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"Aw come on!" T-bone shouted as he realized the girl wasn't responding. He put an ear over her heart but didn't get a response, "Razor get an ambulance!"

"Way ahead of you buddy!" Razor called back while zipping off to the communicator in the Turbokat.

T-bone looked back down at the girl as he felt the warm blood still matting his sandy/ golden brown fur. He sighed and looked up desperately, "This is why I let sure shot handle this," He then turned his attention back to Iris and started preforming CPR on her, trying to resuscitate her. He glanced around, uncomfortable with the crowd gathering to see him save her…including the news reporters… 'Why me?' T-bone thought while leaning down and giving her mouth to mouth CPR.

"An ambulance is on…its…way," Razor said, slowing his speech pattern down upon seeing his best friend trying to revive this girl. T-bone pulled away from her before putting his ear down above her heart again. He growled in anger upon still not getting anything so he went back to the thirty compression's and five breaths.

"How long until that ambulance gets here sure shot?!" T-bone asked looking up, clearly out of breath and losing hope fast.

"Not long!" Razor called back coming over and putting a paw on T-bones shoulder, "Let me take over pal." He looked up at Razor hopelessly as his ears drooped and dripped with access water. He took a step back as Razor filled in and started doing the compression's and breaths.

"But I-I was right there, I got her out and she was still kicking…"

"It's not your fault T-bone," Razor said, looking up from the compression's to look T-bone in the eye, "You did everything you could." T-bone looked crushed. 'She was right there…' he thought sadly, "Don't give up hope yet buddy, here comes the ambulance!" His ears perked and he looked over his shoulder to see the ambulance zooming over, parting the large crowd of Kats.

Also parting the Kats was commander Feral, "Oh brother," Razor mumbled at his angry expression.

"The metallikats got away because of you!" He pointed a claw at T-bone, "If you hadn't gone after the hostage-."

"He saved her life!" Razor growled, defending his close friend. Surprisingly T-bone didn't put up a fight at all, he just sadly watched as the paramedics came and took the girl away.

"Doesn't look like it to me," The crowd froze in silence. Everyone was shocked now, including both Razor and T-bone.

"Come on buddy, let's get out of here," T-bone muttered to Razor, seeing him quake with rage towards the commander. He put a paw on Razor's shoulder to calm him down, "Come on." Razor turned without a word and stalked off towards the Turbokat.

"Hey, get back here!" Feral shouted after them, his face hardening in anger.

'We used to follow orders from you; but not anymore fur ball,' Razor thought while jumping into the back of the Turbokat and buckling himself in. He was still fuming mad but tried to take a deep breath as T-bone hopped in too.

Jake's POV.

Chance and I got back to base not long after we left Megakat city and already I knew this day was going to be 100X harder. Chance was hardly talking and having a hard time focusing on work, "Hey Chance, you alright?"

"Fine." Chance replied simply. I sighed and dropped the subject, if I knew Chance I knew he'd talk about it when he was darn well ready.

"Well, Callie will be here in just a few short minutes," I grumbled, "Do you want to just relax until then?"

"No," Chance said simply again. He hadn't pulled his nose out of a broken up cars engine since we got back. It was starting to irritate me but I understood he was just angry, I was too. I couldn't believe Feral would blame him for the metallikats escape. 'What would he have done?' I thought as my tail twitched impatiently.

Not long after Callie pulled into the garage and popped her car door open, "Hey guys, just dropping it off for another checkup," She said sending me a sweet smile and handing me the keys.

"Alright Ms. Briggs," I said smiling back at her, "We'll get to work on it right away."

"Alright," She said before glancing over at Chance, "Sorry I'm a little late, the metallikats were holding up the bank and took a hostage with them. The SWAT kats went in to save the hostage but I heard the rumor that she didn't make it." There was a loud noise that made both Callie and I look over. Chance had banged his head on the hood of the broken up car and was now cursing under his breath while rubbing the sore spot, "You alright, Chance?" Callie asked giving me a strange look.

"Fine, I just have to go…get another wrench, I-I dropped this one," I quirked an eye brow at him as he quickly walked away into another room.

"What's up with him?" Callie asked, looking over at me for answers.

