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Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship - Drabble No.: 7 - Words: idk

"Seriously, Calem?" She shook her head in disbelieving disapproval, causing a waterfall of glossy blonde hair to fall over her face, partially cloaking her sharp, dainty features from view. "Seriously?"

His face contorted, drawing her attention back to the excruciating agony stemming from the mangled mess of his left leg. "I... wanted to visit you."

"Oh yes, because that's going to be any comfort," she retorted sarcastically. "How the hell did an attempt to sneak into my bedroom like you're doing a degree in sparkly Twilight vampires morph into a painful encounter with my Rhyhorn?"

Hands flying deftly over his exposed flesh, she swiftly sterilised the wound and with much delicacy and gingerliness, she pressed a bandage to it. Forehead was beaded with perspiration, he leaned forward; his eyebrows were deeply knitted and his mouth slightly ajar, all senses lost in his agony.

Calem surveyed his childhood friend cautiously through slitted eyes, desperately holding back tortured moans. Her face was taut and blanched white; her cherry-red lips formed a thin line.

Definitely not a good time to start apologising, then.

"So..." he began tentatively. "Do you really have a fever, or was it all just a hoax to deceive your parents?"

The blonde scoffed and tossed her hair back. "If I needed someone to look after me, I would've called."

He watched her finish attending to his injury (thank Arceus that was finally over), and couldn't help noting her rigid, jerky movements as she stashed her equipment back into her first-aid kit.

"Next time," she hissed through gritted teeth, "instead of going to all this trouble, you could simply call me. Or bring along some berries for Rhyhorn."

"It's not my fault that you have a monster living in your garden, and a hideous one at that-"

"It's not a monster, you brainless moron! IT'S A GORGEOUS CREATURE AND-"

In the next room, Serena's parents' bed creaked.

Both froze.

After what felt like eternity, Serena eventually regained her composure enough to stalk towards the bathroom in a huff. "Baka."


In spite of his current state, Calem felt the side of his lips tilt up in a smirk. She cares for me, really. She just doesn't want to see me hurt.

Trying his luck, he called out, "Hey, Serena — thanks."

And as a cool stream of water rushed over Serena's face, an infinitesimal blush tinged her cheeks.

Written 24 June 2013
Published 29 June 2013

Moral of the story: don't keep a Rhyhorn in your garden.
(okay this was written at 4AM on June 24 and I have no idea what it is)

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