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Chapter 1 The Fairy Tail

"What did you say?" Said Natsumi a beautiful 17 year old girl with long pink hair, who's wearing the normal clothes that male Natsu wears except that she has bandages wrapped around her breast which are just a big if not bigger than Lucy's, and with that vest around her body and the bottoms are basically the same there short like a skirt and the white pants are like skinny jeans that cling to her body which shows off her luscious curves that she possesses and the scarf is the same. And us also wearing a red jacket that covers her arms, and also has a green backpack with a red blanket.

"Hmm, oh yeah I heard there's a salamander in the town Harujion but it might be a rumor I heard... Hey where did she go?" Said the random background guy "She left when you said it there is a salamander in Harujion."

"We'll she can't get into too much trouble can she get into right." he said nervously.

"* So Igneel might be in Harujion hu, well looks like I'm going.*" "Hey Happy let's get going ok!" Natsu said with a smile on her face.

In Harujion town

(The train stopped in Harujion and we see Natsu on the ground looking like she's going to die.)

"Um excuse me Miss?" Said the conductor worried "Are you alright?"

"Aye, yeah she's fine, this happens all the time" said the blue cat to the conductor "You really need to get over your motion sickness"

N-never again I will ride the train Happy." She said while her gaud is out the window.

"Oh Natsu you say that every time we ride the train, now if the information we got is correct than salamander should be in this town." Said the blue cat sighing. "Now let's get going!" Happy said while leaving the train.

"Ok, but give me a second to catch my b-breath will yaaaaaa! Natsu said hanging out the window and the train departed again.

"Oh no not again." Said Happy not happy.

"What are you telling me there is only ONE magic shop in this whole town of yours? "Wined Lucy a pretty blond girl, who wears a white top with a blue cross on it and a short blue skirt with a brown belt that hold her keys and has a heart shaped earring.

"Yes miss I'm afraid so." Said the old dude that owned the store. "You see we're more of a fishing town than a magic town, I opened this town to sell to the wizards that might come by." The old man tried to explain.

"Oh, ok than I guess I wasted my time here then" Lucy said disappointed.

"Oh, but we have some new items. Like this it's really popular with the girls." The old man said while pointing to the devise. "According to your mood you can change the color of your clothes. Change purple." His clothes change colors.

"No thanks I already one of those, but what I'm really looking for is some powerful gate keys." Said Lucy

"Oh, those are extremely rare request but I think I have one." Said the old man unsure

"Aw, a white doggy!" Lucy says happily.

"I'm afraid it's not very powerful though." The old man said warning.

"That's ok, I have been looking for one anyway. "She said ecstatic "How much?"

"20,000 jewel." Said the old man happy.

Lucy said not really happy "Um I'm sorry how much was that again."

"I said it was 20,000 jewel" the old man repeated

"Oh come on..." Lucy started saying while zipping down her shirt showing of her cleavage "How much is it really worth" Said Lucy kind of pervy.

"Tch, I CAN'T believe he only took of 1000 jewel." She said really annoyed. "That stubborn old man must be blind! "So much for my feminine wiles." Lucy said kind of sad. Then she saw a bunch of random girls running into the town square.

"OMG its Salamander, Yeah he's a really powerful Mage." said the girls running over to meet him.

"Y-you mean the super famous Mage who uses fire mogul that isn't even sold in stores... He's in town." Lucy said ecstatically and went over to see him.

(Natsu was walking and holding Happy to her chest because he was lazy.)

"I CAN"T believe I rode the train twice! Natsu complained and is still a little tired.

"You gotta get over your motion sickness Natsu." Happy inquired

"I'm so hungry I could eat my own hand." She said sadly.

"It's too bad we don't have any money for food." Happy said "That's why I wanted to stop at home first for some money, but you wanted to get here as fast as possible." Happy said.

"Hey! Well I'm sorry that I wanted to see if Igneel was here." Natsu said kinda annoyed. Now calmer she asks." Hey, Happy this Salamander were looking for has gotta be Igneel right?" Natsu said.

"Aye, it's gotta be because the only fire dragon I've ever heard of is Igneel." Said Happy with a lot of confidence.

"Yeah your guess your right Happy." She said with a little smile on her face. Then they heard a lot of girls screaming saying things like "Oh, Salamander you so dreamy!" "I love you!"

