Hi there, Tiger here!

Guys, IK it's been a while, but I feel this needs to be said.


It sucks! Characters bad written... and believe me, I read the thing all over again and I facepalmed every two sentences, so my forehead's red.

I'm still rusty and stuff with writing fanfiction. I'm focusing more in original fiction. I want my novel to be published, I have lots of ideas, plot twists, and heart attacks! Lots of heart attacks and cliffhangers!

Anyways, I'm going to re-write this story from zero and will still preserve this original file. I have to admit, I get attached to a lot of things I have to delete. Even if they're crappy.

So do not expect updates in this one.

I still want to continue "I think our great uncle is a serial killer", though. I'm still stuck and don't know how to write a couple of characters. I have, ironically, the ending written and how Dipper's trying to fake a strong stomach when Wendy and/or her friends are around. The subplot still needs work.

So yeah, I'm a bit busy here.