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Sun light poured through a small window in the outskirts of Megakat city, shining into a small bed room and rousing a kat from her much needed slumber.

She groaned into the pillow, 'Sun…come back in a few…hours,' the groggy thought passed her mind as she pushed herself up from the bed and sat up. Already she knew it just wasn't going to be her day. Her head ached and her fluffy tail felt stiff.

However, even though she knew it wasn't going to be a good day, she threw her legs over the side of the small indented bed and shakily stood up. Her vision went black and she groaned, realizing that she'd stood up too fast. She toughed out the dizzy feeling and stretched her sore limbs just as the phone went off. Complaining loudly, she shuffled over to her dresser and snatched the small cell from it, "Whhhattt?" She groaned waiting for someone to answer her.

"Iris!" The voice said back cheerily.

"Dean…" She answered unenthusiastically. Her tail swished slowly in slight annoyance when Dean took his sweet old time in responding.

"Well you sound lovely today. How's about some coffee to perk your day up?" His heavy Australian accent rung through her head like a church bell nonstop ringing past noon. She rubbed her eyes with her light brown paws before sighing into the phone.

"Dean we talked about this," His voice went dead silent on the other end, "I'm ok…honestly."

"Yeah well I'm not trying to cheer you up. I'm trying to be nice. Now shut up and drive over here. We're going out for coffee whether you damn well like it or not." Iris chuckled softly. Now that was more like the Dean she knew. Assertive and demanding.

"Ok I'll meet you in about an hour." She heard him hang up after that, "Stubborn ass," She grumbled to herself before opening her dresser and pulling out a black tank top and light blue wrangler jeans. Almost immediately the strap of her tank top snapped and the thigh line of her pants ripped with an excruciatingly loud noise. "Are you kidding me right now? These were my favorite pair!" Now fuming with anger towards herself, she grabbed a dark blue pair of wrangler jeans and a black T shirt, tucking it into her pants and sliding a dark brown belt across her hips.

Her eyes trailed over the pink slip crumpled up on the floor and her mood instantly dropped again, "So much for worrying about work today," Iris hissed to herself before running her claws through her light brown hair. Her hair felt greasy and her fur looked matted. However at the moment she really didn't care. She was glad today was Friday and that hopefully no one would bother her over the weekend and that Megakat city could stay out of a crisis for just one weekend…JUST ONE!

She smiled gently when she thought of the peril Megakat city had been in and out of. If it weren't for the SWAT kats, the city would probably be leveled right now or all the kats would be enslaved to some insane little midget gnome guy like the past master.

She loved the SWAT kats, they were so mysterious and loyal I guess the word would be. She'd seen the reports, commander Feral wouldn't give T-bone and Razor a break for being vigilantes and they'd just continue to come back and save them all over again.

"Well…if I could I suppose I would too," Iris mumbled to herself while sauntering into her bathroom to wash her hair and fur. Her tired emerald eyes looked into the mirror and back into her room…at that stupid pink slip again. Sure she wasn't happy with the job she'd recently had but to be fired for something she didn't do was infuriating and it really didn't help her pay rent bills.

About fifteen minutes later she was grabbing her keys and padding out to her black and blue Jeep Wrangler. She hopped in and put the keys in the ignition as her thoughts wandered back to the SWAT kats. "I wonder what they do for fun…"

Chance's POV.

"Hey Jake, wake up!" I shouted into Jake's room while walking out into the kitchen and grabbing a can of milk, "Callie's coming in for her car to get checked up again today!" I heard Jake groan loudly before coming out of his room in his boxers and a T shirt, paw on head and ears pressed flat against his head.

"Man my head hurts today, and didn't Callie get her car checked up on just six days ago?" Jake asked. I walked over and handed him a can of cold milk that he graciously took and popped open with his canine tooth.

"Yeah but she's determined something's wrong with it. I don't mind though," I said with a dreamy look on my face. Callie was gorgeous in every way possible.

"Yeah you never seem to mind," Jake teased stretching out his overworked limbs and padding over to flop down on the couch, "I spent most of the night working out the dings in the Turbokat while you just rested your tail and got beauty sleep…that's not fair." I laughed loudly and plopped down next to him.