"It's just been a pretty tough day," I said back, shrugging, "He didn't get a good sleep last night."

"Hmm well alright, if you say so. Anyways I believe Mayor Manx asked commander Feral to bring the hostages car over here once we get it out of the bay. Maybe you guys could salvage some parts from it or something."

"The car went into the bay?" I asked, pretending to be oblivious to the whole situation.

"Yeah, it was a big hostage kidnapping. T-bone dove in to save her but when he surfaced she didn't have a heartbeat. Then commander Feral had the guile to blame the SWAT kats for the Metallikats getting away and the hostage dying." Callie huffed, crossing her arms and leaning up against her car, "The whole thing is infuriating."

"Great Kats, that sounds horrible. Will it be on the five o'clock news tonight?" I replied, ears lowering ever so slightly.

"I'm sure it will be. Well anyways I have to get going, I'll see you later Jake." I nodded and showed her out of the garage, "By the way when do you think my car will be done?"

"Most likely by Wednesday," I answered waving at her as she climbed into the mayor's limo.

"I'll pick it up then. Oh and make sure to tell Chance I said goodbye!" I shouted back an Ok before heading back into the garage and straight into the base. Chance wasn't in his room or anywhere around the upper level so I headed down stairs to see him rummaging through his stuff.

"Hey, what're you doing?" I asked when a shirt came flying at me and smacked me in the face.

"My knife, I used it to cut that girl out of her seat-belt. I must've dropped it when I was bringing her back to the surface." Chance answered with a hint of a growl in his voice, "I'll never get it back now."

"Callie said that the enforcers are going to be hauling the car out of the bay and over here. Maybe it'll still be in there when it arrives," I said, trying to cheer him up even just a little bit. Instead of cheering him up though, he just seemed to get even madder. His ears flattened down on his head and his fur bristled a little bit, "Buddy will you just talk to me about it?"

"There's nothing to talk about Razor," Chance snapped back making me flinch slightly, "That's the first hostage I have and ever will lose."

"Don't beat yourself up about it, T-bone. These are just some of the hardships hero's like us have to cope with, there's always going to be a bad day."

"We're not hero's razor!" Chance snapped again, turning around with his teeth bared, "We're vigilantes, yeah we take care of the problem, but we're not heroes."

I put my paws up in surrender, "Alright just calm down would you?" He growled lowly before looking away and swishing his tail back and forth aggressively, "It was just a bad day. It wasn't your fault T-bone."

"I know that!" He shouted, "But it IS my fault the metallikats got away!"

"Would you rather have just left the hostage to drown? You know that was a life or death choice." I said seriously while crossing my arms over my chest.

"…Don't see how it would've changed anything…"

"It could've changed everything. So stop beating yourself up about it and come help me with Callie's car," He didn't even perk up or move when I mentioned Callie and THAT was unusual.

"Not today sure shot, I'm going to go out for a little while. I'll look into, Callie's car when I get back." Chance grumbled storming off before I could stop him.

"Wait! Where are you…going," I stopped and sighed upon hearing the door slam shut. I knew there was no stopping him; it wouldn't help anyways so it's better to just let him blow off the steam, "Well Callie's car isn't going to work on itself."

A few hours later I finished up with Callie's car for the night and resigned back into the base to watch the news and relax. I grabbed a can of milk from the fridge and plopped down onto the old couch before grabbing the remote and turning the TV on.

"If it weren't for those vigilantes the SWAT kats, the metallikats would've been apprehended and the hostage would have survived! The enforcers' job is not to be done by ruthless rookies, but by experienced and skilled soldiers!" Feral was reporting to the Cat's eye nightly news. I growled and bared my canine teeth at the TV.

I opened my mouth to shot an insult at the screen when I heard the door open and close, "Is that you buddy!?" I called out craning my head to see around the corner.

"Yeah, it's me," T-bone answered back. Just from the tone of his voice I knew he was in a rotten mood.

"Furthermore," The TV blared, switching from Feral to a random reporter, "We have been informed that the hostage from today's heist is in urgent care in the hospital. We are unaware of if she'll survive the night or not." I quickly changed the channel as fast as I could but I knew I was too late already.

