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Two weeks later…

Narrator's POV.

"Yes, I'll be safe…what? No of course not! Oh like that chances of THAT happening are high…Dean please, I have to go!" Iris huffed into the phone. Sometimes, Dean could be a little over protective and not that there's anything wrong with that…but kats alive did it get on her nerves.

She had just been released from the hospital not more than two days ago and JUST got the news and press to leave her alone. They were acting like she was some big deal and she really wasn't, 'It could've been anyone in that car,' she thought while grabbing her side bag and getting ready for a nice walk to the junk yard.

Recently, she'd been informed that her Jeep was fished out of the lake and sent to a junk yard. She didn't ever expect it to work again, but there were a couple of things in there that had sentimental value, such as her garage keys and pictures of her with Dean.

However as soon as the opened her door to see none other than Dean standing right outside of it, looking mad she knew there was no escaping reality. She was going to have to answer every question he threw at her.

"Dean what're you doing here? You nearly startled me," Iris said with a terse voice and a clearly obvious awkward and fake smile.

"You know when I call and fret over you, it's because I worry," He grumbled, ears falling back on his head as he crossed his arms across his chest and glared at her.

Iris sighed and threw her head back with a groan of defiance, "For the last time Dean I am not going to get kidnapped or murdered by a couple of junk yard workers. I will be fine, one time Dean. It was ONE time that I wasn't fine and I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…so please, just let it go."

"I will not let it go," He spat, his dark yellow eyes narrowing unhappily, "You could've died then I'd be left alone. That and you take too much of this in stride," Iris rolled her eyes and pushed passed him to start her twenty minute walk. This of course didn't deter Dean; he just trotted up alongside her and sideways glared at her, "What if they come back for you? What if now that they know the SWAT kats feel guilty about losing you, they'll use you for some horrible plot?"

"for the last time, I am not special. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Metallikats probably don't even remember exactly what I look like-,"

"Your face is all over the news!" Dean cut in, shrieking loudly over nothing.

"And it shouldn't be," Iris snarled back. Her impatience had started to gnaw at her now, she tried to be patient and let him rant but this was getting ridiculous. Dean's ears flattened as his eyes slightly widened at her tone, he didn't get that from her a lot, "Don't you get it. I was just some stupid she kat who got in their way. Who got in everyone's way. If anything, the SWAT kats were probably celebrating my 'death.'"

"They're hero's, they don't celebrate a hostages death…that's what the villains apparently do on Saturdays," Iris gave him a strange look before sighing and rolling her eyes in annoyance.

"Alright well that's very fascinating Dean, now if you don't mind I'd like to go fetch my destroyed car ALONE thank you."

"At least let me give you a ride," Dean begged. Iris sighed and looked at him furiously.

"If I let you give me a ride, will you shut your muzzle and leave me alone?" Dean looked at her incredulously for a second, debating her offer silently within his thoughts before sighing and giving her a short lived, curt nod. Iris smiled gleefully before grabbing his coat and quickly dragging him a block back to her house and his truck.

They popped the doors open on the truck and silently climbed in, Dean with an unhappy expression, Iris with a zealous expression. Finally, people would just get off her tail about everything that happened WEEKS ago, "Why did I agree to do this again?" Dean asked weakly.

"Because if you don't, I am going to throw you into a vat of hot milk, really hot milk," Dean groaned and let his head fall onto the steering wheel, "Do I need to make you sign a treaty?"

This time Dean shot her a dirty look and buckled up before starting his truck, setting it in gear and heading off towards the junk yard, "One question, that's all I ask."

"Fine," she mumbled while crossing her arms over her chest and praying it wasn't 'why won't you talk to me about this' crap that Dean sometimes like to use on her.

"…What was it like? You know…dying and stuff?" This surprised her, it sounded to her like Dean wanted to know if what he believed in religiously was true.