"I'm not the one who refused to take a paw off of it until it was done." Jake grunted in return while grabbing the remote and turning the TV on, "What's for breakfast?" he asked.

"Milk," I said simply, "and we have a full day of work ahead of us buddy, but today is Friday so that'll be nice to get the weekend off." I sighed as he channel surfed and stopped at the news channel. The reporters were going over the daily news and droning on about boring cases that both Jake and I tuned out.

"When did you say Callie was coming in today?" I faintly heard Jake ask. I snapped out of my sleepy daze and looked over at him slowly.

"Around noon, why?"

"I was thinking we should go get some G training in. See how much we can take," He shrugged back before grabbing his head again, "Man my head REALLY hurts."

"Probably because you banged it up on our last mission." I answered, looking at my friend in concern, "Maybe we shouldn't do any exercises today. Especially if you're not feeling well."

"Why, scared I can stand more G's then you?" He shot back in a challenging manner.

"In your dreams!" I scoffed, "Last time I lasted eleven seconds without passing out at mock 5!"

"You still can't prove that you weren't passed out then woke up!" Jake retorted smirking slightly.

"Oh bring it on fur for brains!"

Iris's POV.

My car seemed to be lugging as I drove to the bank to get some cash from my savings account. It kept stalling at every stop light and the engine light wouldn't go off, "Wonderful," I scoffed to myself while banging my face down on the steering wheel, "Now I'm going to have to take my car in for a checkup." I was so done with this day already…

I parked in front of the bank and popped my car door open only to find that my seatbelt was stuck, leaving me stuck in the seat. "Can this day just get ANY better!" I protested to no one in particular as I struggled with my belt.

However I stopped as my ears perked upon hearing a scream. My head shot up and I saw what looked to be the metallikats in the bank. A gasp flew out of my throat as I scrambled to get my cell and dial 911, "hello what is your emergency?" A voice came back to me.

"Get commander Feral or the SWAT Kats, the metallikats are holding up the Megakat city bank," I said in a hurry, still fumbling with my seat belt. Of course the infernal belt still wouldn't budge, "I guess I spoke to soon."

With an angry sigh I re-grabbed my cell and dialed Dean's number, "Hello?" he answered, picking up the phone after three rings as usual.

"Dean, it's Iris," I said quickly so he wouldn't interrupt me, "I'm at the bank but it's being held up right now. My seat belt is stuck and my car isn't going anywhere fast so I'm going to be stuck here for a few. Don't fret and just wait at the coffee shop for me ok?"

"What? Shouldn't I come help get you out?!" Dean protested angrily through the phone.

"And put yourself in the line of fire. Me is enough as it is, but thanks for the offer."

"Well now you sound like Callico Briggs," Dean huffed, "If you get into trouble, it's not my fault if you die…but please don't die." I laughed with a small smile before glaring at the Metallikats through the banks windows.

"No promises, I'll see you as soon as possible," I mumbled before quickly hanging up. I struggled with my seatbelt again and decided to just cut it before I realized, I didn't have a seat belt cutter and my claws were not slicing through this material! "Talk about an awful day!"

Narrator's POV.

Meanwhile in the outskirts of Megakat city, T-bone and Razor were having a bit of a contest to see who could last the longest in the centrifuge. "Admit it!" Chance shouted as they continued to spin faster and faster, "I can…take….more…G's…then you!"

"I'll believe it when I see it again T-bone!" Razor shouted back as tears started getting wrenched out of their eyes. Just as they were about to reach thirteen seconds a loud alarm started blaring.

"That's Callie!" T-bone hollered, instantly slowing the centrifuge down to a stop. He felt dizzy as he took the first shaky steps off the machine and ran over to the phone. "Yes Ms. Briggs what can I do for you?"

"The metallikats are attacking the city bank!" That was all Callie needed to say.

"We'll be right there," T-bone said slowly before hanging up and running over to his unconscious partner, "Wake up buddy! We've got trouble!"

Razor slowly came too and his paw went to his head again, "How…many…seconds?"

"Almost thirteen, but you probably passed out at ten," T-bone teased while sprinting off to get his suit and mask on.