"Ah, Salamander!" Said Happy and Natsu in unison

"We'll speak of the devil! We're in luck today Happy!" Natsu said with a grin on her face.


(We see a guy with purplish hair and a tattoo on his face not really good looking but that's just in my option)

"*Why is my heart beating so fast.*" thought Lucy. "* is it because he's a famous wizard?*" the wizard starts to say"You ladies are all so sweet." He looked over at Lucy"Oh he looked at me!" There were hearts in her eyes. * Is it because he's a famous wizard? Is that why my heart is throbbing out of control?*

"Hey Igneel!" "It's me! Igneel!" Natsu came running up really excited and was pushing through the crowd of crazy girls, when she saw the creepy guy. "Who the heck are you?" Natsu said bluntly and confused.

Then Lucy came out of her love trance. "Who am I?" The "salamander" said. "I am salamander, Shirley you have heard of my before." But before he could finish Natsu started to leave disappointed about who she saw.

"Hey where are you going!?" The salamander said surprised that she wasn't under his spell like the other girls. *Who is this girl? Why is she not under my spell?!* He thought.

Random girls start to yell and throw stuff at Natsu. "You rude little girl! How dare you make fun of Salamander, go say you're sorry!"

"Hey get off of me you crazy people!" Natsu said really pissed off and during the attack of the crazy chicks some of the bandages on her chest got undone but nothing flashy.

"Now that's enough my lovelies, let her go." Said Salamander like a jerk. "Oh ok, Salamander anything for you." The crazy chicks cooed at him. And Lucy was glaring at him.

And Salamander started writing something for Natsu on a piece of paper. "Here's my autograph little lady now you can brag to all out your girlfriends about meeting me." Said Salamander

"No thanks." Said Natsu bluntly then all out the girls except Lucy were glaring at her and attacking her again and now she was in the trash.

"Aye, Natsu guess that wasn't him after all," then Happy looked over at Natsu and said "I think you need to fix your bandages again?" Said Happy bluntly

"Hu, what are you talking..." Then she looked down and saw that her breasts were completely exposed. "Aw great not again!" She said like this sort of thing always happens so often she quickly re-wrapped them around her chest and nobody saw what happened because they were too busy listening to what the false Salamander was saying which was really annoying so I'm not going to explain it.

Who the hell was that guy? Asked Natsu.

"I don't know but he was a really creep." Then Natsu and Happy liked over at this strange girl they have never seen before. "Thank you for your help." She said nicely.

"Oh ok?" Natsu said not knowing what she did to help this girl out. 'Ggrrp' them Lucy looked over at Natsu. "Oh, sorry I'm just really hungry." Said Natsu blushing a bit.

"Ok, then come on." Said Lucy. "Come where?" Asked Natsu. "For some lunch, you said you were hungry right?" Said Lucy with a smile. "Oh, really!" "Yes really come on let's go." Said Lucy grabbing Natsu's hand.

(Now at the restaurant)

"My names Lucy by the way." Natsu and Happy were greedily stuffing their faces with a lot of different food. "So Natsumi and Happy was it?" She asked kind of weird out and amazed that a girl with her figure could eat so much and so fast and joy gain any weight.

Yah, you're nice." Said Natsu with her mouth full of food and swallowed it. "But, you can call me Natsu, all my friends do."

"Ok," Lucy said to the pinkette. "Thanks you, can slow down we're not in a hurry, and food is kind of flying everywhere." "*There goes the money I saved from that guy's shop.*" she thought disappointed. "Evidently the Salamander guy was using magic, a charm spell to hypnotize at the ladies into town thinking they were in-love with him. Charms spells have the power to attract people to you against their will, but they've been banned for years, he must have went to a lot of trouble to get his hands on them." Lucy explained to Natsu and Happy. "What a creep. I feel victim to his spell myself, thank goodness you came barging in when you did. I really can't thank you guys enough."

"No problem." Natsu said with her mouth full.

"I know I don't look like it but I'm a wizard too."

"Is that so?"

"But I haven't joined a guild or anything think that yet. I should explain what a guild is, hu? A guild is a place where wizards come together and share info and find work and things to that existent. Unfortunately you aren't considered a full-fledged wizard until you join a guild. But there are tons of guilds all over the world, I heard there really hard to get into one that are the most popular, and the one I want to join is the most popular one of all and there always featured in Sourer Weekly if I could convince them to let me join I would probably just die." Lucy said really happily. I'm sorry all of this wizard stuff must not make any sense to you, I'm I right but when I join one of those guilds someday and going to take on a bunch of jobs and make a ton of money." She said with a lot of confidence.

