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Natsu heard a loud crash and she turned around and saw the angry gorilla maid. "Aahh!" Virgo yelled and tried to attack Natsu but she evaded.

"Virgo, how are ya?" Natsu questioned as she was in mid-air. The maid's arms slashed through the wind and knocked Natsu from the air. "It looks like you're mad." Natsu said to her.

"Shut it, Natsu! I'm taking you out for my Master" The maid's large feet rumbled on the ground. Her large figure was coming wards Natsu, who just slipped pass her.

"I'm guessing your still mad, hu." Natsu said to her.

"I'm fighting you for my Master! Nothing more!" Virgo screamed. She jumped into the air and her fists slammed into the ground; knocking anything in 50 feet radius over. Natsu fell back and dust filed into her vision. She pushed it away before the beast could attack her once again.

"I said I was sorry!" she argued. Her fist lite aflame and fire traveled across as she landed a blow on the larger woman. Virgo tried to push Natsu off but she held on her maid outfit. Then a magic circle appeared on the ground beneath them. Natsu looked around and saw stars and a big mustache.

(In the sewers)

Lucy is using her WindReader classes to read the book at a great speed. "Wow, this is amazing. I knew this book held some kind of secret." Lucy said to herself admiring the book as she read it.

The he large pervert came after her threw the wall. He grabbed her hands and held them back with the book in her hand and knocked her glasses off her head. "What did you find? "Tell me the secret if the book!" Evaroo said.

"Y-you're pathetic!" Lucy yelled. "You're an enemy of literature!"

"Me, the enemy of literature?! How dare you say that to someone as prestigious and cultured as I am!" He yelled appalled by Lucy's true statement.

"Yes, someone who loves collecting creepy maids is really cultured!" Lucy inquired.

"Your just upset that your friend got past Virgo and you couldn't get so much as a second glance!" He yelled back. "Is it a treasure map?! Does it show where it's hidden?!" He switched the topics to the book. "What sort of secret does it hold?" "

Tell me or I'll snap your arm like a twig!" He threatened. Lucy stuck her young out at him. "Boyo." He squeezed her arms tighter and Lucy fell to the floor. "I had Kemu Zaleon write this book! So any secret it holds is my property!"

Lucy heard a noise coming. It was Happy and he kick Evaroo right in the face.

"Happy!" Lucy says relieved to see him. "Nice you're so cool." She praised him.

Happy made his wings disappear and jumped into the sewage.

"A flying cat?!" Evaroo said.

"The names Happy!" Happy muttered in the water.

"That's sewage water, Happy." Lucy said.

"But the water feels so good." Happy inquired.

Lucy stared at Evaroo, she pointed on of her golden keys at him. "The tables have turned! If you give me this book, I may forgive you. But I'm tempted to give you a good smack."

"Boyoyo! Stellar spirit magic, huh?" Evaroo said in relaxation. "You're a fan of literature-loving girl, you're using that phrase incorrectly. You should say 'the tables have turned' only when your position has turned from a disadvantage to an advantage." He inquired while Happy was still playing in the water, but just got out. "Anyhow, you won't be able to beat me my 'Diver magic' just because you have that cat with you! Boyoyo!" He exclaimed confident he was going to beat them. A magic circle appeared on his back and he dived underground.

"So he does that using magic?! I had no idea he was a wizard to." Happy exclaimed.

"Do you not smell yourself?" Lucy asked because he smelled really bad.

Evaroo started to pop up from the ground and was attacking Lucy was she was evading his attacks while hold on to the book.

She landed on her feet and started talking. "Look! I know the whole story now! It's a horrible adventure novel about a trashy character named Evarloo!" Lucy yelled to him.

"You serious." Happy asked.

"I don't know if I would call the protagonist 'trashy', but Yes!" Evarloo dove underground again. "The story itself if crap! And to think it was written by the great Kemu Zaleon!" He started to attack Lucy again. "Inexcusable!"

Lucy was dodging his attacks left and right. "You forced him to write it! What's up that all-high-and-mighty attitude of yours?" Lucy yelled to him.

"All-high-and-mighty? I'm already a very important man, you know." Evarloo answered her. "Writing a book about me is an honor!" He proclaimed.

"You threatened him to write it!" Lucy yelled.

"Threatened?" Happy said confused.

Evarloo popped out of no wear, stroking his mustache. "So what's the big deal? He needed some extra encouragement to take the job." He said trying to make what he did a noble thing.

Lucy looked at him like he's telling a bad joke. "Oh, really?"

Evarloo started to swim in the rock as if it was water. "Any fool would have jumped at the chance to have me as their muse. But he had the audacity to say NO!" He dove under the rock and a hand popped up behind the sticking one finger up in the air. "So I gave him the extra insensitive in the form of an ultimatum, 'write the novel or his family will be stripped of their citizenship'." He explained to Lucy and Happy.