"Well," Iris said, "I can't honestly tell you. I don't remember anything past scratching that poor SWAT kat, if I ever meet them again I am going to apologize to them. Anyways, I don't remember but it was very calm where ever I was." Dean seemed a little more at ease. Iris was never a religious person but Dean was very religious, just sometimes questioned if it was real.

"Was it nice?"

"Well I wouldn't describe violently dying as nice but the calm, not understanding part seemed pretty nice. I had no worries and I felt as light as a kats single hair."

"Are you just saying that?" Iris put up her paws and glared at him.

"Why would I just flat out lie to you? Oh and take the next right, I know a short cut through town."

Dean sighed and dropped the subject, instead focusing on the road ahead of him. Kats were going about their daily lives, even though another SWAT kat emergency had happened just that morning. Something about Dr. Viper attempting to kidnap the mayor to turn him into some mind controlled, swamp monster.

By now, the kats of Megakat city seemed to be pretty used to the constant emergency and who didn't love a good hero to come save the day all the time? It was almost like a story book with no ending, it just kept going on and on and on. Though, it seemed to keep the katizens pretty content.

"After this next left," Iris spoke up, "Take the second right and we'll be on the road to the junk yard."

"I thought you said this was a short cut?" Dean huffed, shooting her a dirty look.

"It is, as soon as you get on the road you'll see it's just across the way," Iris shrugged and leaned back into the cushiony seat. She wasn't thrilled that her jeep had been throttled in the kidnapping and that she could only get some things out of it, not take it home and even try to scrap it for other things.

Meanwhile Chance and Jake were working on another car that had been brought in recently. Currently, Jake was handing T-bone the tools to work under the car while he worked on the engine under the hood of the car, "Hey Jake, hand me a can of oil would you? Might as well change their oil while fixing their brakes."

"Yeah not to mention the shot ignition, they're lucky they got this thing here in one piece!" Jake said, grabbing a thing of oil and tossing it into Chance's awaiting paw.

"Well when you go four wheeling with a two wheel drive, clearly there's going to be some complications," Chance muttered, sliding back under the car on the roller and grabbing the wrench to undo the oil cap. He adjusted his hat so it would fall off when he laid on the rolling slab of metal, but it didn't work very well.

After changing the oil and tuning up the brakes, Chance helped Jake with the shot ignition before taking a break to drink some milk and cool off. "Looks like breaks over hotshot, we have another customer," Jake mumbled, pointing a claw towards the gates where a large black truck was pulling in.

Chance groaned loudly, hoping this would just be a quick fix, "Alright, I'm gonna put what's left of my milk in the fridge. Bring them in would you?"

"Sure, be quick though. If it's another cranky old granny then I don't want to deal with her," Jake chuckled, adjusting his red hat on his head before perking his ears and walking out to the truck to signal him to come in.

"Kats alive she was something else," He heard Chance mutter while heading into the base to put his drink away.

However instead of pulling in, the truck just pulled up and turned away from the garage, a dark window rolling down to reveal a dark brown almost red tom kat in a black sweat shirt lean out, ears perked and ready to talk, "How can we help you sir?" Jake asked the man, noticing that there was another person in the car.

"I'm just dropping off a friend," Dean said, sighing slightly, clearly unimpressed with leaving Iris here alone to walk home. But he did have to go back to work and he didn't want to get in trouble with his overpowering, fat boss whom did nothing but yell at people all the time and fire everyone. He did not want to be fired.

"Dropping off a friend?" Jake questioned as the opposite sides car door popped open and a she Kat jumped out, grabbing a side bag and slipping it on.

Dean sighed and looked at Jake helplessly, "I didn't have a choice in the matter. The woman always wins." Jake gave him a strange look before Iris walked around the truck to face him. Jake had to keep from his jaw dropping when he instantly recognized the girl. This was the girl that was supposedly dead! The hostage!

"W-what can I do for you mam?" Jake stuttered, he felt like he was addressing a dead person. All he'd heard from the news was that she didn't make it and that it was all T-bones fault.

