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"Good morning sweet boy." I whisper to my son as I lift him from his bassinette. "Daddy is still asleep and lord knows he's going to be grouchy since he decided to get drunk with silly Uncle Elliot, yes he did." He gripes and groans as I prop him up against my chest, rubbing his back in soft circles.

I giggle as I look at my husband who is lying on his front, hugging the pillow with his head turned to one side, drooling, only Christian Grey could make drooling look adorable.

"Matty, this is why you shouldn't drink when you're a big boy, because hangovers suck and your wife or girlfriend will do everything she can to make you suffer whenever you have one." I sit back down on the bed and untie my robe, managing to remove it with one hand whilst holding my son in the other then drop the strap of my nightgown.

"It's alright sweetie, there you go." I say as I guide him to my breast and he latches quickly, his little arms bouncing as he suckles. I feel my eyes get heavy, I am completely exhausted but the baby in my arms doesn't appear to adhere to my schedule!

Just as I am about to drift off to sleep Matthew pulls away from my nipple, indicating that he's either finished, or has gas… I am hoping for the former.

"Are you done baby boy?" I ask him, leaning down to kiss his little button nose. He pulls his little footed feet up to his chest which tells me he has wind. I prop him up on my shoulder; barely managing to get two repetitions of the pat-rub routine before he belches loudly.

"Good job, such a good boy Matthew." I slowly return him to the crook of my arm, kiss his sweet forehead and gently rock him back to sleep which thankfully doesn't take too long. I creep over to the bassinette and lower him inside, holding my breath as he fusses at the motion but calms after a few reassuring murmurs from me. Once he's settled I climb back into bed, I snuggle into the side of my husband and lay a few butterflies kisses on his shoulder before sleep claims me once more.


I wake up an hour or two later and decide to get up, I doubt my husband will be awake for quite some time yet. I change into a pair of leggings and a baggy off the shoulder sweater with a cami underneath before making sure that I take Matthews monitor with me and pad downstairs, finding Grace and Carrick sitting with Olivia in the breakfast room.

"Good morning darling, how did you sleep?" Grace asks as she sets her cup of coffee down.

"I slept okay thank you, how about you?" I take a seat beside my in-laws and pour myself a glass of orange juice, taking a grateful gulp of the ice cold sweetness before reaching for my daughter; I sit her down on my lap and whisper my good-morning into her hair.

"We slept fine dear, is my son awake yet?" Carrick answers with a smirk.

"I doubt it, I woke up around four to feed Matthew and Christian was hugging the pillow and drooling. He hasn't moved or made a sound since, except for the occasional sleepy grunt.

"I think our grandchildren should wake their fathers this morning don't you think darling?" Grace chuckles at me.

"I think that's a wonderful idea Grace, and although it's a rare joy to watch Christian let loose and have fun for a change, he was completely wrecked last night. It'll be nice to watch him suffer the consequences of having to look after small children with a hangover." Carrick agrees.

"I could count the times I've witnessed Christian drunk on one hand, and if I'm being honest, he is quite an adorable drunk." I giggle at the memory of his drunken fuck last night; it was quite spectacular if I'm being honest.

"Mama, dah!" Olivia tugs on my arm impatiently, then holds both of her hands out, palms up and shrugs in question; obviously wondering where her father is and why he isn't with us.

"Daddy's sleeping button, he'll be up soon though, okay?" I smile down at her and kiss her chocolate curls.

"Tay mama." She nods at me and wraps her arms around my neck.

"Do you want some breakfast baby?" I ask her as I stroke her back. Her head is leaning against my breast with her hand laying over the top swell.

"Mama, yeah." Olivia nods excitedly; she loves her food which pleases her father immensely

"What would you like, cereal, pancakes and fruit or some oatmeal?"

"Cake, fwoot?" She tells me with her toothy grin.

"Okay, can you sit with Grammy and poppa while mommy goes to get some pancakes for you?" I ask her, she nods excitedly and claps her hands. I give her over to Grace and kiss her hair before going over to the kitchen. Gretchen is standing at the stove cooking up a storm; the scent of bacon lingering in the air is making my mouth water in anticipation.

"Hello Mrs. Grey, is there anything I can get you?" She asks me with a tight smile, I still don't like her since she looks at Christian like he's a piece of meat she'd love to nibble on but I push that aside and concentrate on my best, most gracious and polite smile.

When in reality you want to slap the shit out of her.

"Hi Gretchen, I just wanted to know if there is any pancakes ready for Olivia?"