"But, none of them would be able to join any of the guilds and make a living.' Happy said astonished. "Do you really have the power to do that?" Happy asked, the ground started to shake.

"I have the power to do anything!" Evarloo yelled. He jumped up in the air. "I got him to write it didn't I." He said proudly. "But I didn't like his attitude, so I decided he would do his best writing from a prison cell! Boyoy!" He laughed like a mad man. "He went on and on about how he was brilliant novelist and how he would never give in to threats. But in the end I got what I wanted!" He turned in to a ball and attacked them again.

"I can't believe you would go that far JUST to boost you own stupid ego!" Lucy yelled and continued to dodge his attacks. "He was in solitary confinement for three years! Don't you know how hard that must have been!?" Lucy yelled while running.

"Three whole years?" Happy said surprised with how long that was.

Evarloo came up in front of them but they didn't get hit. "Maybe it took him that long to appreciate me? Boyoyo." He said arrogantly.

"You're wrong! It's more like he couldn't bare to spread your lies!" Lucy exclaimed. "But he had to satisfy your vanity, he knew if he didn't write your character as a heroic, champion of justice that his family would suffer!" Lucy said knowingly.

"Tell me, how exactly do you know all this?" He asked Lucy.

Lucy held up the book and stated. "It's all here, in black and white."

"What? I've read that book from cover to cover and Kemu Zaleon isn't in it."

"Well yeah, if you read it normally there is no mention of him," Lucy started explaining. "But I know something you don't know, before he was an author he was a wizard." Lucy told him.

"He was?" Happy asked.

"What did he do?" Evarloo asked angrily.

"After he finished the book he gathered all his remaining strength and cast a spell on it." Lucy said to him all-knowingly.

Evarloo started to shake with anger. "What a dirty trick. He turned a book about a great man like me into a hatchet job, the newer of the guy!" Evarloo screamed and dived into the rock again.

Evarloo attack Lucy yet again. "Oh, get over yourself!" Lucy yelled at him to get a reality check. "It's true he wrote about all the pain and torture you put him through, but the chapters on what you did to him were a small of the book." Lucy stated while holding out DAYBREAK. "In fact it really secret has nothing to do with you!"

Happy started drooling. "Tell us, Lucy." Happy said suspenseful.

"What the devil do you mean?" Evarloo was confused.

Lucy put the book behind her back. "I'm not going to give this book back to you Evarloo." Lucy said and grabbed one of her keys. "Because it was never really yours to begin with!" She started to summon one of her sprites. "Open! Gate of the Giant Crab! Cancer!" A magic circle appeared and Cancer came out. Cancer dresses in a way reminiscent of a hairdresser, His hair is black and braided in red cornrows that end in a shape that resembles crab's pincers. He always wears a blue striped shirt and dark trousers with two aquamarine stripes each side, also wearing boots in his feet. In his pants there's a ring chain in the right pocket and a hairdresser tools' bag in the left side of his belt. He wears a golden necklace and it's commonly seen with his two main weapons: always wears sunglasses with green lens. He also has six crab legs that appear from his back.

"Cancer~" He said.

"A giant crab!" Happy screamed in excitement. "Oh yeah, nothing say's 'I'm going to kick your butt' like a crab man with razor and tough guy sunglasses!" Happy was saying while doing a little dance.

"Shut up, and let me consecrate or I'll have him pinch your little lips off." Lucy threatened the adorable cat.

"Hey Lucy," Cancer said and turned to her. "How would you like your hair done today-ebi?" Cancer asked his key holder.

Lucy put her hand to her head in an annoyed way. "I don't need styling I need help." She explained. "It's that guy Take care of baldy over there." She pointed to Evarloo.

"Whatever you say ebi~." Cancer said.

Happy was getting support from the wall. "Ah, I get it he just makes the bad guys look cooler before they kill us, that's useful." Happy said sarcastically. "Yeah, you should probably send him back now Lucy." Happy said.

"I should send you back!" Lucy threatened him again giving him a glare.

Evarloo stated to freak out because he was thinking the book was about the illegal things he has been doing to make his money. So he did something that everyone was surprised by. "Open! Gate of the Maiden, Virgo!" He yelled and it turns out he could summon spirits like Lucy.

"What the!" Lucy yelled in shock.

"He's using your trick Lucy!" Happy exclaimed.

Virgo came into the sewer with them. "Did I hear my master summon me!?" She exclaimed.

"Virgo! Retrieve that book at once!" Evarloo demanded.

"Hold up! She's a Celestial Spirit!?" Lucy was shocked to say the least.

Lucy, Happy and Evarloo looked up at Virgo and saw something that made Evarloo's secret seem like nothing. Natsu was hanging on to Virgo's shirt.