"I see." Natsu said.

"You talk a lot." Said Natsu and Happy.

"Hey weren't you looking for somebody?" Lucy asked.

"Aye, were looking for Igneel." "Said Happy while still eating some fish.

"I heard that a salamander had come to this town, so I thought it was him." Said Natsu who was disappointed.

"Yeah that guy didn't even look like a salamander." Said Happy.

"Yeah I bet that guy was a total poseur I bet he can't even breath fire like a real dragon." Natsu said disappointingly.

"Um I don't get it your friend Igneel looks like a dragon?" Said Lucy who was confused.

"No you got it all wrong, he doesn't look like a dragon he is a dragon." Natsu said really calmly. (In this place dragons are really rare and magnificent creatures)

"Huh!" Lucy exclaimed because she couldn't believe what she just heard.

"Aye, Igneel is a fire dragon." Happy inquired.

"Why would a fire dragon show up in the middle if town!" Yelled Lucy who was beginning to think that Natsu was kind dense.

"Um" Natsu and Happy said.

"It's totally ridiculous!" Lucy started to put the money one the table. "We'll I should probably get going. So enjoy the rest of your lunch and I guess I'll see you around" Lucy said.

"I hope you enjoyed your...uh" said the server lady.

"Thank you for the food Lucy!" "Yeah thanks." Said Happy and Natsu who were really thankful to her and were bowing at her like servants.

"It's no big deal... you helped me earlier anyways to now were even, ok?" Lucy said trying to get them to stop embarrassing her.

"I feel kind of bad we weren't even trying to help her out." Natsu said.

"Aye, we owe her something right?"

"I know!" She takes out the autograph that the rack salamander fake her "Here you go." Said Natsu with a smile on her face.

"I don't want that!" Yelled Lucy who was really annoyed right now."

Lucy sat reading a magazine called 'Sorcerer Weekly'.

"Fairy Tail caused trouble again?" she yelled "They took out a family of thieves and took out 7 houses belonging to the citizens."

She laid on the bench bursting into laughter "That is too much." she said. "Oh the centerfolds Mirajane she's so pretty." Said Lucy. She starts to think about Natsu *Natsu is really too pretty, I wonder what she would look like in a dress?* 'giggling'. "I wonder how you become a member. Do you have to apply or go for an interview or something like that? I don't how but I'm so going to join Fairy Tail!" Then the face salamander shows up from the bushes (that's not weird at all.)

"What was that, did you say you wanted to join Fairy Tail?" Said the fake Salamander which took Lucy by surprise. "I have been looking all over for you darling, I have come to personally invite you to the party on the boat tonight."

"Your charm spell won't work on my, that spells weakness is awareness, it doesn't work on people of they know your using it." She said really angrily at him. "Just as I thought, you were a wizard the first moment I saw you, no matter the invitation still stands."

"Yeah right, like I would ever go to a party being thrown by a creep like you." She says offended.

"A creep why would you call me that?" Said the stupid fake Salamander.

"Your spell, using it to make yourself popular." She said like she was trying to explain hard math.

"Don't be mad my dear, it's all in good fun, I just wanted to feel like a celebrity at my own party can you blame me." He said like it was a great service or something.

"This just proves that famous wizards can be BIG idiots." Lucy told him.

"You wish to join the Fairy Tail I'm I correct. Have you ever heard of Salamander one of Fairy Tails wizards?" He asked but he already knows the answer to.

"We'll yeah. You're telling me you're that salamander!?" She asked not believing what's she's hearing.

"Yeah and if you want I could probably put in a good word for you."

"I would love to come to your party tonight." Said Lucy who was star struck again.

"Wow that was even easier than I thought it would be." Whispered the fake Salamander.

"So you really thing you can get me into Fairy Tail?"

"Of course I can my darling but you can tell anybody about the charm spells, is that a deal?"

"Why yes of course." Lucy said like a total fan girl.

"Good than I'll see you at the party tonight!" Then he uses magic to leave the scene.

"He got me with his pseudo charm, but who cares he's going to get me onto Fairy Tail!" Lucy said ecstatically because she was finally going to join Fairy Tail.

"Hehe that was some good food, Happy." Said Natsu with a smile on her face.