Meanwhile Chance was wiping some sweat off his forehead, getting ready to go out and help Jake with the new incoming car. He noticed the car had pulled aside instead of into the garage which was strange, maybe the person was just lost or something.

"Dean, I'll be fine just get to work," Iris growled, getting tired of his constant bickering and worrying.

"Why don't I come pick you up during my lunch break?"

"DEAN!" Iris snapped, "I can take care of myself, please just go. I'm not a kitten."

Dean sighed and rolled his eyes before looking towards the still dumbfounded Jake, "Everything good then?"

"Yeah…Wait what did you need Ms.?"

"Brady but please call me Iris," Iris said, "And I just need to-."

"YOU'RE ALIVE!?" someone screamed making Iris's fur stand on end and her eyes widen in shock. Jake too was surprised as Dean drove away slowly. They both looked back towards the garage to see Chance with a shocked expression staring at Iris.

"Uh he means we saw on the television that you had died. You are that hostage aren't you? That the SWAT kats tried to save."

"They did save me," Iris said calmly, "And yeah but it's not a big deal. Anyways what I was trying to say is that I just need to salvage my stuff from my jeep. I was informed it was towed in here not more than a couple days ago?"

"Of course, Ms. Brady. Hey Chance where did the enforces leave the jeep that was towed in a few days ago?" Jake called back to his still deadpanning partner, "Or could you show her while I finish the blown ignition and make sure everything else is fine?"

Chance shook his face out slightly, putting on a serious face and erasing the shock from his expression, "Yeah sure buddy just holler if you need something."

Jake nodded and left Iris to Chance whom cautiously approached her like she was a ghost, "Well I'm not going to scratch, you look like you've just seen a ghost," Iris said, crossing her arms and lowering her ears towards him slightly.

"Sorry mam, I just…thought you were dead," Chance said motioning for her to follow him towards the back of the shop where the impounded cars would usually stay.

"Well then I guess you have seen a ghost huh?" Iris chuckled, trying to stay in good humor, "Sorry I haven't even introduced myself. I'm Iris Brady but please just call me Iris," She held out a paw that Chance firmly took and shook.

"I'm Chance Furlong, nice to actually meet you Iris."

"Actually?" Iris questioned, cocking her head slightly in confusion.

Chance realized his mistake and quickly tried to cover up for it, "Uhh that is not through the news cast I guess."

Iris seemed to have bought the alibi and followed Chance closely in awkward silence before spotting her completely totaled jeep. She gasped and ran forwards with a smile on her face as her fluffy tail swished happily, "Oh thank you Mr. Furlong. My dad gave me this jeep when I turned sixteen."

"But it's totaled," Chance said, giving her a confused look, "And please just call me Chance."

"Alright, Chance," She said, testing out his name, "Come help me search this thing, and it may be totaled but that doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything to me."

Chanced looked a little wary at first before walking up to the jeep and grabbing the door that kindly broke off and fell, "Great Kats I'm sorry," He said as a blush heated his face.

"Hey," Iris said, a smile still present on her face as her tail curled in excitement, "You just gave me an idea." Chance gave her a look as she walked around to the other side and ripped the already half off door, completely off. She laughed and let the door fall to the ground, "Come on! Help me destroy it; I was going to see if I could scrap it anyways. No way it'll ever drive again."

"Uhh…" Chance mumbled, not knowing exactly what to say. He thought the jeep was important to Iris then she turns around and wants to destroy it!?

"Oh come on, it'll be fun!" Iris said happily, leaning in and pulling the head of the gear shifter off, "Unless of course you're scared." She tossed the cap into Chances paws as he gave her another look. This time it was a look of determination and a little bit of a hurt ego.

"Scared? To rip apart a car? I do this for a living!"

"Well then bring it on, Mr. Furlong," She teased. Chance shrugged and leaned into the car, pulling the seat out with a bit of muscle and elbow grease, "See you're getting into it! Now help me rip the steering wheel off."

