OK. As I stated in Strange Beginnings, this story is a different take to Strange Beginnings. Basically, it's what would happen if Optimus and Arcee left Talida with a different family.

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There are a lot of things that people usually find when they return home. Whether it's just down the street for a half hour or after a lengthy vacation. It can be a parcel or two left on the front steps carelessly by the postman. A mailbox filled with so many letters, it's begins to overflow.

The last thing people would expect to find was what this family would find.

The Wolman family seemed like any other average American family living in Jasper, Nevada. There was Joseph, a man in his late 30s with army-style black hair and onyx eyes. Then there was his wife Alison, a woman in her early 30s with light brown hair and blue eyes.

Then…there were their three children. The eldest, fourteen-year-old Casey, with her father's black hair and mother's blue eyes and is never without her Walkman. Then there were the identical twin boys: ten-year-old Daniel and Jacob. They were the opposite of Casey, inheriting a rare combination of their mother's light brown hair and father's onyx eyes and a flare for mischief.

"Casey, turn off that Walkman, will you?" Alison sighed in frustration as she removed the headphones from her 14-year-old daughter.

"That was the best part of the song!" Casey whined.

"That's why they invented the pause button," Alison retorted.

"That was the best part of the song," Daniel mimicked before blowing a raspberry.

"Real mature, dweeb," Casey muttered as she pushed her younger brother against the car.

"Don't envy what you don't have," Jacob retorted.

"Kids, play nice!" Joseph snapped, immediately causing the three of them to go quiet.

"Honey, what's that?" Alison asked.

At first, Joseph was confused. What would his wife be talking about? Then he turned to the front porch and saw what she was trying to draw his attention to.

It was a small woven basket lined with what they could tell was a light pink handmade blanket. They then saw something stick out from the basket and heard a sound that made their hearts stop and their breath hitch in their throats.

They saw a small hand reach out and heard a small whimper.

"Oh my God!" Joseph gasped.

"There's a baby in there?!" Casey exclaimed in disbelief.

"Cool!" Daniel and Jacob squealed as they raced forward.

"Stay back, boys," Joseph instructed before turning to his oldest child, "Casey, stay with them."

"Shhh… It's OK, sweetie. It's OK, It's OK…," Alison cooed as she reached into the basket and scooped the baby – blanket and all – into her arms.

"How did she get here?" Joseph asked as he peered at the baby over his wife's shoulder.

"I don't know," Alison sighed as she bounced the baby slightly, "Hopefully, she wasn't here for long. The poor thing must be hungry."

"Guys, there's a letter," Casey, who had turned into a responsible teenager upon the sighting of the baby, observed as she reached down and picked it up from the concrete.

"Read it, honey," Joseph requested as he checked the baby over.

"Here it is," Casey announced before reading it,

"To the residents of this household,

Please understand that giving up our daughter was never our intention. However, our current situation wouldn't allow us to raise her ourselves.

There are people coming after us. Dangerous people who will kill us as well as our daughter should they ever be able to lay their hands on her. This isn't the life we wanted for her. She deserves a better life.

We will be forever thankful should you decide to take her in and raise her as your own. We know that you will be able to be a loving, stable, providing family for her. That is all we want her to have: a real family.

Our daughter's name is Talida Corrie. She was born April 13. She is only two weeks old.

Inside the envelope is a necklace we wish for you to give her when she is old enough. Should you decide to tell her the truth one day, please ensure that she understand that we did this with heavy hearts and we only had her best interests in hearts.

Take care of our daughter.

And please. Tell her we love her."

"Whoa," Casey whistled after she poured the silver necklace from the envelope into her hand, "That's a nice necklace."

"It looks like Darth Vader," Daniel observed.

"An upside down Darth Vader," Jacob corrected.

"Is there a birth certificate?" Joseph asked.

"Right here," Casey answered as she grabbed it from the bottom of the basket.

"Yep. That letter didn't lie. April 13. She's only two weeks old," Joseph decreed after reading it.

"Can we keep her?" Daniel and Jacob asked eagerly.

"I don't know," Alison sighed sadly.

"Come on, mum! You were always saying about how you wanted to have another kid!" Casey added.

"When we can afford it," Alison retorted, "The adoption fees, the necessities; we can't spring it right now."

"We can spring it," Joseph promised, "We have that trust fund my parents set up for us before they passed last year."

"We agreed to save that for a rainy day," Alison reminded him.

"Well, the skies are looking pretty cloudy to me," Joseph joked with a smirk before looking down at Talida, "Besides, we can't just hand her over to Social Services. Have you not seen what happened to those kids down the road who ended up in the foster system?"

Alison thought about it for a moment. She realized that her husband was right. They couldn't just give her away after her family had already abandoned her. Those early weeks of a child's life are when a child is at their most vulnerable. Talida would never survive.

"Alright," Alison sighed, causing everyone to smile and cheer before she shot a warning glance at her three children, "But you three have to help out with her. Playing with her, occasionally feeding her, comforting her if I can't and maybe changing a diaper or two. But one thing's a definite: you need to protect her. Casey, you're the oldest in this family. I'm aiming that mostly at you."

"But you two," Joseph began as he knelt on his knee before Daniel and Jacob, "You two are gonna be Talida's big brothers. That means you get to hurt anyone that dares to lay a hand on her and…which I hope will never happen, protect her from any boy that tries to date her. Because that is what big brothers do. Did I make myself perfectly clear, soldiers?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Daniel and Jacob responded happily.

"I'll go call our lawyer," Alison decided, "Who wants to take her?"

"I'll take her," Casey offered eagerly, earning weird looks from Daniel and Jacob, "What? I've always wanted a little sister. All I got were you goofballs."

"Hey!" Daniel and Jacob cried in offence.

Alison laughed slightly as she gently placed Talida in the arms of her older sister. She couldn't help but be proud of the way that her oldest daughter immediately adapted to the role of being a big sister like she did when Daniel and Jacob were born.

In the background, two people watched as the family carried their daughter into the house. Their hearts were already breaking when they realized they would have to do this to their daughter. But now that they had done it, they were sure that their hearts were broken beyond repair. They would never move on. They would never forget the baby they could have had.

The woman had tears streaming down her face. The man was trying to hold it in. He was supposed to be the leader; the strong one. He couldn't show emotion. Especially the emotions he was feeling about the choice they had to make.

A gentle squeeze of her shoulder told the woman what she already knew. Her daughter – the baby she carried for eight and a half months and gave birth to only two weeks ago – wasn't her daughter anymore. She was with another family. She would never know that she was the woman who nurtured her to life.

With heavy hearts, they left. They didn't look back once. They didn't need to. They knew that their daughter would be safe.

If only they knew what would happen as the years went by…

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