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Chapter 5

Percy's POV

I sighed in relief as I sat down beside Annabeth. She was sitting beside Jason, and across from three of the people who bumped into us in King's Cross. The cute girl (though not as cute as Annabeth) with the bushy brown hair and the redhead who's face was splattered with freckles. I wonder where the guy who kinda looked like me was, and the redheads sister.

Annabeth and Jason were talking to them politely when I sat down. Jason clapped me on the back, while Annabeth gave me a kiss on the cheek. I heard some unhappy murmurs when Annabeth kissed me, but I shrugged them off. There were always whispers when Annabeth and I showed public displays of affection. I don't honestly know why, but I think it's because some guys have their eyes on Annabeth, and wanted to make a move. Well, she's mine now, suckers! (Oh Percy, you're such a Seaweed Brain!)

I wrapped my arm around Annabeth's shoulder, and Piper came down to sit beside Jason. We smile at her, and Jason takes Piper's hand. More grumbling when that happened, and I roll my eyes at Annabeth. Annabeth laughs beside me, and we turn towards the people opposite us.

"Hey," I said warmly. "I'm Percy Jackson." The redhead looked at me in surprise and sadness when I said Percy.

"And I'm Piper McClean," Piper adds quickly, and we both extended our hands for them to shake.

"Hermione. Hermione Granger." The brunette eagerly shakes my hand. Oooookaayyyy, I thought.

"Ron Weasley." The redhead said coldly. He only shook Piper's hand. I didn't know what his problem was, until I saw him glance briefly at Hermione. It clicked in my mind. I'm not as clueless as some of you might think. Heck, I even knew about Hazel and Frank before they did. Not to mention Beckendorf and Silena. And Travis and Katie. Ron liked Hermione! Wait, then why is he jealous of me...?

I feel someone ruffle my hair, and look behind. Both Stolls were wearing similar grins on their faces. I raise my eyebrow at them.

"Hey Perce! Looks like we're staying with you!" Travis says playfully.

"Lucky me," I saw in mock scorn. I meant it though. This was going to be awesome with the pranks they'll pull off. Connor caught sight of Hermione and winked flirtatiously. She smiled back at him.

"Percy," Connor elbowed me. "Introduce me to this lovely lady." I rolled my eyes, when Connor said this, causing Hermione to flush red. Ron had turned red too, though I doubt it was for the same reason.

"Hermione Granger - Connor Stoll.
Connor Stoll - Hermione Granger.
Travis Stoll - Hermione Granger.
Hermione Granger - Travis Stoll.
Travis Stoll - Ron Weasley.
Ron Weasley - Travis Stoll.
Ron Weasley - Connor Stoll.
Connor Stoll - Ron Weasley."

I made room for the Stolls on the bench and they both drop heavily beside me. I smirk at them before turning my attention back to the sorting. Leo had the hat on his head, and he looked pretty nervous. Then his expression turned to downright sass, and I was hoping that him and the hat weren't having a 'bitch off'. Oh my gods, now he's clapping sarcastically. Dam Leo!

After another minute, the hat screams "RAVENCLAW!" and Leo hastily takes off his hat before joining the other demigods at the table. I saw him sit across from Will and Pollux, and I wondered what pranks he had for the Ravenclaw students. I'm sure they're slightly worse than having your hand dunked in warm water while you sleep.

Professor Dumbledore got back to the stand thingy, (emmm, what's it called, a podium or something) and raised his hand. The talking ceased, and I wondered how he does that. I wish I could do that, it would be easier to give an inspirational speech without people talking over you.

"Well, I am sure you are all starving, so let the feast begin, and I will talk to you all after dinner." After he said that, the tables were full with every kind of food, from chicken nuggets to caviar to mashed potatoes. There were gravy boats filled with gravy, ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, every kind of paste there was.

I quickly dug in, and saw the others do the same. I was so hungry, and I eat like a horse. So I was in the middle of my sixth helping, and I couldn't help but notice people staring at me (apart from my friends at camp). I smile at them, and continue to eat, until the food vanishes. I groan, but smile again when I notice that the food has been replaced by desert. Again, I heavily load my plate with blueberry ice-cream and blue meringues. After I finish my food, and feel stuffed, I listen into the conversation.

