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"Bloody hell."

The three of them sat around the table, golden locket between them, glittering innocently. It seemed as though hours had gone by since Harry had been trapped inside Nagini's mind, but it hadn't been very long at all. He knew that, and while he wanted to be there with his friends, this was more of a pressing matter, and the the Weasley family were away and half-conscious in the living room anyways, unaware of what was happening around them. They had all thought that best after two obliviates.

"You're saying I've been living with a horcrux in this house the entire time?" Sirius said, looking a bit ill.

"I wouldn't know why, it certainly wasn't a place I was expecting it to be, but-"

"I've been in that room!" Sirius suddenly exploded. "Could it have done anything to me?"

Tom gave him a cool look, "Only if you had taken to wearing it around the house. You should be fine."

Harry sighed, pulling the locket closer and picking it up, staring at the carved S for the name. Of all the places to find one, Sirius's brother's room wasn't the place he would have picked, especially at a time like this.

"How did you find it?" Harry murmured, dropping it quickly.

"I felt it's magic, my magic, from upstairs in that room. I was curious, wouldn't you be as well?" said Tom. He said nothing.

"How do we destroy it?" Sirius said finally, turning to Harry.

"Basilisk venom, Gryffindor's sword, Fien-"

"Fiendfyre," Tom said shortly. "I'll do it, I'm quite good with the spell."

"Of course you are," The older man snarked before Harry gave him a look. Sirius grew quiet.

Harry curled up in his seat, and said, "You should probably go do that somewhere else, so no one asks why the table is scorched." His eyes caught his godfather's, and continued. "Do you know of any good place to do it?"

His godfather looked pensive, and it was such an odd emotion for him to have that Harry felt like laughing.

"Any room upstairs should be fine, no one goes in them."

Tom nodded, and rising from the table, he spoke. "If you get any news of the Weasley man, come get me."

He disappeared around the corner, and Sirius turned to him, eyebrows quirked. "Weasley man?"

"There was a Weasley at Hogwarts when he went as well, Sirius. He was also an obnoxious prat."

"Ah," His godfather managed, "That's fair."

His thoughts turned back to the four other people in the room next to them. "Should we go sit with them, Ron and the others, I mean?"

He nodded. "It would look odd if we didn't."

Harry leapt to his feet, and moved to the cupboards near the stove. He was through the fourth one when he found what he had been looking for.

"Catch," Harry called, as he tossed a butterbeer to his godfather. "Our reason for coming in here." He held up another few of the bottles, and with a foot, kicked the door to the living room open.

The four of them looked like a mess; vacant eyed and sad. He idly noticed that they were all wearing their pajamas, but that made sense as Mcgonagall probably had just escorted them out without them knowing anything at all about the matter.

"I brought some butterbeers," Harry said in a fake cheerful manner, and without asking he set them down in front of them, popping his open and taking a long drink. Not a good idea by any means, but he didn't feel like being fully sober just then.

"Thanks, mate," Ron said miserably, "Although I don't know if I could even drink this. I feel really horrible, you know?"

Wincing, Harry nodded shakily, as he knew exactly why his best friend was feeling that way.

"Does anyone want anything else, food of any sort?" Sirius called from the door. They all shook their head, mumbles of no thank you's. His godfather nodded, and came back to sit with them.

"Where's Professor Leclair?" Ginny said quietly.

"Upstairs, he's looking for something," said Harry. "Why?"

She slumped."I don't know, just curious."

There was silence for the moment until, with a flash of golden flame, a rolled up piece of parchment and a single feather from Fawkes landed on the table next to him. Harry jumped. Even the Weasley family seemed to rouse.

"What is that?" Ron said, and Sirius snatched it up with shaking fingers.

Dad is still alive. I am setting out for St Mungo's now. Stay where you are. I will send news as soon as I can. Mum.

"Still alive?" Fred whispered hoarsely.

Harry's head thudded against the couch, his emotions swarming to a quick sort of relief. He was still alive, and while it didn't mean much, it meant that he was still breathing. Heart still pumping. If they could get the anti-venom there in time, and treat his wounds correctly-

"It's finished," Tom said suddenly, as the door swung open, revealing him and a dangling piece of gold. It was tossed in his directly, and he caught it without thinking. Damn his Seeker skills.