I looked over to see Chance still looking down in the dumps and his ears were still sagging unhappily, "Do you still want to look into Callie's car and see if you can find something I couldn't?"

"No, I'm just going to head to bed bud; I'll see you in the morning."

"Wait but scaredy Kat's on! Won't you even stay up to watch an episode of that?!" I called after him. Scaredy kat was his favorite show and unless Callie was in trouble he'd hardly ever miss it.

"Not tonight pal, I just want this day to be over," He answered before continuing on his way to his room. I groaned and slammed the back of my head into the spine of the couch. I despised seeing my friend in this state but he wouldn't let me help him even if I tried by scoring him a date with Callie. 'This is going to be a long night.' I thought exasperatedly as I slowly stood up to get some dinner.

Chance's POV.

I lay in my bed, silently staring at the dark roof and running my paw across the three rather deep gashes in my cheek. I knew I should wash it off and clean it up but I couldn't stop touching it. 'Why is this bothering me so much?' I thought as I frowned and clenched my teeth tightly, 'I didn't even know the she kat and I'm beating myself up about it.'

I groaned and reached over my head to pull my shirt off before tossing it across the room and settling back down into the warm bed. I closed my eyes for a minute, letting myself swim through my thoughts and sort out the ones I felt were the most important. 'Razor and I need to find the metallikats before they hurt someone else.' The thought ran across my closed eye lids for a few minutes as I tried to push it away and think of something else, 'Callie's car is going to need fixing. Maybe she'll want to go out for coffee when she comes to pick it up…' however at the moment that didn't seem as important as the first thought that crossed my mind.

I growled quietly and pried my eye lids open to star into the darkness again, "Just sleep it off Chance, you'll feel much better tomorrow." So that's exactly what I did. I closed my eye lids and pulled the covers up under my arms before turning onto my side and taking a deep breath. A good night's sleep would do me good.

Too bad it wasn't a good night's sleep though. I was waking up every other hour with dreams and screams echoing through my head. I couldn't get her scared face out of my head, or when she tried to get away from me, 'what did you do to me lady?' I thought angrily as I clenched my eyes and teeth shut and pulled a pillow over my head.

Finally after another hour of restlessness, I decided to get up and get a can of milk. I stalked out of my room and into the kitchen before gently tugging the fridge open and grabbing a can or two of milk. I sulked back into my room while popping the can open with my canine tooth before sitting down on the side of my bed and guzzling the first can. 'Never thought saving Megakat city could be so heart wrenching.' I'd never lost a hostage before or anyone in that matter. And with all the press running around about it doesn't make it any better. Let alone Feral pointing the claw at me as soon as he could made not only me but Razor and the SWAT kat name look bad. That's what angered me the most.

I sunk back down into a lying position in the bed before resting my arm on my chest and glancing at the clock, "Three AM…wonderful." I complained unhappily while clamping my eyes shut and praying for at least SOME sleep.

Narrator's POV.

Chance eventually nodded off into another restless nightmare. He tossed and turned, jerked and clawed, growled and hissed and flailed for another whole two hours. Images of the metallikats lifting the car up and Iris pleading for help kept haunting his dreams. Also when he was trying to resuscitate her and kept coming up with nothing but lost hope.

He made another small jerking motion before rolling onto the other side of the bed and growling at nothing. In his mind he could feel the girl's claws slicing through his fur and skin on his cheek, marking him instantly. That and the warm blood that kept seeping through his fur as the wounds refused to close up and start healing.

"Got away because of you!"

"If you hadn't gone after that hostage-."

"He saved her life!"

"Doesn't look like it…" The small memory clips echoed in his head and ears as the scene played out before him again. By this time he was sweating while tossing and turning more and more. His claws angrily sunk into the pillow he was lying on and poked little holes in it as his ears flattened and whirled around with many mixed emotions.

Not more than three hours later, T-bone sat up quickly in bed panting and clawing at his heart frantically. He growled in anger while pulling on his ears, "Get. Out. Of. My. Head!" He snapped while shaking his face once or twice.