Before they knew it they were jumping into the Turbokat and preparing for launch, "Preparing to launch!" Razor shouted over the starting engines, "3…2….and launch!" they shot off after that, zipping through the skies at incredible speeds and heading towards the heart of Megakat city.

Already they could see the Metallikats had made a mess of things. The bank was blown open and the local enforcers were trying all attempts to put a stop to their reign of terror. "Looks like they're at it again," T-bone groaned, flying in close.

"Deploying octopus missiles, but with a bit of an extra kick to them!" Razor called out while getting a lock on Mac. He pressed a small red button on his joystick and the missiles deployed, opening up wide to wrap around his bulky metal body.

"HA! Yous think you can stop us with a pathetic holding cage?!" Mac laughed while breaking a part of the missile to show emphasis.

"Just give it a second…" Razor muttered, eagerly awaiting old Mac's surprise.

"Razor buddy," T-bone said pointing a claw over towards some parked cars where Molly was trying to get in one. She ended up just ripping the door off of a jeep but to her surprise there was still someone inside.

While they were distracted a loud screech and a flash of light occurred behind them, "BINGO!" Razor shouted happily, "The electrified octopus missiles worked like a charm!"

"Yeah…but it's not over yet." T-bone muttered, his eyes narrowing as the girl from inside the car was ripped out and shoved into the other seat. Molly looked back at Mac in worry before jumping into the car and grabbing her hostages collar, bringing her face over the seat and shoving an arm gun into her face. She glared straight up at the SWAT kats and smirked as Mac limped over to her, carrying his left arm and right leg.

"Help!" the hostage shouted, struggling like a live fish out of water.

"Razor," T-bone said slowly, his ears lowering, "Molly might kill the person."

"Yeah if Mac doesn't first," Razor replied, "Now come on lets catch up to them!" T-bone nodded and clenched his teeth as they zoomed after the car that was now zipping in and out of lanes, "They seem to be headed towards Megakat bay! We should cut them off before they make it."

"Way ahead of you buddy," T-bone growled pushing his joystick forwards more and zooming the Turbokat along, trying to make it to the bay before the metallikats did.

Meanwhile in the car Iris was pressing herself up against the passenger side door, her green eyes wide as she stared at the two criminals using HER car as a getaway vehicle. "Why can't this thing move any faster!?" Molly snarled, making Iris flinch and shove herself more into the door way again.

"I-I-it's a jeep," Iris stuttered, unsure if she should talk or not, "T-They aren't m-made for speed."

"Some getaway car you chose!" Mac growled from the back seat while trying to get his metallic leg and arm back on.

"Shut up bolt for brains!" Molly snapped back, "I wasn't the one lazin' around!"

"That's right; yous was the one that couldn't even find a suitable getaway vehicle. Now the SWAT kats will be on us for sure!"

"Well if this thing would stop luggin' out, I might have some betta luck getting away!" Iris shook in fear as Molly glared over at her, "What about yous powder puff, think you can drive and lose the SWAT Kats for us?"

"N-NO!" Iris shouted, ears pressing back against her head as she put an arm up to defend herself if needed. Not that it would do any good against metal kats with the strength of twenty men. "M-My car has been having…troubles recently. I wouldn't h-handle it any better than you!"

"Yeah well yous gonna or yous gonna die," Iris's heart dropped into her stomach upon hearing this. Molly slammed to a halt in the middle of the street before getting out and forcing Iris into the driver's seat. She reached over and grabbed the seatbelt before jamming it into its buckle and melting it, "That's so you don't get fancy ideas!"

"Like the one where you let the hostage drive?" Mac growled. Molly turned and whacked him upside the head with her weapons arm.

"Why did I wait for you to get in here again?!"

Iris was very tense, she felt like if she killed the clutch once that she would be killed, 'oh my god, I thought it was going to be a bad day but this is ridiculous!' she thought as her throat tightened, 'I've never been so scared in my life. The last time my hair was puffed this far out was when I lost my parents!' Her ears then flattened on her head. They were approaching the bay and fast.

"Why are we headed towards the bay!" Mac shouted angrily. Iris stiffened up and bit her lip hard.

"Because, that's where our ride is waiting for us numb nut!" Molly yowled back.