"Aye... Hey isn't that the ship that the Salamander guy is having his party?" He asked Natsu who then got queasy just by its mention.

"Please don't mention it unless you wanna see me hurl."

"Aw come on Natsu it's not like we're going abroad or anything like that." He said trying to settle her stomach.

"Yeah I guess you're right." Natsu said who still kind of nausea.

'Look at that! That's the Salamander's ship!' one girl started. (Just some random girls talking here)

'I wish I had gone! ''Salamander?'' You don't know him?'

'He's the famous Fairy Tail wizard that came to town!'

"Hu, Fairy Tail." Said Natsu who was looking pretty mad right now and was going to give him a beat-down he was never going to forget. She looked at the boat and then she realized she had to get on it and that made her sick again. "So he's in Fairy Tail is he?" She said with an angry scowl.

Line Brake

"Lucy, hu, that's a pretty name, and it fists you perfectly, I would like to propose a toast to your beauty." Then the drink formed into little droplets that he wanted her to drink, but she slapped them away and then he told her that he was Evil and not from Fairy Tail and that this was a slave ship he also took away Lucy celestial keys, then Natsu came in through of floor or the ceiling depending on you POV.

"Hey, I know you." Lucy said to Natsu, then she got her motion sickness which sucks for her.

"I knew this was a bad idea." She said

"You're are so lame!" Lucy yelled at Natsu (that's really nice to say to someone who's trying to save your butt)

"Aye, what are you doing here Lucy?" Asked Happy

"Happy, this jerk tricked me, he said he was going to get me onto Fairy Tail, hold on since when do you have wings?"

Everyone was stunned to see Happy with wings. "I'll explain that later ok? Now let's go!" Then Happy grabbed Lucy by her waist and took her away."

"Don't let her get away, we can have her report this to the magic council."

"Wait, what about Natsu and the other girls?" Said a worried Lucy.

"I can't carry two people." Explained Happy.

"Prominues Wind!" Yell the fake Salamander to attack Happy and Lucy, but Happy was too fast for him. "Damn that cats faster than he looks." He yelled annoyed.

"Hey guys..." Natsu said angrily while glaring at them. "We'll well look what we have here." Said the fake Salamander. "We'll aren't you a pretty young girl." He said while going to her and grabbing Natsu her pretty pink hair and threw her across the ship. "You will be Lucy's replacement." He said slyly.

"Um, Lucy bad news." Said a sad Happy.

"What is it?" She said nervously. "My transformation ran out."

Aaaaahhhhh!" They fell into the water and Lucy found her keys (which was a 1 and a million chance in finding them btw) back to Natsu.

Some of the fake Salamanders men were kicking Natsu and were saying things like she was trash, and them one of them were going to grab one of her big breasts but she caught his hand and said. "The Fairy Tail guild... you're a member?" She asked him really pissed off and glaring at the fake salamander. Now to Happy and Lucy.

"Ok, here we go. Open gate of the water bearer Aquarius!" Then we saw Aquarius who is a pretty mermaid.

"Aye, a fish." Happy said drooling.

"Not for you cat." Lucy told Happy.

"That was awesome Lucy." Happy said while drooling and looking at the Aquarius.

"I know right, that's the power of a celestial wizard. Whenever I need help I call from another worlds to help me. Now I need your help to knock that ship into port!" Lucy said.

"Tch." Said Aquarius who was not nice to her.

"Hey don't 'tch' me!" Lucy yelled at her spirit.

"You really shouldn't complain about that." Happy inquired.

"You're such a noisy brat. And let me tell you one thing" she became really scary "If you ever drop my key again I WILL KILL YOU!"

S-Sorry!' they both said scared. As they said that Aquarius used her magic and created a huge wave sweeping the ship and them to the shore. "Hey don't sweep me away to!" Yelled Lucy.

They all landed on the port. "What were you thinking? I asked you to sweep up the ship, not me!" She was still yelling at her.

"My bad I wasn't aiming for the ship." Said Aquarius.

"YOU were aiming for me!" Lucy yelled.

"Don't call me for a while, I'm going on vacation with my boyfriend." Aquarius said mockingly.

"I know you don't have to rub it in." Lucy yelled pissed off.

"I got an idea. Of the fish lady comes back you can just send me to take care of her for you." Happy said with enthusiasm.

Lucy slapped her head and said. "I don't think I can handle much more of this stupid cat."