"Yeah, there's two schools over in America for Witches and Wizards," Annabeth told Ron, Hermione, and Harry. "The one we attend is called Crosswell Olympus High." She said, using the fake name Chiron had given us on the train. "It's a boarding school too in the woods on Long Island Sound. But instead of houses, we're split into twenty 'cabins.' Each cabin represents a Greek god, hence the name Olympus. Though since our schools a high school, you join when you're 14/15 and leave when your 18. That explains why Percy and I are 18. We were starting our last year in high school, when we got this opportunity."

Hermione looked immensely interested. "And what inspired to call school Crosswell Olympus, and represent a god with cabins?" She asks

Annabeth smiled at her, obviously pleased that someone here was up to her standard of smartness. "Well, I'm sure you heard of the myth that Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, had created a special race of human by giving these human powers, powers that can only be controlled by a wand? Well our founder apparently thought it would be a good idea to name the school after the Greek gods."

Hermione nodded as if this made sense, though Ron and Harry looked dumbfounded. Connor and Travis were snickering and flinging peas of a spoon at Thalia and Nico at the table beside us.

"And how are you sorted into these 'cabins' of yours?"

"Well, you see, when you first start school , all of the students in grade 9 or 10, it depends when they finish middle school, have to live up one by one. You see, there's a bowl of water in the middle of the room. They're given a knife, and have to cut their palms, and spill a drop of their blood into the bowl," Hermione crinkled her nose up in disgust when Annabeth said this. "Whatever symbol appears above the witch or wizard who cut themselves, is sorted into this cabin."

"Wouldn't that hurt?" Hermione asks. We all nodded, me smirking a bit.

"Yeah, I cut myself too hard, and ended up with a scar." I said, showing her the scar on my palm that I had received after my encounter with a pit scorpion. Hermione takes my hand, blushing, and examines it. Annabeth glares at me, I wink at her, and she sticks out her tongue.

"Are you offering me something?" I ask her cheekily. Hermione drops my hand, embarrassed and I hear the Stolls say, "oooooohhhhhhhh." She turned red and slapped me across the face and punched me in the stomach, winding me.

Jason, Connor, Travis and Piper all start laughing, and once I get my breath back, I let out a few chuckles. Ron and Hermione stare at us shocked, and I feel a bruise showing up on my face. Annabeth glares at me murderously. I smile at her, and her glare softens a fraction.

"You're such a jackass ." She mumbles grudgingly, settling back into my chest. I sling my arms over her shoulder and kiss the top of her head.

"I won't," I promised. After everyone's laughs have died down, Connor looks over at us thoughtfully.

"It worked on you before." He says. I raise and eyebrow at him, and take a cautious sip of my drink. Surprisingly it tasted good, so I started to chug it down.

"What worked on me before?" Annabeth asks suspiciously.

"Oh stop playing dumb Annabeth. You know what. Remember when we caught you in the weap- uhh, I mean tool shed after you dragged Percy off when he said 'Do you have a map? Cause I keep getting lost in your eyes. '? Or in the Poseidon Cabin when Percy said 'I would like my breath back please. You can't keep it forever. '?"

"Shut up Connor." I growl, blushing furiously. Annabeth was also a deep shade of red, which I personally thought made her adorable.

"You know I'm only kidding." I glower at him, making him cringe. I was intimidating when I wanted to be. Jason, Travis and Ron were all trying not to laugh, while Hermione looked appalled. Piper just rolled her eyes.

Just then, the guy with the black hair who I saw previously with Ron and Hermione, plunked down on the seat next to Ron. Blood covered his face. His nose was dribbling blood and his lip was split. He was fuming, and I noticed over by the Slytherin table, on the other side of the table from where Thalia and Nico were sitting, a blonde haired dude was making notions with his foot. A whole crowd of the Slytherin students were bunched around him as he stamped his foot viciously, making the crowd around him laugh and jeer. I immediately connected the dots, and saw red. I was about to stand up and beat this snotty little kid up when I was yanked down. Annabeth gestured towards professor Dumbledore who was watching us intently. Annabeth gave me a look as if to say: I will not let you get us expelled on the first day. I sighed and took another swig out of my drink.

"Harry, what happened?" Hermione gushed nervously. She got him a napkin and he stuck it too his face. Annabeth pulled out her wand focused it on Harry, and waved it around. Magically, his lip closed up, and his nose stopped bleeding. His face was wiped clean and he stared at Annabeth.

"There, you don't look like you've been mugged now." She said victoriously. I noticed Harry was ogling at her like she was an angel, and I felt uncomfortable. I glance at Jason and Piper. Jason just shrugs, and Piper rolls her eyes at me as if I couldn't trust Annabeth.

