Author's note: Okay, so this is the repost of a one-shot I created a while ago. Due to policy, I couldn't include the lyrics I originally wanted (but tons of smut is okay apparently O_o), so inspiration struck me and I've decided to expand it to a full length novella. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Just borrowing JK Rowling's characters and world for a moment. I promise I'll return them in the condition borrowed, maybe a little dirtier than when I started…..

Chapter One

"Take off your clothes." Unhappy with her hesitation, he ordered, "Now, Granger."

Thump. Thump. Thump. Her heart thundered against her chest and her hands shook as she began to unfasten her blouse. She had been waiting for this for some time now and her heart sped up in anticipation.

It started about three months ago, if she remembered accurately. She had been studying the properties of magical blood, specifically blood from a werewolf in hopes for a cure to lycanthropy when the 'incident' occurred. She figured she was being a little careless, but she had been so engrossed in her work that she had underestimated the closeness of her arm to the vials standing on her work station.

She tried to blame the most irritating lab partner within the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures for her lack of concentration, but she knew it was of no excuse. Even for being such a git, Draco Malfoy had not been the one to spill werewolf blood on her hand. She had immediately scourgified the spill and used an antiseptic potion to disinfect the area. Most had spilled on her magical gloves, but when she had returned home for the evening, she saw the small blood spatter on the sleeve of her blouse and anxiety had taken hold.

At first, she blamed her overreaching mind for the first few symptoms; it was only a matter of time before she was make-believing things and chalked it up to stress. She decided to take a vacation for a week to see if it would clear her mind. It did not. By time, she returned back to the office, she was moody, irritable and snapping without remorse at everyone. She could smell the most irritating smells and one more than any other sent her blood racing, oddly. The elegant mixture of Draco's cologne and natural scent sent her blood rushing south and had her reaching for the closest exit one day. She did some embarrassing things she would never tell anyone, ever in the loo after that. And poor Sandra, their assistant, had taken off in tears one day after Hermione snapped at the poor witch in frustration. The next day she had broken down and explained everything to Draco, her solitary lab partner, in hopes of a solution. She was up for promotion and her supervisor would surely mark her down for such carelessness.

He had pondered for a bit and confirmed her worse fears after a small bit of research. The properties of the werewolf blood were infusing with her own. She did confirm that she had a small hangnail the day of the 'incident' and promptly sat down in disbelief. She knew she was not going to go all furry, as the full moon as just past, but she still felt this annoying inch between her legs that she just could not alleviate for some reason and she squirmed in place while Draco poured over possible antidotes. He looked up at her in irritation, a sculpted blond brow drawn skyward.

"Are you about to faint on me, Granger?" he questioned her flushed state and slight hyperventilation. It took her one, maybe two seconds to answer, deeply engrossed in the curve of his mouth. She had to shake her head in order to concentrate. The corners of his mouth turned downward and she unconsciously ran a tongue along her bottom lip.

"What?" She managed, her stare fixed on his pink lips.

"Earth to Granger." He started and her eyes shot up to meet his and he paused assessing her sorry state. "What symptoms are you feeling now?"

She explained the increased heart rate, shallow breathing and anxiety. She left off the annoying tightness between her legs. His brows lowered after a moment in contemplation. "When's the last you shagged someone?"

"Excuse me!"

"You heard me," he replied nonchalantly, "Shagged. Fucked. Had inter-"

She shook her head vigorously. "Yes, yes. I know what it is." She could not believe she was having this conversation with him of all people. Draco Malfoy. Sex. Her body shivered in response to the thought and she dragged her bottom lip through her teeth, vivid images of him naked doing things to her body willingly. She suppressed a moan.

He studied her carefully. "See here, Granger. I believe I have proposition that can solve both our problems." He stated causally as if repeating potion ingredients. He leaned in close, that elegant smell invading her nostrils and her mouth dropped slightly open in hope to taste. Wait, where had that come from? He continued on in her silence. "I can take the edge off. You'll feel loads better. It's mutually beneficial to both of us."