"I'm just about to start on those just now; I'm also making Belgian waffles. Breakfast should be done soon though. I just have to make the pancakes and waffles, everything else is ready and in the warmer. Is there anything you'd like me to serve with them for Olivia or the other children?" She asks me as she stirs the buttermilk batter.

"Just some fresh fruit, and could you serve a bowl of whipped cream as well please, I'll add that and the syrup once you bring her plate through. I only give her a small amount because she gets it everywhere and trying to brush out a toddler's hair that's matted with syrup isn't fun at all." I tell her with a sardonic expression which earns me a smile in return.

"No problem Mrs. Grey, would you like me to bring you anything?" She asks me as she flips the golden pancake. I don't particularly like the woman but I can't deny that she makes the best buttermilk pancakes I've ever tasted, even better than IHOP and don't get me started about her waffles, they are the perfect balance between crispy on the outside and warm and soft in the middle, just delicious!

"Just a cup of tea, bag out please. I'll be in the breakfast room, thank you Gretchen." I tell her once I've snapped myself out of my daydream then make my way back to the table.

"Mama, cake?" She frowns at me, wondering where her pancakes are.

"They aren't ready yet button. Miss Gretchen is cooking them for you though; you'll get them soon." I tell her, she's sitting on Grace's lap with her arms crossed in front of her chest and a pout on her adorable face.

"No, now mama." She whines with her lower lip jutting out, I have to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing at her as she is obviously in the huff.

"Olivia Katherine, stop pouting. You can't get them now because they aren't cooked and you'll get a sore tummy, say sorry for speaking to mommy like that." Grace admonishes her while she looks at her feet, like they are the most interesting thing on the planet then she sighs heavily.

"Sworry mama."

"Thank you for saying sorry button, I love you so much. I'm sure Miss Gretchen will bring your pancakes soon." She holds her arms out to me, indicating that she wants to sit with me instead of with Grace, probably because she got into trouble from her Grammy. Just as I get her settled on my lap, Gracie comes shuffling into the breakfast room, her pigtails in disarray, one leg of her pyjamas is hitched up to her knee and she appears to still be half asleep.

"Good morning bug, did you sleep well?" I ask Gracie as she comes over to me and hoists herself up beside me, I have Olivia balanced on one thigh and Gracie balanced on the other.

"I guess it was okay 'cept Ava's snoring and Ted he talked when he was asleep." She grumbles and rests her head against my shoulder.

"So have you woken up a little grumpy bug today?"

"Yep, I'm gonna be a grumpy bug all day 'cause I'm overtired." She sniffs haughtily and I can't stop myself from giggling.

"You are so like you're daddy baby girl. How about mommy makes it her mission to un-grump my bug?"

"It's not gonna work mommy, I'm grumpy in my bones today." I can see Graces shoulders falling up and down with the accompanying sounds of choking due to restrained laughter behind the newspaper.

"What about if you have pancakes, fresh fruit, whipped cream and syrup for breakfast?" I whisper in her ear and she pulls back to look in my eyes.

"Are you messing with me mommy? Cause that's mean if you are…"

"I'm being serious; will that un-grump the grumpy-bug?"

"I think it just might do the trick mommy." She giggles and kisses my cheek then kisses Olivia.

"Mornin' Livvy." She tells her little sister who is snuggled into my side sucking her thumb. I hope she gets rid of that habit soon, especially when she tries to speak with her thumb in her mouth.

"Grams, I had fun here last night, I think we should all live here all the times cause it's so much fun… but we has to bring Nana, Uncle Jason, Uncle Luke and Lacy." She says to Grace with a grin on her face "Oh, and the puppies!" She adds with an adorable nod of her head.

"We can't all live her bug, wouldn't you miss your bedroom and all your toys, what about our back garden, your tree house, the fort and the playground daddy and your uncles built? Wouldn't you miss all that?" I ask her and she contemplates it for a few moments.

"I guess so, but it was a nice dream while it lasted." She sighs wistfully and I completely lose it, along with Grace and Carrick.

"You are absolutely adorable sweet girl." I give her a big kiss on the cheek before she hops down and sits on one of the booster seats so she can reach the table and I put Olivia into her highchair.

"Morning mom, Grams, pops." Ted says as he plops himself down at the table.

"Hey baby, is Ava awake?" I ask him as I run my hands through the gorgeous disarray of sleepy wayward copper curls in an attempt to tame them.

"Yep, she's in the bathroom then she's coming down. Have I missed breakfast?" Ted asks as he rubs his tummy.