"Thanks," he says hoarsely. He continued to stare at Annabeth, and I was about to say something, but Hermione bet me too it.

"Well?" She snaps. "What happened? Tell us already."

Harry sighed irately, and I could see the anger filling him.

"Malfoy." he said disgustedly. Hermione sighed

"I told you spying on him was a bad idea Harry. Did you find out anything?" She asks. Suddenly I was interested in the conversation, but tried not to let it show. Why was Harry spying on Malfoy, whoever he is?

Harry glanced at us. "Yeah, I'll tell you later though. Who are they? I haven't seen them before."

"Oh, that's because we're knew. On an American exchange program. I'm Piper McClean." Piper smiles at him, and offers her his hand. He grins at her.

"Harry. Harry Potter."I stop in my tracks. That name sounds familiar...wait a second. This is the kid we're supposed to be protecting?

"Jason Grace." Jason said warmly.

"Connor Stoll." Connor grins evilly.

"Travis Stoll." Travis says, with a grin identical to Connors.

"Are you two twins?" he asks, interested.

"No, I'm a year older, but more handsome and awesome than Connor" Travis says at the exact same time as Connor says: "No, Travis is a year older, but I'm more handsome and awesome than Travis."

Both brothers glare at each other. Harry looks away awkwardly, and his eyes lands on Annabeth.

"I'm Annabeth Chase and this is my boyfriend Percy Jackson" Annabeth says smoothly. Harry's face flickered with disappointment for a moment, but went back to it's usual grin.

"That's cool. Where did you-"

Harry was interrupted when Professor Dumbledore stood up. All the leftover food disappeared, though the drinks stayed.

"The very best of evenings to you!" he said, smiling broadly, his arms open wide as though to embrace the room. I wonder if he smelled like old people, or because he's a wizard, he smells different.

"What happened to his hand?" Hermione gasped. Dumbledore's blackened hand was visible, and whispers filled the room. Dumbledore smiled and shook his purple and gold sleeve over his injury.

"Nothing to worry about." he said airily. "Now... to our new students, welcome; to our old students, welcome back! Another year full of magical education awaits you..."

"His hand was like that when I saw him over the summer." Harry whispered to Hermione, but the whole group heard it. I had assumed that his hand was an illness. Apparently not.

"I thought he'd have cured it by now, though... or Madam Pomfrey would have done." I wondered who Madam Pomfrey was. Was she the French teacher? Isn't that what people call French teachers? Madam or Mademoiselle? Hmmm, I don't know. I'll ask Annabeth later.

Hermione looked like she was about to be sick."It looks like it died." I've seen worse things in my life than a burnt hand. It didn't look that bad, in all fairness. Heck, I've seen Annabeth poisoned, and it was a more heart-wrenching sight.

"But there are some injuries you can't cure." No kidding. "old curses... and there are poisons that can't be cured."

"...and Mr Filch, our caretaker, has asked me to say that there is blanket ban on any joke items bought at the shop called Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

"Those wishing to play for their house Quidditch teams should give their names to their Heads of House as usual. We are also looking for new Quidditch commentators, who should do likewise.

We are pleased to welcome a new member of stall this year. Professor Slughorn," a guy with a potbelly, gooseberry eyes and a bald head stood up. He was wearing a waistcoat robe. It was weird seeing all these people wearing robes, but I guess I'll get used to it. "is a former colleague of mine who has agreed to resume his old post of Potions master."

Almost everyone echoed the word 'potions' incredulously, as if they never heard of it before. I shoot Annabeth a confused look, but she looks just as bemused as I am.

"Potions?" said Ron and Hermione together, turning to stare at Harry. "But you said-"

"Professor Snape, meanwhile" said Dumbledore, raising his voice so that it carried pver all the muttering, "will be taking over the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher."

"No!" Harry practically shouted. I don't know what the big deal was? Was this Snape guy a bully of a teacher? Why was it hard to believe he got a new job?

"But, Harry, you said that Slughorn was going to be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts!" said Hermione. So, they're over-reacting, because Harry lied about what job Slughorn would get? I am so confused.

"I thought he was!" said Harry. Wow, this dude needs to get a chill pill. Who cares which teacher teaches what? Did they bet money on it or something?

"Well at least there's one good thing," Harry said savagely. "Snape'll be gone by the end of the year."

"What do you mean?" Connor, Travis and Ron asked at the same time.