"What is that?" Ginny said, eyeing with locket without any real interest.

"Family heirloom," Tom said smoothly. He caught sight of the parchment. "Have you gotten any news?"

"He's still alive," Harry said. The older man nodded, before slipping into the chair next to them.

"We'll wait, then," was all that he said.

And that was what they did. Harry could tell his lover was impatient, and a bit bored, but it meant a lot to him that he was sitting there with them.

That was probably the point too. Mind games it was.

As the sun dawned, pink, feathery light stretching across the sky, a door opened with a faint thud. The next moment, Mrs. Weasley was inside. Her eyes were red, skin blotchy as though she had been crying. She looked tired, old suddenly. Aged overnight.

"He's going to be just fine," She said, "Bill's there with him now, and he's been asleep for a bit."

George and Ginny rose from their seats, collapsing into their mother's arms. Fred fell back, face flushed with relief. Ron drank his butterbeer down in one, huge gulp.

"Breakfast, then," said Sirius quickly, looking up. "Kreacher!"

The mutinous house elf didn't come, and Harry became irritated.

"Kreacher, as the heir to the Noble and most Ancient House of Black, I order you to appear at once," He called out, and with a pop, the house elf appeared in front of him, glaring maliciously at him. Then he seemed to notice something, and his expression twisted into shock, his already huge eyes bulging.

"Master Regulus's locket!" He said, pointing at the chain the had slipped out of his pocket. "You killed it, under my master's-"

"Stop talking," Tom snapped before the Weasley family could notice. "You're saying Regulus wanted you to destroy it?"

Kreacher nodded his head, and to Harry's full surprise, the elf teared up, much like Dobby did.

"Strange…" He muttered, but before he could say more, Sirius had ordered the elf off to the kitchen, telling the two of them that they could talk later.

Everything was coming out. So many events, all to do with Voldemort. Less than twenty-four hours and the truth had been shaken again. It seemed his life was spinning out of control.

After eating a bit of breakfast, it was announced that they could all go see Mr. Weasley. Harry changed into some of his muggle clothing, and smirked at Tom when he came out in his sweater he had stolen.

"All ready there, Potter?" Madeye grouched, as he stared suspiciously at Tom, who just smiled wanly back. Obviously Moody was picking up on something, but he didn't know quite what it was.

"Yes," said Harry, and handed Ron's coat to the redhead, who was still very much asleep.

"Tonks is meeting us outside," He said, and turned away, heading towards the door. Mrs. Weasley appeared around the corner, a smile on her face.

"Time to go, dear's," She said, and Harry felt Tom stiffen.

He tried not to laugh.

"Are you coming too, Professor?" She said to Tom, oblivious to his seething. He managed a curt nod, before disappearing out the door.

"Was he alright?" She said, turning to him. Harry shrugged, holding back his smile.


She sighed, "Well, alright then." Mrs. Weasley turned around to face the door, and called up the stairs. "Fred, George, Ginny! We're going, so get down here!"

Immediately, movement on the stairs echoed through the room, and soon the three of them were in the opening, already dressed for going out.

"Ready, mum," Ginny said, and Mrs. Weasley beamed at her children, before ushering them all out the door.

The sight that meet them had Harry almost in hysterics.

Mad-eye Moody was watching Tom with a suspicious gaze, his magical eye swiveling around at an alarming speed. Tom looked vaguely impressed, but also a bit annoyed, as if he'd rather be anywhere but there in that moment.

Tonks just looked uncomfortable.

"Well," Mrs. Weasley said, clapping her hands, and succeeding in stopping their little show down. "We're all ready."

Moody's eye snapped to her, and with a nod, he led the group out into the street. Tom slowed until he was walking with his lover, and ignored the smirk on his face.

"Having fun, then?" Harry mock-whispered, and he glowered back at him.

"That man puts paranoid to a whole different dimension. I think he was almost ready to bring me in for questioning," Tom hissed, and Harry let out a small laugh.