"No, it's getting made right now, should be done soon." I tell him while he pours a drink for himself and Gracie. Olivia has a Sippy cup on the table but she doesn't want it.

"Morning Steele." Kate says as she walks—waddles—past me with Ava following behind her mother.

"Morning Kavanagh, how are you feeling?" I ask her, her bump is getting bigger by the day. I can't believe that in less than nine weeks I'll have my first nephew, I am so excited.

"We're fine, a certain someone who is inside my belly kept me awake all night with his incessant need to audition for stomp." She admonishes her tummy lightly, which causes us all to laugh lightly. Mia and Ethan file in and take their seats, it's lucky that Grace and Carrick had enough foresight to pick out a table that seats twelve comfortably and fourteen at a push. Gretchen pushes in the warmer trolley laden with food, and Olivia starts bouncing in her highchair clapping her hands.

"Mmmm cakes, fwoot mama!" She hums as she takes in the scent of the delicious breakfast foods available, pointing at the tray. Gretchen transfers the serving dishes from the tray onto the table and once she's finished she heads back to the kitchen to get the toast, tea and coffee.

"Is there anything else I can get for any of you?" She asks.

"No, I think that's everything Gretchen dear, unless anyone else wants anything?" Grace says to her and we all shake our heads, eager to dig in, and as soon as she leaves the room, we do.

"Teddy, Gracie… just wait a second and mommy will give you your breakfast; just tell me what you want okay?"

"Okay mommy." Gracie nods and Ted waits patiently, his eyes devouring the food on the table.

"Gracie, would you prefer waffles or the pancakes?" I ask her and she rubs her hands together and licks her lips.

"Um, waffles." I spear two waffles and pop them onto her plate, giving them a light dusting of powdered sugar over the top, it's not as if the kids get something sweet and sugary for breakfast all the time, the most they ever get is pancakes with a little syrup so this will be a treat. I spoon on heaps of fresh fruit salad, then a spoonful of whipped cream before drizzling on some syrup.

"Do you want me to cut it up for you bug?" I ask her and she nods with her eyes wide, as does Ted and Ava. I cut her waffles into four and hand her the plate with a fork.

"What do you want Ted?" I ask him.

"Um, can I just have the same as Gracie, except I'd like three waffles, if that's alright? Oh, and maybe after the waffles I can have some bacon and eggs."

"Sure thing buddy." I dish up his, the exact same way as Gracie's then hand him his plate."

"Can I have the same as Gracie and Ted mom?" I hear Ava ask.

"Sure sweetie, I think I'm going to have the same… it looks so yummy." Kate laughs as she plates up the same items for the both of them.

"If daddy and Uncle Christian don't get up soon there isn't going to be any left for them." Kate looks at me and we both smirk.

"Serves them right, it's their own fault that they're hung-over!" Kate giggles.

Too bad for them, they shouldn't have gotten so drunk.

"Mamaaaa cake for me?" Olivia whines.

"I'm getting yours baby, just two more minutes okay." I say as I grab a pancake and add it to her plastic bowl, cutting it into small pieces.

"Tay." She seems satisfied watching me get her breakfast ready while my stomach growls impatiently for me to get my own. I add some fruit, whipped cream and syrup into her bowl then place it on the tray of her highchair, then hand her the plastic fork; which is pretty pointless because she prefers to use her hands. I fill her Sippy cup with orange juice and hand it over to her then start getting my own breakfast ready. Once I'm done I grab my fork and knife and dig in.

"How bad was Christian last night Ana? Elliot was completely wrecked and practically poured himself into bed." Kate shakes her head as she munches on a strawberry. I feel completely stuffed, I ate every bit of food on my plate and Christian wasn't even here to witness it.

That is pathetic you know…

"He wasn't that bad but he'll still have a headache whenever he decides to roll out of bed though." I giggle, shaking my head at his drunken antics. I can't believe he was about to ask if he could fuck me right in front of his parents. I finish the juice in my glass and groan at the amount of food I've just eaten as Ted sets about eating his bacon, eggs and sausage.

"Can me and Ava watch cartoons?" Gracie asks.

"It's fine with me as long as Grams and Poppa say its okay with them. So you better ask nicely." Gracie jumps down of her chair, goes over to Grace and bats her little lashes sweetly.

"Grams, may I please watch cartoons in the family room." Oh, that kid is good!

"Of course you can sweet girl." Gracie jumps up onto Grace's lap.

"Thanks Grams, you are the bestest Grams in the whole world." She kisses Grace's cheek then jumps down, grabs Ava's hand and the both of them skip out of the room giggling.