Back at the garage…

Jake had long finished the shot ignition and was now patiently awaiting his partner while sipping a can of milk, 'what's taking him so long to show Ms. Brady to her car?' He thought while glancing out the window, not that he could see anything of course. But he could at least see if his buddy was on the way or not.

After about another ten minutes of waiting, Jake sighed in annoyance and stood up deciding to just go find them himself. He tossed his now empty milk can before heading out towards the direction they walked off in. It wasn't hard to find them from the sound of things being broken and laughing being heard, "What're they doing?" He mumbled while walking around the last bend and seeing T-bone on the ground, holding a tire that looked like it knocked him down and Ms. Brady sitting on the roof laughing at him while unscrewing the screws to her surf board rack and large fog lights.

"Chance? What's going on?" He said, interrupting their hysterical laughing. Chance immediately stiffened up and turned his head around, his ears perked and alert.

"Hey Jake, just helping Iris destroy her car."

"DESTORY!?" Jake said, giving them both a confused look, "I thought you just wanted to salvage some stuff?"

"I am, and with Chance here helping it's going a hundred times faster. So Jake is it? Wanna join?" Iris said ecstatically while Chance rolled the tire off of himself and got back up, brushing off his blue jumper and adjusting his hat.

"Yeah come on Jake, it's actually fun," Chance said, grinning at his friend and tossing him a crow bar. Jake looked at the crow bar sitting in his paws for a second before looking back up at the two like they belonged in the loony bin.

"Don't you think-."

"Nope!" Iris said, "I've been needing a new car, this is my excuse. Now come on Jake don't be like Scaredy kat!"

"You watch Scaredy Kat?!" Chance shouted happily, tail swishing and ears whirling in excitement.

"Of course! I love the originals; I was never into reality TV like Mr. Litterson or anything. Even though he is funny, but oh well. I'm going to guess you're a fan too?"

"You can bet your tail I am! Did you see the episode when scaredy kat opens the coffin and is handed a bomb by the vampire?"

"How could I miss it? I watch the marathons whenever I can. Oooh or when the time when he opens the door and the pretty girl hands him the bomb, its comedy gold!"

Chance looked at Jake with a huge smiled and excited eyes and right then he knew his buddy had just found a new friend. She liked to destroy things, she made him laugh and she watches Scaredy Kat…They seem to have the same interests.

"Anyways though, BACK TO DESTORYING! So Jake, are you in?"

"Well I don't think I really have a choice," Jake said, cracking a small grin and walking over to the now nearly destroyed vehicle. The tires had been pried off, the doors completely gone. The windshield removed. The steering wheel was nearly in pieces, the hood had been torn off, anything that could be removed from under the hood was gone, the windshield wipers were now sticking onto each side of the surf rack like antennas and the seats had been destroyed, "What's left to destroy?"

"Well, chance here," She said, swiping his hat off his head and wearing it even though it was clearly way too big for her, "can help me rid of these fog lights and the surf rack, then you can help me pry the roofs off and rip the trunk door off," Iris squealed, happy he'd joined in the fun too. She jumped off the roof and snatched Jakes hat before wearing one backwards and one forwards, "Am I hip now guys?" She laughed, making the other's laugh along with her.

"Well…" Chance said, snatching a hat back from her and readjusting it on her head so it was twisted like a clock pointing to three o'clock, "Since they're a little big on you, I'd say you're more mafia style."

"HA mafia, no if you open the trunk and find a body THEN I'm ready for the mafia, but until then I think I'm just weird. NOW, help me get this off!" She tossed both Chance and Jake their hats back before climbing back up to the roof and throwing off the fog lights that were already unscrewed.

'This is fun,' Jake thought, helping rid of the surf rack, 'Chance and I haven't torn apart something for scraps since we had to rebuilding the Turbokat!'

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