"He is a bit…" He paused, looking for a nice word.

"Demented?" Tom offered, and he rolled his eyes. "I was going to say 'codgy', actually."

"That's not much better."

Harry grinned, "Always on the bright side, aren't you, Professor?"

Suddenly, two redheaded twins swerved into view, Fred and George smirking cloyingly.

"Now, Now-" Fred whispered.

"Flirting in front of mum-"


"If you're asking me-"

"Oh, stop," Harry moaned, walking faster and leaving Tom alone with the twins and catching up to Ron.

"What is it?" Ron said as Harry slowed to match his own pace.

"Your brothers," he said and Ron looked as though he was trying not to laugh.

"What did they do now?"

Looking over his shoulder, Harry watched as Ron's expression grew confused, and curious, Harry looked back too. And succinctly groaned.

"They're planning something," Ron said, wide eyed and looking a bit worried. Harry's own expression matched his. "I shouldn't have left him alone with them. Just to make me miserable," Harry shook his head.

"Oh Merlin," Ron whispered, "Do you think they'll do something to me?"

Harry suddenly realized his friend was actually worried, and hid a grin. "It would be something horrible, wouldn't it?"

Like he thought, Ron shivered. "Spiders in bed, I bet," He said mournfully and Harry choked on a laugh.

"What will it be for you?" Ron said, and Harry pretended to think about it.


"Maybe I'll buy him some new clothes," Tom suddenly said loudly, and Harry froze.

"Clothing?" Ron said, wrinkling his nose. "What will that do - Harry?"

Harry ran his fingers through his hair, glaring half-heartedly at the other man as the three of them caught up.

"You told them about that?" He asked, almost afraid of the answer. Tom smirked smugly.

"If you don't want those sort of things talked about, then don't leave me alone with them," He told Harry, and he groaned again.

"Did you really wear leathe-"

"Your mother could hear!" Harry said in a last ditch effort to keep them quiet. The twins only looked over his shoulder, finding the Weasley matriarch in a deep conversation with Ginny, and shrugged. "I don't think so," George said.

"What are you talking about?" Ron asked curiously.

"Well," George began. Fred smiled slyly.

"After a consequential drinking binge-"

Harry stomped his foot. "Stop, stop right now."

They ignored him.

"Little Harry over here when he-"

"Woke up, that he didn't know what he was putting on-"

"Until about an hour later-"

"Which turned out to be skin-tight leather pants."

"Red, was it?" Fred added and Harry buried his face in his hands.

"You were drinking-" Ron started, but Tom cut him off.

"To be fair, it wasn't that much alcohol. Harry's just a bit of a lightweight," He said smoothly, and the twin's eyes gleamed with the new information.

"Is he now?" George purred, and Harry looked up, eyes narrowed. He didn't like the sound of that.

"What?" said Harry, and the twin's mouth curved in a wide smile.

"Yule's coming-"

"The five of you get over here," Moody suddenly barked, and Harry looked with relief around to notice that they were standing on the entrance to the train station.

"Oh, I've never been on a muggle train before," Mrs. Weasley said wide eyed, and Harry exchanged incredulous looks with his lover. There was a certain point of naive….

Getting on the train, Harry dozed off halfway through the ride, and had to be shaken away when they arrived. It seemed most of the others had as well; as only the older generation stayed awake.

When they came to the sidewalked- paven shopping court, Harry stifled a laugh. It looked exactly the way it had fifty years prior. The same ugly manikin; clothed in green. Purge and Dowse Ltd.

Tom looked amused by the display as well.

"Here to see Arthur Weasley," Tonks said, leaning forward towards the glass window.

The manikin nodded slightly, and Tonks grinned, before slipping through the glass. The Weasley family went next, until it was only Tom, Moody and him.

"In you go," Moody said, and he was pushed through, grabbing onto Tom just before he could be left behind with the growling ex-auror.

The usual amount of chaos swarmed the large room, with everything from a hapless dancing man, to a young child with wings. Eyeing her curiously, Harry waited until Mrs. Weasley got the correct floor, and then they were off again.