"Mama, me sthicky." Olivia reaches her pudgy hand out to me, clenching and unclenching her fist to illustrate its level of stickiness.

"You are most definitely all sticky, little girl! Let's go get you cleaned up. Should we visit daddy and wake him up once we're done?"

"Mmmhm, dahh." She nods excitedly. I go to bathroom and grab a small face cloth to wipe her hands before taking her upstairs because if I don't, she'll get syrup in my hair. I go back to the breakfast room and wipe her hands and lift the tray from the highchair. I pick up all the soggy bits of pancake and fruit that's stuck to her pyjama bottoms before lifting her up.

"Mama tum thee dah." She pats my cheek trying to convince me to take her upstairs to see her daddy.

"We'll go upstairs and get you dressed then I'll take you to wake daddy up with kisses okay?" I tell her, she responds with a loud squeal and kicks her legs as I balance her on my hip. I can't believe she's twenty-two months old. She's almost two; it's unreal how fast time goes by.

I take her upstairs and into the guest room just along the hallway from Grace and Carrick, where they put up her pack'n'play. I dump her on the bed so that her butt bounces, earning me giggles of delight. I grab a pair of brown leggings with a cream cashmere sweater dress, paired with chestnut ugg boots. We decided against putting them on since we're in the house and there's no point in wearing boots inside, well according to Gracie anyway and since Olivia heard Gracie and I arguing about that precise topic, she's decided that she won't wear boots or any kind of shoe in the house. I'm just about to take Olivia into Christian's childhood bedroom when I hear Matthew begin to cry, perfect timing or what?!

"Shall we go wake daddy?" I ask her in a whisper, she responds with an excited nod of her head. "Okay, let's go wake him then. I'll dump you on the bed and you can tickle daddy, and give him lots of kisses okay?"

"Tay, me waked dah?"

"Yes you… mommy will hold Matthew since it's only you that's allowed to wake daddy up today." She beams at me obviously ecstatic at the thought on getting one up on her baby brother. I plop Olivia down on the bed while I go to Matthew who is fussing that adorable newborn baby cry, it just seems to pierce my heart each time I hear him cry it.

"Hey little man, are you ready for your breakfast?" I ask him as I rock him in my arms.

"Dahhh, waked waked." She whispers into Christian's ear before smacking her lips on his cheek then sits back waiting for his reaction.

"DAHHHH!" Olivia shouts as she sits on her knees at the side of her father, he stirs and groans but is generally unresponsive.

"Tell him to wake up baby, you have to shout though." I tell her with a giggle.


"Oh g-god, I think I've gone to hell!" Christian groans and buries his head into the pillow.

"Mama, dah not up." She frowns at her father then decides another tactic. She pulls herself over to him and somehow manages to sit on his lower back and begins to bounce.

"Waaaaked up, waaaaaked uuuuup." She continues to bounce while Christian prays to the gods.

"I'm up, I'm up. Just please stop bouncing." He lifts his arm behind himself and braces Olivia while he turns around. His eyes are bright red and bloodshot, and although it's completely horrible I burst out laughing.

"Ana, it's not… oh god I think I'm going to throw up." He tells me before jumping out of bed and running headlong down the hallway to the bathroom, as Kate comes up the stairs.

"Mama, me got dah up." She gives me a toothy grin and giggles.

"You did little miss. Well done, I think daddy is feeling yucky though." I tell her as I run my hands through her wispy curls. I kiss her forehead and inhale the scent of my sweet baby girl.

"One down, one to go… let's go wake Uncle Elliot Livvy." Kate holds out her hand for Olivia to take and leads her down the hallway to the room they shared for the night. I hold my son in my arms and enter the bathroom to find my husband praying to the porcelain gods.

Oh fuck, what the fuck did I do last night, I rake my brain for some semblance of a clue to why I feel like shit? Then it hits me, I was drinking with Elliot, and oh shit, what the fuck did I drink last night, and why the fuck is Olivia jumping all over me and squealing?

""Oh g-god, I think I've gone to hell!" The longer I ignore her, the louder she squeals and the harder she bounces so I give up the ghost of pretending to sleep while I suffer in silence.

"I'm up, I'm up. Just please stop bouncing." My eyes are still shut and I can't for the life of me persuade them to open with my head buried in the pillow, which is where I'd prefer it to stay but I suspect my wife has other ideas. I can feel my daughter sitting on my back and about to start bouncing again so I lift my arm and brace her so that I can turn around without fear of hurting her. I manage to open my eyes although I can't see for shit and for some unknown reason my wife finds that fact amusing.