"Natsu!" Lucy screamed because she doesn't understand how Natsu got here.

"Yeah?" Natsu said while on Virgo's large shoulder.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Evarloo questioned how Natsu was here.

"Natsu, what are you doing up their?!" Lucy asked Natsu because she wanted answers.

Natsu was confused to what happened. "Well me and her started to fight, I jumped up and grabbed on to her, and then all of a sudden... I ended up here."The pinkette explained the best she could.

"So you grabbed a hold of her inside the house?" Lucy tried to make since of it. "But that means... you must have passed through the Spirit Gate with her... That's impossible!" Lucy screamed because this has never happened and was freaking out.

Virgo was trying to get Natsu out of her hair literately. "Lucy! What the heck do I do now?" Natsu asked the Celestial Wizard.

"Take care of her!" Lucy advised.

"Virgo, remove the intruders!" Evarloo demanded.

Natsu jumped from Virgo's head. "As you wish." Virgo replied to her master and started to bring her fist down on Natsu.

Natsu looked up at Virgo and hit her fists together. "Sorry Virgo, but. Now I'm FIRED UP!" Natsu yelled her signature catchphrase. She puffed out her cheeks. "FIRE DRAGON ROAR!" She put her hands in front of her mouth to guild the flames and attacked Virgo.

"You dirty little mole man!" Lucy yelled and took out her whip and attack Evarloo as well, wrapping him up so he can't dive anymore. "No more diving for you!" she used her whip to flip him across the sewer. "You make me SICK!" She yelled in disgust for him.

Cancer jumped up in the air and attack him as well." Ebi~"

Lucy landed on her feet. "You're just another greedy villain." Lucy said like a hero.

Evarloo came back to the ground with a thud, and Cancer came down as well. "OK, I'm done," He said he made Evarloo balder than he was before. "Does this look fabulous or what~Ebi." Cancer said.

Natsu was by Virgo with her hands on her curvy hips, she looked over to them. "Oh, yeah wait a go crab-man~Ebi." Natsu praised and was confused by why he said Ebi~.

The mansion started to shake and was collapsing all around them but, they all made it out safe and sound. Natsu had her arms behind her head and is smiling while Lucy is astonished by what had happened to the house.

Natsu turned to Lucy. "I like your style, out with a bang!" She smiled at Lucy. "You are defiantly going to fit in at Fairy Tail!" Natsu praised.

But, aren't we not supposed to destroy stuff?" Happy inquired.

"I hope I don't get blamed for this." Lucy said in distress.

Everyone in the town was looking at the destruction that Fairy Tale had caused.

(At Kaby Melons mansion)

Natsu, Lucy hand Happy went to Kaby's home. When they got their Lucy handed him the book DAYBREAK. And Kaby was confused. "WH-what are you... doing?" Kaby was surprised that the book was still in one piece. "If I remember correctly, I asked you to destroy it."

"It's not that hard to destroy. You can do it yourself, Kaby." Lucy told him, because she doesn't want to destroy it without telling him the secret about the book.

"Th-then I'll burn it." He said with a stern look and his face and grabbed the book from Lucy's hand. "I don't even... Want to look at it!" He screamed.

"I completely understand why you feel the way you do about this book, Kaby." Lucy said sympathetically. "You wanted to protect your father's legacy. Because you're actually Zaleon's son aren't you?" Lucy said like a detective.

Natsu and Happy were surprised.

"Yes, that's true." Kaby admitted.

"Have you read it yourself?" Lucy asked.

"No, I... I could never bring myself to do it, my father told me it was garbage." He told them.

Natsu was getting mad she started to move towards Kaby. "You were just gonna burn it?" Natsu asked as calmly as she could in this situation.

"I was." Kaby said without a hint of sorrow in his voice and that was all Natsu could take. She went up to Kaby and grabbed him by his collar and started to yell at him.

"Without even bothering to see what was inside! That's the last book your daddy ever wrote, right!?" Natsu yelled with anger in her voice. "Some of us would kill for that kind of memory!" She was still yelling Kaby while remembering Igneel and how much she wanted to see her daddy again.

Lucy came between them and move Natsu away from him "That's enough Natsu!" She yelled at Natsu for being too abrasive. "Let Kaby explain himself!" Natsu moved back with her hand crossing her large chest in an angry way.

"Yes... My father was ashamed to have written 'DAYBREAK'. It was 31 years ago." He started to tell them the past.

It turns out that after Kaby's father came come he had nothing but anger towards his father for abandoning them for three years. And when he returned home he told Kaby he was done being a writer and cut his right arm off. Natsu and Lucy were so surprised that they were hugging tightly to each other and screaming. When Kemu was in the hospital he told Kaby that he was glad he finished 'DAYBREAK' and not long after that Kume Zaleon died and he still never forgave him but after that him his anger turned into remorse, so the only way he could make it up to his father was to destroy the book that caused him so much pain. And that's why he wanted to eliminate the book from existence.