The corridors were filled with portraits and floating candles; healers rushing in and out of doors, distant yelling. It seemed exactly the same as it had when he had been the first time, when he had come through time, just with more portraits. The robes the healer's wore were a little different as well.

"Here we are," Mrs. Weasley said, steering them into another corridor named 'Dai Llewellyn Ward.'

He hadn't been inside before, but it had been a close call meeting Antheia the first time.

She really had wanted to eat him.

"We can wait if you want, Molly," Tonks offered, once they had gotten to the right room, and she nodded.

Harry took to leaning against the wall, but Mrs. Weasley caught sight of him and said, "Come in, Harry. I know he want's to see you."

Shaking his head, he spoke, "No, it's alright. You all should get some time alone with him."

Her lips pursed, but she drew away into the room, leaving the corridor silent. Harry sucked in a relieved breath, and closed his eyes. As much as he like the man, seeing someone he, only hours ago had felt his teeth -Nagini's- sinking deep into his side, didn't seem like the greatest idea at the moment. It wasn't as though he was worried he would just take a look and want to kill the man, but Harry just didn't feel comfortable.

After a few minutes, the younger group from the family tromped out, looking slightly discouraged, Moody and Tonks slipping by them and into the room, door shutting behind them.

"How is he?" Harry asked at once, mistaking their irritation as hopelessness.

"Good, he'll be fine, especially with the venom neutralized - that's what dad said at least," Fred said.

"They kicked us out," Ron muttered, kicking the ground softly with his foot, but suddenly George grinned.

"Not a problem, dear brother. We have the perfect solution," He said, pulling out two flesh-like objects attached by what seemed to be string.

"Ears?" Harry said incredulously.

"They're extendable," Fred said, as he grabbed a pair. "Want one? They're probably talking about you, after all."

Eyeing them suspiciously, Harry hesitantly took one from George's arms. Tom chuckled in faint amusement, but Harry didn't even look back at him. His lover was just as interested in the invention as he was.

Holding one side up to his own ear, the other spun away and hid under the door. The next moment, Harry could hear them talking from inside as if he were standing next to them.

"...Strange kid, Potter," He heard Moody said gruffly, and his eyes narrowed. They were talking about him.

"Dumbledore almost seems to have known this would happen, haven't you noticed?" Mrs. Weasley said.

They continued talking, but Harry had frozen at her words. A thin smile curved his lips, and he had to stop the half-angry laugh that it spurned. Dumbledore knew, as Harry had always known. But this time he had proof.

Oh, it was perfect.

"Is what they're saying true?"

Harry turned to meet Ginny's wide, almost fearful eyes. "No, I'm not possessed, if that's what you mean."

She flushed. "I didn't mean it that way, I mean did Dumbledore already know?"

Shrugging slightly, he nodded. "Probably. I wouldn't doubt it, he has a tendency to know things and not tell anyone about it till it's too late to hide it."

"I guess…." She trailed off unsurely, and Harry realized that they hadn't told her anything when they had told her brothers.

"They never tell us anything," Ron muttered just so Harry could hear, "Over the summer during their meetings. Apparently we were 'too young'."

"I wouldn't guess that the Order knows much either. It's just Dumbledore and his secrets," Harry said back. Ron shook his head in what seemed like disgust.

Later, when they were back on the noisy, crowded train, Harry went through each clue, every secret of Voldemort's, Tom giving him his thoughts from the back of his mind. Seven horcruxes. One in him, two destroyed. Another probably in Hogwarts. The locket was a Slytherin heirloom, which meant he probably made more with them. Nagini, the Founders, it all tied together in a convoluted knot, tightly wound until barely visible, as Voldemort wanted.

But they were getting closer, and Harry was determined to destroy at least one other over the break. They had no other options.

"What do you all all want for some dinner, then?" Mrs. Weasley said when they arrived back at the crooked Black home. Putting his coat back on the rack, Harry filed into the room with the rest of the younger crowd. Tom had already left back for Hogwarts, murmuring about getting some grading done, but he was really scouting for the horcrux. Neither expected him to find it in the first night, but it would certainly be a relief if he did.