"Wow, the ship was just thrown into Port." said the town's people.

"That hurt, uh what the." Said the fake salamander.

"Natsu, you're alright." Lucy and Happy ran to where she was, but Natsu has an angry look in her eyes. "So you claim to be a member of the Fairy Tail guild." Natsu said darkly.

"So what's it to you girly, go get her men." Said the Fake Salamander.

"Let me get a good look at you face." She took off her red coat and hit some of this guy's men knocking them out showing the red Fairy Tail mark on her right shoulder.

"Don't worry about her, I probably should have told you this earlier but Natsu's a wizard to." Happy said while eating a fish.

"Hu?!" Lucy was really surprised 'so she's a wizard to hu, I really hope she can beat all of the creeps." She thought worriedly.

"My name is Natsu, and I'm a Fairy Tail and I have NEVER seen you before!" Natsu was really pissed off and they should run away.

"You've gotta be kidding me! Natsu's really a Fairy Tail wizard!" She was really shocked.

"That mark on her arm, she's the really deal Bora." One of this henchmen were really scared of her.

"Don't call me that you fool!" Yells who we now know as Bora.

"I know him, that's Bora the Prominence, rumor has it that he was kicked out of the Titan Noes guild a few years back for bad behavior."

"I don't know what you're trying to do here buddy, and I don't care if you're a good guy bad guy or whatever, I'm not going to let you dirty the Fairy Tail guilds name!" She said like she was going for blood.

"And what are you going to do about. Stop me ha. S-Sorry!' He hit her with his fire magic. "Natsu!" Lucy screamed she was really scared and she was going to run to help her bit Happy blocked her.

"That's how it goes the bigger the talk the weaker the wizard. But that's too bad she was really hot."

"Aw, man this is so gross, man you call yourself a fire wizard." Natsu was eating this fire "Because this is the worst fire I have ever tasted."

"Aaaaahhhhh!" Screamed Bora and Lucy. "Thanks for the grub, poser" Natsu said mockingly. "Fire magic doesn't work on Natsu" Happy said eerily.

"I've never seen anything like that." Lucy said amazed *Wow Natsu is a really powerful wizard!*

"Now I got a fire in my belly and it's raging to get out." She hit her first together, puffs out her cheeks and says. "Here goes, Fire Dragon Roar!" She hits all of Bora's man except him who used his fire to escape the attack.

"Hey Bore, I swear I've seen this chick before, the pink hair and the scaly looking scarf the huge boobs there's no mistaking it she's gotta be the real one..." Said a random henchmen. "Salamander!"

Said Lucy who was still in shock from everything. "I hope you guys are paying attention," her hands are engulfed in flames to use her next attack." Because I'm going to show you that a Fairy Tail wizard can do! Here I come!" Natsu started to charge at the impostor.

"Prominence typhoon!" Bora yelled and tried to attack her again but she evaded and punched him in the face and sending him across the port.

"So she eats fire and then attacks with it? I don't get it is not some kind of spell?" Asked Lucy so Happy explains.

"She has dragon lungs that allow her to breathe fire, dragon scales that allow her to dissolve the fire and dragon claws that let her attack with fire. Her brand if fire magic allows her to take on the attributes of a dragon it's an ancient spell that is rarely used anymore."


"Aye, this fix was originally used to deal with dragons, it's called Dragon Slayer Magic, Igneel was the one that thought it to her."

And while Happy is explaining this the gift is still going on and Natsu is winning, then Bora attacked her and she ate the fire. "Now that was a hefty meal, you're not doing too bad but I'm going you cook you like a smoked fish." Natsu said mockingly.

"You're going to do what to me!?" Bora said very scared.

"I hope you're ready, Fire Dragon Iron Fist!" Natsu hit him and sent him like a skipping stone and he hit the bell.

"Don't be silly Natsu, everybody knows that you smoke fish with smoke not fire." Said Happy.

"Oh wow, that was really amazing, but I think she over did it." Lucy said while looking at the destroyed port.

"Aye!" Happy chirped.

"Oh shut it, cat."

Then the army showed up and Natsu was kind of worried. "Aw crap! Let's go!" Natsu said and grabbed Lucy's wrist.

"Hey! Where are we going anyways?" Lucy asked.

"Just come on. You said you wanted to join the Fairy Tail guild didn't you? So let's go!" Said Natsu and Lucy was ecstatic about going.

End of chapter 1

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