Oh shit, oh fuck… I'm going to vomit. Oh please don't make me vomit.

"Ana, it's not… oh god I think I'm going to throw up." I manage to croak out before feeling the saliva build up in my mouth and I know my stomach is going to begin expelling soon so I toss the sheets back and jump out of the bed, I run down the hallway just in time to empty my stomach contents.

Oh Jesus lord that fucking stinks, why does it always smell so damn rancid when you vomit due to alcohol and the taste oh fuck the taste is even worse.

"Oh god, please make it stop. Oh fuck, oh…" Each time I think I can't possibly puke any more, my stomach decides to prove me wrong and I vomit.

"Are you okay honey? Do you want some water?" Ana asks in a concerned tone while my son fusses in her arms.

"I'll be fine baby, just take care of Matthew, it's my own fault for drinking like a twenty year old when I'm middle aged." She lets out more glorious peals of laughter and my fucked up, hung-over head can't even appreciate it since the sound pierces my temples and burns right through my brain. I don't want her to leave me; I need her to take care of me.

"Christian, you don't have to pretend, I know how much you hate being nauseous. I'm going to take Matthew down to your mother then I'll come back up to take care of you okay?" She tells me while rubbing my back, soothing me in my time of need.

"Oh thank fuck, please hurry back baby." I say with my eyes watering… because I've vomited, it's not like I'm crying or anything.

Yeah right Grey, you big fucking wuss!

Ana leaves the bathroom while I hug the bowl, my head leaning against the cold porcelain which feels amazing against my sweaty brow. A few minutes pass then Ana comes into the bathroom and kneels down beside me, she wraps her arm around my back and soothingly rubs up and down while I dry-heave.

"I have some water and Advil for you; do you think you could try a few small sips for me? I don't want you to get any more dehydrated than you already are." I lift my head and take the glass of water and take a gulp, swirl it around in my mouth and spit it out which sort of helps with the rancid taste. I take the two pills and toss them into my mouth, swallowing with a small sip of water.

"I hate being sick." I tell her as my stomach lurches and I feel the bile rise in my throat but I push it back and control my breathing.

"I know you hate it, but Christian… you never let loose and just have fun. It was wonderful to see you having a good time with Elliot last night, even though you got completely shit-faced." She giggles as she rubs her hand up and down my back. What the fuck did I ever do to deserve this wonderful woman?

"I love you Ana, can you just hold me please?" I ask her in a pathetic, weak and shaky voice. She wraps her arm around my waist and I bury my sweaty brow into her neck, taking comfort in her delicious scent.

"It's okay sweetheart, you'll feel better soon." She tells me in a soothing voice. Just her presence soothes me.

"I'm never drinking in excess ever again. This is the reason why I don't drink alcohol." I whine, my head is banging and my stomach is doing summersaults.

"You need to eat something; I brought up some ginger ale and a few crackers. If you at least try to eat them, they'll soak up whatever's left in your stomach." I know she's right but I don't think I can possibly eat or drink anything right now. She moves me slightly and stands up.

"Baby, where are you going?" I ask, worried that she's going to leave me to sit in my own self-inflicted misery.

"I'm just getting a cold washcloth…" She tells me as she turns on the cold tap at the washbasin. A few moments later she sits back down beside me, moving so that my head is resting on her lap as I lie on the floor and presses the cold cloth to the back of my neck.

"That feels nice, thank you for taking such good care of me." I whisper, running my hand up and down her legging-covered thigh, even when hung-over 'Big G' starts to twitch…down boy, not now… my head hurts like shit!

I don't know how long we lie here in silence with Ana continually giving me gentle caresses wherever her soft hands can reach and pressing the cold cloth to my neck and forehead until it becomes warm.

"How do you feel now sweetheart?" She asks me, her fingertips gently brushing up and down my bare back.

"A little better, I don't feel so sick anymore but my head is still pounding. If I ever even hint at getting drunk with Elliot, please remind me of how shitty I feel right at this moment and it should deter me from ever thinking of doing this again."

"Do you think you could try something to eat?" She asks with a hopeful lilt to her voice. I'm just about to tell her that I can't eat anything when my stomach answers for me with a loud, fierce growl of hunger which causes my love to giggle sweetly.

"I'll take that as a yes. Come on, let's get you dressed." She moves me off her lap and stands up, offering me her hand which I take gladly and pull myself to my feet. I go over to the counter and turn on the cold tap, I take a handful of water and splash it over my face, I repeat the action as it feels amazing against my warm, clammy skin. I quickly brush my teeth, thankful that it manages to completely remove the taste of alcohol infused vomit. Once I'm done we go back into my old bedroom and Ana fishes out a pair of grey sweats and a white t-shirt, clean socks, boxer-briefs and hands them over to me.

