Summary: When Harry Potter is in danger of a hidden spy, it is up for the Head Counselors of CHB to ensure his safety. But they can't tell anyone that they're guarding the Chosen One, not even Harry himself, or risk the life of one of the most important teen's since Percy Jackson. (Better than sounds, includes Percy and all of his friends, and all the students in Hogwarts). Rated T

Rating: T, for mild adult themes, and swearing.

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Chapter One

Annabeth's POV

The last day of camp. The last freaking day of camp and Chiron decides to give all of the head counselors a quest.

Let me start again: Hi, I'm Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena, Architect of Olympus, Girlfriend of Olympus' Mightiest Hero and the only girl who has literally been to hell and back.

Anyways, I was packing to leave camp on August sixteenth. I was going to stay with my boyfriend Percy Jackson and his parents until my school year started, and I was allowed to move into my dorm in The New York Institute of Technology. I had gotten a scholarship there for my astounding ability at architecture.

This year for Percy's birthday (which is on August eighteenth) we were going to have a kick ass party to celebrate his eighteenth. It was also our two year anniversary, so we were going to go out for dinner the night on the seventeenth, one day earlier than our actual anniversary. I was really excited. You wouldn't believe me, but this was the first party I've actually been to in years.

And we finally have no major enemies that might take over the world now that Gaea and Kronos are defeated, right?


When Seaweed Brain and I walked down to the mess hall, ate our breakfast and were ready to leave, when Chiron stamps his hoof on the pavilion floor.

"Head counselors, please report in the rec. room for a meeting before any of you leave. Other campers who will not be staying year round may leave."

"What's that about?" Percy mutters in my ear. I shrug, thinking it was something to do about the states we leave our cabins in when we leave. I grab his hand and we climb up the porch steps of the Big House, and enter the rec room, which also happens to be our meeting room.

All the head counselors sit around the ping pong table and wait for Chiron to enter. Before he does though, everyone turns toward their neighbor and either argues with them, chats, or beats them up. I ask my good friend Piper what she's doing for the school year.

Chiron enters the rec room, bending low so he could fit through the doorway. Everyone falls silent when he comes in.

"Heroes," he begins wearily. "I need you all to go on one final quest that could determine the fate of the world. Again." I slammed my palms down on the ping pong table before he finishes the last word. I glare at the centaur coldly. I couldn't believe this. After all we've been through, he's sending us on another damn quest to risk our lives for. I was tired of all this. I had enough.

"What?" I ask quietly, putting as much steel as I could into my voice. "We saved the world. Twice. In the past six years. What in the gods' name are you talking about?" My voice is rapidly increasing volume as I continue, my rage building. "We defeated them all! They're gone! There are no more titans or gods that are left to challenge us." Chiron's tail flickered nervously at my sudden outburst but he doesn't flinch.

"There are no more gods or titans that are threatening us." He confirms. We all sigh in relief. We've been through a lot these few years. More than Camp Half Blood has ever faced. We all experienced death, like no other teenagers in the world should.

"But," Chiron raised his voice slightly to be heard. "That does not mean the world is not at stake. We are at risk. From a wizard."

We all looked at him as if he'd gone insane. Wizard? There are no wizards. There is magic, but no wizards.

"I want to send all of you to England. There you shall attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are there to protect a boy with your life, and ensure Harry Potter will live through his sixth year of schooling."

"But who'd want to kill him?" Connor Stoll asked. "Like, I know he's a wizard, but there's a school full of them apparently, and what makes Harry the 'Percy' of his school?" We all glance at Percy when Connor made this comment. His face had paled slightly, and I know he'd go along to help to guy, if he was forced into the same situation that Percy was. Well if Percy's going, that settles it. I am too. I grab his hand, and squeeze it comfortingly. He gives me a grateful smile before turning his gaze back toward Chiron.

"There was a prophecy proclaimed when Harry turned a year," Chiron said carefully, eyes avoiding Percy. "One of the lines of the prophecy said 'One can't live while the other survives' referring to the baby and the Dark Lord. A spy for Voldemort heard this prophecy and repeated it to his master. Voldemort made the decision to kill baby Harry before he could grow older and defeat him."

Silence filled the room, broken by Travis Stoll's sudden snort.