Her body hummed in anticipation, but she struggled to stay in the rational part of her brain. The part where morality and decency ruled. He invaded her personal space but her body would not let her move. He sneaked in close to her ear and whispered lowly, "I've been wondering what you taste like for years now." And just like that the wolf roared to life inside her. She literally attacked him that day, right inside their office inside the Ministry and she could not have made a better decision. For two months now, whenever she felt the compelling urge to 'mate' as he called it, which incidentally coincided with the full moon and the middle of her cycle, she went to Draco willingly to ….relieve some tension.

Back in the present, she slipped her hands around the small buttons that made up her blouse, eyes trained on him across the room. They currently sat in Draco's flat, lights turned off as he sat across the room from her in a high wingback chair, with the air of king, a wine goblet held deftly between his fingers. She could only see him partly through the moonlight. By time she got to the third button, he stopped her.

"Slower." The part of his mouth she could see quirked upwards.

She huffed an annoying breath through her nose and paused her ministrations, before slowly undoing the last two buttons. She shrugged out of the silky garment and allowed it to drop to the ground. She shimmed out of her pencil skirt and stood before him clad only in a black underwear set. She willed the animal inside to wait, but she could feel the heat pooling between her legs.

She walked closer to him eager to be the wine goblet he turned in his hand. "Put down your goblet, Draco." It was her turn to order. She was growing impatient with his refusal to participate.

"Excuse me?" She did not have to see him to know that his brow was arched.

"You heard me. Or are you scared to join me?" Her voice took on a rough quality and she heard the sharp intake of breath across the room. She reached behind herself to unfasten her bra strap. She studied his expression as she dropped the lacy garment to the floor. His lips pursed as his fingers tightened around the goblet.

"Maybe I like to watch," he hinted suggestively.

She just smiled in response as she hooked a finger on each side of her knickers and pulled them slowly down her legs. She stood back up and with closed eyes, let her hand explore her chest. She expertly rolled one nipple in her small hand, while the other one travelled lower. She let out a shuddering breath as she just grazed herself.

"What are you thinking of?" he interrupted her ministrations and she opened heavy lids to pierce him with a meaningful glare.

"How much I want you to fuck me," she whispered and that's all it took. He quickly stood from his chair, the wine goblet dropped carelessly to the Persian rug below, forgotten. With a painful pull to her hair, he angled her head to his and claimed every inch of her waiting mouth. She could taste the rich wine on his tongue and reached up to pull at the shirt he still wore. No, this would not do. While his mouth sought dominance over hers, her hands travelled lower to pull the offending garment from his pants. She reached her hands up to explore underneath his shirt and both paused to clear the shirt from his head. Once it cleared, he returned with a renewed eagerness to devour her mouth. She let him and her legs shook in response.

"Fuck," he moaned once he released her mouth for air. "How long has it been?" His hot tongue travelled across her jaw to ear and down her neck and her eyes rolled closed. She half-smiled in pleasure.

"Too long."

"Mmm," he spoke from her neck. "I'll have to correct that immediately."

"About time, Draco," she got out before he pushed her against the wall roughly. He attacked her neck with a savagery all his own while his hand grabbed the same breast she was fondling herself a moment ago. He chuckled darkly and she responded by nipping his collarbone.

"You little minx," his voice called from her chest and she moaned in response. Her womb clenched in high anticipation and she had to throw her head back in frustration at his lack of advancement. Her hands marked their way down his back.

"Draco, please!" she breathed through clenched teeth.

"Patience, Granger." And he lowered his head to her sore nipples. Her mouth fell open in silence and she raked her hands through his soft, blonde hair. Currents of electricity shot through her veins and all she could think was more.

It took her two attempts to actually push him off of her. She smiled darkly as he lost his footing and fell on his backside, surprised. She took the advantage to pin him with her knees and smiled like a cat with the canary at his predicament. "I gave you every opportunity to take what was yours, but you just had to play around." She tsked briskly as she drug his pants down to his ankles.