Once I'm dressed, Ana takes my hand and leads me downstairs to the family room where my parent's, Kate, Mia, and Ethan are sitting with the kids. Ava is holding Matthew in her arms, feeding him his bottle with a massive smile on her face.

"Uncle Christian… look, I'm feeding Matty by myself!" She tells me excitedly.

"I can see that sweetie; you need to get some practise before your little brother gets here." I tell her, trying to subdue the aching at my temples, hoping that if I ignore the pain it'll somehow disappear.

"Is Elliot up yet?" I ask Kate and she smirks.

"Oh he's up alright, Olivia made sure of that. He's still in the bathroom vomiting I think." Poor bastard, I got the same wake-up call but at least I have a wife who is empathetic to my hung-over state.

"How are you feeling darling?" Grace asks me.

"I have a bad headache and I vomited quite a few times." I answer with a pout, feeling more than just sorry for myself.

"I'm just about to make him something light to eat to try and settle his stomach." Ana answers, rubbing her hand up and down my back. "Are you alright with Matthew while I make something for Uncle Christian to eat honey?" Ana asks Ava and she nods with a smile.

"I'm fine Aunt Ana, I like feeding and holding him. I can't wait until mommy has my little brother; I'm gonna be the best big sister ever." She answers with a grin. "If my arms get tired I'll give him to Grams or mommy." Ana seems satisfied with that answer so she takes my hand and leads me through to the kitchen.

Gretchen is tidying the last of the breakfast dishes when we enter, she looks up at me, instantly blushes and starts fluttering her lashes at me, right in front of my wife.

Get over it Gretchen—it's just a face.

"Oh Mr. Grey… is there anything I can get you sir, anything at all?" She asks me as she squares her shoulders, trying to make herself seem more appealing.

"No thank you Gretchen. My wife is just going to make me something to eat." I answer in an even, uninterested tone. I have never shown her the slightest bit of attention in the fifteen some years she has worked for my parents, you'd think that she would take the hint that I'm not interested in her.

"I'm happy to make something for you Mr. Grey; it is my job after all!" She narrows her eyes at Ana and I feel my blood begin to boil. "Now what can I get you, anything in particular that you're… um… hungry for?" Her pupils dilate with desire as her skin flushes and her breathing increases at the double entendre in her words.

"I'm more than capable of seeing to my husband's needs Gretchen; that will be all." Ana almost growls, making me smirk happily. I fucking love it when she gets jealous and possessive, but Gretchen isn't backing down.

"The cooking and cleaning of this house is my responsibility, so please allow me to continue to do my job to the best of my ability." Gretchen almost growls, if I wasn't so fucking hung-over I would have served her ass to her by now. I'm just about to say something when I feel a gentle hand at my elbow, moving me out of the way.

"Gretchen, I think you'll also find that it is in your job description and in your best interests to treat my family with the respect they deserve. Please go perform your other duties elsewhere, my daughter-in-law would like to make her husband something to eat and I think she'd prefer for you not to be in her general vicinity for the remainder of the day." Gretchen lowers her head and quickly scurries from the room like the little rodent that she is. I look up at my wife and I can see the fire in her eyes, it's not often that it's there but when it is… I know that I am about to have some very rough, very hard fucking in my not-so-distant future.

Fuck yes!

"I can only apologize to you darling, she needs to learn her place or she'll find herself swiftly unemployed."

"It's fine Grace, it's no secret that 'Gretchen' has a thing for Christian, she's just never been quite so obvious in her hatred for me." Ana says wryly. She's fucking glorious. I remember very little of what transpired last night but I do remember fucking the shit out of Ana, twice.

"I'll be having a very long discussion with her this evening and determine if she is going to remain in my employment. I am really sorry for the way she just spoke to you darling." Grace says as she wraps my wife in her arms.

"You have nothing to apologize for Grace. Thank you for sticking up for me." Ana replies, rubbing her hand up and down Grace's back before stepping away from the hug. "I suppose I should make your son his breakfast then huh?"

"I think he'd appreciate it since he is positively famished." I quip with a grin, which earns me with an eye-roll and a slap on my shoulder from my wife.

"I'll leave you to it then my dear, I'm going to go back to the family room and spend some time with my beloved Grandchildren." Grace says as she kisses our cheeks and leaves the kitchen. After what feels like a split second later Ana fists her hands in my hair and is attacking my lips with wild abandon.