"What kind of name is Voldemort?" he chuckled, and his brother, Clarrise and Leo join in before Chiron can stop them. "If he can't even kill a baby, how can he possibly rule the world?"

"Do not underestimate him," the centaur warned. "He killed Harry's mother and father, two of the best wizards that Hogwarts has seen, in the blink of an eye, simply because they were blocking his way to the baby."

This halted the snickering, and the room fell silent again.

"When Lord Voldemort turned his wand to kill Harry," Chiron continued. "The spell backfired, marking Harry, but fatally wounding the Dark Lord. No one has ever withstood a direct offence of the Killing Curse, except little Harry. It is unknown why the spell cease to work on Harry, but the Headmaster of Hogwarts is determined to prove that it was the love Harry's father and mother sacrificed that saved him.

"Voldemort returned earlier two years ago, and strives to murder the sixteen year old before Harry is sent off to finish the prophecy. He needs constant protection, but without his or no one else's knowledge or his life could end very early indeed."

"But why does he need us? It sounds like his school would be protected fiercely enough if they managed to hold off Moldimort for six years." Clarrise stated gruffly.

"Even the best of friends could be spies," Chiron said wisely. The atmosphere in side the room turned dark, and I knew everyone was thinking of Silena Beureguard.

Percy jumped up out of his seat.

"I'm in." He nodded. He cocked his head, and looked at me with his sea-green eyes. I sighed, giving into his cute baby seal expression. Gods, why does he have to be so infuriatingly adorable?

"Me too. Seaweed Brain will probably get himself killed if I'm not around. And it is a free trip to London, isn't it?" I asked hopefully. Chiron nodded in confirmation and I smiled, ignoring the mock look of hurt Percy was giving me.

Connor and Travis grinned evilly at each other before coming to a conclusion.

"Sounds like Hogwarts need some pranksters." Travis shouted jumping up. "We're in!" The Stoll bro's yelled in unison.

"Hey, there's no party unless Leo's there!" Leo joined in, wiggling his eyebrows.

"No way are we going to let you have all the fun," Piper said, pushing Leo playfully. She looked over at Jason who just shrugged. "We're in." She told Chiron.

"Well," Katie started, but stopped hastily, catching the glare Travis and Loe Ellen were sending her. She sighed in defeat. "I guess Miranda could take over for me." She muttered under her breath, and was tackled down by Hecate's head counselor.

"If Katie's going, then I am too." Lou Ellen commented hugging her best friend fiercely.

"Mmmmmm? Someone say my name?" Clovis mumbled against his pillow.

"Get back to sleep Clovis!" Will laughed. He then turned back to Chiron. "You can count me in."

"Sure," Butch announced. "It's better than normal 'pain-in-the-ass' school for sure."

Pollux nodded in agreement and voiced a small "I might as well go," but I'm pretty sure I was the only one who heard him. I felt guilty that we were ignoring him, but he has gotten quieter and very un-sociable since Castor died, and there was nothing I could do about that without being nosy.

Nico smiled and said 'what the hay? I'm sure I could last a year without seeing my un-dead buddies,' and we all turned toward Clarrise expectantly. She bit her lip and looked like she was thinking of the best way to let us down.

"Come on, Clarrise." Conner pleaded. "There will be a ton of new fresh meat for you to pick on." Clarrise's eyes gleamed wickedly and I knew we had her.

"So," I said turning back to Chiron. "We're all on board. Now what?"

Chiron glanced doubtfully at the lazing Clovis. He sighed, but smiled at us gratefully.

"I have already asked permission from Lady Artemis to borrow Thalia in this mission, so she'll be meeting you over in JFK. Once you have flown successfully over to the United Kingdom, Annabeth and Percy, Iris Message me straight away, and I will give you your instructions. And you needn't worry," he added, catching sight of Percy's pale face. "Professor Dumbledore and I have come to an agreement with the Lord of the Skies to let you fly safely to London and back without an un-idealistic plane crash over the Atlantic. You have fifteen minutes to meet Argus at the camp van, or you will be left behind and I'm afraid to say that the cleaning harpies won't hesitate to devour you. Happy flying, and may you have Tyche's favor on your side.

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