Gravity Falls

Into the Rocky Gorge

Chapter I:


It's another summer day in Gravity Falls. Dipper and Mabel are playing with Waddles, while Stan is keeping an eye in both Soos and Wendy, who are redecorating the place.

"Be careful with that banshee skull, Soos!" Stan says. "Remember it costs more than you!"

"Sure thing, Mr. Pines." The handyman replies as he finishes assembling the skeleton. Luckily, it didn't fell off.

"I finished sweeping the floor." Wendy approaches. "Can I go now?"

Stan looks at the clock and realizes it's time to close the shack.

"In a couple of minutes, Wendy." He replies. "I have an announcement to say." He approaches the window. "Kids! Come inside! There's something I want to tell you!"

The twins and Waddles, being carried by Mabel, go to the shack. Dipper seems a bit suspicious, while Mabel is enthusiastic.

"So, what's what you want to tell us, Grunkle Stan?" she asks

"Well, since I've seen you have been working a lot," he clears his throat. "I thought it could be a good idea to have a picnic tomorrow morning." Stan smiles and raises his arms, hoping to get a positive answer.

"I'd love to have a picnic!" Mabel cheerfully responds, while the rest don't appear to care.

"Uh, Grunkle Stan," Dipper says. "Are you sure about this? I mean, last week we wanted to have a picnic, but you said…"

"I know what I said!" Stan cuts him off. "I can change my mind, were you aware of it, smart guy?"

"Okay, okay…" The younger twin replies, a bit scared. "We're having a normal picnic with normal food and drinks."

"So everyone agrees!" Grunkle Stan says, ignoring he didn't hear what his employees think about. "See you tomorrow here at noon." He says as he leaves the room. "Oh, by the way!" he storms in again. "If you're thinking in not going, you're fired!" he then looks at the red-haired teen. "That goes especially for you, Wendy!"

Wendy rolls her eyes in resignation and sighs as Stan leaves the room once again.

"Come on, Wendy." Dipper says. "It might be fun."

"If with fun you mean 'boring', then it's going to be so much fun I might not resist it." She replies sarcastically

"Of course it's going to be fun!" Mabel says. "I mean, Grunkle Stan is trying to bond with us. Let's do it for him." She raises her hand and smiles, waiting for high-fives.

Wendy, Dipper, and Soos are looking to each other, kind of confused and unsure.

"Come on, guys!" a smiling Mabel says, still with her hand raised. "My arm's getting tired."

"Mabel, what if something happens to us?" Dipper comments.

"Like what?" she asks

"Die of boredom." Wendy chuckles

"Let's give Stan an opportunity." The older twin cheerfully says. "Trust me. And my arm's tired."

They have no option, but to trust her and give her the high-five.

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