"Mine." She whispers against my kiss-swollen lips.

"Yes baby, yours… always yours." I tell her as I run the back of my knuckles down her cheek and neck while peppering her lips with butterfly kisses.

"What are you hungry for, besides me?" She asks with a cheeky smirk.

"I dunno… just give me whatever you're making as long as it isn't too greasy because my stomach still feels kinda iffy." I tell her as she moves me to sit at the breakfast bar.

"How about a cheese and ham omelette, whole-wheat toast, followed by fresh fruit that's topped with cherry yoghurt? Oh, and a cup of coffee and a glass of Orange juice with bits?" She asks me with her head in my mother's refrigerator.

"That sounds perfect baby." I say with my head resting on my hand and my eyes closed. The throbbing at my temples is just as bad, if not worse than when I woke up.

"Hey daddy." I open my eyes to see my daughter standing at the side of me who is still in her PJ's with her pigtails all mussed up.

"Hey princess!" I lean down and lift her onto my lap, placing a chaste kiss at her temple.

"What's the matter daddy… you look kinda sad?" She says with a frown.

"Don't worry baby, daddy just has a sore head. Do you know what'll make me feel better…?

"Um I dunno." She says, looking up to give me a cheeky, dimpled grin. Fuck she is just precious and adorable. I know for fucking sure that by the time she is fifteen I'll be beating the boys off her with a steel bat. "I need a special love-bug hug." I tell her, kissing her temple.

"Uncle Lelliot has a sore head too; Aunt Kate said that he's a… silly-goose, well she used another word that I'm not sposed to say so I won't repeat it cause I'd get into biiiig trouble from you and mommy." She whispers the last part as if she's telling me a deep-dark secret.

"Well I'll be giving Aunt Kate into trouble for saying bad words around you." I tell her with a kiss to her temple.

"No… It's okay daddy, Ted got me two dollars for my promise not to tell you… aw drat. I just told you didn't I?" I try to stifle my laughter at her; she's holding her head in her hands in exasperation at herself. I look over at Ana and I can see her shoulders bobbing up and down in silent laughter.

"Ted says I'm just not very good at keeping my mouth shut, so they gosta know that by now so why even bother daddy, they're just wasting good money?!" She tells me incredulously. Jesus this kid is my clone.

"I don't know why bug… maybe they just want to give you their money? But you're never supposed to keep secrets from mommy and daddy so it doesn't matter that you told okay?"

"Okay daddy. Mommy, can I have some juice, I'm thirsty?" She asks Ana, swinging her legs back and forth from her seated position on the high back stool at the breakfast bar.

"Sure baby girl. Do you want Apple, Orange or Grape?" Ana asks as she takes a plastic princess cup from the cupboard.

"Ummmm… can I have Apple please?"

"Sure sweetie." Ana quickly pours out her juice and brings it over, then continues to chop up my fruit while the omelette cooks. The scent that accompanies my breakfast is making my mouth water in anticipation.

"Guess what daddy…" Gracie rests her fuzzy, mussed up head against my shoulder and looks up at me with a grin.

"Okay, I'll bite… I'm guessing what?" I lay a kiss on her dimpled cheek and spin her around a little so that she is sitting sideways on my lap.

"Well…" Oh boy, whenever Gracie starts a conversation with the word 'Well' it tends to last a while. "Ava was snoring all night and Ted was talking in his sleep so I woked up a grumpy-bug and mommy said she was gonna try and un-grump me but I told her it was simpossiple—no wait, that's not how that word is aposed to sound—simpossible, yeah simpossible. So mommy whispered in my ear that she was gonna give me a special treat for breakfast to un-grump me, you wana guess what my treat was daddy?" Damn, this kid is so adorable and even though I am currently drowning in the fifth circle of hell—more commonly known as hung-over—it's impossible not to find her completely adorable.

"Okay, um let me think for a second… uh did mommy let you eat a slimy toad with lots of warts?" She wraps her arms around my neck and giggles heartily.

"No silly sausage, guess again." She tells me with an indulgent look on her face.

"Uhh… did she let you eat a million cookies with a scoop of every flavour of Ben & jerry's ice cream?"

"Daddddddyy, be serious—if mommy had let me eated all that I'd be bouncing around the house like a ball of energetic sugar on a sugar high." Ana and I both giggle at that,

Oh sweet girl, that's you on a good day.

"How about, did mommy let you have a chocolate bar for breakfast?"