Meanwhile in the hospital Dean hurried frantically into a room with his tail frizzed and his eyes wide with worry. He ran up to the services counter and slammed into the side of it, panting while looking at the worker on the other side, "How may I help you sir?" She asked kindly.

"My…friend," He panted, trying to catch his breath, "She checked in early yesterday. Her name is Iris."

"Are you looking for what room number she's in?" The worker asked calmly, seeing that he was very frantic. It was only five thirty in the morning and he looked like he'd just ran the whole way there.

"Yes," He sighed, leaning into the white granite counters for support, "I need to see her."

"Well she's in room 2207 but you'll have to wait a while sir, visiting hours are from ten AM to three PM, she's probably still resting."

"No you don't understand-." Dean tired only to be silenced by her white paw.

"Rules are rules sir, I understand very well you probably want an interview from her but visiting hours are not for nearly five hours."

"Report-NO I'm not a reporter! I don't work for any kind of news place, Iris is my-."

"Sir please, I will not tell you again. Visiting hours are from ten to three," The she Kat said with a little more ferocity. She was clearly annoyed with his persistence. Dean didn't seem to care or notice, he had to see Iris, and he NEEDED to.

He was about to argue before he bit his tongue when an idea popped into his mind, "Yes mam, thank you." He stalked off seconds later, rounding a corner and standing there for a minute with a mischievous grin on his muzzle. "If there's no way in, make your own way." He mumbled to himself as the worker turned around and walked into the employee's bathroom.

Dean spun around the corner and sprinted through the waiting room into the hallways of the hospital, "Room 2207, that's another floor up," He said to himself quickly taking the elevator up a flight and coming out quickly, '2207, 2207,' he kept chanting in his head, trying hard not to forget the number.

A few twisty hallways later and Dean arrived in front of the room 2207. He stopped and took a deep breath before gripping the door handle and pushing it open. Iris was on the hospital bed with a bandage around her shoulder and forehead. Dean let out a breath of relief upon seeing the heart rate monitor beeping softly, "So the rumors are really just rumors," A smile replaced his worried face as he sat down in a chair next to her and grabbed her paw to hold.

She stirred not too long later and groggily popped an eye lid open. Dean was alerted of her being awake when the heart monitor started beeping faster. Iris was notorious for hating hospitals, "Iris?" He said while perking his ears gently. She looked over at him and her eyes narrowed.

"W-Where am I?"

"In a hospital," Dean sighed, clearly relieved to see her alive and talking, "Everyone thinks you're dead."

"What?" She whispered, "I only hit my head on the steering wheel though. Wait, who saved me?"

"Well you didn't have a heart beat when you got to the surface according to the press. And one of the SWAT kats saved you, both of them performed CPR on you before the ambulance arrived." Her eyes widened a little and her ears flattened in embarrassment.

"How do you know that?"

"Are you kidding, it's all over the news. Feral blames the SWAT kats for 'losing' a hostage and letting the metallikats get away. Great kats you can only imagine how they feel, I'm sure they think you're dead too." Her ears flattened again.

"So because of me the crooks got away?"

Dean didn't know how to reply. He just stared at her for a second before sighing, "No, it was either you or them and the SWAT kats chose you."

"Oh no," Iris said suddenly, clenching Dean's paw tightly in her own.

"What?" He asked, eyes widening slightly in concern.

"That means that when I flailed under the water I actually scratched on of the SWAT kats, great kats how embarrassing! I feel so bad now!" She said while pulling her ears slightly but stopping upon realizing that it hurt.

"You suffered from a concussion and probably didn't really have control of your actions. Also, you were scared not even the SWAT kats themselves could blame you for that," Dean said calmly while grabbing a clip board that was at the end of her bed, "Looks like you got a concussion, whip lass and a laceration on your forehead? There was also water in your lungs and you had a small burn on your right leg. Looks like one heck of a day."

Iris groaned and turned her face on the hospital pillow, "When can I go home? Can I go home now? Please?"

"Whoa there tiger," Dean said setting a paw down gently on her shoulder, "let's wait for a doctors approval to get you home. You need some rest."

"But I hate hospitals!" She protested, eyes narrowing as she glared at him, "I'll break out of here myself if I'm not released within the next couple days."

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