"Back from visiting, then?" Sirius said, interrupting Ron as he moved into the room.

"Yes," Ginny said, a small smile curving her lips. She looked much more relaxed than even hours before.

His godfather beamed. "That's great, because I managed to get Kreacher to cook for us. I checked for poison already," He added hurriedly, after seeing them exchange glances. Curiously, it didn't make them feel any better.

"Well, I for one, am starving," Ron said, brushing past them as he made his way eagerly towards the kitchen door, and Harry held back a smile. It seemed his friend was almost back to normal.

"Can I ask you something?"

Harry turned at his godfather's voice, and gave him a small smile. "Sure, what is it?"

"Not here," Sirius murmured, "Someplace a bit more private." He led Harry down the hallway, away from the curious Weasley family, and into a room Harry recognised. It was the tapestry room; the tree of all Blacks in curled writing down it's branches. It hardly had changed, except for the few burnings of names that had cropped up afterwards.

"What did you want to ask me?" Harry said when he reclined comfortably in the chair by the window, waiting for the older man to find one of his one. When he did, he found to his surprise that his godfather looked more worried than he had ever seen him.

"I heard what you said, and what the other's were talking about. I knew they didn't really understand, but I know all about feeling a bit - crazy," Sirius said with a jaded laugh. "I think becoming one with another horcrux is on that list."

Harry bit his lip, but inside he was relieved. He needed to talk to someone about it, who wasn't Tom. "I really had wanted to kill him, Sirius. Rip out his flesh and-" Harry said, his voice cracking. "The killing part isn't really the part that's getting to me, but that is was Mr. Weasley. Mr. Weasley, the man who allowed me into his house and treated me like family, for all his quirks. And I had wanted to rip him to pieces." Harry got abruptly to his feet, turning away. "I hate how that made me feel, like I had no control coming out of it. I was still half the snake, and worse how it hurt to pull away from that."

There was silence for a while, the only sound the faint echo of voices from down the hall.

"When I was in Azkaban, I had no magic, no one to talk to, and only the idea that I was innocent to keep me company. But," His godfather hesitated, "It gave me a lot of time to think, to go over all the choices I had cut out for myself. I really went over everything, my entire life and realized something; I had been incredibly stupid."

Harry goggled at the man, clearly not to have been expecting those words to come out. Sirius only gave him a slight laugh.

"I threw away my inheritance, just to spite my parents. That was stupid. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change it for anything, but still I did what I did. I gave away something I probably would have never been able to get back. This chance I got, I was very lucky. My parents were crazy bastards - hell, it runs in the Blacks, but they were still family, you know?"

Harry only nodded, even if he didn't understood. His only family growing up was the Dursley's, and he wasn't forgiving them anytime soon. Still though, it seemed this was important to his godfather, something he had been holding back for a long time now.

"My second chance was escaping Azkaban, as strange as that sounds. So was your little time travel visit, but there are always percussions, and I think yours is that your connection to You-Know-Who is stronger than ever because of that. But you don't need to think of it just as a curse. You have a door into his head, Harry."

It was slowly piecing together, what his godfather was saying. "I could find his horcrux locations, couldn't I?"

Sirius shrugged, "It would be definitely worth a try, at least. It came to me while you were all out. I know it is probably one of the more awful things in the world to be able to see in that man's head, knowing how crazy he is, and I'm not asking for you to do it. I just want you to see this in a more positive light."

"No-" Harry said quickly, "It's a good idea, better than any of the others we have to finding them. I just wouldn't know where to begin. Normal legilimency wouldn't work I think, our bond works strangely in that manner, and it would probably give me away."

"The Mind arts really aren't my specialty I'm afraid…."Sirius trailed out.

"They're Tom's though," Harry said, smiling a bit now. His godfather froze.

"Of course they are," He said, grimacing slightly, and Harry laughed at the man's expression.

"Feeling a bit uncomfortable, there Sirius?" joked Harry and the other man's eyes narrowed mockingly.

"Well it's not everyday I get to meet a dimension traveling young dark lord," He said. "No really, he seems nice enough."

