hands and squeezed the globes of Merlin's arse, smiling when he heard the brunet moan, he moved down and began to bite and suck the left cheek before soothing it with his tongue, he parted his lover's cheeks and moaned at the sight of Merlin's hole. "Fuck Merlin what you do to me."

"And what are you going to do to me?"

Instead of answering, Arthur moved his head right down and began to kiss around Merlin's entrance before using his tongue, pushing it in past the ring of muscle.

"Oh fuck Arthur!" Merlin cried out, scrunching the pillow up in his hand, pushing his arse in the air to get more of Arthur's tongue.

Arthur squeezed Merlin's arse and parted his cheeks more to get his face in deeper and his tongue in further. Fucking Merlin with his tongue, Arthur drew back when he heard his lover call out his name as he came on the sheets under him before collapsing.

"I'm not done with you yet baby."

Merlin slowly lifted his head up. "No?"

"Oh no." the blond answered as he got up on his knees and pulled Merlin up with him so the brunet was on his hands and knees, running his hands up Merlin's back and pulling him up onto his knees.

Merlin went willingly, his head dropping back on Arthur's shoulder who moved his hand down to cup his cock, giving it slow but firm stroke to get him hard again, which didn't take much doing as all he could feel behind him was Arthur's erection digging in him. "Arthur?"


Merlin turned his head to face Arthur as best he could and gave him a slow, passionate kiss. "I want to ride you."

Arthur moved up to the head of the bed and sat with his knees up, feet flat on the mattress. "Then ride me baby."

Merlin smiled and hurried over, straddling Arthur, he took the blonds cock in hand and was about to ease himself down when Arthur stopped him. "What's wrong?"

"I need to prepare you Merlin."

"No. I have already had your tongue; I want to feel that big cock of yours stretch me."

Arthur moaned. "Then what are you waiting for."

"You stopped me." Merlin smirked as he sank down onto his lover's hard length, moaning as he felt himself being stretched.

"You okay?"

"Yeah." Merlin panted, he sat still a moment to get used to the feeling before he slowly started to move, taking Arthur's hands in his, bouncing more up and down. "Th- thrust up Ar- Arthur."

Arthur let go of Merlin's hands, placing them on the brunet's hips, pulling him down as he thrust up making Merlin cry out. "Oh fuck Arthur, again, please..."

Arthur smirked and did it again and again, how he loved to watch Merlin lose control over this, he moved to touch the brunets cock but got his hand slapped away. "No. I want to come on your cock alone." he panted.

Feeling himself close to coming again, Merlin took Arthur's face in his and captured those lips with his, thrusting his tongue inside as Arthur thrust up more, when he felt Arthur's hands move round to his arse and squeeze, Merlin lost it and came again, screaming into Arthur's mouth as he came over both of their stomachs. Arthur following after two more thrusts, emptying himself inside of the man above him.

Merlin pulled his head back and let it drop onto the strong shoulder. "I love you Arthur." he panted.

"I love you too Merlin." Arthur moaned, lifting his arms up to bring Merlin, if possible, closer. "So much."

The End.

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