"The job Snape took is jinxed. No one's lasted more than a year. Quirrell actually died doing it. Personally, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for another death..." Wait, did he just say he wanted his teacher to die? Maybe his teacher was a monster! No wonder everyone hates him. I whisper the monster part in Annabeth's ear in Greek, so even if they did hear us, they wouldn't be able to understand us.

She nods at me, and I find myself wondering if I should corner off this 'Snape' while he's busy and kill him before he manages to kill Harry. But is Harry a half-blood? I don't know.

"Harry!" Hermione yelped, shocked and reproachful. Maybe Snape wasn't a monster, if some students liked him. If only I could see him, and determine if he was or not.

"He might just go back to teaching Potions at the end of the year." said Ron reasonably. "That Slughorn bloke might not want to stay long-term, Moody didn't."

"Don't mean to be rude, but would you mind telling us what is wrong with a teacher changing job positions?" Piper asked politely, charmspeak making her voice velvet and irresistible.

"S-sure." Ron stuttered, and I fought to hide my smirk. "Y-you see S-snape-"

Dumbledore cleared his throat. The whole hall was talking about Snape teaching Potions. I made an impatient noise with my throat. Just when we were about to find out something interesting

"Tell us later." Piper whispered, and Ron nodded viciously.

"Clarrise Le Rue, another exchange student from America, has been appointed position of co. Groundskeeper. She will help Professor Hagrid with his jobs, and assist him in his class of Care for Magical Creatures, as she is an expert." I snorted at that. Clarrise, an expert? Yeah right.

"Now, as everybody in this hall knows, Lord Voldemort and his followers are once more at large and gaining in strength." The silence seemed to tauten and strain as Dumbledore spoke. Me and other demigods exchanged looks, while Harry glanced over at the blonde dude at the Slytherin table. The blonde was making his fork hover in midair as if he heard this speech before, and was bored with it.

"I cannot emphasize strongly enough how dangerous the present situation is, and how much care each of us at Hogwarts must take to ensure that we remain safe. The castle's magical fortifications have been strengthened over the summer, we are protected in new and more powerful ways," when Dumbledore said this, he glanced in my direction, " but we must still guard scrupulously against carelessness on the part of any student or member of staff. I urge you, therefore, to abide by any security restrictions that your teachers might impose upon you, however irksome you might find them - in particular, the rule that you are not to be out of bed after hours. I implore you, should you notice anything strange or suspicious within or outside the castle, to report it to a member od staff immediately. I trust you to conduct yourselves, always, with the utmost regard for your own and each other's safety."

Wow, this guy must be a son of Athena. Dumbledore's blue eyes swept over the students before he smiled once more.

"But now, your bets await, as warm and comfortable as you could possibly wish, and I know that your top priority is to be well-rested for your lessons tomorrow. Let us therefore say goodnight. Pip pip! But, ah, could the new American exchange students pop over to my office at once."

We all stand up, and we, the Gryffindor demigods, wait for the other half-bloods to catch up.

"We'll see ya tomorrow." I tell our new friends. They nod in acknowledgement, and gave us few quick goodbyes. Hermione, hugging the girls, and me. Wait a second... did she think I was gay? Cause I am so not gay!

I ignore the smirks everyone was sending me, and pat her back awkwardly. After she walks away, her face a deep red, I turn towards the others.

"Does she think I'm gay or something? Why did she only hug me and the girls?" Annabeth tsk-ed at me.

"Gods, your such a Seaweed Brain, Percy. Lets just go to Professor Dumbledore's office, wherever that is."

We walk around the hall awkwardly, until we bump into the Professor who called the names. She was a tall, severe-looking woman. She had her black hair in a tight bun, and was wearing emerald green robes, the same color as Harry's eyes. She observed us sternly and my first impression was that she reminded me of Athena. When we asked her where Dumbledore's office was, she lead us to an alcove with two stone gargoyles.

"Acid Pops." The teacher announced. We all look at her incredulously, which she chose to ignore. Then the alcove opened, leading to a spiral staircase.

"Follow me." She said stiffly, walking up the stairs. I nod at Annabeth, and she goes first. We go in a single line, me bringing up the rear, in case we're ambushed from behind. We're led to a thick oak door, and the Professor knocks once.

I hear a wispy "Come in" from inside the door, and the witch opens it for us. Professor Dumbledore was sitting in behind a desk. His office was huge, and filled with all sorts of wizard knick-knacks.

"Thank you Professor McGonagall. I'll take them from here." Dumbledore said, smiling at the teacher who brought us to him. She nods curtly before turning and leaving, closing the door behind her.