Harry choked on a laugh. "That's what Hermione said!"

"Yes well," He paused, "He comes off that way a bit too well, you know?"

"I don't think Tom could stop manipulating people even if he wanted to," Harry said, rolling his eyes, but there was a bit of sadness in it. "It's too ingrained in his personality."

"Survival tactics," Sirius murmured. His hands curled into fists. "Bloody Dumbledore."

"Bloody Dumbledore," agreed Harry. "He'll get what's coming for him."

"That at least, is relief." Sirius let out a low laugh and pulled himself up. "We should probably be getting back, I know you probably don't want to miss dinner."

"No, definitely not."

As the two made their way to the kitchen, he was sidetracked by a call from George.

"Come by when you've finished," The older boy whispered to him, and he nodded slowly, still a bit wary. The gleam in the twin's eyes never meant anything good.

After eating and managing to get himself away from Mrs. Weasley's mothering, he wandered slowly to the living room where the twin's had holed themselves in. It was odd to see how everything was so dirty after years of negligence when fifty years before, the house was beautiful and full of magic, leading elsewhere to places no one would suspect. It was looking a bit better since the morning oddly enough, and Harry wondered if it had something to do with Kreacher's former master's order being complete.

"Harry, in here," Fred hissed from the doorway, and he found himself suddenly herded into the room. What he found amazed him.

"What is all this stuff?" He said, eyes wide as he took everything in. The room was littered with their experiments from what it seemed, tricks and pranks and candies of every shape and color.

"You're going to put Zonko's out of business," He joked and their expressions lightened.

"That would be the idea, Harry," George said.

"We're opening a joke shop," Fred added. "In Diagon Alley. We already have the shop."

"I don't think we'll be going back to school next year-"

"There's no reason, you see?"

By the end of this, Harry's lips were twitching. "I think it's a brilliant idea. You'll definitely won't have any issues selling this stuff," He said, gesturing to the room.

"And that's what we wanted to talk to you about-"

"You gave us the money from your winnings on the train - remember?"

"It's going to a good cause," Harry said with a laugh, and the other two snickered.

"We're glad you think so, as you're our investment partner."

Harry spun around, meeting the twin's stares. "What?"

"You gave us the start up money, and encouraged us to do what we loved-"

"Pranking, of course," George added. "And we wanted to pay you back somehow."

"It's too much though," Harry said, "You don't need to pay me back, anyhow."

They both waved him away. "Just accept it, Harry, you can't change our minds."

"Fine," Harry grumbled, "Thank you."

There was a relaxed sort of silence for a moment, before Harry was suddenly pushed out of the room again.

"Can't have mum know about this, if she comes looking for you," Fred said.

"Just remember, if she goes asking then we're already in bed," added George as the door shut behind him.

He stood stock-still for a moment before bursting into laughter. The fearless Weasley twins, still afraid of their overbearing mother. A muffled shout came from back inside, and with another laugh, Harry left the hallway. When he finally found Ron, he was still in the kitchen.

"Do you think Hermione will be getting here soon?" Harry asked, as he plopped down onto a chair.

"Mum said she'll be getting here tomorrow," Ron said without looking up, eyes drooping.

"Maybe you should go to sleep," suggested Harry, as he watched his friend's head shift slightly and plunk the table. He cringed.

"Good idea," Ron yawned, rising slowly from the table, and once again he was left alone. Another dead end in his quest for something interesting to do.

"Night,"Harry called to the empty room, and sighed, not in the least bit tired. All those late nights had caused his sleeping habits to change, so staying up most of the day and night wasn't bothering him nearly as much as everyone else. Fred and George were tied up in their own thing, Sirius wasn't around, Ginny and Ron were asleep. Tom was at Hogwarts.

"Oh fuck it," Harry muttered as he made his way up back up the steps. He would rather lay there in bed than sit in the kitchen alone. It reminded him too much of the Dursleys.

Getting into his pajamas, Harry brushed his teeth and threw himself onto his bed, eyes open, watching the shadows of the burning candle dance on the ceiling. He pretended there was two of them, flirting around each other until one of them consumed the other.

He fell asleep.