"I'm sure this is what he would want." He said and got out a match and was about to set the book ablaze.

Lucy put her hand on her hip. "No, you're wrong." Lucy said to him without warning and everyone looked at the book, and before the match could touch the book the flame from the match went out. "Kaby, look!" Lucy yelled.

The book started to glow a bright, purple color. Kaby has to shield his eyes. "What's happening?!" Kaby asked 'Lucy because she was the only person who knew what was happening.

"A spell has been cased on the book, it's the work of the wizard Kemu Zaleon, or should I say Zekua Melon." Lucy explained to Kaby.

"A spell?" Kaby was surprised by this.

The words 'DAYBREAK' chanced into 'DEAR KABY.

"DEAR... KABY?!" He was amazed by what he was seeing. As was Natsu who's mouth was wide open.

"That's right, this book is his letter to you." Lucy said with a smile. "Disguised by a spell that rearranged all of the words, so no one else could read it." The letters shot up into the air making it look beautiful.

"Wow." Natsu was amazed by this.

"Pretty!" Happy said and was trying to touch the magical words.

"He didn't stop writing because he was ashamed, he stopped because he had finished his greatest work ever! He wrote a novel containing everything he wanted to say to his beloved son." Lucy told Kaby was blown away by this. "And when you read it the way it was intend, it is easily his best work every." The book stopped fixing itself and Kaby grasped it and held it close to his chest with tears stinging his eyes.

"And now that the spell is broken you can read it for yourself." Lucy told him.

"Thank you, Father." He said to his father's spirit. "I Swear I will never let any harm come to this book."

Natsu smiled and put one hand behind her head. "Well I guess we won't be collecting that reward." Natsu said to Lucy and Happy.


"Huh!" Lucy said to Natsu.

Natsu looked at Lucy and said. "We were supposed to destroy. We didn't finish the job."

"N-no, I can't do that..." Kaby started to say to the pink haired girl.

"T-that's right! That's a generous offer, so let's accept it!" Lucy begged Natsu because she needed to pay rent.

Natsu put her hand behind her head and started to walk to the door.

"Lucy, don't be so greedy, your running what was a touching moment." Happy inquired.

"I need the cash!"

"Thanks for offering, but we don't want it." Natsu said to Kaby and his wife.

"Um, yes we do, I need to pay rent!" She yelled to Natsu.

"I think it's time we all go back home." Natsu said. "That means you too Mr. Mellon, go back home." She said with a smile. But Lucy was staring at her like what's she talking about, while the Melons were surprised that she figured out the other secret in the house.

(On their way back to Magnolia and they were walking by a river)

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" HOW COULD YOU TURN DOWN 2 MILLION JEWEL LIKE THAT!?" Lucy yelled at Natsu. "And why are we walking back?"

"If we had taken the money it would have made Fairy Tail look bad. You gotta think about Fairy Tail's reputation." Natsu explained.


"Everything turned out alright, so who cares!?" Lucy yelled again. "And it turned out that they weren't even wealthy, they were just renting that house so everyone would think they were rich." Lucy sighed. "It's not like it matters, we would have taken the job either way."

"I don't know about you." Happy inquired.

"Of course I would have!" She said defending herself.

"Sure, greedy."

"By the way, the house. How did you know it wasn't really theirs?" Lucy asked the Dragon-Slayer.

"Hmm?" Natsu turned around. "Their smell was different from the house smell." Natsu explained. "How could you not notice?" Natsu asked Lucy like 'did you really not know'.

"I'M NOT AN ANIMAL, LIKE YOU!" Lucy screamed at Natsu, Lucy calmed down. "But authors like him inspire me!"

Natsu gave Lucy a sinister smirk and out her arm around her. "I got you figured out, all of those papers a found at the desk at your house," Natsu said to Lucy remembering what happened earlier today. "You're writing a novel aren't you?" Natsu said with a smile and Lucy face turned red.

"Oh, so that's why she's such a book worm." Happy stated.

"Promise you won't tell anybody." Lucy begged Natsu.

"Hu, why?" Natsu asked the Blushing Blond.

Lucy started to flail her arms in an embarrassed fashion and knock Natsu over without realizing it."Because I'm a horrible writer! And if anybody read my writing I would just die!" She yelled really fast and looked over at Natsu who was surprised by her outburst.

"Don't worry, nobody gonna read it." Natsu said trying to comfort her.

"That doesn't really make me feel any better." Lucy said with her head down, sulking.

"Well, look on the bright side. You help an old man from burning his Dad's legacy to him." Natsu said trying to make her stop being sad.

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