He turned back towards us. "Now, I hope you are all pleased with you current houses." He said, blue eyes twinkling as he observed us.

We all nodded and gave a few 'yes sirs' except Annabeth. She bit her lip and spoke up.

"Sorry Professor, but I was wondering why I wasn't put in Ravenclaw? It's not like I don't like Gryffindor or the people in it," she glanced at me, and smiled reassuringly "it's just that I rather expected to be sorted into Ravenclaw. Athena is my mother, as I'm sure you know, and I thought I Ravenclaw would suit me better, as I definitely have a thirst for knowledge."

Wait, was she changing houses?

Dumbledore smiled at her. "You see, Annabeth, I'm sure you're one of the smartest children Athena has ever had," Annabeth blushed at this, "and it is probable that you have a thirst for knowledge, but I am assured that your bravery over takes it all. I heard that you went on a quest alone against the an immortal monster who has a non to small grudge against your mother, and has been keeping tabs on you in particular. You have always had your head up Annabeth. You fought the Titan Lord himself, not to mention Arachne and Gaea. Annabeth, my dear, you are possibly one of the bravest in this room, and I am positive Gryffindor will suit you fine. I'm sure Mr Jackson wouldn't be too pleased either if you decided to switch houses." It was my turn to blush when he said this. "But if you really want to change houses, I'm sure I could make an exception..."

"No thank you Professor Dumbledore. I'm sure it would be too much hassle. I was just wondering."

"It's okay my dear. I'm sure your all aware that Camp Jupiter are sending over two more demigods." We all nod. Chiron told us that Reyna and Dakota (the new Praetor. He was awarded Praetorship for saving Reyna's life after Octavian decided that he had enough of her.) were sending over Frank and Hazel, because they couldn't go themselves. They were arriving in October, after mid-term break. I was happy to be seeing my two friends. I hadn't seen them since the summer solstice. You see, now that we've settled our disagreements with Camp Jupiter, we lived in harmony. We acknowledged each other, but only our leaders (Annabeth and me) and their Praetors would meet on the summer and winter solstice. All our campers would go and visit Camp Jupiter on the summer solstice, and the legionaries from Camp Jupiter would come over and visit us on the winter solstice, since they never had snow over in California. If some of their campers felt like they belonged better in Camp Half Blood, they would be welcome to stay with us, and likewise with them. If one of our campers had a quest, and were over in California, they would be welcomed into Camp Jupiter to restock and a place to rest. The same with us. If one of their campers had a quest, and were over in Long Island, we will welcome in Camp Half Blood for restock and a place to rest. It was a happy enough life, and most of our campers Iris Messaged the Romans on a daily basis.

"Good. Now, to justify you on what's happening. There's an intruder in Hogwarts; a spy for Voldemort. He or she will try and get Harry out of Hogwarts, and manage to ambush him. At first I thought it was Draco Malfoy, but it appears that his assignment is my assassination." We stare at him, shocked. Surely he was joking, talking about his assassination like it was no big deal. Then again, he could probably over-power anyone who tries to take his life. He kinda had an aura of quiet power, like a minor god.

Maybe he was a god, that's why he was talking about his death like no biggie.

"Are you a god?" I blurt out.

Dumbledore chuckles good-naturedly. "No, son, but I am a child of Hecate. Now, back to business. I want one of you with Harry at all times. As long as you are in the same room. If you see someone lead Harry off, I at least one of you tailing him. Your wands are specially made to transfer your thoughts into an actual spell, correct? Well you will also be able to make yourself invisible with just a flick of your wand. Connor is also in the same dormitory as him. I was assured by Chiron that you're all light sleepers. If Harry leaves the room at anytime during the night, follow him. If you hear a sound during the night, make sure it is something harmless. Treat everything with great caution, and do not underestimate anything in this world. It is extremely important that you know this. Understood?"

We all nod (again) and the headmaster smiles at us. "Now to take care of the year situation. Here is a list of who will be in what years." He hands us each a slip of paper. It read:

American Exchange Student's Years

Annabeth Chase: Year 7
Nico DiAngelo: Year 5
Katie Gardner: Year 6
Jason Grace: Year 7
Thalia Grace: Year 5
Pollux Gravine: Year 6
Percy Jackson: Year 7
Butch Jones: Year 6
Hazel Levesque: Year 5
Piper McClean: Year 6
Lou Ellen Smith: Year 6
Connor Stoll: Year 6
Travis Stoll: Year 7
Will Solace: Year 7
Leo Valdez: Year 6
Frank Zhang: Year 6

"Ordinarily, Ms. Levesque would be in year 4, but Chiron mentioned to me how important it was to keep all of you together, and not one alone in one year. Ms. LeRue is in good hands. I would entrust Hagrid with my life. She should be safe. One of the reasons I needed Ms. LeRue out in Hagrid's cabin was so that if she heard voices, or saw anything suspicious, she would report it to me.