"No daddy, d'ya just want me to tell you cause we're gonna be here all mornin' for you to get it?" I kiss her button nose and her forehead with a loving smile and gaze into her eyes, my eyes exactly copied into her small beautiful face framed.

I never thought it would be possible for me to love someone, anyone. I was always convinced that I'd leave fifty percent of GEH to Elliot's family and fifty percent to Mia's because I'd accepted that I'd die alone, that I'd never have an heir to my throne so to speak. When I met and married Ana and she told me she was pregnant, I was so terrified that I'd be a terrible father, I couldn't help but fear all the what-if's, like what if the only person I'm able to love is Ana, how could I learn to love someone else when it took me twenty four years to learn to love and accept love from my family never mind a small, sticky, vomiting shitting machine who'd take all of Ana's love and attention from me when I'd just found her for myself. Everything changed the moment Teddy's wriggling, pink body all covered in blood and white much was placed in my arms and he owned my heart, along with his mother, I didn't have to share the love I felt for Ana because my heart immediately doubled in size the moment his eyes met my own. It was the same for all of our children, the moment I held them I felt the most indescribable love pass between us. Ana and our four children own me mind, body and soul.

"Daaaaaddddyyy, hellooooo anybody hoooome?" Gracie's impatient voice pulls me from my thoughts.

"Sorry baby, I got lost in my thoughts."

"What were you thinking of daddy?" She asks me and I smirk and tap my finger on the end of her nose.

"I was thinking of how much I love you and your brothers and sister, and how much I love mommy."

"We love you too daddy, lots and lots and lots and sooooooooo much. You're the bestest daddy in the whole word and that's how come we love you so much." She tells me as she squeezes her arms around my neck so tightly; it almost brings a tear to my eyes.

"So you were telling me about your special treat…" I steer the conversation back to her original point with a chuckle.

"Oh yeah, well mommy let me have two waffles, fruit, wiped cream and lots and lots of syrup. It was so yummy daddy but you missed it because you're hung-up."

"Wow that sounds delicious, I'm kinda sad I missed it…wait I'm what?" I shake my head trying to work out what she means.

"Well, Aunt Kate said that it was too bad that you missed our special yummy breakfast cause you and Uncle Lelliot were hung-up." Fucking Kate! She needs to watch her mouth around my children.

"Sweetie, daddy and Uncle Elliot were on the telephone for work and they got held up that's why they didn't get downstairs for breakfast but they ended up getting… hung-up on." Ana frowns and bites her lip hoping that Gracie will accept her explanation.

"Aoooh. Well that's okay daddy, mommy is maked you something to eat now, but it won't be as yummy scrummy as what we had. Sorry dude." She gives me a big smacking kiss on my cheek before she hops down and runs out the kitchen to get up to her usual Gracie Grey mischief. I look over at Ana and shake my head.

"Jeez, that kid is like a freight train." I don't know why but Ana burst into hysterical laughter, crossing her legs and holding between her thighs to stop herself from peeing from the hysteria.

"What, what's so funny?" I chuckle, catching her laughter.

"It's… it's just… oh god… my stomach, my stomach, oh it's just… that's what I used to… say about…you!" She sputters out while bent in half with giggles and tears of laughter streaming down her cheeks.

"What?" I ask her as I wipe my own eyes. She takes a few deep breaths and wipes away her tears before coming over and kissing my lips.

"Your lips are always so soft when you've been crying." I tell her in a small voice as I cup her cheek, my thumb absently brushing away the residual moisture lingering under her eyes.

"Well, whenever we would fight or argue you'd steam-roll me to get your own way I'd say that I'd just been run over by a freight train, a freight train that is and was my much beloved husband." My mouth opens in shock which makes Ana giggle some more, and as she turns around to continue to cook my breakfast I land a ringing, harsh smack right on her right ass cheek.

"You better believe there's more where that came from, your ass is going to be nice and pink by the time I'm finished with it and you'll know just how much of a freight train I can be!" I tell her with a smirk, finishing my comment with a wink.

"Oh… promises, promises sir." She murmurs over her shoulder, looking down at the floor before meeting my eye and biting down on her lower lip coyly. I feel my cock twitch in anticipation of a good, hard, kinky fuck when we go home and get our babies into bed and I for one can't fucking wait pun intended!

Authors Note: Just a fun fluffy chapter to kick the sequel off! I have to apologize for taking so long to post this, regrettably my family life has kind of taken over but rest assured that I'm on track and can't wait to unravel the second part of the story that has taken hostage in my brain!

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