"W-were nearing the b-bay awfully fast," Iris stuttered, not looking at them in hops they wouldn't try and intimidate her more than they already had.

"That's the point powder puff. Haven't ya ever driven a getaway vehicle!?"

"I can't say I have…" She muttered back, ears flattening more down onto her head. The bay came up faster than expected and she had to slam on the brakes as hard as she could just so she would drive off a dock into the water. Her claws gripped the steering wheel as she stared at the bay before her. They were so close to falling off it wasn't even funny.

"Thanks toots, we owe ya one," Mac grumbled as he got out of the car. His arm still wasn't on properly but his leg was on good enough for the moment. They stepped away from the vehicle and grinned upon seeing the SWAT kats already at the bay.

Inside the car Iris was desperately trying to get out of the seatbelt. She felt like something bad was just about to happen and she didn't want to stick around to find out what it was. She could hear choppers up ahead that meant the enforcers were coming.

Her breathing hitched as some shouts were shared between the metallikats and the SWAT kats and before she knew the SWAT kats jet was landing and they were popping out of the cockpit. "Surrender metallikats! You're surrounded!" Feral's voice sounded over a megaphone.

For at least three seconds she felt relieved upon hearing his voice until her vehicle was suddenly lifted up. She screamed in fear and hopelessly tugged, scratched and bit at her seatbelt just trying to get the stupid thing off. She could feel warm tears starting to leak down her face as her pupils narrowed, 'Oh my Kats…I'm about to die.' Her stomach dropped again upon seeing the front of her car tilt forwards more.

"Stay back or powder puff gets it!" Molly shouted, helping Mac lift the tiny jeep farther up onto its two front tires.

"T-bone!" Razor shouted, his eyes widening as he pointed to Iris whom was still frantically trying to get out. She even tried stretching her seatbelt to squirm out but it was stuck and melted making all attempts nearly impossible.

"You'll never get away with this!" Feral growled angrily, "All squadrons aim!"

"Feral no!" T-bone shouted, waving his arms frantically. Feral either ignored him or didn't hear him, "Razor buddy, you've gotta stop feral. I'll go get the hostage." Razor nodded and shot off towards the Turbokat, knowing he could contact Feral through it.

Molly and Mac looked at each other as T-bone sprinted towards them. They both grinned and pushed the jeep over the dock into the water, "It's us or her fur balls! You're choice!"

"NO!" T-bone shouted. His ears flattened, 'nice going feral!'

Iris screamed as the jeep slammed into the water, cracking the windshield and making her hit her head on the steering wheel. She was upside down and filling up with water fast. "No, help! Please!" she shouted still wrenching the seatbelt, still trying to get it free.

She extended her neck as much as possible as the water started lapping over her face. 'No…not like this,' she thought before taking a deep breath letting the water take her. Instantly her hearing was messed up as the water poured into her ears. Her heart was thumping in her chest as she clenched her eyes shut. Her vision was blurry too. That impact with her head and the steering wheel had nearly knocked her unconscious.

Her air was running low as she slowly pried her eyes open under the water. She could see the sun…and then something plunging into the water as well. Her heart never slowed down though, it was beating 100X faster than usual as she sank further and further down. What if it was those horrible Metallikats again? Her heart raced faster. In all honesty she'd rather die than be held hostage again…it was terrifying.

She heard water shifting as her blurry vision blinked and saw the shape move closer. She attempted screaming underwater but just lost all her air as the hand reached in and grabbed her seat belt. She didn't know what to do so she failed, trying to get out of its grip that it now hand on her.

Her claws unsheathed as she struggled and in one last attempt to get away she swiped at the persons face. Her claws came in contact with fur and skin before she was nearly ready to pass out. The object flinched and bared its teeth angrily before grabbing her by the waist and pulling her towards the surface. At this point she was done, she didn't care anymore and so…she passed out.

As T-bone resurfaced he gasped for air and brought a paw up to his now cut and bleeding cheek, "Jeez lady I was just trying to help!" He grabbed her again before realizing she had passed out, "Wonderful, this day just keeps getting better and better." The cuts on his left cheek stung badly and wouldn't stop bleeding but he just shook of the pain and started hauling the girl out of the water.

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