"Now, I am sure you're all tired. You must go back to your dormitories. I'll have Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick to show you where your houses are. Off to bed now!"

I open the door, and walk down the staircase, with the rest of the demigods trailing behind me. When we're all down, the door disappears. I turn around as see four teachers waiting for us.

One of them was tiny. He had a shock of white hair and brown eyes with round glasses. He was wearing black robes, that overlapped at the end. He nodded at us, and looked pleased.

Another was a squat witch with grey hair and brown smiled at them, and I felt warm. She looked like what a normal grandma would look like. I could imagine her pinching cheeks, and baking cookies and slipping me twenty bucks when my mom wasn't looking. Though I doubt her cookies are half as good as my moms.

The dude standing beside her was thin with sallow skin and a large hooked nose. His over grown black hair was greasy, and framed his face in curtains, kinda like Nico's, though's Nico's hair isn't greasy, and his hair is a bit shorter. His iris's were pure black, and his lip curled when he saw us. I immediately hated him.

Beside him was Professor McGonagall, the witch who brought us to Dumbledore. She gave no sign of acknowledgement, aside from her eyes that were sweeping in our appearances.

"Ravenclaw student's follow me." The tiny professor squeaked. Will, Pollux and Leo sent us a few nervous glances before following him down the hall.

"Hufflepuff's, this way." Grandma said, not unkindly. Katie and Lou waved at me as they and Butch walked with grandma down some stairs to the left.

"Slytherin." The greasy haired guy drawled. His teeth were yellow. Thalia and Nico strutted off behind him, Thalia looking confident, Nico not so much.

"The rest of you must be Gryffindor. Come with me." Professor McGonagall turned on her heel, and walked down the hall. We had no choice but to follow her.

I make small talk with my friends until she stops in front of a portrait of a fat lady who could be straight from an opera. She turned to look at us, then at McGonagall. I wasn't fazed that they could move or talk. I've chatted to enough paintings in The Leaky Cauldron.

"Who are these?" She asks McGonagall curiously.

"American exchange students. They will be staying at Hogwarts for a year. They have been sorted into Gryffindor." She says curtly.

The Fat Lady smiles at us.

"Password?" she asks politely.

I don't know how to reply to that, when McGonagall answers: "Abstinence"

I glance at Annabeth, who looks like she's making a mental note of the password.

The picture frame swings open like a door, leading us into an empty circular room with squashy armchairs, poofs and tables. There was a window, a bulletin board, and a fireplace that dominates one wall. The walls were decorated in scarlet tapestries. Two separate stairways led upstairs at two opposite ends of the rooms.

"This is your common room. This is where you come after you lessons. You can do your homework in either the common room or the library." Annabeth's eyes twinkled when she mentioned 'library'. "No students from other houses are allowed in your common room, or are you allowed in theirs. The staircase over on the left side of the room lead up into the gentlemen's dormitories and bathroom. The staircase over on the right side of the room lead up into the ladies dormitories and bathroom. Women are not allowed in the men's dormitories, and likewise. The top floor in both dormitories are for the year seven. The floor below the top floor are for the year six. You're trunks are waiting by your bed. The bell will ring at seven morning for breakfast. Do not be late for your lessons, or you will get a detention. No exceptions. Any questions? No? Good. You will be given your timetables tomorrow. Don't be afraid to ask your fellow students for directions."

With that, she exited the common room, and the frame closed behind her.

"Wow, strict." Connor murmured, and I couldn't help agree. She was like a mortal version of Athena.

"I guess, we'll see you guys tomorrow. Night." I said to the girls, and kissed Annabeth's cheek. Jason followed my example with Piper, and we trudged up the spiral stairs. I didn't realize how exhausted I was. We said goodbye to Connor on the second top floor, and made our way to the top. I sighed in relief when I saw the four poster bed with my trunk at it's end. I quickly put on pajama bottoms, but left my chest bare since it was hot tonight.

Instantly I fell asleep.

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