He pierced her with smug stare and she smirked in response. She thought about nothing more than wiping that smug smile off of his face and just knew how to go about it. She wrapped a warm hand around his erect member and watched in satisfaction as his head fell back in pleasure. She lifted herself so her entrance was just poised over him and slightly lowered onto him only to stand back up. He groaned in frustration. She had barely touched him and he was already slick with her juices. She resisted the urge to fully seat upon him as she teased him again. His groan vibrated through his chest and his hands clenched with indecision to grab her and she smirked. "Patience, Malfoy." She mocked, unaware of the dangerous situation she was throwing herself into.

His eyes darkened to slate grey as he made his move. Damn Seeker reflexes. She found herself slammed onto her back and winded as he pressed all his weight onto her pliant body. Hard muscles met soft curves and she wiggled against him. He growled in response.

Swiftly grabbing a leg in each hand, he scooted forward to bury himself in her fully and she moaned loudly. Finally. He was not gentle. He did not take his time. And she could not want for more. The wolf inside her howled in delight as he pounded through her body, careless to the fact that her back was inching up roughly across the wood floor. Her blood was singing. Yes!

"Tell me Granger," he huffed in between thrusts, "Does anyone else fuck you like this?" He answered with a swift thrust.

Her mouth worked to respond, but no words escaped. Half gasps and breathy moans were all she was capable of producing. Damn him.

"Answer me!" A rough hand pulled her head up from his chest and he lavished her mouth with his tongue, pulsing and deep.

"No," she whimpered when he released her. "Gods, no."

She could die like this. He sent her soul heavenward as he anchored her body with his expert hands. One hand dropped between their flushed bodies to rub her clitoris and her world exploded. Waves pulsated from her womb outward and she had a moment's breath to catch him watching her through hooded eyes before her world tipped to black. Her heart hammered throughout her body in time to his still penetrating dick within her. Gods, she could take no more. But her lover always pushed her, so beautifully to the brink.

He flipped her limp body over and dragged her up to her knees, determined to give her more. His hands bruised her skin as he grabbed her ass to enter her from behind. She let out a deep groan at the deeper angle.

"Gods, you're so fucking tight. So tight." He breathed. She could not respond. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream, her body winding tightly again. "Come for me, Granger."

Her womb shuddered at his naughty command and she felt her legs give out from the intensive shakes coursing through her limbs. She shuddered that her body had so easily obeyed this man's commands. He held her legs for her and ground even deeper in search of his own release. She felt his breath all over her back from pure exhertion and could only make out every other word he forced out in between thrusts. In a few strokes she felt his body lock up and with a panting swear, he spilled his warm seed inside her. Her body slid to the floor, completely used and wonderfully sated.

He dragged a limp hand down her back to pull her up by her hair and she had no choice but to lift her body from the floor. Her body half turned to meet him and the kiss was lazy, filled every inch with lust and utter possessiveness. She sighed into his mouth.

"Better?" he quipped as he wrapped a strong arm about her waist, unsuccessfully suppressing a smile.

She couldn't help but smile in response. "Took you long enough." He replied with another kiss, sweet and tantalizing.

"Now that we got that out of the way, we can get down to work." He made his way to stand, bending to pick up his disregarded pants.

She paused, an eyebrow raised. "I think our research with the Department can wait until tomorrow morning." She stretched and arched her back. "Besides," she trailed off ogling his glorious backside as he walked back towards the bedroom. Red scratches criss-crossed down his back and half-moon crescents dotted his shoulders, the wolf inside her smiled and she felt a rush of possessiveness overtake her.

"What?" He called down the hallway.

"I don't think I'm quite finished," she whispered to herself. Yes, they would certainly need to call out from work tomorrow. Maybe the next day too, she thought to herself as she followed her lover to his bedroom, her smile growing ever wider.

"Well it'll have to wait," How did he hear that? He continued from the hallway. "My mother is bringing my fiancée over in the morning," He walked into the small kitchen to pour another glass of wine.

"Wait, what? Fiancee?!"